May 30, 2006


Article Source/ Illustration: The Gallery of the Absurd

For months the world has been anticipating the arrival of the Brangelina baby. Tabloids and bloggers have been speculating that this baby is destined to be the Most Beautiful Child Ever. New York Magazine ruffled feathers when stating "Not since Jesus has a baby been so eagerly anticipated." What I'd like to speculate is.....what if the offspring of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt isn't as stunningly gorgeous as everyone assumes? What if she's just a regular looking baby....maybe even a little goofy looking? It could happen! Just one look at the adorable baby Kevin Federline was able to produce for Britney Spears shows just how unpredictable the genetic lottery can be. Congratulations to the growing Jolie-Pitt clan. We're happy to learn that little Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt has arrived healthy and without complication. Despite my contrary speculation, there's a high likelihood this kid is going to be a looker. Medium: Acrylic and gouache on board.

May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

Remembering with gratitude and pride, all those who served to protect our country.

May 26, 2006

Big Pictures Photo Agency Lives On...

For more info. CLICK HERE!

I wonder if any of their ex-photographers are still getting paid?

And what about all the money "coming in" from their "print store" ?

I see some NYC images there:

BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM : 477/NK (Nancy Kaszerman)
Creation Date YYYYMMDD

BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM: 904/KC (Nancy Kaszerman)
Creation Date YYYYMMDD 2005110

Copyright UPI/BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM: 938/JA (???/UPI Photog.)
Creation Date YYYYMMDD

BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM : 477/NK (Nancy Kaszerman)
Creation Date YYYYMMDD 20050912

BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM 484 (Evan Agostini/Image Direct)
Creation Date YYYYMMDD

BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM : 477/NK (Nancy Kaszerman)
Creation Date YYYYMMDD 20051109

BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM: 904 (Photog. Name Initials Removed)
Creation Date YYYYMMDD 20051109

BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM:200/AH1034 (Alex Heining)
Creation Date YYYYMMDD 19990722

BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM : 477/DH/KPA (Dan Herrick/ Keystone Photo Agency)
Creation Date YYYYMMDD

BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM : 350/PN (Phillipe Noisette??)
Creation Date YYYYMMDD 20041123

* FYI:
- Big Pictures UK represents Zuma Press USA & Keystone Picture Agency/ KPA
- Zuma Press USA represents Big Pictures UK

May 25, 2006

WireImage Is Nobody’s Friend

A weird little sidenote to the Axl Rose/Tommy Hilfiger beat down late Thursday night: the photo of the two fighting on the cover of the Saturday Post is credited to DMI, an “independent” photo agency owned by MediaVast, which also owns WireImage. Writes a reader in the know:
The Post’s cover photo was taken by a Wireimage photographer inside the nightclub Plumm, and marketed under DMI to protect Wireimage’s celeb-friendly image. They won’t make celebrities look bad, and publicists know that. You won’t find passed out, drunken people in the Wireimage archives. Wireimage is known to pull images off their site at a celebrity’s request.

So by funneling the less-flattering photos to their sketchy sibling, WireImage stays cozy with the PR gatekeepers.

This concludes today’s lesson in celebrity photojournalism. Tomorrow: what’s up with Patrick McMullan’s hair?

Feds Raid Home of Photo Agency Head

Allegations of illegally hacking into Us Weekly computers

(May 23, 6:35PM ET) -- TMZ has learned that the FBI searched the home Tuesday of a woman who runs an LA paparazzi agency.

The allegation is that her computers were used to illegally hack into the computers of Us Weekly magazine to obtain information about celebrities, in particular Charlie Sheen.

Sources tell TMZ the U.S. Attorney obtained the search warrant several days ago. Law enforcement went to the home of Jill Ishkanian, a partner at Sunset Photo and News, where they seized computers and other items. As of now, the official file is sealed.

Ishkanian founded Sunset Photo and News last year after leaving Us Weekly, where she worked as a reporter.

