September 29, 2005


Celebrity socialite PARIS HILTON is terrified of the paparazzi and stalkers who make it impossible for her to live a normal life.

The HOUSE OF WAX beauty feels so threatened she has been forced to employ four bodyguards to protect her.

She says, "The paparazzi, they're scary. They pretty much live outside my house: they're so annoying.

"And stalkers. I come across them all the time."

And the hotel heiress is frightened that snappers and intrusive fans will damage her relationship with shy fiance and Greek shipping heir PARIS LATSIS.

She says, "My boyfriend hates it all: he's very low-key and he hates cameras and says the only bad thing about dating me is them."

September 28, 2005

Celebrity obsession reshaping media

Celebrity magazines rake in readers
Ariana Eunjung Cha, The Washington Post
(Tuesday, September 27, 2005 1:00 am)

NEW YORK — It was 10 minutes past 5 p.m. on Monday and everyone agreed it had been a slow news day. No nannies or strippers alleging affairs with married movie stars.

No sightings of celebrity cat fights.

No wardrobe malfunctions.

The editors were just about to close the upcoming issue of Us Weekly when Peter Grossman, the magazine's liaison to the paparazzi, raced in.

He was excitedly waving a printout of an image that had been snapped just minutes earlier. It had been taken from the back and at a weird angle — but the subject was unmistakable.

It was Brad Pitt.

And he was carrying Angelina Jolie's adopted Ethiopian daughter, Zahara, who was sporting a pink knit cap, and holding hands with Jolie's adopted Cambodian son, Maddox, who was in camouflage. A baby bottle was tucked into Pitt's back jeans pocket.

"Oh!" said Janice Min, 36, the magazine's editor in chief, mobilizing her staff. "Get it, get it!"

The latest angle in the movie-star love triangle of Jolie, Pitt and Pitt's not-yet-ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, qualified as a major event in celebrity journalism, a type of news once relegated to cheap tabloids but now reshaping the media industry.

Over the past year, Us Weekly and its competitors have soared in popularity even as the circulations of newspapers, business weeklies and practically every other print publication have been falling. .... READ MORE HERE!

OK! gets Britney baby exclusive

OK! gets Britney baby exclusive
September 26, 2005

Britney Spears has reportedly signed a lucrative deal to show off her new baby with OK! magazine. The new mum, who has now returned to her Malibu home with baby son Sean Preston, will pose for family photographs and speak about the birth in an interview with the glossy celebrity magazine.

OK! boss Richard Desmond revealed: "We've got Britney and the baby this week."

The pop babe is rumoured to have been paid around $1.5-million for the interview and photos. Earlier this week, it was claimed that Britney earned around $6-million for having a baby
. ....

September 27, 2005


Sept. 27, 2005


PAPARAZZO Todd Wall ace — recently arrested for allegedly assaulting two employees at the California Adventure theme park while tailing Reese Witherspoon — has a lengthy criminal rap sheet. "Inside Edition" reports that Wallace has been con victed of battery, burglary and grand theft and served more than four years in a California prison. Just last year, Wallace, 44, was accused of threatening a pregnant store manager at trendy L.A. boutique Lisa Kline. The altercation erupted when he was asked to leave after following Mischa Barton inside. Staffer Joanna Schroeder tells the show that Wallace "cursed at me, and made a very violent sexual threat to me. I was really scared." Wallace has been ordered by a judge not to go near or threaten Schroeder for one year. Wallace could not be reached.

September 26, 2005

Britney Spears Baby Photos Nabbed from Chopper

This story comes from The National Ledger:

The race is on to grab the very first photo of Britney Spears' baby and the paparazzi will go to any length to grab the first baby picture. As it appears, they will go to any height as well.

The first photos of the baby boy appear to come from a helicopter. The photos are blurry but the first pics show Brit tending to her son, Sean Preston Federline, while her mother Lynne holds the baby.

You cannot see the baby's face.

Bang Media reported earlier that Britney and Kevin have allegedly accepted over $3-million to show home-video footage of the birth on their popular reality TV show 'Britney and Kevin: Chaotic', and will be a paid a further $1.5-million for a magazine deal (Reportedly OK! Magazine) featuring exclusive pictures of the child.

The couple is also rumored to have agreed a deal worth over $1.5-million to video the first few weeks of Sean Preston's life for TV.

These pictures are too blurry to ruin that deal, and that means the paparazzi will keep trying.

In response to: Enough with the Paparazzi already... please ? by: ZePhotog

NYC is a small piece of the pie but anyone recieving statements from their agency can realize celebrity photography is a worldwide market. I post whatever seems relevant to this job: photog. confrontations, PR interactions, some ancedotes I run into on the web about what we do, job postings, agency news, and whatnot. I feel that one should know this industry as a whole and see what all sides face: who the agency owners are, new innovations and pretty much this "scence".

