October 31, 2005

Exposed- $tars for $ale!

It's funny how celebrities complain about the press being greedy but check this out...........

Radar Magazine - Nov/Dec 2005
$tars For $ale [Excerpt]
The Celebrity Appearance Fee Face-Off! How much would it cost to lure Star Jones to an eating contest? An excerpt from the phone prank everyone’s talking about. Read the entire transcript in the November issue of Radar, on newsstands now.by Tyler Gray and Mac Montandon

As America’s appetite for celebrity reaches an absurd frenzy, greedy A-listers and Z-listers alike are quietly cashing in on the booming personal appearance market. Whether they’re mugging for cameras at booze-sponsored bashes (Carmen Electra), dangling like bait at nightclubs (Sean “Diddy” Combs), or gleefully performing the Wal-Mart cheer at corporate conclaves (Halle Berry), the industry’s dirty little secret is that you can actually pocket six figures for walking a red carpet, partaking of free booze, and—if you’re feeling supermagnanimous—actually talking to a guest or two. “Even that Jackass guy Bam Margera gets paid to go out,” sighs one veteran publicist.

These contrived scenes are the bread and butter of celeb-starved networks such as E! and VH1. The pie-eyed pics pad the glossy pages of Star, People, In Touch, and Us Weekly. If you’ve ever wondered what, say, Eva Longoria was doing at a party for a furniture polish, now you know. Radar interviewed corporate and celebrity publicists, agents, and event planners to uncover the price ranges of the most craven celebrity moonlighters. Whether they’re Oscar winners, overpaid athletes, or B-movie bimbos, they all have one thing in common: If you pay them, they will come. ... READ MORE HERE!

Here's the dish

Here's the dish
By the Associated Press

Janice Min is the director of the world's most popular soap opera. Her cast of characters: Britney, Brad, Jennifer, Ben, Angelina and Jessica. They love. They fight. They have babies. Most of these soapy scenes are set in Hollywood and can usually be summed up in a few capitalized words punctuated with exclamation points. The stage is the glossy pages of Us Weekly.Once the edgy and wordy cousin of Rolling Stone, over the past four years, the magazine has become a photo-laden theater of celebrity obsession. The 36-year-old editor in chief gave us a front-row seat for her innermost thoughts. ... READ MORE HERE!


Getty Launches New Celebrity And Photojournalism Service

October 25, 2005
By Daryl Lang

Getty Images announced a new service today that will sell exclusive one-on-one celebrity portraiture and photojournalism to newspapers and magazines.

The new service, called Exclusive by Getty Images, will include work by portrait photographers Lorenzo Agius, Julian Broad and Kevin Westenberg, and photojournalists Tom Stoddart, David Turnley, Dario Mitidieri, and Jonathan Olley, among others.

Exclusive includes four categories of images: newly released celebrity portraits, archived celebrity portraits, reportage features that will offer photo essays, and editorial specials such as red carpet events.

The celebrity portrait section sets Getty up to compete with established celebrity services such as Corbis Outline, Icon International and Contour Photos. ... READ MORE HERE!


The public affection for stars' romance
By Mireya Navarro - The New York Times


They smooch and hug as cameras snap. Friends enthusiastically report: "It's true! They're smitten!" Their publicists confirm it is the real deal. But when celebrity magazines asked the public to weigh in on the latest high-octane Hollywood pairing - Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the former star of "Dawson's Creek" - the cynics crushed the dewy-eyed. "Publicity stunt," said 62 percent of respondents to a People magazine's poll. "P.R.," echoed 65 of 100 people questioned at random by Us Weekly at Rockefeller Center. Cruise and Holmes may very well be head over heels, but they should not be surprised that even the most star-struck fan seems to be having trouble embracing their romance, say chroniclers of Hollywood and others who cover or work in the entertainment industry. Through all the changes that have swept Hollywood over the years, one thing still endures: strategic love. ... READ MORE HERE!


In the magazine trade, celebrity culture sells
Monday, October 31, 2005

By Monica Haynes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

We all know sex sells, but so does celebrity.

That's a good thing to know if you ever consider starting a magazine.

"That category has been very robust and it really reflects, I think, the public's interest in celebrity culture," said Howard Polskin, vice president of communications for the Magazine Publishers of America.

After all, who doesn't want to know if Orlando Bloom has hooked up with Kirsten Dunst, or if Nick and Jessica are finally over, or if Paris Hilton has found a new rich-but-brain-dead conquest?... READ MORE HERE!

Celebrities overexposed or worth keeping?

Celebrities overexposed or worth keeping?
By Tbt* Staff

Maybe it's just been a long summer. Or maybe their publicists are working overtime to keep their names in the gossip mags because their real careers are going nowhere fast. Or maybe it's just because between the Internet, Access Hollywood and all those celebrity 'zines we were bound to find ourselves way over some of these A-listers. We decided to go through our paparazzi photos and see who is bound for the trash can and who we think deserves even more ink in the future...... READ MORE HERE!

Celebs sink into the subconscious

Celebs sink into the subconscious

I had a dream about Brad Pitt the other night.No, not that kind of dream. We were having a serious, thought-provoking discussion.


We were talking about how hard it is for celebrities to maintain personal lives in this age of foaming-at-the-mouth entertainment press. ... READ MORE HERE!

October 30, 2005

Celebrity Publicist Talks Hollywood

Celebrity Publicist Talks Hollywood

October 24, 2005
By Xiaowei Cathy Tang Sun Senior Editor

“These paparazzi — you can call them stalkarazzi, that's my term — are completely out of control … These are stalking lunatics who are jumping out of trees, tailing in cars celebrities all over L.A.” Ken Sunshine ’70, a publicist for celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ricky Martin, Jay Z and Ben Affleck, has had plenty of harrowing experiences with what he calls the stalkarazzis. On one occasion, when Sunshine and a client were in the men’s room, they discovered an overzealous photographer hiding in the bathroom stall. Sunshine had to block the photographer from taking pictures so his client could relieve himself. ... READ MORE HERE!

October 28, 2005



The New York Times, 5/22/05

They smooch and hug as cameras snap. Friends enthusiastically report: "It's true! They're smitten!" Their publicists confirm it is the real deal. But when celebrity magazines asked the public to weigh in on the latest high-octane Hollywood pairing - Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the former star of "Dawson's Creek" - the cynics crushed the dewy-eyed. .... READ MORE HERE!




October 27, 2005


That's a poor shot, Posh!

SNAPPY dresser she may be, snapper she sure ain’t.

Victoria Beckham gets revenge... VIEW HERE!


Celebrity 100
Pennies For Paparazzi

Leah Hoffmann

"Don't believe what they say about the money," Mitch Gerber, a New York City-based paparazzo, says gruffly. "Paps don't want people to quit their day jobs and compete for pictures out there with the rest of us, so they lie about how much they're really making. I've lied about it in the past. But don't get me wrong: We do pretty good--$60,000, maybe $100,000 a year. The top guys can make $250,000."

