February 19, 2006

New Mobile Multimedia Reporting Tool...

Source: Journalism.co.uk

Dutch agency trials multimedia reporting tool

By: Jemima Kiss
Email: jemima@journalism.co.uk

Dutch news agency ANP has issued 15 journalists with a new mobile tool that will allow them to produce multimedia content on location and send it back to their newsdesk.

Reporters are using an application called Farcast Reporter to compile audio, video, images and text reports. Content arrives at the news desk with a geographical tag, ready for editing and publishing.

The tool is an important step towards enabling reporters to become multimedia journalists, said Bert Kok, manager of ANP's product development.

"The ability to publish multimedia items from anywhere, anytime allows us to get the news to our customers even faster giving us an additional competitive edge in the fast-paced news creation and delivery business," he said.

"The opportunity to send text, photo, audio and video through one device adds a whole new dimension to the reporter's job."

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