April 19, 2006

Dr. Phil jumps for joy!

Source: NY Daily News

Paparazzi expecting, too


LOS ANGELES - TomKat's pregnancy was a wild ride - literally.

For at least three weeks leading up to the birth yesterday of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter, a pack of up to a dozen paparazzo-driven SUVs tracked the couple's every move - and obeying speed limits and traffic laws weren't high on their list of priorities.

Each time Cruise's big black Ford Excursion or Holmes' dark blue Mercedes sedan exited the electric gate of their Beverly Hills mansion, the chase was on.

"It was insane. There'd be SUVs weaving all over Sunset Blvd. trying to keep up and not get stuck behind a red light," said one reporter, who tried to follow the lens pack a day before the baby's birth.

"Sometimes the paparazzi would pull cut-off maneuvers to keep regular cars from slipping into the pack. Unless you were one of the first four chase vehicles, there was no way you could keep up," said the reporter.

Most days, Cruise headed to Paramount studios, where he was putting finishing touches on his new film, "Mission: Impossible III," which opens May 5, said a source who watched the Cruise house for weeks.

Holmes, however, usually headed to the Scientology center in Hollywood, where she has been studying and converting to Cruise's religion.

When the birth actually happened, no one got pictures.

Now that TomKitten has arrived, the Cruises' neighbors, especially Dr. Phil, are probably jumping for joy knowing that the stakeout is over.

Originally published on April 19, 2006

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