February 26, 2006

So You Wanna Be A Celebrity?

Source: Telegraph UK

I'm a celebrity (for a night), get me out there
By Elizabeth Day
(Filed: 26/02/2006)

It is Friday night on the Champs Elysées and I am signing autographs. Three hysterical fans are screaming my name and my bodyguard is trying his hardest to keep them at arm's length. A gaggle of Japanese tourists has gathered round. They are taking photographs of me on their camera phones even though they have no idea who I am.

Within seconds, about 40 passers-by have slowed down to gawp at what is going on. One obstreperous Frenchwoman has come to a complete halt to stare at me. "Who is she," she asks persistently of the growing crowd. "Excuse me madame, who are you?"

Elizabeth Day and paparazzi
Star for a night: Elizabeth Day gets a taste of the celebrity lifestyle

It should be self-explanatory. For one night only, I have become ... READ MORE HERE!

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