I understand your trepidation and wanting to differentiate celebrity "event photographers" from celebrity "candid" photographers ("paparazzi"). Although we as photographers know the difference this is not the case with the general worlwide public and we like it or not are "bunched" in as a group ("paparazzi") like it or not.

Note the article on Cameron Diaz:
Paparazzi clicking makes Diaz snap

Cameron Diaz got a touch snappy with her click-happy paparazzi recently.
The actress lost her temper with photographers at the Toronto International Film Festival and told them their "clicking" was giving her a "nervous breakdown"..........................

A news wire service such as the Press Association Ltd. certainly knows very well the difference but the headline with "paparazzi" is a good lead and makes the general reader wanting to read more as the word is more sensationalized as opposed to the plain word "photographer" which is pretty bland once the word "paparazzi" is injected into the sentence one knows we are talking about some celebrity of sort.

** Merely as an educational here is a definition of the word "paparazzi" from the Wikipedia encyclopedia:

Paparazzi is a plural term for photographers who take candid photographs of celebrities, usually by relentlessly shadowing them in public and private activities. The term paparazzi is often used in a derogatory manner. Originally, it referred to Italian celebrity photographers who learned that a picture of a movie star throwing a punch was more valuable than pictures of stars smiling (celebrity tantrums are a common entertainment story in the mass media). It is this antagonistic interaction that is the true hallmark of a paparazzo (paparazzo is the singular form). However, the term is often used erroneously for photographers who merely take pictures of people of note.

Use of the term derives from "Paparazzo", the name of a news photographer character in Federico Fellini's film La Dolce Vita. Paparazzo has no meaning in Italian. It is a word invented by film director Federico Fellini

Many paparazzos feel that they are helping celebrities and photographed people in general by increasing their publicity. Also, this is is a money making business for both sides. As mentioned below, the paparazzo make a large sum of money when they take a high demand picture, but the stars also make money because as a result of more media attention, more people will support them.

According to an article in Time Magazine, Mel Bouzad, one of the Los Angeles's top paparazzi, is a twenty- six year old man who makes it his business to know where celebrities will be at any given time. Bouzad's job is to take marketable pictures of celebrities. The article continues to say that Bouzad, along with many other photographers, went from moving to LA with only his camera and a change of clothes, to becoming a very successful businessman, running his own business named MB Pictures. Bouzad told Time magazine how much money is involved in the business by claiming to have made $150,000.00 for a picture of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Georgia after their breakup. He also reported to them, "If I get Britney and her baby, I'll be able to buy a house in those hills". He was referring to the luxurious homes on the hills of Sunset Boulevard.
Also according to Time magazine, Peter Howe, the author of Paparazzi, states "Celebrity's need a higher level of exposure than the rest of us." Howe continues, "So it is a two way street. The celebrities manipulate the paparazzi too." Looking at the issue from the paparazzo's point of view presents an entirely different stand on whether or not the paparazzi are beneficial..... READ MORE HERE!



Paparazzi clicking makes Diaz snap

Cameron Diaz got a touch snappy with her click-happy paparazzi recently.

The actress lost her temper with photographers at the Toronto International Film Festival and told them their "clicking" was giving her a "nervous breakdown".

During a press conference, Diaz lost her cool and snapped: "Okay, collectively, how many pictures do you guys think you have?

"Seriously, do you communicate like this in the bedroom as well?

"It's insane.

"I'm having a nervous breakdown with all that clicking."............ READ MORE HERE

Enough with the Paparazzi stuff already... please ?

Ok, am I the only one here to get slightly annoyed by Shoot First's relentless posting about paparazzi ?

I mean don't get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for my esteemed colleagues working in the streets and hold no grudge whatsoever against them...

But, as I recall, this board was meant to discuss about the NYC photographers issues, i.e. bad PR, work conditions, things we should do to make our lives easier (hum, hum... well we did try...) and that kind of stuff...

It seems to have turned into a press junkett of anything that's been said, written or burped about paparazzi from LA, London or Shithole, Alabama...

I don't mind the occasional article link about a funny or worrying event involving paparazzi, but in the end, it has most of the time nothing to do whatsoever with our line of work or our concerns...

It tends to get a little annoying to have to scroll 5 pages down to hit the thread on the last premiere we've shot and read what other EVENT PHOTOGRAPHERS have to say about it...

So if you could please make the whole "hey look what I've found about this dude nobody knows but it's cool he's a paparazzi" thingy a little lighter on us, I think most of the people on this board will be really thankful to you...

Little free hint : when you see a post with 15 comments it means it actually is of some interest to the members of this board, when you've posted 43 times and only got 12 comments out of it... it probably means people don't really give a flying $#&%@ about these posts...