TMZ repeatedly called Sunset Photo and News for comment, but each time company reps immediately hung up the phone.

In a related development, TMZ spoke with former Hollywood madame Heidi Fleiss, who says she was contacted by officials and accused of being involved in the alleged hacking plot. The reason? Sources say Fleiss and Ishkanian are close friends. Fleiss told TMZ the allegations against her are "ridiculous."

UPDATE 7:15PM ET: Ishkanian's lawyer, Glenn Feldman, contacted TMZ and says his client has been subpoenaed by Britney Spears' lawyers in her suit against Us Weekly. Spears claims that an article in Us Weekly alleging she made a sex tape with husband Kevin Federline was bogus. Feldman says he finds it "coincidental" that his client is suddenly being targeted. Feldman adds that Ishkanian "did not receive any information from Us Weekly by hacking into any computer, especially information about Charlie Sheen."

May 23, 2006


REVLON FLAIR Fragrance Launch
Mr. Chow Tribeca

I believe Jonny Rotten of the Sex Pistols said it best, "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

With Cannes in full swing, I expected this week to be quiet, but this event would have been a nice start. The tip sheet read:

Revlon and Isabeli Fontana roll out the red carpet to introduce Flair.
Expected guests include: Kate Bosworth,
Halle Berry, Eva Mendes, Isabeli Fontana. More to be announced.

The PR and security made a real stink about being on the list and having your press pass out. Steve even got into it with security because they wouldn't let him stand in the press area.

And yet with all this mess, PR was nice enough to inform us as we checked in that
Halle and Kate wouldn't be coming. (This was the only reason I and many others was there).

May 21, 2006

Elton John says photographers "should all be shot"

Please note strong language in paragraph 5.

CANNES, France (Reuters) - British pop star Elton John launched an expletive-laden tirade against the press in Cannes late on Saturday while presenting an award to a young actor during the annual film festival.

At a ceremony held by luxury jeweller Chopard, everything seemed to be going smoothly enough as John presented the Chopard Trophy to young Canadian actor Kevin Zegers, who co-starred in the film "Transamerica" with Felicity Huffman.

"He (Zegers) is only 21 years old, already he showed incredible talent and maturity," said John, wearing dark glasses and accompanied by actress Elizabeth Hurley.

"I sincerely believe he will be a huge star and a great actor for many, many years to come."

Then, as photographers called out during his address, he added: "If you saw 'Transamerica' ... I'm talking ... you fuckwit, fucking photographers you should be shot, you should be all shot. Thank you."

After handing the award to a smiling Zegers, he added: "They are a nightmare."

John, who is 59, is no stranger to strong language. Most recently, viewers complained when he swore during the Paul O'Grady Show on British television.

May 19, 2006

Britney Stumbles -- Almost Drops Baby Sean

Oops, she almost did it again. Britney Spears stumbled this afternoon as she was leaving a New York City hotel and almost dropped little Sean Preston.

We're told Britney was leaving the Ritz Carlton, holding a drink in her right hand and Sean in her left as she maneuvered through a crowd of onlookers. Britney moves through the crowd and then she suddenly trips, the baby's head goes backward and his hat flies off his head. Britney regained her balance and the baby seemed ok.
After the incident, Spears said, "This is why I need a gun."

Oh you guys are sooo bad. Kudos to the Pap who nailed this set.

May 17, 2006

Shannon Elizabeth Confronts Paparazzi

Shannon Elizabeth allegedly lashed out at a photographer, grabbing his camera, after he refused to stop filming her and her friends in New York City. The actress was walking through Central Park on Monday with Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl, who won the fourth installment of reality TV show The Amazing Race.

The photographer spotted the group in several different locations, according to website, and attempted to catch them on camera. Elizabeth can be heard on the cameraman's videotape pleading, "Will you stop filming? It's enough."

After the cameraman responded, "They don't seem to mind me," the actress shot back, "We all mind. Stop."

