April 27, 2006

Denise Richards = The Clicker!

Source: NY Daily News - Lloyd Grove
April 26, 2006

Photogs Know Denise Makes Things Click

Denise Richards isn't just winning the war of words with Charlie Sheen, her estranged husband of four years. She also seems to have the upper hand with the paparazzi.

It hardly seems an accident that the 35-year-old former Bond Girl, who was just granted a restraining order against her 40-year-old husband after filing a scathing request in court, has been featured on a near-weekly basis in the celebrity glossies as the doting mother of 2-year-old Sam and 10-month-old Lola Sheen

Richards and her kids live in a gated L.A. community, but they regularly venture into public, where photographers can capture the happy-looking threesome as they picnic, play on park swings and shop.

"She's paparazzi-friendly," a shutterbug told Lowdown, asking for anonymity so he could continue snapping her picture. "What she does is, she comes out all the time and she's so nice. But she does not tip us off."

The paparazzo added: "When she was out with Charlie before they split and he got mad and was yelling at us, she was so sorry. She came up to us and said, 'Don't pay attention to him.' She came to us asking us to forgive him."

Last week's court filing features Richards' allegations of online gambling, sex solicitation, porn obsession and shocking verbal abuse, and also chronicles Sheen's alleged hatred of paparazzi.

When Richards became concerned that Sheen was visiting hookers, "I later had an AIDS test, which he was upset about, because the paparazzi found out about my taking this test and took pictures," she writes in the court papers. Sheen "blamed me, rather than taking any responsibility for his actions."

Even after the AIDS test photos were splashed in The National Enquirer, among other publications, Richards remained friendly with the photogs. PR reps for the warring parties had no comment.

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