Gerber and approximately 50 of his colleagues are waiting in a small plaza next to New York's Ziegfeld Theatre on a stifling June day. The premiere of Bewitched, starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell, is scheduled that evening at 7. The first photographer to arrive on the scene showed up at 9 that morning. By 2 P.M., more than 35 paparazzi are waiting with him, reading, chatting and talking on the phone.

The photographs they take will sell to countless celebrity magazines--both domestic and international--for $150 to $300. Full body shots, which showcase the elaborate designer outfits stars favor, are the most lucrative. This sort of picture is especially difficult to get with Kidman.

"She's tall," explains photographer Dennis Van Tine, "and she's a beanpole. You're standing so close, the angle looks funny." ................. READ MORE HERE!


Snapping celebrities, paparazzi style
Alexandra Zabjek


Vilified by the stars they capture and sneered at by the public who ogle their shots, paparazzi say they're just doing their jobs. What exactly is that job, and how did they get that shot of Brad and Angelina anyway.

The day started early for Dennis Van Tine and 50-odd photographers gathered outside Manhattan's Ziegfeld Theater for the premiere of Nicole Kidman's newest flick. Many arrived at 9 a.m., signed in for a spot beside the red carpet, then waited. And waited. And waited some more.

When the stunning Aussie arrived almost 10 hours later, transforming the walkway into a frenzy of flashing cameras, jostling bodies and shouted requests (Nicole! Look this way!), most hoped she would give a little face time to the pack.

But Kidman posed for roughly five minutes before moving down the carpet, her slim figure then only visible on digital camera screens.

Ten hours for five minutes- Was it worth it?

Van Tine, who took just a two-hour break from the Ziegfeld that day to shoot other events, is philosophical about the business. Celebrity is king, he said. Celebrity is where the money is.

This pack of paparazzi--or celebrity photographers, as many prefer to be called--was an eclectic mix of professionals, part-timers and adventurers who would rather be covering wars in Central Asia if it would earn a better paycheck. Often vilified by the stars they cover and even by the public that thirsts for their pictures, these photographers say they're just doing their jobs.

And the first problem, they say, is that word: paparazzi.

We're photographers, said Van Tine, a former Wall Street worker who's been shooting celebrities since 1998. People want to categorize or pigeonhole ... but there are lots of photographers who move between genres. ... READ MORE HERE!

File Story: 1998 - Shooting Stars

FILE STORY: 1998.........

Shooting Stars: NYPapparazzi
Caroline Sommers, VJ
September 8, 1998

I'm ready to jump off a building, I swear to God. I just witnessed the most explosive situation I ever could've hoped for in my documentary about the New York City paparazzi-and I didn't have a friggin' camera. It involves Leonardo DiCaprio, the rapper Q-Tip (from A Tribe Called Quest), and the celebrity photographer...... READ THE REST HERE! .......


I've decided today's going to be my last day of shooting. I don't want to be around these people anymore. They're starting to make me feel crazy. Even though it's been a tough month shooting with these folks, I have learned a lot. They're not easy to deal with, but they are fascinating. I'm just not sure I'd want to invite them to a dinner party at my apartment. ..............

October 26, 2005

Personal Foul at Letterman

As reported by Lawrence.

Here's a funny quip:

Uma Thurman was due to arrive at Letterman for Tuesday's show. But, the photo pen was set up a lot further back from the stage door than usual. When ask about this, one of the police offers responded, "The chief didn't like the way things went on Thursday (with Madonna). 10 yard penalty for roughing the horse."

We are in a twisted profession my friends.



BRITTANY Murphy hasn't been around this celebrity thing all that long, but she's learning. Fast. Commenting on paparazzi intrusion, she told the New York Post: "Well, to be honest, I haven't achieved that status yet," as she glanced across a room at Jennifer Aniston. "So I don't think I can properly assess it. But if I get there, I think I'll have some very definite opinions."

The cult of the celebrity - Who's using whom?

Media mavens expose celeb culture in contentious confab
By Gregg Goldstein

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - The traditional celebrity interview is dead, killed by publicists whose efforts to control coverage has led to dull interviews that have led the public to turn to unauthorized, photo-based gossip magazines. Several of the participants agreed with that premise at a Reuters/VNU Newsmaker panel titled "The Cult of the Celebrity -- Who's Using Whom?"

The panelists who met Thursday night at the Reuters Building in Times Square included Jessica Coen, co-editor of the satirical gossip portal Gawker.com; Us Weekly editor in chief Janice Min; publicist Ken Sunshine; Vanity Fair media columnist Michael Wolff; and The Hollywood Reporter deputy film editor Anne Thompson.

Moderated by Paul Holmes, Reuters' global editor of political and general news, the dialogue and Q&A that followed were ostensibly about celebrity, but the discussion also turned to the media themselves and some of the participants' own outlets.

The debate began with a discussion of such celebrities as Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson, who, Min cracked, are "famous for not being famous," doing little or nothing professionally and often gaining notoriety through reality shows. "A lot of celebrities have figured out very smart ways to use photographers to their benefit," said Min, citing the free goods they receive in exchange for exposure of supposedly "candid" pics. "Basically, their lives have become a photo opportunity, and there's money to be made, or not spent, through that relationship." READ MORE HERE



Timberlake: Leave Spears Alone

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Justin Timberlake may currently be dating Cameron Diaz, but he's still protective of ex-girlfriend Britney Spears. The "Cry Me a River" singer defended the pop princess' recent actions regarding the alleged theft and subsequent posting of photos of her and her newborn son on the Internet. In a statement, Spears threatened legal action against anyone who exploited the pictures that were taken at a private photo shoot.

"It's a little crazy," Timberlake says in an interview with "Access Hollywood." "When a person like her, who's obviously a sweet person, is having their first child, it's like, 'Leave the girl alone. Let her have the baby.'"

October 25, 2005



The Desperate Housewives star wants to go back to Texas
By: Entertainment News Staff

Eva Longoria is annoyed by all the paparazzi hunt in Hollywood and plans to return to her native Texas, after her TV show ends.

The Desperate Housewives star often visits her family in San Antonio, hoping to get back to Texas as soon as possible, to get rid of the paparazzi that are always on her track.

"I'm just a Texan through and through. I want to move back to Texas as soon as I'm done with the show, whenever that is. You know, I'm never followed by paparazzi in San Antonio. I'm never bothered with people in the trees trying to get a picture of me in my kitchen in San Antonio”, Longoria said.

"I go to the supermarket and I go shopping with my mom. I go to Wal-mart”, the actress added.

October 24, 2005

To My Fellow Shooters....

There is a woman from Kent State University in Kent, OH who is doing a research paper about the paparazzi and their first amendment rights and restrictions.

This is not for reprint in a newspaper, it's sole purpose is a research paper in a class.

If anyone would like to contribute to her paper, please let me know and I will e-mail you her information. The project is due by October 31, 2005.

The questions are:

What is your name and occupation?

Do you ever take pictures of celebrities? If so, how often?

How would you describe the celebrity/paparazzi relationship?

Describe a situation (give an example) when you think the paparazzi abuse their rights?

What do you think about photographers who trespass, break the law, etc to obtain a photo?

Why do you think there is such a high demand for photos of celebrities?