The film footage then cuts out because, according to the photographer, Elizabeth snatched his filming equipment, took the battery out and threw it on the street.

(This news article provided by World Entertainment News Network)

May 16, 2006


We've been doing LIGHT EM' UP for ONE YEAR!

And look all the good it's done...

See how the Publicists treat us with respect...
How we all work together...

Look how much better the business has become...
(hold on...i'm laughing sooo hard I can't type...)



MALIBU, Calif. - When it comes to driving with her baby, Britney Spears just can't get it right.

After causing an international uproar by driving with her infant unsecured in her lap, Spears, sporting curlers in her hair, is snapped here driving in Malibu with the baby strapped in the back seat - but facing the wrong way.

Babies under 20 pounds or less than a year old should have their car seats facing backward, according to California motor-vehicle codes, and 8-month-old Sean Preston is facing forward as Spears rolls along in her Mini Cooper with its top down.

"The seat is facing the wrong way. We like it when the child's head is facing back," said California Highway Patrol spokesman Tom Marshall.

Since CHiP officers didn't actually witness Spears driving with Sean facing the wrong way, they won't consider citing her. CHiP is also unlikely to file a report with L.A. County social workers, Marshall said, despite earlier parental missteps by Spears.

CLICK HERE to read the rest.

I'm more curious how they got the shot... I'm thinking from the cab of a 18 wheeler.
Any one else care to guess?

May 15, 2006

May 10, 2006

Baby Brangelina: A million-dollar photo?

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- With Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie holed up in Namibia for the birth of their child, one of the most pressing questions in Hollywood has been: How much money will the photograph of Baby Brangelina fetch?

One million dollars? Two million? More than that?

The growing consensus is the first photo of the offspring of the two hot Hollywood stars will command a seven-digit sum to the lucky shutterbug who gets it. Photos that confirmed Jennifer Aniston and her new beau, actor Vince Vaughn, were an item sold for upwards of $250,000; and US Weekly reportedly paid half-a-million dollars for exclusive photos of Pitt and Jolie on an African beach.

That's petty cash compared to what photos of Baby Brangelina might bring.

"I think it's a $3 million photo," Frank Griffin, a photographer and co-owner of the paparazzi agency Bauer-Griffin, told CNN. "People are prepared to pay that kind of money."

CLICK HERE for the rest of the story, including videos. Lots of good stuff here!

Programming note: CNN Presents explores paparazzi and celebrity obsession. Watch "Chasing Angelina" on Saturday and Sunday, May 13-14, at 8 p.m. ET

May 9, 2006

Nowhere To RUN From This Sinking Ship

Revlon Run/Walk, May 6, 2006, 6am.- If you're going to send out a special press release, just hours before the event, informing everyone that Eva Mendes has been added to the list of talent, shouldn't we expect her to actually come? It's tough enough that the check in for the event is 6 am on a Saturday, AND everyone will be wearing sweatpants AND the talent list is dismal at best (Christopher Meloni; Jamie Lynn Sigler; Susan Sarandon). Do we really need to add insult to injury?

Poseidon Premiere- May 6, 2006, 6pm - Another example of 'where’s the talent?’ We did get some names (Mia Maestro; Kurt Russell; Emmy Rossum) but where was Goldie Hawn? She was confirmed on the TFF list the day before.

Could have been a nice weekend... could have been....

May 8, 2006




TOM CRUISE has thanked the "polite" paparazzi for their continued courtesy throughout his kids' baseball and soccer games. The movie star and his fiancee KATIE HOLMES were dogged by photographers every time they attended matches featuring Cruise's adopted kids CONNOR and ISABELLA, during the actress' recent pregnancy. But Cruise insists the snappers are always considerate and have never been a nuisance. He says, "A lot of times I have a press corps that I go to the game with - not voluntarily - but they're actually very polite. "They get the photos and then watch the game and they actually start following the games. "As I'm going through the paparazzi, (I hear) 'Hey, Connor pitched great today.'"



