June 24, 2006

Video: Malibu Stakeout!

Source: Reuters.com

Paparazzi have staged a "24/7" stake out of the Malibu beachside home of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in anticipation of getting an exclusive picture of Hollywood's so-called royal family. Pitt and Jolie reportedly left Namibia with their newborn daughter, Shiloh Nouvel and two adopted children, Maddox and Zahara over the weekend. They had been staying in the Southern African country for two months prior to the birth of their daughter.. The couple had traveled to Namibia in an effort to maintain their privacy.

That privacy is under assault as cars lined the Pacific Coast Highway outside the home. The payoff for an exclusive picture could be worth million in U.S. dollars.. The family recently sold official pictures of Shiloh Nouvel for over four million dollars (USD) for U.S. rights only. The couple said all proceeds would be donated to a charity, not yet named. Jillian Dullart, a photographer who's been stationed outside the Pitt-Jolie home since Friday, called the competition brutal. ... WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

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