Any other information you would like to add or is there another photographer you know that I could contact to get more opinions? I appreciate your time.



Oct 24, 2005-

EXECS at Richard Desmond's celebrity-friendly OK! magazine are furious they shelled out a reported $3 million for the photos of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's wedding, only to receive tasteful, black-and-white shots of the ceremony. Deep-pocketed OK! is thought to have given Moore and Kutcher total picture approval, but never expected to be forced to run an unexciting monochrome picture of the couple — who are 15 years apart in age — on the Oct. 14 cover. A spokesperson denied the arrival of black-and-white pictures was a shock, saying OK! knew what it was getting.

October 23, 2005

Spears Says Web Photos of Baby Are Stolen

Britney Spears threatened to take legal action after pictures of her newborn son popped up on the Internet, apparently stolen from a private photo shoot. At least two Web sites showed photos of Spears embracing her child, as well as a family portrait.

A statement released late Friday by Spears' record label, Jive Records, said the photos were swiped from a private photo session.

"Anyone who publishes, sells or otherwise exploits any of these images in any way will be subject to liability and damages for willful infringement of copyright, and will be liable for invasion of privacy," the statement read.

The pop star gave birth to her first child last month.

Spears and her husband, Kevin Federline, recently made their first public appearance since the infant was born, but there have been no clear images of the baby until now.

A representative for Spears declined to comment.

A ‘PRIME” Time To Go Ballistic

PRIME Premiere
Ziegfeld Theater, 7:30pm premiere
October 20, 2005

Well… everyone was calm and well behaved at this premiere, no?

Uma was supposed to be on Letterman, so a lot of shooters went over there to get her arriving/departing…using the time from their two hour break. Subsequently, Madonna was the talent on the show, and she proceeded to do an outside skit with Letterman, which involved the two of them riding horses up 54th St. This ran longer than the two hours most people allotted for their time away from the Ziegfeld.

Once this insanity at Letterman concludes, everyone runs back to the theater.

Now the fun begins.

Sylvain has the list and proceeds to cross off anyone whose name hasn’t been accountable for the last two hours. He then begins the process of ‘re-writing’ the list, shuffling everyone accordingly. But it seems that some people were shooting Letterman, some in the annex, some checked back in then left again. So it got quite confusing very quickly.

While this is going on, people are getting irate with their ‘new’ status on the list. Tempers flare even more when Anthony and Dennis get into it. Personally, I don’t remember the catalyst for this tryst, but it went something like this…

… I make enough money

…the hell with the list

…you see my name and photos out their more than yours

…I don’t need to do 10 events a day

…you couldn’t do what I do

…look at how you dress

…you’re a tired man

…you’re an angry man

…let’s do this

Now the two of them drop their gear and look like their going to square off. As the volume reaches a fevered pitch, security from the adjacent building come out the squelch the commotion. PR, security, fans, photographers and pedestrians are now all focused on this. (Not good for our image by the way). Everything eventually calms down, but not for at least 5-8 minutes of heated actions.

As for the actual event, everyone posed, Uma was bouncing around and looking up a lot, Streep arrived from the wrong end of the carpet, but in the end, almost everyone got a shot.


Business 20.10.2005
Germany's Agfa Nearing the End

It appears iconic German consumer photography firm Agfa Photo will likely face liquidation at the end of the year, a victim of digital technology and missed opportunity.

Stalled takeover talks with the British company Photo-Me International (PMI) will most likely spell the end of the road for the traditional German photo company. ...READ MORE HERE



October 22, 2005



Chasing Paparazzi
October 21, 2005

The war between the stars and the snaparazzi has reached new heights, and now, when stars have had enough, they call private eye John Perry of Sunset Protective Services.

"I'm there to insure they won't cross the line, and I'd like to believe they won't." says Perry.

Business for the private eye is booming. In just the past few months, Cameron Diaz, Lindesy Lohan, and Reese Witherspoon have had highly publicized confrontations with prying photographers.

This week, on a shopping trip in London, Kirsten Dunst's security people scuffled with some overseas photographers, forcing police to rush to the scene.

Perry goes on to say, "Most of them are nice guys, cooperative…just trying to make a living. There are other individuals who are more aggressive."

John's strategy is simple; he becomes friends with the photographers. He lets them know, though, that if they cross the line, he won't hesitate to turn them over to the cops. Perry has a case sitting on the D.A.'s desk right now.

With no end in sight in this cat and mouse game, more and more stars are turning to people like Perry to protect their most valued possession: their privacy.


Unveiled at Photokina, the Epson P-2000 is an upgrade to the P-1000 storage/viewer that adds an improved screen, wider file support, USB 2.0, a much bigger hard drive, better battery life and an SD card slot, plus numerous other enhancements. As well as offering 40GB of hard disk storage for your digital camera images and a stunning crystal-clear screen to view them on, the P-2000 can be used as a personal entertainment center', with support for AVI and QuickTime movies and MP3/AAC audio files. It can also display raw files from Epson, Canon and Nikon cameras. So is the P-2000 the ultimate digital camera accessory, and can it really replace a laptop when shooting in the field? Read on to find out; here's just a few of the headline features to whet your appetite.... READ MORE HERE!

October 21, 2005



Spears changed her mind about letting the world see her baby. The pop tart posed for studio shots with her new tot, Sean Preston Spears Federline, and hubby Kevin Federline last week in L.A. The pictures by Mark Liddel were supposed to go to People magazine for millions — but the next day, Spears "started freaking out," our insider said. "She started crying that she was selling out her baby and couldn't give up the pictures." A People rep said, "We have not purchased nor paid for any photos of Britney this week."


PhotoPlus Expo Is Underway In New York

October 20, 2005
By Daryl Lang

Thousands of photo professionals have converged on the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York for PhotoPlus Expo 2005, the annual photography trade show running today, Friday and Saturday.

Highlights so far have included the unveiling of a substantial new piece of photo management software from Apple and a keynote speech by David Pogue, consumer technology columnist for The New York Times. ...READ MORE HERE!

Share with Multiply

What it is
Multiply is a web site that makes it easy to share photos, blogs, videos, music, and other kinds of digital content with your friends and family.

How it works
Just add your contacts and they'll add their contacts, and so on. Multiply keeps track of who knows whom in your social network, and this allows us to automatically notify these people when you add new stuff to your home page.

Why it's better
Each time you add something, we create a thread on your own personal message board and give access to the people you choose. With Multiply you get a built-in audience of people ready to give you feedback and turn your content into lively discussions. You've never been able to simultaneously communicate with everyone in your life in this way -- and Multiply makes it easy! READ MORE HERE!

LightZone - Photo Editor

Light Crafts announced the immediate availability of LightZone, a photo image editing application, on Thursday Oct 20, 2005. LightZone is aimed at professional and avid digital photographers looking for an image touch up and manipulation tool outside of Adobe Photoshop.

LightZone includes StudioZone, an image viewer and file browser, ZoneFinder, for analyzing images in tonal values, ZoneMapper for adjusting light and tonal values, and RegionMapper for selecting complex regions in images and controlling blends. It also supports non-destructive editing, similar to Apple's Aperture. It retails for US$249.95.