Namibia: Police Deny Harassing Paparazzi At the Coast

The Namibian (Windhoek)

Denver Isaacs

THE Namibian Police and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism have both rejected allegations that the Police harassed paparazzi at Langstrand following the arrival of Hollywood celebrities Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Jolie, who is eight months pregnant, plans to give birth to her and Pitt's child in Namibia.

Responding to a statement by the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR), which last week called the deportation of paparazzi a violation of freedom of speech and expression, the ministry said the organisation had its facts wrong.

"The authorities did not and will not act outside the parameters of the relevant laws but they will also not hesitate to enforce these laws when a particular situation requires them to do so," Deputy Minister Leon Jooste said in a statement earlier this week.

"After the arrival of these people [Jolie and Pitt], considered as friends of Namibia, they experienced several instances of harassment and an invasion of their privacy by foreign journalists.

Upon further investigation it was found that these foreign journalists were not in possession of the necessary documentation and were thus in contravention of Namibian law," Jooste said.

"The allegations by the NSHR that the Police are conducting a Nazi-like house-to-house search for 'journalists' as if they are criminals at Langstrand is misleading, has no substance and does not hold water," the Police stated categorically.

"In response to the request for Police and immigration presence at the Burning Shore Hotel at Long Beach resort by the management and the visiting couple, Brad Pitt and ...

Angelina Jolie, the Police agreed to the request and deployed members to stop the harassment caused by local and foreign media to the family," the Police statement reads.

The visit of the world-famous couple to Namibia was of national importance to the country, as it holds obvious marketing potential, the Tourism Ministry said.

"Therefore, their right to privacy and a peaceful holiday enjoys absolute priority," Jooste said.

May 6, 2006

ROLLING STONE 1000th Issue Party

What a dog this was.

This was GAWKERS take on the event.

Thanks Lotsa for the post.

May 4, 2006

Dame Edna's Rebuttal!

Source: AP News


... The actor's publicist, Suzie Howie, confirmed the incident. But Dame Edna, renowned for her extravagant behavior and questionable fashion sense, made light of the news.

"Poor Barry, desperate for publicity as usual," read an e-mail statement issued by Howie in Dame Edna's name. "Who does my manager think he is? Russell Crowe? Kate Moss?"

Dame Edna, known for her oversized rhinestone eyeglasses, said in the statement she did not witness the incident.

"Luckily I wasn't there, but I'm told he didn't deliberately hit the poor photographer but was pushing the camera away and his knuckles accidentally grazed the poor chap's cheeks," said the statement. "I've never pushed a camera away. The papps (paparazzi) can invade my space whenever they like. I adore them, especially this little chap, because I've always had a weakness for ponytails. Call me old fashioned. I'm sending Barry off for counseling. He is a rageaholic and a tragic attention seeker."

May 3, 2006

TOM CRUISE- All Over Like A Bad Rash

Tom Cruise will celebrate the U.S. premiere of the highly-anticipated Mission: Impossible III on May 3 at the Tribeca Film Festival with a full day of screenings and events throughout Manhattan as part of "Mission: NYC." Bringing the film and Cruise directly to fans and filmgoers, "Mission: NYC" kicks off with Cruise appearing live on TRL in Times Square and culminates nearly six hours later with the U.S. premiere of the film at the Festival.

Cruise's mission – "should he choose to accept it" – will begin at 3:30 pm at MTV's TRL studios in Times Square. Traveling by motorcycle, speedboat, taxicab, helicopter, sports car, and subway, Cruise will crisscross the island, making his way to premieres in Tribeca and Harlem before heading to the U.S. premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre (141 West 54th St.), hosted in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival.

Photographer Says 'Dame Edna' Punched Him

SYDNEY, Australia

Internationally renowned comic character Dame Edna Everage's alter ego, Australian actor Barry Humphries, punched a photographer who pursued him outside a Sydney restaurant Wednesday, his publicist said.

