August 19, 2006

Heather Mills and Her Video Diary!

...Heather Mills feeds her own media obsession craving!


Mills' video diary 'weapon' has Macca worried sick

London, Aug 19: She may have started using her trusty camcorder to record how the paparazzi have been shadowing her every move, but Sir Paul McCartney is worried that estranged wife Heather Mills will use her video diary in their bitter divorce battle.

Though the camcorder tapes concentrate mainly on the frenzied press surrounding Mills till now, McCartney is worried that the footage could be easily made into a television documentary, and sold to a broadcaster by the former model.

Apart from the media that dodges her every turn, Mills and her aides have also taped incidents like the one where Macca locked her out of his London house – incidents that could help Mills portraying herself as a victim.

A source close to the animal rights activist confirmed that though Mills had first set out to prove what a “nuisance” the photographers were, she had now taken to keeping a video diary of what happens to her every day.

“Heather feels that her life has become a bit of a pantomime circus since the split. She is being hounded by paparazzi and has no privacy anymore. Originally she set out to film the photographers at work, to prove what a nuisance they are. Now things have moved on and it's turned into a diary of what happens to her every day,” the Daily Mail quoted the source, as saying.

“Heather also sees herself as something of a documentary film maker. The past three months have unwittingly provided ample opportunity to experiment with that,” the source added.

As for Macca, one of his confidantes revealed that though he had been happy with the filming at first, he was now worried that Mills will use it as a “weapon” against him.

“Paul was initially happy about Heather filming. His only concern was that she shouldn't film little Beatrice. But now the gloves are off, Paul is worried the filming might be used as just another weapon in Heather's armoury,” the source said.
--- ANI

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