A breakthrough for photographers

LightZone is innovative and powerful software that provides photographers with a new and easier way to edit and correct their digital negatives and create photographs and fine prints. Now, photographers everywhere will quickly achieve professional results because LightZone is designed to work the way photographers think about their photographs.

* Most intuitive image editing solution for photographers
* Includes the tools that photographers need to get the image they want
* Significantly reduces the time to perfect digital photographs
* Delivers more predictable and precise results with less effort
* Easier to learn and use than pixel-painting software

A complete digital photo editing solution

LightZone provides a tightly integrated workflow to help photographers make the most efficient user of their time viewing, organizing, editing, correcting and printing their photographs. .. READ MORE HERE



Canon now has a Digital Learning Center online and if you use a Canon camera or are considering one, you ought to check it out. There is no charge for visiting the site and it provides good information, painlessly. The primers are presented by known studio professionals and they are interesting to watch. To have a look, go to: http://photoworkshop.com/canon/


LIFEHACKER weighs the issue........ READ MORE HERE

Apple unveils 'pro' photo software, Power Mac Quad

Apple unveils 'pro' photo software, Power Mac Quad
By Scott Ard and Ina Fried Staff Writer, CNET News.com

CUPERTINO, Calif.--Adding to its steady stream of recently announced products, Apple Computer on Wednesday introduced new high-end photo processing software and upgraded its Power Mac desktop and PowerBook laptops.

The new Power Mac G5 Quad has two 2.5GHz dual-core PowerPC G5 processors. At a press event at Apple headquarters here, the company said all Power Macs will now feature dual-core chips and improved graphics cards.

"With quad-core processing, a new PCI Express architecture and the fastest workstation card from Nvidia, the new Power Mac G5 Quad is the most powerful system we've ever made," Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Apple pitched the photo software, called Aperture, as a way for professional photographers to regain tools lost in the move from film cameras to digital technology. The application allows photographers to work easily with thousands of uncompressed RAW files and compare and edit the photos using a digital equivalent of a light table for sorting and a loupe for magnification. ....... READ MORE HERE

October 20, 2005


MADONNA's favourite moment at Live 8 came when she talked the paparazzi into downing their cameras to clap along to her performance with the rest of the crowd.

During her rendition of MUSIC at the July (05) supergig, the star noticed photographers in the press pit weren't in the party spirit.

She tells British magazine Attitude, "I got all the paparazzi to clap their hands. That was my favourite moment.

"They were at the front, and everyone in the park was clapping their hands except them. They were taking pictures and I looked down and said, 'You too!'

"I know one of the paparazzi, RICHARD YOUNG, and I said, 'Come on, Richard, do it!' And he dropped his camera and the rest of them did."



Portman shocked by Israel's paparazzi

20/10/2005 - 09:31:52

Actress Natalie Portman was shocked by the paparazzi who followed her everywhere while she was studying Hebrew in Israel - because they were the same photographers who usually cover bus bombings.

The Star Wars star, who was born in Israel, took time away from Hollywood to study in her homeland - and she couldn't believe how hounded she was when she hit the streets of Jerusalem.

She says: "The same photographers who cover bus bombings moonlight as paparazzi. If there's a terrorist attack, they'll photograph that, and if there's a celebrity walking down the street, they'll shoot that."

© Thomas Crosbie Media, 2005.




American actor LIEV SCHREIBER is bemused by the newfound media attention he is subjected to - he insists photographers wouldn't be interested in him if he wasn't dating NAOMI WATTS.

THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE actor, 38, and Australian beauty Watts, 37, began dating in May (05) after meeting at New York's Museum Of Modern Art's Costume Institute Gala and are currently filming THE PAINTED VEIL together in China.

Schreiber says, "Honestly, I don't think anyone cares about taking my picture. They want her.

"It is strange to have people following you down the street, but I grew up in New York. I'm used to strange things happening. It really doesn't even bug me. Most of them behave pretty civil.

"Hey, if I could make a buck taking a picture of them, I'd take it."


Prince's girlfriend in press plea

Lawyers representing Prince William's girlfriend have written to newspaper and magazine editors expressing concerns over her privacy. They are asking them not to publish pictures taken by the paparazzi as Kate Middleton goes about her everyday life.

Miss Middleton met Prince William while they were both undergraduates at St Andrew's University.

Some publications have recently carried a photograph of the 23-year-old staring out of the window on a London bus.

According to BBC Royal correspondent Peter Hunt, Miss Middleton's friends say she is followed by photographers day and night. But they argue she is a private individual, who has not courted publicity.

Protecting privacy

Ms Middleton's lawyers, Harbottle and Lewis, who also represent the Prince of Wales, said the behaviour of some photographers could amount to a breach of the Press Complaints Commission code.

Its letter also details issues they were unhappy about and stresses the need to protect Miss Middleton's privacy and that of her family.

"We are aware of the letter, which pointed out some concerns about the behaviour of the paparazzi, the purchase of pictures and the need to protect her privacy, but it's a matter for Miss Middleton's lawyers," said a Clarence House spokesman.

The PCC confirmed it was sent a copy of the letter but said it had not received a formal complaint.

Photojournalist action figure!!

Why no paparazzi one tho?? I think everyone would want one, dont you?

click here to see awesome action figure which could be yours!

October 18, 2005



Paparazzi could cut short Sienna Miller's career!

Washington, Oct 7 (ANI): The presence of the pesky paparazzi hounding stars for any juicy snapshots they can lay their hands on has now become a part and parcel of modern day showbiz, and the stars have too devised ingenious ways to keep them at bay, but not so for 'Alfie' actress, Sienna Miller, who feels so threatened by them, that she may just cut short her acting career, to keep them at bay.

Miller, who has been through a rough patch after dumping ex-boyfriend, Jude Law, over his infidelity, says that the situation is getting particularly bad in London, where it has now become a battle of survival against their relentless pursuits.

"London is getting worse and worse. What I have most of the time is me running down the street in pitch black with eight grown men sprinting after me.

"The way it has been for a while now... it's reaching a level where it's actually not worth it to be an actress. I love my work, but I can't live my life like that." Contact Music quoted her, as saying. (ANI).

October 17, 2005


Are paparazzi going too far?
Celebrity publicist and photographer discuss the issue with MSNBC's Cosby

Updated: 10:33 a.m. ET
Oct. 17, 2005

Rita Cosby
Anchor, 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct'

The demand for celebrity pictures is on the rise. That means big business for celebrity photographers.

But are the paparazzi really to blame for the recent rash of run-ins with the Hollywood big stars?

On Friday, Celebrity Publicist Ken Sunshine along with Celebrity Photographer James Edstrom joined MSNBC's Rita Cosby on 'Live and Direct' to discuss the tension between the paparazzi and those they pursue.

To read/view an excerpt of their conversation, continue: HERE



Jennifer Aniston: Paparazzi Photos Just Part of Being Famous

By Josh Hart
Oct 17, 2005

Jennifer Aniston and ex hubby Brad Pitt haven't been divorced for even a month and already rumors are that the American beauty has dated several different men. Her Oprah TV interview concentrated on one man, Vince Vaughn, the co-star of her just completed film, "The Break Up."
Jen told Oprah - not do read the tabloids.

