March 22, 2006


** Yet another case of celebrity drama!....


Jen quits Hollywood
7.23AM, Wed Mar 22 2006

Jennifer Aniston has had enough of living in the Hollywood Hills and is buying a new pad in Chicago - it has been reported.

Rumour has it Jen is sick and tired of having to put up with constantly being the talk of the town in LA due to her split with ex husband Brad Pitt.

The actress wants to concentrate on her work and feels living in Hollywood isn't doing her any favours, so she's upping sticks and moving out.

The 37-year-old may be leaving the glitz and glam of LA behind, but she is taking one Hollywood item with her - new beau Vince Vaughn.

The couple fell in love with Chicago when filming their flick The Break Up and think it would be the perfect place to set up home.

Fans of the American beauty need not worry they will not be seeing their favourite star in the future, Jen said she is definitely not quitting movie making and is only a flight away from showbiz central.

** Poor Jen! Boo! Hoo!

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