July 22, 2006


* ever wonder what's up with those "big" celebrity bodyguards? you well know they are there only for show !

Source: Colors Magazine

Bodyguards and the cult of entourage: why fans want their celebrities behind barricades.

I have never been famous and thus can never really understand the gymnastic negotiations between endurance and delusion, between affection and contempt, that fame necessitates. Nevertheless, like so many of us on the outside, I can’t help but speculate how it must feel to be loved by countless people you will never know—loved so much that adulation becomes a kind of threat. This world of dawn-till-dawn security, of perpetual shadows in your wake, has to sometimes feel paradoxical. How and why are superstars protected from those who love them so much?

Michael Francis acted as a bodyguard for Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Cher, and Kiss before retiring to write his autobiography, Star Man: The Right Hand Man of Rock’n’Roll. “You’ve got to know the person that you’re protecting,” he says pragmatically. “You’ve got to know what they want and what they don’t want.” What they want—the “principals,” as bodyguards call them—is not always as obvious as it seems. Sometimes, the famous require their minders to share the spotlight, to be paraded as a status symbol rather than merging into the background.

Listening to Francis and other professional bodyguards, the disdain for their more ornamental counterparts is clear. Display is not their job. Invisibility empowers them. Francis, at least before he wrote his frank and full-blooded memoir, was a classically discreet bodyguard. Another London-based security man, who—like most of his trade—chooses to remain anonymous, is cut from the same cloth. “The key is to blend into the entourage yet maintain a presence,” he says. “In 12 years, I’ve only been photographed by the ... READ MORE HERE!

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