December 21, 2005


* We bet the traffic on your evening’s commute will be just a bit less excruciating in light of the New York transit strike, but when any huge news story touches the lives of millions, we must first ask the obvious question: how does this event affect the entertainment industry?

N.Y. transit strike sends TV, film biz scrambling

By Paul J. Gough and Gregg Goldstein

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - As New York transit workers walked off the job for the first time in 25 years on Tuesday, the city's media and entertainment industry braced for disruptions as millions of commuters faced limited choices getting in and around Manhattan and its other boroughs.

The strike came after the Transport Workers Union rejected a contract offer from the state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority late on Monday, shortly before a midnight deadline when the union had said its 34,000 members would walk out if there was no deal.

The first New York productions to be affected will be the network morning shows, all of which originate from Manhattan. They scrambled to make sure that the production staff and talent would be there on time as well as making arrangements for guests.

CBS' "The Early Show," for one, went on an emergency footing by asking staff to come in earlier than normal. .. READ MORE HERE!

* The strike is not without its hidden benefits, however. For example, for Christensen, it will make it that much harder for Star Wars fans to travel to the set to personally berate him for ruining their treasured mythology. And for Alba, who lives in a befuddlingly parodoxical state of constant fear that the career she built through whoring out her hot body might lead to actually requiring her to whore out her hot body, a few nights of perk-free living at a Comfort Inn while shooting a shoestring feature for the new “lean” Harvey Weinstein might be just the indie-cred biographical bullet points her resume needed for directors to finally see past her perpetually wet and/or leather clad body to the serious artist inside.

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