Feel free however to start your own blog, let's say you'd call it PeTP (Paparazzi for Ethical Treatment of Paparazzi), deal ?

September 25, 2005


The paparazzi are after Brad Pitt...



I'm the only guy in LA looking for the paparazzi. Everybody else is trying to get away from them, I'm trying to go, 'Hey, I got my shirt off! Take a picture!'" Actor TONY DANZA is desperate for attention.

September 22, 2005

An Open Letter to The Early Birds From Lupo

Dear Early birds:


You will have front row because you got to Letterman at 10am. Perhaps you will even have the best spot. Gee- it’s really too bad that you are putting in 7-8+ hours to get a few frames of George Clooney. For the average working American that’s a full day’s work!

Have you ever done the math in that?

If you are one of the lucky few to sell that perfect headshot of George of Gywneth or whomever you will probably get paid 75 dollars. That’s assuming of course that your picture will be selected over mine or that guy who comes in at the very last minute and always seems to get his stuff published - from the third row (Power to him!).
So 75 dollars divided by 7 hours- That’s about 10 dollars an hour!
This of course is assuming that imaging will only take several minutes.

– Now here's another factor. Because you arrived at 10 or 11 am to this the rest of us are also forced to arrive earlier than we usually might. So if I am the one to sell that 75 dollar headshot to People my take will also be divided by x number of hours.

Yes I am aware that in stock photography we will make more than one sale-possibly.
However these days we won’t make too many more. Read your statements people-study them!

George is having his premiere on Friday! Generally speaking next week the person we shoot will be in better fashion and more amicable to photographers in Europe or LA.

Back to the Letterman door - that Lindsay in the black dress, or Jlo in the tan outfit or even George will quickly fall to the wayside on many editor's lightboxes.
Considering this – do you realize that you are considerably reducing the amount of money that we are making from this shot?
That’s right! You are screwing up the whole business for the rest of us.
I have to get there early now so that I get a better spot than third row! With magazines paying less and less money per photo and YOU making us put in more hours we will get pennies for that stupid headshot. Perhaps you have nothing better to do with your life. Perhaps you feel very comfortable sitting on your ass on a tiny stool on a public sidewalk of New York City all day long.

Don’t you feel like a homeless person? Get used to it.
The way things are going you just might be one day!
Just do me a favor—don’t drag the rest of us down with you!
I would like to shoot other events during the day without having to wait all day for one picture.

Hint: if you get off your ass which by now has a huge imprint of your turtle stool on it (and has probably grown from your sedentary work ethic) , and start making more than one set of pictures (i.e. go to different events) you might actually start making money!

George Clooney is big – but the need for his picture in market is very finite in the bigger scheme of things.
I have gotten him very well in the past (when he was even younger and more popular).
A couple years later the aggregate sales still do not equate a full day’s work.

But don’t worry - when the time comes, I’ll put money in your cup to make up for it.

Jordan Calls Cops For Paparazzi Stalker


Jordan Calls Cops For Paparazzi Stalker

Model Jordan called the cops after a paparazzi tried to take some photos with her at a hair salon.

Jordan, newly-wed, was getting her hair done at a beauty salon in Hove near Brighton on Monday, when she saw a photographer trying to take some picture with her. The model called 911 and said she is followed by 'a strange man'.

According to A Sussex Police spokeswoman, two cars were sent at the scene, but none of them didn't know the women involved was Jordan.

She said: “We didn’t know who it was. The emergency call came in saying ’we are being followed by a strange man and my two young children are with me’. ...... READ MORE HERE!

What Is The Deal With No Sarah?

New Yorkers for Children Gala
Cipriani's, 42nd St.

Sarah Jessica Parker was on the inital press tip sheet.
The closest Sarah got to Cipriani's tonight was on a passing bus advertisement.

But hey...we got Anna Wintour (not posing), Ahn Duong, Tinsley Mortimer, Debbie Bancroft, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos and Russell Simmons. A real who's who of who cares. Oh yea, they almost all wore black, on an unlit arrivals area, at night. YEAH!

Seinfeld/Jessica gave us a great expression (see photo), Lenny Kravitz showed (all in black), posed quickly, and Melissa Etheridge ran by.

September 21, 2005

Paris Hilton Blames Paparazzi For Ticket

Los Angeles, CA (AHN) - Paris Hilton is issued a ticket in Beverly Hills for making an improper turn and equipment violation.

The hotel heiress was on her way up Rodeo Drive in her Bentley when officers asked her to stop.

Onlookers claim Paris tried to coax the officers, telling them she was trying to escape ensuing paparazzi.

Photographer Frank Rohmer tells The New York Post, "She was pointing at us, saying that it was our fault. She always drives crazy."

The "Simple Life" star could face a $300 fine.

