September 21, 2006

Bringing Cry Baby Back! Boo Hoo!


This Is Not Bringing Sexy Back!

How many times are Justin & Cameron going to do shit like this??? Lighten up!!!! If you don't want to be famous and rich and have your fucking picture taken, then don't live in Los Angeles!

According to the photo agency, this is what went down:

We caught the lovebirds arriving to party in the Hollywood Hills last night and when they saw our photographers, Justin went crazy. Cam had to restrain him from doing who-knows-what our photogs -- he was apparently trying to grab our guy's camera and was yelling at him to get away and to stop shooting pix, though the scene was on public property (in the street).

Then Justin's mom, Cameron, Justin's cousin and business partner Trace and some of the rest of their entourage joined in and our photog retreated. Apparently that wasn't good enough -- the pair have apparently filed a police report. Geez, sorry -- what ever happened to a smile and a wave?!

It seems like the photog caught up with Justin before his nightly bong hit. Chill out, dude! CLICK FOR PHOTOS HERE!

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NikonDeb said...

I can't wait for this little bitch boy to go away. He has bit the hand that fed him for too long