March 7, 2006


Ledger gives press two-fingered salute

Hollywood bad boy Heath Ledger has had another run-in with the media, just hours after he was snubbed for the best actor Oscar.

The incident occurred outside the A-List, invite-only, post-Oscar Vanity Fair Party at West Hollywood's legendary restaurant, Morton's.

As Ledger and his fiancee, Michelle Williams, arrived at the party they decided not to stop and talk to a contingent of international reporters and photographers camped outside.

When the media realised the Brokeback Mountain stars had given them the cold shoulder, some began to boo and jeer.

The ever-defiant Ledger responded by giving the press a two-finger "up yours" gesture over his shoulder. Ledger and Williams then slipped into the party, the hottest of all post-Oscar celebrations with a select guest list including Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Naomi Watts, Mick Jagger, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon and Robert Altman.

The run-in continued Perth-born Ledger's tussle with the press, which in the past 12 months has included battles with water pistols, his infamous orange peeling incident during a TV interview to promote his film Lords of Dogtown and allegations of spitting.

After a tumultuous New Year holiday where paparazzi camped out at his $7 million home at Sydney's Bronte Beach, Ledger put the house up for sale.

The publicity-shy Ledger has also moved his US base from Los Angeles to New York, but instead of buying a home in Manhattan where the Big Apple's paparazzi lurk, he headed to the less fashionable and anonymous borough of Brooklyn.

The best actor Oscar went to Capote's Hoffman, who ironically also bypassed the media at the Vanity Fair party, but was not jeered. ... READ MORE HERE!

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Lotsa Paparrazza said...

Umm...does the writer know that the "lurking paparazzi" already tagged Ledger-Wms in Brooklyn? WITH the kid?!!