The 72-year-old _ who has found enduring fame in the United States, Britain and Australia on stage and screen through the purple-haired housewife character he has been playing since the 1950s _ struck celebrity freelance photographer Malcolm Ladd, 54, publicist Suzie Howie said.

Humphries became upset when Ladd followed him from Dee Bee's Cafe in Sydney's exclusive Double Bay where the actor had lunch with musical director Andrew Ross, Howie said.

"I can confirm to you that Barry did hit him," Howie said. "He was obviously very upset."

"But at least he didn't throw a phone," added Howe, referring to Australia-based Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe who was given a conditional discharge by a New York court last year after pleading guilty to throwing a phone at a hotel receptionist.

New South Wales state police had not received a complaint about the punch, a police spokeswoman said on the unusual condition of anonymity.

Ladd's photographs of Humphries at lunch appeared in early Thursday editions of News Corp. newspapers in Australia.

Ladd has declined to comment to media outside News Corp.

But he told News Corp. Humphries punched his face as Ladd attempted to take a close shot outside the restaurant.

"It knocked my glasses off. It was a good punch _ it still hurts," Ladd was quoted as saying.

The photographer said he was in shock and was weighing up whether to complain to police.

"It's the first time I've been attacked and I've photographed just about everyone before," he was quoted as saying.

May 2, 2006

Costume Institute Gala- The Oscars of NY?


This was the most impressive event that I have ever seen in NY.

This event has always been good, but this year really took the cake.

I think we were skeptic once we reviewed the 4 page tip sheet. The names read as if it were Oscar night. Little did we know how close to the truth this was.

Let’s just say, it got sooo busy on the red carpet, it was actually confusing on whom to shoot.

Who came you ask...
Olsen Twins, Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Liv Tyler, Selma Blair, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Gisele Bundchen, Linda Evangelista, Amber Valetta, Elizabeth Hurley, Amanda Peet, Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore, Victoria Beckham, Eva Mendes, Richard Gere, Cary Lowell, Gina Gershon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eve, Chloe Sevigny, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Karolina Kurkova, Ginnifer Goodwin, Mandy Moore, Gretchen Mol, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Basinger, Rosario Dawson, Naomi Campbell...


I'd say more, but I’m still doing edits....

May 1, 2006


Source: Google Groups


Teen queen LINDSAY LOHAN has added CAMERON DIAZ and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE to her long list of enemies after criticising them for attacking the paparazzi on national TV.

The actress-and-singer, 18, who is engaged in an ongoing war of words with
HILARY DUFF among others, chastised the celebrity couple for their actions
while appearing on today's (04JAN05) TONY DANZA SHOW in America.

A target of media scrutiny herself, MEAN GIRLS star Lohan insisted every star
in Hollywood should be thankful that the paparazzi are even bothered about

She told Danza, "You have to understand that when you come into this business
you wanna be in the tabloids, you want to be written up, you want paparazzi to
follow you and, then, when they do, people freak out.

"I mean you have Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake hitting people now... It
gets frustrating but you have to understand that's their job and they're just
trying to get a picture.

"It's a blessing rather than something you should hate... If you let them
take a picture it's a little bit easier."

Diaz and Timberlake, who allege two Hollywood photographers jumped out on
them and tried to provoke a fight, are currently locked in a legal battle with
the snappers after taking one of their cameras.


Tribeca Film Fiasco

So are we all having fun yet?

This year we have the added bonus of having the venues spread out throughout the city... not just Tribeca. OH JOY!

It's off to a slow start with talent...

Lonely Hearts premiere had a rather dull photo op with Travolta and Gandolfini.
Collin Farrell was at Pace in Sunday...
Tropfest- Naomi Watts
Vanity Fair party was also not so grandiose. Turlington and Burns was the big shot I guess...
And why open the festival with a no talent movie like United 93? And who was the big name at the opening? Tom Selleck? Julia Stiles? Ugh! (We got Nicole Kidman last year, right? Just checking.)

At least Rubenstein is doing a good job of keeping us informed about who's going where.