But now the paparazzi have snapped a photo (that will be in the tabloids) that claims Jen and Vince are smooching and it has a pretty good picture to prove it.

But if Jen stays true to her word, she'll take the snapshot in style.

The actress has stated that she accepts the paparazzi as part of being famous, revealing that if she had known now about the price of being famous, she would "absolutely" still have become an actress.

"This is what I do," Aniston said to Professor Richard Brown.

"This is what I love to do. This is my job. I have a great job. I can't do anything else. This is all I can do. All I want to do."

Let's hope so - her and Vince will be followed and photographed everywhere they go for the near future.'

--Josh Hart



Local photographer on `Dr. Phil'

Ocean Drive magazine celebrity photographer Seth Browarnik is going national Monday, appearing on the Dr. Phil show at 3 p.m. on WFOR CBS-4.

The local shutterbug will spars with paparazzi powerhouse Frank Griffin of Bauer Griffin, one of the world's leading celebrity photo agencies.

On the show, Browarnik will point out how he is welcomed by celebrities including Diddy, J.Lo and Marc Anthony to photograph them, while aggressive paparazzi have given the industry bad press by being involved in the car crash that killed Princess Diana and several other celebrity car accidents.

New Breed Of Paparazzi In Pursuit


From the Los Angeles Times


Paparazzi Flash New Audacity

As competition grows, photographers trailing L.A.'s celebrities become more aggressive.

By Richard Winton and Tonya Alanez Times Staff Writers

October 16, 2005

Mischa Barton, the doe-eyed star of "The O.C." television series, stepped into the Lisa Kline boutique, leaving a pack of paparazzi outside on the sidewalk.

Employees dropped the Robertson Boulevard store's "paparazzi curtain," a motorized black drape installed to shield celebrities from view. Undaunted, paparazzo Todd K. Wallace repeatedly barged into the store, over assistant manager Joanna Schroeder's objections, according to an application for a restraining order she later filed.

Wallace, who prosecutors in court records said has used a dozen aliases and who spent four years in prison for burglary and petty theft, yelled obscene threats at Schroeder, she said.

When she finally got him to leave, Schroeder watched Wallace bang his truck into cars behind and in front of his parking spot, she said in an interview.

The incident was more than a year ago, but there's little evidence that Wallace has changed his ways. He was charged Oct. 7 with battery and child endangerment for allegedly disrupting a summer outing to a theme park by actress Reese Witherspoon and her children.

Wallace, accused of striking one child with a camera and driving another to tears, denied the charges, saying he was the victim of an anti-paparazzi vendetta by "Hollywood power brokers."

Authorities and celebrities, however, say a new breed of photographer is injecting a heightened level of danger and aggression into the duel between celebrities and those who make big bucks off their photographs.

One of the new paparazzi agencies is named for the Los Angeles street gang that the owner belonged to as a teenager; he said he trains other reformed gang members in the business.

Other agencies use foreigners working on what some say are questionable visas. Photographers are hired less for their camera skills than their ability to navigate the rough-and-tumble of the celebrity chase, authorities say.

"One of the reasons some of the other agencies dislike the way we work, we have been willing to hire anyone, people without previous photography experience," said Kelly Davis, who helps run X-17, one of the agencies that other paparazzi say employ more aggressive tactics.

The trend is fueled by a global explosion in celebrity photo magazines, which can pay $100,000 or more for a single shot. The local cadre of paparazzi has grown from a couple of dozen to more than 200 over the last five years, ratcheting up the competition.

"It's each one for their own," paparazzo Marc Rylewski said. Paparazzi "race each other, jockey for position and block each other on the road."

Some drive rental cars, obscure their license plates or use aliases to hide their identities or connections to the big agencies that control much of the market.

"Looking back at how this has evolved over the last 12 years, we've gone from guys who sit outside the home of the mother-to-be of Michael Jackson's children to the paparazzi willing to force celebrities off the road for a photo and public safety be damned," said Los Angeles Police Det. Jeff Dunn, who oversees the department's Threat Assessment Unit.

Francois Navarre, a Frenchman and former Le Monde journalist who heads X-17, said he uses only freelancers, guys with streets smarts and connections such as former San Diego-area firefighter Brad Diaz, who was shot with a BB gun outside Britney Spears' baby shower in Malibu this summer.

"We respect the rules of the community … not the laws or rules that these [old guard] guys created," Navarre said. "There's no priority for the old paparazzi."

Arnold Cousart made the leap from processing film for paparazzi to starting his own agency, JFX Direct, which he named after the multi-ethnic street gang he belonged to growing up: Jefrox, a bastardization of a Filipino-based term that essentially means "the projects."

"I like the idea of [the gang name] on checks instead of seeing it on the wall," Cousart said. "We came from the streets. Basically everyone knows that. We're all family guys now."

Actress Scarlett Johansson blamed her August traffic collision on a JFX Direct paparazzo who she said chased her into the Disneyland parking lot. Cousart said the shooter was blocks away.

A third agency, Boris Nizon's Fame Pictures, was involved in the most notorious paparazzi incident of the year: Lindsay Lohan's collision with a paparazzo.

Fame Pictures shooter Galo Ramirez was arrested in May on suspicion of assault after Lohan accused him of deliberately ramming her Mercedes-Benz sports car with his van. The agency, through its lawyer, insisted that the collision was an accident. Ramirez's van was registered in Nizon's name, prosecutors said.

"If Lindsay wasn't driving a $200,000 car that day, we'd be looking at more than cuts and bruises," said Blair Berk, her attorney.

Spurred by that crash, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill this month making it easier for celebrities to collect major damages from agencies that employ aggressive paparazzi.

The Los Angeles district attorney's office is looking into possible conspiracy charges against the confrontational agencies.

"It's getting ugly out there," said Deputy Dist. Atty. William Hodgman, who is heading the investigation.

But a previous anti-paparazzi bill, passed after British-born shooter Giles Harrison was convicted in 1998 of trapping Schwarzenegger, in his pre-governor days, and his wife, Maria Shriver, outside their son's preschool, proved ineffective, authorities say. The bill targeted trespassing by paparazzi.

Witherspoon, one of Hollywood's most outspoken critics of paparazzi, said she first noticed the more aggressive shooters in 2001.

"I have no less than six photographers every day on me," she said. "They are in rapid pursuits. There are all sorts of illegal driving going on that endangers everyone around them.

"We've had to move houses, we moved schools and we sell our vehicles every two months," she said. "Even then, they seem to get the car information from the dealership. They have networks that are like spider webs."

Witherspoon blamed the bad behavior on the magazines that buy invasive photographers' work. Larry Hackett, deputy managing editor of People, who said his magazine has a "tenet" against running intrusive photographs, agreed.

"I can't stop these guys taking these photos. But I can decide not to buy them," he said.

Immediately after the Lohan crash, Us Weekly issued an ethics policy stating that editors would refuse to run pictures taken by overly aggressive or intrusive photographers. Editor Janice Min, through a spokesman, said she would not comment.