September 20, 2005

Leo Looks In Every 'Direction'

No Direction Home: Bob Dylan DVD screening
Ziegfeld Theater
September 19, 2005/ 5pm arrivals.

This was one of the better arrival set ups that I hyave seen in a while. Red carpet extended from theater half way down the block towards 6th Ave. Long seamless backdrop, risers provided, and large studio lights every 20 ft. illuminating the carpet.

It looked great, but there wasn't much to shoot.

Leonardo DiCaprio arrived, and mildly posed. Wasn't a 'great' take, but you could pull out some photos. After that, it fell off. Matt Damon, Mike Myers were on the list but no shows.

September 19, 2005



(I-Newswire) - The Snitcher Desk: the missing link between the public paparazzi and the world's press.

Everyone has a celebrity-sighting story, be it Beckham on Bond Street, Britney buying Baby clothes, or a Big Brother contestant looking for a job. Now rather than point and stare, it's in everyone's interest to point and shoot.The public has an insatiable thirst for pictures of their favourite celebrities - a slew of magazines exist purely for this purpose. Now, not only will the public be getting to see the celebrities they want, they will be the ones taking the photographs and collecting the cheques. This is what The Snitcher Desk will facilitate........ READ MORE HERE: snitcherdesk

Paparazzi Snapper Game

Paparazzi Snapper Game

Can you take a photo of Catherine Zeta Jones worthy of a magazine front page?


September 18, 2005



NAME: Darryn Lyons
COMPANY: Big Pictures
ROLE: Chief Executive Officer
AGE: 39

INDUSTRY: Photographic agency with spin-off businesses including yachts, limousines, property, nightclubs and fashion labels

ESTIMATED WORTH: $58 million, according to BRW

BACKGROUND: News photographer

If the world of celebrity is a game, one of the big winners is Darryn Lyons. This war photographer-turned-paparazzi-turned-business mogul flies first class, has a personal chauffeur and is so rich he’s lost track of his personal fortune. BRW last year estimated it at around $58 million but Darryn insists he doesn’t know or care. Not bad for a boy from Geelong who arrived at London’s Fleet Street aged 22, with just his camera and a cheery can-do attitude............. READ MORE HERE


Pamela Anderson angry over the paparazzi

Pamela Anderson is in a rage battle with paparazzi, who are chasing her children to take snaps with them. Pamela is boycotting all magazines who publish pictures of her children..... READ MORE HERE!

September 12, 2005

Fashion Hell Week

I could post every day about how good/bad Fashion Week is going....but I'll leave it as an open posting forum, day by things evolve.

So... Please share your stories!


Movie veteran JAMES CAAN has blasted celebrities who complain about paparazzi intrusion - insisting they should be thrilled that snappers recognise them.

THE GODFATHER star claims he has never had a bad encounter with the paparazzi, and he encourages them to take pictures of him.

He says, "When you start in this business, you pray for the day that people recognise you, that's your goal. And now these schmucks get there and then they go, 'Leave me alone.'

"What are you talking about? If I was a doctor... I'd have to expect phone calls at three in the morning - that's part of their job."


Sunday, 24 March, 2002, 08:05 GMT

The Snapper King

Top celebrity photographer Jason Fraser is accused of invading the privacy of the famous but, as he tells BBC Five Live Report, there are two sides to every story. By the BBC's James Silver With 1500 front page pictures in the British tabloids to his name - and many thousands more around the world - Jason Fraser remains the crown prince of celebrity snappers.

Recent scoops included Big Brother presenter Davina McCall water-skiing in Mauritius, and former EastEnders star Daniella Westbrook on honeymoon in Florida, where she was also celebrating the end of a drugs-free year. Jason Fraser These are just the kind of feel-good celebrity "unposed portraits" that have become his stock-in-trade. ........ READ MORE HERE!


Film firm fingered for photo film-flam

A photographer arrested on the set of the new Brad Pitt film is a victim of the movie's attempt to build mystique and hype around the flick, says the owner of a celebrity-photo firm.

"They have to create this media frenzy - sending out a message like 'don't come here or we'll arrest you,' " said LDP Images owner Louis Defilipis in an interview from Toronto yesterday.

"Brad is a bit boring right now, so they're trying to create a little more hype when he's there."

Calgary photographer David Buston, 55, was nabbed hiding in a building on the set of The Assassination of Jesse James at Fort Edmonton Park on Friday night.

The former Canadian Press photographer faces charges of mischief and interference and was released on a promise to appear in court in October.

Defilipis said police are siding with the production crew because "everyone's excited" about the star being in Edmonton. ......... READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE!

September 10, 2005


Actress Melissa Gilbert of Little House of the Praire Fame disdains the paparazzi as this article from E! online states.......

