February 18, 2006

Tyra & BF deal with Paps.

Source: EurWeb.com

Actor nearly channels Madea to deal with intrusive shutterbugs.

*In a letter to fans, playwright-turned-filmmaker Tyler Perry mentioned his first major paparazzi incident while dining out with Tyra Banks.

“After a nice Italian dinner we were getting into the car and paparazzi jumps out from behind the building and starts taking pictures,” writes the director and star of the upcoming “Madea Goes to Jail.”

“Tyra Banks, being the professional that she is, drops her head and her hair falls in front of her face so that he can't see her. She jumps into the car with her head down. I got in the car looking at the guy like WHAT?! (New Orleans was about to come out 3rd Ward style.) She was like, ‘Get in the car.’ So I got in the car and drove off and almost ran over the man. I can see the headlines now. ‘MADEA GOES TO JAIL, FOR REAL. Tyler Perry Runs Over Paparazzi.’ Please pray for me, this is all so new and crazy to me.”

Perry adds that he will be a guest on Tyra’s daytime talk show on Feb. 23.

“This is an interview that I want you to see because this was the most relaxed that I have been on TV,” he writes. “It's probably because we are such close friends. We even talk about the rumors going around about us being married. You should check it out. It comes on the day before the movie comes out.”

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