Paparazzi respond that stars exaggerate what amounts to at worst an inconvenience.

"We are scapegoats in all these incidents. Blame the paparazzi when anything goes wrong," said JFX co-owner Cousart.

"I have at least five stars this year who contacted us through their publicists to buy prints of pictures we took," Navarre said. "Is that not funny?"

Frank Griffin is co-owner with Randy Bauer of the Bauer-Griffin Agency, one of the more established and respected firms. In one breath he lamented the influx of "guns for hire" that have added a "renegade element" to the trade. In the next he said he pays law enforcement for information on celebrities.

The officers may be breaking the law. Los Angeles Police Officer Kelly Chrisman was fired in 2003 for allegedly using department computers to look up confidential law enforcement information on scores of celebrities. He said he was authorized by his supervisors to look up the information for a security database.

Rival paparazzi say Navarre's X-17 shooters travel in SUV convoys, communicating by cellphones and two-way radios.

"They're almost like a pack of wolves," said JFX's Cousart. "Eight guys out there to get one picture."

Two years ago, Navarre paid actress Jennifer Aniston $550,000 to settle an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit over photos of her sunbathing topless in her backyard. In the settlement, he admitted no wrongdoing. The photo was allegedly taken from a neighbor's yard. Navarre said in court documents that he brokered the picture from "a French tourist."

He said other paparazzi question the immigration status of his shooters because they are jealous of his success.

"There are a lot of paparazzi that are in the process of being legal," he said. "I consider it racism or xenophobia; this guy, because he's from Africa or because he's from Europe, he's illegal. They haven't checked."

Paparazzo Rylewski, another Frenchman, once freelanced for X-17. A year ago, he took a Playboy writer on a ride-along and promptly crashed into another car, the magazine reported.

Over an eight-year career in Los Angeles, Rylewski has been convicted of trespassing and spent 30 days in jail for hitting rival paparazzo Stephen Ginsburg. Ginsburg described Rylewski as his paparazzi mentor.

Rylewski was deported Aug. 12 for overstaying his visa, which had expired six years earlier, immigration officials said. Many paparazzi in Los Angeles work on tourist visas, Rylewski said.

It's a legal gray area, said John Taussig, an immigration lawyer: While they can work here for businesses based in a foreign country, they cannot be paid by U.S. employers for jobs performed in America.

"Most of them try to get their agency to bring them for three months and then get a plane ticket so they can go back into their country and get another three-month visa," Rylewski said in a phone interview from Paris, where he was on his way to Russia to shoot "very anti-American films."

JFX Direct's Cousart said he is proud of mentoring other former gang members as paparazzi.

One of them, Gerard San Jose, was sentenced to the California Youth Authority in 1992 for shooting into a passing car. "It's quite clear that this defendant had the intent to kill these kids and that he just got lucky," a prosecutor told the court, according to trial records.

"I did five years for that," said San Jose, now a father of three, who went on to work for Bauer-Griffin. "Unfortunately, I was a product of my environment: single-mother household. My father died when I was 9."

Upon his release, San Jose got the conviction removed from his record.

"A low-key, stealth-like approach works for me," said San Jose, who now works for himself. He said he got the first shot of Angelina Jolie's son, Maddox.

San Jose's Jefrox gang name was "Dreamer."

Despite all the complaints, the heightened aggression cannot be blamed solely on a new generation of paparazzi.

Giles Harrison, a 10-year veteran paparazzo, goes on trial in November on felony assault charges. Authorities allege that he beat rival Tomas Maidana outside the Ivy restaurant in a dispute over photographing director Quentin Tarantino. Harrison, who a pretrial report says makes $30,000 to $40,000 a month, denies the charges.

On a videotape of the fight, Harrison and Maidana can be heard trading slurs. Harrison yells, "Take the boat back to Cuba!" and Maidana responds with a racial epithet. Harrison punches Maidana in the head, then tries to kick him. Maidana darts into the street, removes his belt and invites Harrison into the alley.

Harrison sued, alleging that Maidana instigated the fight. He later withdrew the complaint.

"Everybody knows I'm a nice guy," the 6-foot-8, 280-pound paparazzo said in a recent interview. "Three incidents in 10 years of doing this business; that's not too terribly bad, I'd say."

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PEOPLE to publish Britney Spears' baby Sean Preston Spears Federline pictures?

According to PageSix.com, OK! magazine has lost out in the bidding to publish the first pictures of Britney Spears' baby, Sean Preston Spears Federline. The magazine which paid a reported 3 million for black and white wedding photos of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher was said to have offered up to $2 million for exclusives of Britney Spears, hubby Kevin Federline and baby Sean Preston Spears Federline.

On a side note, by the time the black and white wedding of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were published, no one cared.

Britney Spears favorite magazine - People Magazine will publish the first offical photos. A rep for People declined comment, but a rep for Spears said, "If this is true, they will probably donate the money to charity."

For the record , Britney Spears's hubby Kevin Federline could be considered charity.




Actress JENNIFER TILLY has attacked her peers who shop on Hollywood's trendy Robertson Boulevard and then complain about paparazzi attention.

Tilly insists it's commonly known throughout the celebrity world that Robertson is the street of shame for eager snappers, always on the hunt for stars.

She says, "If you shop along Robertson, if you eat lunch at The Ivy, you know the paparazzi is there.

"The girls get all dressed up to go out there and get a little more press because they're all up and down the street."

October 14, 2005

Paris Hilton and Bijou Phillips Caught Up in Paparazzi Fight


Hollywood socialites Paris Hilton and Bijou Phillips were caught up in a fight outside Los Angeles hotspot Mood on Wednesday night (12 October 05) when Hilton's bodyguard attacked a photographer.

The high-profile pair were leaving the club after partying with Bruce Willis, Lindsay Lohan and Eddie Murphy when a brawl broke out in the street.

The unnamed minder took offence when one snapper got too close to him and pushed him to the ground, yelling, "Don't ever touch me."

Hilton tried to defuse the situation by signing photographs from the front seat of her silver Bentley before driving off.

'Miami Vice' Crew Dresses For Farrell


Members of the cast and crew of "Miami Vice" are sporting T-shirts on their Florida set with a message to paparazzi: "Leave Colin Alone."

Production assistant Angie Lee Cobbs came up with the idea when she saw the number of photographers swarming around star Colin Farrell, People magazine reported.

Cobbs told People the paparazzi problem had gotten out of hand.

"I understand taking photos at premieres and events, but when they follow him around like this it's beyond normal," she said. "They show up at our Miami locations and curse us out when we ask them not to shoot.

"We feel protective toward him," she said of Farrell. "He's such a sweetheart and a down-to-Earth guy."

Cobbs is selling the shirts to fans on her Web site -- leavecolinalone.com -- and is donating the profits to the Princess Diana Memorial Fund.

October 13, 2005


.. and now the front cover!



Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher sell wedding photos to OK! magazine

UPI News Service, 10/12/2005

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have sold photos of their Sept. 24 wedding to Britain's OK! celebrity gossip magazine for an undisclosed price. The magazine revealed the photos Wednesday of Kutcher, 27, in a cream-colored Brooks Brothers suit and fedora and Moore, 42, in a white Lanvin gown, E! Online reported.