The Stalkerazzi Wars
Soldier In The War
Melissa Gilbert, a victim of the tabloids ever since Little House, is fighting back



"I use the press to promote a job--and they use me to sell magazines about my personal life," Gilbert complains. "I'm not an elected person, I don't push my beliefs on people. I do a job, and part of my job is promoting my job--not my life." (She says she agreed to a People magazine story after her preemie baby was born, as a help for other mothers with premature babies.)

Gilbert says she has run hot and cold as a paparazzi target over the years. "It's depended on my status, or if I was dating anyone hot, like Rob Lowe. Or when I got divorced."

It's not uncommon, she says, for photographers with long lenses to follow her while she's shopping. On the night of her wedding to her Boxleitner, she recalls, one mob who'd gathered at her mother's home scared Gilbert so much, she hired security guards to keep the lensmen away........ READ MORE ABOUT MELISSA'S PERSONAL WAR HERE!


The Stalkerazzi Wars
Soldier In The War
The Battle Between the Rich & Famous and the Spies Who Make Their Livings off Them



Fearing for the safety of young daughter Bella, Tom Cruise, apparently being followed by three cars, made a 911 call from a Santa Monica streetcorner.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and pregnant wife Maria Shriver claim they barely avoided a crash early this year in Santa Monica, after being forced off the road by pursuing photographers trying to cut off their car. The photographers were convicted of false imprisonment for impeding the Schwarzeneggers' escape.

Tensions between the rich and famous and the camera-toting paparazzi (now referred to as stalkerazzi), who can, and do, earn as much as $1 million for the right set of snapped photos, have been festering for years. Now, animosities will likely escalate to a full-scale conflagration...... READ MORE ABOUT THIS ARTICLE HERE!

Say it aint so... collaboration!

Making and marketing celebrities

The fame machine
Sep 1st 2005
From The Economist print edition


Celebrity has become the product—rather than just a device for marketing films or music. The “talent” (if that is the word) owes its standing chiefly to the celebrity machine and not to any particular gift. It therefore depends on the attentions of the press to make money. Second, celebrities, agents, photographers and picture desks have found that the most efficient way to create an endless supply of celebrity news is to work together. A business that used to be based on intrusion has discovered a preference for collaboration.

Many celebrities don't see why they should give away their image when they could make money from it. Darren Lyons runs a photography agency called Big Pictures that specialises in shooting celebrities through long lenses as if for a paparazzi picture. The profits from the picture sales are then split between the subject, the agency and the photographer. “We're almost known as the friendly paparazzi,” grins Mr Lyons from the high-backed, red-leather judicial chair in his office, a lion-skin rug spread across the floor. Collaboration allows celebrities to retain some control over choosing the pictures that appear....... READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE!





Reply to:
Date: 2005-08-18, 10:13PM EDT

LA paparazzi agency looking for experienced or non-experienced photographers to fill freelance positions in NY; which based on performance can turn to full-time staff position. Great pay, awesome work environment, management support, training, and best of all your workdays are never the same day twice. If you’re looking for something new, or you’re experienced and want to be a part of a team that is taking the business by storm, contact us today to set-up an interview. Email us with your information and resume and we will get back to you.





Reply to:
Date: 2005-08-19, 11:21AM PDT

LA paparazzi agency looking for experienced or non-experienced photographers to fill freelance positions in vancouver; which based on performance can turn to full-time staff position. Great pay, awesome work environment, management support, training, and best of all your workdays are never the same day twice. If you’re looking for something new, or you’re experienced and want to be a part of a team that is taking the business by storm, contact us today to set-up an interview. Email us with your information and resume and we will get back to you.

Compensation: pap


A paparazzo stalks a pop star
By William Keck, USA TODAY

LOS ANGELES — Britney Spears is in the passenger seat of her black Mercedes G500 SUV, reaching speeds close to 90 mph. With fiancé Kevin Federline at the wheel, the duo attempt to outwit, outsteer and outrun seven paparazzi on their tail.

But there's a third little face in the back seat of Spears' G-Wagon, which explains the paparazzi frenzy. Federline and Spears are returning his 2-year-old daughter, Kori, to her mother's home in Orange County, which means this could very likely be Spears' first meeting with Federline's ex-girlfriend, Shar Jackson.

Today, 25-year-old paparazzo Mel Bouzad is on a wild ride as he attempts to capture that treasured family portrait on film, a photo that could net him more than $50,000.

September 9, 2005


Source: NY Post - Sept 9, 2005

WE HEAR . . .

THAT shutterbug Patrick McMullan is co-hosting Monday's opening of an exhibition of photos at the Salvatore Ferragamo flagship store on Fifth Avenue by Ron Galella, the venerable paparazzo who was once under court order to stay away from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis . .




LATEST: Los Angeles police are proving they're serious about cracking down on over-zealous paparazzi by targeting celebrity-hot nightclubs this weekend to make sure snappers behave themselves. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE!

