October 7, 2013

Kanye West court ordered to stay 30 feet away from photographer after his paparazzi scuffle

Kanye West is reported to have been given a restraining order following his alleged attack on a photographer at LAX airport in July.

The rapper is said to have been court ordered to stay at least 30 feet away from photographer Daniel Ramos, who filed a civil lawsuit accusing Kanye of assault, battery and interference with his civil rights.

But the judge also advised that Ramos keep his distance from the 36-year-old hip hop artist in a Los Angeles court on Monday.

The scuffle: Kanye West was court ordered to keep his distance from photographer Daniel Ramos, who he wrestled with in late July

Berk is said to have demanded that all of the prosecution’s evidence and case materials be handed over to her in the battery case.

And the presiding judge acquiesced, ordering Ramos' legal team to share their case files.

The photographer’s representatives then pressed to have Kanye undergo court ordered anger management classes.

But the magistrate shot down the request, advising that their client Ramos keep his distance from Kanye as well.

Meanwhile, Kanye will need the best defence possible as the prosecution has seven videos depicting the alleged assault from every angle.

The civil lawsuit accuses the rapper of assault, battery and interference with the photographer's civil rights and also seeks unspecified damages.

But in retaliation, Kanye's legal team filed documents in September claiming the rapper acted in self-defence, stating: 'Daniel Ramos is not entitled to relief of any claims set forth in the complaint.

'Daniel Ramos willfully and wrongfully caused Kanye West to reasonably believe his safety was in immediate danger.'

Kanye West responded to this assault by doing only those acts that were reasonably necessary for his self-defense and safety and was justified in doing those acts,' said the document filed by his other attorney Shawn Holley, whose hiring by West was first reported by RadarOnline.com.

The document also asks for West to be awarded his court costs incurred in the lawsuit, according to a document obtained by TMZ.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office in August declined to pursue felony criminal charges against West in connection with the scrap.

The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, which prosecutes lower level criminal offenses, has charged West with criminal battery and attempted grand theft.

Both charges are misdemeanors, but West could be sentenced up to a year in jail, if found guilty.