The couple exchanged vows at their Beverly Hills home before 45 guests, including Moore's ex-husband Bruce Willis and their three daughters, Rumer, 17, Scout, 14, and Tallulah, 11.

Elton Backs Paparazzi in the Shooting War

Most celebs think of the paparazzi as a lower form of life but sometimes, even paparazzi can produce a cure for fame's afflictions.

Elton John believes London's rabid Daily Mirror did Kate Moss a favor by forcing her to confront her drug habit. Sir Elton says photos of the supermodel snorting coke compelled her to seek help in rehab.

"The great thing about England is that the media will give you a very hard time," the Rocket Man told the same paper this week. "They won't let you get away with it."

Elton suggests his own 16-year drug battle may have ended sooner if he'd been found out.

"I wish Elvis Presley had lived in England, because if he had, he would probably still be alive today," he says.

Back in the States, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently signed off on a law subjecting people who commit assault while taking pictures to stiff fines which may extend to the publications that buy the snaps.

But the paparazzi have another unlikely ally in George Clooney. He argues that paparazzi "can be real jerks," but "I'll take all of those hits [in the media] in lieu of trying to restrict it, because the dangers of restricting it [are] like burning the first book."

Of course, not all stars are so broadminded about their pursuers.

Charlize Theron is furious over the chopper noise that lens-wielding locusts brought to her mother's recent wedding ceremony in Pacific Palisades, Calif. The photographers thought that Theron, who was a bridesmaid, was marrying her longtime beau, Stuart Townsend.

And just last week, Tom Cruise's bodyguards got into a physical confrontation with photogs outside the Scientology Celebrity Centre in L.A. after the cameramen swarmed the entrance.

A security guard took out a camera to snap pics of the press for the "safety of ... parishioners," reports Jeanette Walls of MSNBC. Then the guard made a citizen's arrest.

October 12, 2005

Paparazzi Waiting for A Poop from Terry the Dog


Celebrity-stalking photographers massed outside the coffee shop in Malibu where Shirley MacLaine had stopped with her canine soul mate, Terry.

The actress said: “I was so appalled. They were kind of waiting for Terry to walk out and perhaps take a poop or something, because she's famous herself, and what would I do about the poop? And would they make me mad? Because the whole point is, they want to make you mad, and then they get a good picture."

Luckily, the actress ran into two stunt men she had worked with. They gathered a group of men who huddled around and whisked MacLaine and Terry to her car, blocking them from view; the paparazzi never saw her leave.

So the photographers "got no poop and they got no me," MacLaine gloated.

Gallagher clashes with paparazzi

Liam Gallagher celebrated in style after Monday's (10.10.05) Q awards - by threatening paparazzi with a metal pole.

The Oasis frontman - whose band picked up two awards, including Best Album for 'Don't Believe The Truth', at the prestigious ceremony - was seen guzzling dozens of glasses of champagne at London's trendy Met Bar before confronting the waiting shutterbugs outside.

Liam, famed for his wild temper, picked up the steel queue barrier and brandished it at several snappers before friends pulled him back inside the club.

Cruise bodyguard 'arrests' paparazzi

Tom Cruise's bodyguard got into an altercation with photographers after paparazzi followed him to the Scientology Celebrity Centre in LA. Scientology Celebrity Centre spokesman Greg LaClaire told MSNBC that ''our security officer drove away and was at a stoplight on a corner. While he was sitting at the stoplight, the paparazzi jumped through the passenger window and started beating him. Our security officer . . . then made a citizen arrest."

October 10, 2005


Movie star GEORGE CLOONEY is happy to ignore the over-zealous efforts of the paparazzi who follow him everywhere because he fears that by limiting their powers he'll upset freedom of speech.

While stars like REESE WITHERSPOON and CAMERON DIAZ rally to change laws and fight against celebrity photographers, Clooney, whose father is respected newsman NICK CLOONEY, fears stars could be setting a bad precedent if they continue fighting the paparazzi.

He explains, "These guys can be real jerks, these paparazzi, they're not trying to catch me doing something stupid, which I'll have to take hits for - they're trying to create you doing something stupid. They walk through the airport and go, 'Whose that fat chick you're with?'

"I'll take all of those hits in lieu of trying to restrict it, because the dangers of restricting it, or getting into those dangers, (is) like burning the first book.

"I get that they do some rotten things... It's a drag for me... (But) as a guy who believes in the free press, I think that some of these hits we have to take in order to not mess with freedom of speech."

Brad Pitt Has Plan to Foil Paparazzi

According to a published report Brad Pitt has formed a plan to foil the paparazzi from nabbing photos of him and gal pal Angelina Jolie and their ready made adopted family.

The hunky star is already being hounded on the set of "The Assassination of Jesse James" in Canada by photographers and if this report is accurate he must be growing tired of it.

Brad and Angie want privacy
Brad and Angie want privacy

Just last week an American photographer was arrested after being discovered on the same set where Pitt is shooting the Jesse James film.

Now the star has reportedly decided to acquire a very secluded pad in the Canadian wilderness for some private moments:

Page Six:


Brad Pitt is fighting back against the paparazzi.

The star was livid when pictures of him, Angelina Jolie and Jolie's son, Maddox, were snapped on her tucked-away British estate.

Now Pitt has bought a secluded, modest getaway cabin in the Canadian wilderness and instructed his bodyguards to take pictures of any lensmen who follow him and Jolie, should he need evidence one day in court after he presses harassment charges.


Shots of the photographers who follow Pitt and Jolie around are posted on sunsetprotective.com according to the Post.

Will this stop the photogs?

Likely not. And unless Brad and Angie plan on a secluded life in the Canadian wilderness they are going to be the subject of many photographers, published photos or not.

October 9, 2005

When Paparazzi Snap Back

It's payback time when celebrities bite the hand that feeds them.

Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, who shares her schedule with paparazzi so they can shoot candid pictures, stick to their side of the Faustian pact, accepting that privacy is the price of fame. But for stars who dare to fight back, media vengeance is brutal.

Just ask Kate Moss, whose recent trial by tabloid makes Diaz's skirmish resemble a slap on the face with a budgie feather. Earlier this year, the 31-year-old model successfully sued the UK's Sunday Mirror after the tabloid printed a story that alleged she had collapsed in a cocaine-induced coma in 2001. The paper was forced to print an apology and paid Moss an undisclosed settlement.

Just two months later, the same newspaper plastered across its front page photos of Moss cutting and sniffing lines of white powder, along with graphic descriptions of her alleged drug use. The shots showed her rolling a bank note and "hoovering up every last grain of the class-A drug".

Even the Mirror's fellow newspapers conceded the revelations were pure revenge. The Independent said Mirror editor Richard Vallance and Stephen Moyes, the journalist who broke the drugs story, had been trying to acquire evidence of her drug use ever since the libel defeat.

Read the rest of the article HERE.