Protesters and Paparazzi Punctuate 'Life' Premiere

DGA Theater
September 7, 2005

Gosh...this was a great mess.

Fist of all, this is a small theater, right on a busy 57th Street. Anytime a screening is held here it always turns out to be a headache. And this time was no exception.

It looked good on paper. The arrival area the PR created was the best I’ve seen at this theater. Red carpet, backdrop, and even a riser was built. Shooters were able to go two deep on the ground and the riser was close enough for a third row. But...the front row was very close to the backdrop, so it was a tight crop.

Secondly, PETA had a bunch of protesters at the beginning of the carpet and at the theater entrance. Security was nice enough to warn me in advance that JLo wasn't going to walk the carpet. I tried to warn my fellow shooters that this was going to get even uglier, but it was at this time that....

JLo and Marc arrive. Now remember, there are about 40+ shooters facing the backdrop, lining the entire carpet, in a very small cramped area, with chanting protesters a few feet away, with rush hour traffic...and Jlo and Marc pull up to the theater and exit their SUV by the entrance of the theater. Not by the beginning of the carpet. They were then whisked into the theater and didn't pose for any of the photogs that had been waiting for hours.

So to make up for the debauchee, the PR decides they are going to escort all the shooters into the theater for a photo-op. HA HA HA! Yea...that'll work. Only the photogs on 'their list' were allowed into the theater (about 20) leaving another 20+ with nothing.

The only good thing to come of this is if you waited for exits. There were about 5 of us waiting on the street but the SUV for them to exit. Security and the police moved us behind a barricade to the right of the theater's doors. Somewhere about 10:15p they exit. And they pose....and pose....and pose. Together and then JLo even gives us fashion's. We shot for a good 2 minutes straight. But if you were buy the SUV's door, tempers flared between security and photogs. A lot of pushing and shoving created a small 'scene', but nothing too drastic.

You can read Liz Smith's take on the whole thing HERE.


Source: NY Post- Sept 9, 2005

GWYNETH Paltrow has declared war on the paparazzi because she feels her daughter, Apple, is in danger. The star is afraid she'll end up like Princess Di. "If I have my daughter in the car and they are making me nervous, I'll do whatever I have to do," Paltrow tells V Life. "I keep a whole log. I take pictures of their cars, write down license plate numbers, everything. If they do it again, I can go to the police. I know my rights, and believe me, I will have them arrested. I will stop at nothing." Paltrow gave up her too-accessible West Village townhouse in favor of a high-security TriBeCa pad to foil the photogs.


Fashion Rocks at Radio City Music Hall
6-8pm arrivals
September 8, 2005

The PR said there was no room. We proved them wrong! There was tons of room provided for TV, print, photo, radio and who ever else wanted to cover the event.

Arrivals ran from the stage doors of Radio City on 51st St. to the entrances towards the corner towards 6th Ave. They provided a two level riser to accommodate all the media.

There was a strict credential process which required calls to the PR, faxing letters, pre-marked spots. What did those who didn't have a credential do? They (including myself) walked down the middle of the street, right into the press area with no hassle! Go figure.

That being said, arrivals ran very smoothly. All the talent stopped, posed and were accommodating. Lisa Presley, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Rebecca Romijn, Heather Graham, Petra Nemcova, Shakira, Joss Stone, Ashanti, Macy Gray, Nelly....damn good list if you ask me!

September 8, 2005


Source: NY Post Sept 8, 2005


CELEBRITY paparazzo Alan Zanger has a way of getting into trouble. A few years back, he pressed charges against Alec Baldwin for allegedly assaulting him (Baldwin got off with a minor penalty). Now he's been arrested and just let out of a Pasadena jail after cops busted him for allegedly having fake Virginia license plates on his California rental car. Zanger spent four nights inside and was released Friday after posting a $20,000 bond. He claims he was inadvertently framed by the production crew of the CBS crime drama "NCIS." Although shot on the West Coast, the show is "set" in Virginia. Zanger tells The Post's David K. Li that he believes someone on the set mistook his car for a prop and affixed it with the Virginia plates. "I don't think it was intentional, but I just wonder why this wasn't straightened out on the first day," Zanger says. But "NCIS" executive producer Don Bellisario says the photographer's story is poppycock: "This claim is meritless and hardly worthy of comment. That said, we don't place license plates on anyone's cars without their permission." Zanger faces arraignment Sept. 23




Coldplay singer Chris Martin allegedly shoved and kicked a photographer on Wednesday night in the Knightsbridge area of London, knocking the man to the ground.

The next day, Alessandro Copetti, who shoots for the Matrix photo agency, filed a common assault complaint against Martin with plans to sue in civil court for psychological and economic damage. A police spokesperson said Copetti received minor cuts and scratches and that a formal statement will be taken "in due course."