Paparazzo charged with harassing Witherspoon at Disney theme park

ANAHEIM, Calif. A photographer has been charged after allegedly roughing up some children while taking pictures of Reese Witherspoon and her family at Disney's California Adventure theme park last month. Todd Wallace allegedly struck one five-year-old child with his camera and shoved another out of the way. Anaheim police say Wallace is charged with battering the five-year-old's mother, who is a friend of Witherspoon, as well as two Disney employees. ... READ MORE HERE

Photography Site

with some really good video interviews for anyone interested.

Click Here

October 8, 2005

LA Paparazzi Call New Schwarzenegger Law `A Joke'

Photographers in Southern California, home to Hollywood stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Brad Pitt, say a law signed last week by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger won't curb celebrity-chasing paparazzi.

``It's a joke,'' said Frank Griffin, a partner at Hollywood photo agency Bauer-Griffin, who for the last 15 years has dispatched paparazzi to pursue celebrities. ``If the market says I'm going to pay you $1,000 for a photograph, you're going to get a lot of renegades out there.''

The law subjects people who commit assault while taking pictures to civil damages and loss of profits from the photo. Publications that solicit the photos also can be held liable.

Read the rest of the article HERE.

Gerard Depardieu Satisfied


Gerard Depardieu Satisfied with Headbutting the Paparazzi

Depardieu: "My head delivers a single butt, which means two teeth less"
By: Mihaela Stroia, Entertainment Editor

French actor Gerard Depardieu declared he is quite happy about headbutting the paparazzi who was taking his pictures a few days ago, because he was really annoying.

Depardieu, 56, was shopping in Florence, Italy, when he was spotted by photographer Dario Orlandi. The paparazzi said he was taking long-range photos of the actor when Gerard saw him and told him to stop.

The photographer, Dario Orlandi, said at that time: "It was completely over the top. I let him approach me and without any warning he head-butted me in the face.”

Speaking about the incident, Depardieu stated: "I would never hit a journalist. On the other hand a paparazzi who had already taken photos...(I said) 'Now be nice, you've taken your pictures, leave us be.'This isn't a safari: there are risks and the risk is that you will get my head in your face.

"Then he said: 'Gerard, I'll leave you alone.' I go out and this guy keeps snapping me to death... I put my hands in my pockets and I ask him why he hadn't listened to what I had told him.He tells me untruthfully, taking me for an idiot: 'Gerard, I'm not taking pictures.'So my head delivers a single butt, which means two teeth less, and to tell you the truth, I'm pretty satisfied."

It is believed that Depardieu was accompanied by his 30-year-old fiancée when the incident happened.

October 6, 2005



Lohan Showed No Concern for Car Crash Victim
Wed, Oct 05, 2005, 03:10 PM PT

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - The man whose van Lindsay Lohan crashed into on Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 4, has spoken up, and he paints an unflattering picture of the "Herbie: Fully Loaded" actress.

"I imagine if I had hit someone, I am going to ask them right away if the other person is okay," says Raymundo Ortega, 40, on the Wednesday (Oct. 5) edition of "Access Hollywood." "But she did not do that with me. On her behalf, if she wants to call me to ask how I am doing, that would be good. But if she doesn't, then I'll leave it on her conscience because honestly, she doesn't even know my name."

Ortega was driving his maroon Chevy Astro van along Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood when he executed a U-turn. Witnesses say Lohan was speeding in her black Mercedes and plowed into his van, causing him to hit a parked vehicle and be treated for minor injuries. Witnesses say Lohan and her passenger ducked into a nearby antiques store directly after the accident before they were also rushed to the hospital for treatment.

"I know it wasn't my fault. All I knew was that she was driving really fast, I mean, she had to be going at least 75 miles per hour," Ortega adds. "I was finishing my turn, when all of the sudden she came out of nowhere, all she needed was wings for the car to fly."

Ortega was on his way to work as a busboy at the Newsroom Cafe in Beverly Hills. Besides his injuries, he claims that the accident has rendered him without transportation to his job.

"I'm a father of six kids. I depend on my job," he says. "I don't have my car because it's a luxury item. I have it because I need it. Now I'm left on foot, walking without a car."

Lohan's camp claims that the accident is the result of paparazzi hounding her. In May, photographer Galo Ramirez was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon for intentionally ramming Lohan's vehicle. He's currently free on bail and is awaiting trial.

Ortega isn't so sure that the paparazzi are to blame this time.

"I believe that she was driving that fast at her own free will because there was no car behind her, there was no one in that moment," he explains. "Her car was the only one that was coming down the street. Had there been another car behind her, they would have crashed into her."

Gerard Depardieu vs. Photog.

Gerard Depardieu Assaulted A Paparazzi

French actor Gerard Depardieu was accused yesterday of attacking a paparazzi who tried to take a picture of him accompanied by a mysterious woman.

Depardieu, 56, was shopping in Florence, Italy, when he was spotted by the photographer, named Dario Orlandi. The paparazzi said he had been taking long-range photos with the actor, when Gerard saw him and told him to stop.

"I never went near him, using a tele-photo lens to keep my distance. Many of the other people in the market were photographing him too. I walked out of the market but then I followed the actor at about 15 meters distance and I took about 15 or so shots with a long lens. Gérard Depardieu spotted me as he was about to take a taxi. He started running towards me.

I was scared and I also began to run. As I was running faster, he signalled to me that he wanted to talk to me. I let him approach me and without any warning he head-butted me in the face,” Orlandi told Reporters Without Borders. ...

October 5, 2005

Paparazzi ruled out as cause of latest Lohan crash

Teen actress Lindsay Lohan has been involved in another traffic accident four months after a photographer crashed into her car, but police on Wednesday rejected suggestions paparazzi were to blame this time.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesman Luis Castro said the accident on Tuesday was caused by another motorist making an illegal turn in front of the actress.

Conflicting accounts of Tuesday's incident had suggested Lohan had been trying to evade photographers or was driving too fast, but investigators have ruled out either paparazzi or excessive speed as factors in the collision between her car and a van in West Hollywood, Castro said.

"It appears it's ... the van's fault for making an illegal U-turn," he said. "At this time, we've ruled out that any paparazzi played a part in the accident, and speed was not a factor."

He added that investigators had determined that Lohan's black Mercedes convertible was traveling at about 35 mph when the crash occurred on fashionable Robertson Boulevard. They also concluded that no drugs or alcohol were involved.

Castro said the driver of the van, though apparently at fault, was not cited for the accident and normally would not be for such a routine accident.

Lohan, 19, the star of such films as "Herbie: Fully Loaded" and "Mean Girls," was taken by ambulance with a female passenger to a nearby hospital, where both were treated for minor injuries. The van's driver was taken to the hospital with "moderate" injuries, sheriff's deputies said.

The latest accident occurred just blocks away from where Lohan made headlines with a May 31 car crash involving a photographer who police said rammed his vehicle into her car while chasing the actress. In that case, the photographer was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Eyewitness accounts carried in the Los Angeles Times and other media outlets said photographers were taking Lohan's picture while she was shopping and dining a short time before Tuesday's accident. Her spokeswoman initially suggested the paparazzi were to blame for the collision.