"Hopefully this time he's going to pay for what he did, because this behavior is not acceptable from celebrities," Copetti said Friday morning. "If photographers behaved like that, I don't think we would be walking free in the city." ........ READ MORE HERE!

September 7, 2005


Reese's Bogus California Adventure


REESE WITHERSPOON has become the latest star caught up in an alleged paparazzi attack after one photographer assaulted two men while attempting to photograph the actress and her kids.

She was enjoying a day out at Disney's California Adventure theme park in Anaheim on Friday (03SEP05) when she was confronted with an "aggressive and frightening" photographer....... READ MORE HERE!


SOURCE: The Economist, 30 August 2003

The market for celebrity snaps is booming

Summer in the news business brings a drought of words but a flood of pictures, particularly when a starlet in a bikini is involved.

Readers like their starlets startled,in the form of pictures taken without the subject's consent. The market for these in Britain has grown sharply since early last year, with the launch of new magazines.

Prices reflect exclusivity, newsworthiness and the subject's fame. Details are rarely released, but range from a few thousand pounds to the £150,000 believed to have been paid this year for one set of particularly breathtaking snaps. Oddly, pictures of stars in mundane settings (shopping for groceries, for example) are worth more than those boring ones set in exotic night-clubs......... READ MORE HERE

Church - A true paparazzi whiner!

Church 'depressed' at paparazzi

Charlotte Church becomes 'depressed' about the constant press pursuit over her private life, according to her mother.

Press photographers, or paparazzi, are a particular problem, said Maria Church, because they follow her "morning, noon and night". .......... READ MORE HERE

September 6, 2005

Charlotte: Paparazzi make me smoke

Charlotte Church says it's the paparazzi's fault she can't stop smoking.

She says she craves cigarettes when photographers follow her around.

She said: "I've been trying to give up smoking so I was quite irritable as you can imagine. And they were following us around and I just wanted to throw something at them.

"I've not be using the nicotine patches, just willpower. But I have been told to chew on a straw every time I want a cigarette."

The singer said she has managed to cut down from 20-a-day to just two or three after meals reports

Realizing the health threat that camera equipment may cause to celebrities, Lexar and SanDisk have teamed up to offer Compact Flash cards in Regular, Light, 100's and Menthol.


Inside the Mind of the Paparazzi

What sort of person would dress up like a llama just to get a picture of Michael J. Fox? Risk life and limb, insult and abuse, for one unguarded celebrity moment? Herein, an excerpt from the new book Paparazzi

The Problem: How to get photographs of Michael J. Fox's wedding if, as a National Enquirer photographer, you don't have an invitation.
The Solution: Dress up like a llama and infiltrate the herd that populates a field next to the wedding location.
Success Rate: Poor. The deception works but Michael J. Fox has the sides of the tent lowered at the last moment, despite the high temperatures that day.

The Problem: How to safely photograph Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton around the pool of a hotel in Cuernavaca, Mexico, if you're Ron Galella and Burton has already threatened to kill you on another occasion.
The Solution: Hide in the room where the pool pumps are located, because the sound that they make will cover up the sound that your camera makes.
Success Rate: Good, up to the point at which a film technician comes into the room to turn off the noisy pumps, then downhill after that. Downhill includes the hotel goons taking not only the film shot by the pool, but also the film in your hotel room and rental car, totaling over 500 exposures. It also includes being beaten up and kicked in the jaw by the same goons when you complain.

The Problem: How to get a picture of Howard Hughes's corpse from a closely guarded morgue because you had failed to get one of him when he was alive.
The Solution: Dress up as a hospital porter and push a corpse-laden gurney into the same room in the morgue as Hughes.
Success Rate: Disastrous. A security guard at the door lifts the sheet on the gurney, revealing the "corpse" to be a fully dressed photographer.

Welcome to the world of the paparazzi, where invention, intrigue, chutzpah, and determination reign supreme............... READ MORE HERE


In an earlier post I stated that Cindy Montañez (D-San Fernando), an assemblywoman who evidently has too much time on her hands, has introduced the AB 381 bill in the California Legislature , and how it would subject a photographer to civil damages if an assault is committed during the pursuit of a photograph. In addition, the photographer would have to forfeit any compensation for the picture, some of which can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Well it seems Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Rhonda Saunders seems eager to jump on the bandwagon as the San Francisco Chronicle article link states....


It's been a long, hot summer in the continuing "gotcha" game between tabloid photographers and movie stars.

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Rhonda Saunders, is working on state "stalkerazzi" legislation aimed at stiffening penalties for tabloid photographers who cross the First Amendment line in pursuit of a lucrative photograph.


September 5, 2005





How to spot the celebs (UK Edition)

We're a nation obsessed with stars, fame and celebrity.

For most of us it's a hobby, but for paparazzi photographer Jack Ludlam taking snaps of the stars is big business.

Ludlam has been snapping the stars for 14 years, and he's constantly darting around London capturing shots of the rich and famous off guard.

We spent a day with Ludlam checking out the top spots for celebrity spotting.

Go inside the glitzy world of the paparazzi with celebrity snapper Jack Ludlam (HERE!)

September 3, 2005



Source Link:

If you own a camera phone and fancy yourself as a budding paparazzo, you can now sell your pictures to the press on the same terms as a professional photographer thanks to the launch of a new picture agency., which claims to be the world’s first ‘citizen journalism’ picture agency, launched in August and invites its members to submit photographs straight from the scene in seconds using MMS or mobile email. (READ MORE HERE!)

September 2, 2005



Source: ContactMusic

"I usually dress my worst when I'm going to airports or when they catch me in my bathing suit. I hate that!" Sexy actress JESSICA ALBA believes she's never looking her best when the paparazzi find her.

September 1, 2005

Actresses Fight Back At Paparazzi

Hollywood celebrities are at war.

Their target: the very people who help make them stars — photographers.

In recent months, three young A-list actresses have been in dangerous chases or collisions involving swarms of SUV-driving paparazzi.

Lindsay Lohan, 19, suffered cuts and bruises after her Mercedes was smashed by a minivan driven by a photographer; Scarlett Johansson, 20, sideswiped a car while fleeing swarms of paparazzi who had chased her for an hour; and Reese Witherspoon, 29, claims photographers used their vehicles to box in her car outside her gym, then followed her home, where they blocked her gate.

The stars and their handlers say some celebrity photographers are out of control, having crossed the line from doing their jobs to breaking the law.

"They'll do anything to provoke the stars," says legendary Hollywood publicist Warren Cowan, who has guided the careers of Paul Newman and Kirk Douglas and whose firm now handles red-hot Eva Longoria. "They really are stalkers."

The stars are fighting back.

Read the rest of the article HERE.

1971/AUG 18, 2005 - PAP TIMELINE!

They snap, celebrities snap

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Thursday, September 01, 2005

1971: Ron Galella, the self-described dean of American paparazzi, takes a famous shot of Jackie Kennedy Onassis wearing jeans and no makeup

1974: Marlon Brando punches Galella in the face, knocking out five teeth. The next time Galella photographs Brando, he's dons a football helmet. (See Brando and Jackie O photos at Search for Galella and click on "The Photographs of Ron Galella.")

1975: Jackie O gets a restraining order against Galella, requiring him to stay 25 yards away from her for the rest of her life.

1987 to August 18, 2005: ............... (READ MORE HERE!)

The Photographs of Ron Galella - Book Review


The Photographs of Ron Galella (Greybull Press)

by Ron Galella

Reviewed by Nicole Tourtelot

"My job is thick with risks, threats, occasional violence and sometimes the necessary folly that courts humiliation and ridicule. But I don't care. I see myself as the Dean of American paparazzi." —Ron Galella

The Photographs of Ron Galella (258 pages, 190 images, 17 color) is an edited selection from the "paparazzo extraordinaire'"s 2002 exhibit at the Andy Warhol Museum entitled "Off Guard: The Photographs of Ron Galella." The celebrity photographs span from 1969-1985 and include candid shots of Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Bette Davis, Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman, Farrah Fawcett, Leif Garrett, Elizabeth Taylor, and Richard Burton, to name just a few.

They remind us of a particular celebrity era that has passed but stand as a record of the invention of celebrity voyeurism as we know it. The American public's fascination with fame that has evolved into an obsession began with Galella and his depiction of stars................. (READ MORE HERE!!)



August 29, 2005 : Business

Golden State

A Proposal for the Care and Feeding of Celebrities

Several recent events have forced us all to confront the profound burdens of celebrity in the modern age.

I'm referring to a series of fender-benders involving luxury automobiles driven by Hollywood starlets, supposedly while they're being pursued by baying packs of paparazzi. Along with an episode where Koi, a trendy restaurant on La Cienega, called the cops to control a gang of celebrity photographers, these encounters have produced a cry for new laws regulating paparazzi. Cindy Montañez (D-San Fernando), an assemblywoman who evidently has too much time on her hands, has introduced just such a measure......... (READ MORE HERE!)

Paparazzi-Proof Cameras

HP focuses on paparazzi-proof cameras

The good news is you can keep the camera in your cell phone. The bad news is anyone who wants to can turn it off.

At least that's the way it might work if technology described by Hewlett-Packard makes it to market. A recent patent application from the computing giant describes a system in which digital cameras would be equipped with circuits that could be remotely triggered to blur the face in any images captured by the camera......(READ MORE HERE)