November 26, 2008


Rapper KANYE WEST is convinced he'll succeed in passing a law to protect celebrities from the paparazzi - because he comes from a long line of civil rights activists.

The outspoken hitmaker demanded legislation against photographers intruding on high-profile stars after a recent brush with a snapper led to his arrest in England earlier this month (14Nov08). West was released without charge in the incident.

But he has no doubt he'll triumph in outlawing snappers' efforts to take pictures without permission, because fighting for change is in his blood.

He says, "I'm going to make a change and I think it's my responsibility. My mom got arrested for being in sit-ins at age six. My grandfather drove the first car in the marches leading out of Oklahoma. My father was an activist. So I think they're messing with the wrong celebrity right now."

And the Stronger hitmaker vows to continue to verbally attack photographers and fans on the hunt for a picture of the star - because they make him feel like a "museum animal".
He adds, "The thing about the paparazzi is the law hasn't caught up to the technology of the internet. So it's like all of these people going out and buying cameras trying to catch pictures of celebrities - not even professional photographers - and they're exploiting (us) and it's causing a by-any-means-necessary type of behaviour... where people are jumping fences and completely violating you.

"The problem I have with the paparazzi is if they're right in front of you and you're like, 'Can you please not take a picture of me?'... they just keep on taking it and talking to me like I'm stupid.
"If you're within arm's reach, I'm going to grab the camera. That just happens, and you don't expect that to happen with a celebrity because you think they're like a museum animal."

West's recent arrest in Newcastle, England, was the second such incident in as many months. The star was also arrested in September (08) after a clash with a paparazzo in Los Angeles International Airport. He was charged with felony vandalism, but it was later dropped by the L.A. County District Attorney's office.

November 19, 2008

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November 18, 2008

Los Angeles Puts Paparazzi on the Defensive

Photographs of celebrities taking their children to school or going to a doctor's office would be prohibited under a proposal introduced today by a Los Angeles city councilman in an effort to crack down on the paparazzi.

The motion to restrict photography and visual recordings around public and private schools and hospital and medical facilities is Councilman Dennis Zine's latest effort to combat aggressive photographers.

The proposal is intended to address "locations where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy," according to Zine.

"Taking advantage of the fact that high-profile individuals must do things like send their children to school, visit hospitals and go to medical facilities, unscrupulous paparazzi frequently stake out these locations in order to capture the perfect photograph," Zine wrote.

Zine is proposing that commercial photography be banned within 20 feet of schools, hospitals and medical facilities. Exemptions would be made if the photography is requested or permitted by the school or hospital, if the subjects consent to being photographed or recorded, or if the photography is a duty of a law enforcement or government agent.

A motion to review how the paparazzi are handled at Los Angeles International Airport will be considered tomorrow by the city council's Trade, Commerce and Tourism Committee. That motion was made after rapper Kanye West was arrested at LAX for allegedly breaking a photographer's equipment.

Zine's motion was forwarded to the Public Safety Committee.

November 17, 2008

Buzz Foto Paparazzi Agency Sets a New Standard

Buzz Foto, LLC,, a leading paparazzi agency, announces that it will meet corporate growth plans through a new direction in hiring objectives. A recent statement from cofounder Brad Elterman shares that the company will focus recruitment efforts to attract the best experienced photojournalists. "We started the agency in 2006 with a talented, yet untrained, pool of photographers: we handed them a camera and showed them the ropes. With the economy as it is and the market becoming even more competitive, editors are now demanding iconic paparazzi imagery that goes beyond just a mundane photograph of Lindsay Lohan strolling down the street. They want provocative photographs that stand out."

To meet the challenge, Buzz Foto recently initiated an international call for talent. The newest addition to the roster is British freelance photojournalist Jason Mitchell. Los Angeles-based Mitchell, a fifteen-year veteran of the paparazzi circuit, has worked for numerous United Kingdom daily and monthly publications.

Henry Flores, Buzz Foto cofounder, said, "Jason just gets it. He has a trained eye, knows how to work a story, and has a deep appreciation for the craft of creating paparazzi-style images that attract the editors' eye. His Fleet Street training is a perfect complement to the Buzz Foto reputation -- courtesy and consideration that stand apart in an industry labeled for its ill tactics and misdeeds."

Says Mitchell, "Buzz Foto is an enthusiastic team with a great work ethic and talent that goes beyond the celebrity snapshot. The company's creative concept 'Paparazzi As An Art Form' is novel. It's a pleasure to work with an organization where my photographs are regarded as art and not just commercial productions."

Buzz Foto was founded by Elterman and Flores in 2006 and is staffed by a global team of photographers. The agency consistently delivers iconic imagery that appears in such outlets as People, US Magazine, NY Post, the New York Daily News, In Touch and Life & Style.
About Buzz Foto, LLC

Buzz Foto, LLC is an international paparazzi photo agency based in Los Angeles that emphasizes "Paparazzi As An Art Form." Buzz Foto iconic images of celebrities regularly grace the pages of People, US Magazine, NY Post, New York Daily News and numerous other magazines in 30 countries. Recognized not only for creating photographs with signature iconic quality, the Buzz Foto staff is regarded among the most courteous in the industry, thereby making them a 'go to' resource for media and reference. Buzz Foto has appeared on ABC World News, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, BBC World News and Extra!

November 14, 2008

Kanye Arrested Again For Assaulting Paparazzi

Rapper Kanye West was arrested after a fracas outside a nightclub but released without charge, British media reported Friday.

The Press Association news agency and others reported that that the 31-year-old rapper was detained early Friday after an incident involving a photographer outside the Tup Tup Palace bar in Newcastle, northern England.

Police said only that a 31-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of assault after an incident at a nightclub. They said he was later released without charge. British police do not usually identify suspects who have not been charged.

The Tup Tup Palace said West visited the club after his gig in Newcastle Thursday but could not confirm the arrest.

A spokeswoman for West did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

West was arrested last month at Los Angeles International Airport after he was filmed struggling with a paparazzo. He was not charged.

November 12, 2008

Brad Garrett Scuffles With Paparazzi

Actor Brad Garrett has had another run-in withi paparazzi -- this time, outside Dan Tana's restaurant in West Hollywood.

The incident occurred about 9 p.m. Tuesday near the eatery at 9071 Santa Monica Blvd., according to a deputy at the sheriff's West Hollywood Station.

Celebrity news Web site reported that Garrett was leaving the restaurant when he got into an argument with photographers. Garrett allegedly "smacked a camera and challenged the photogs to a fight."

Video posted by TMZ showed the 6-foot-8-inch actor walking around the side of the building, followed by photographers, including one who apparently called him a "tall faggot."

According to Wikipedia, Garrett had an Aug. 13, 2007, run-in with photographers, after one of whom called him a racist for earlier comments he had made about blacks in Malibu. In that case, Garrett struck a TMZ photographer's camera, but the photographer said he was hit in the face, and that it was another photographer who called him racist.

November 11, 2008

Brad Pitt Roughed Up by Security Guard

Brad Pitt was grabbed, pushed and spun around by a plainclothes security guard at the premiere of his new movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in L.A. on Monday.

Pitt arrived at the Bruin Theatre in Westwood about a half hour before the film was scheduled to end, as he was supposed to talk to the audience and answer their questions about the film.

Some photographers knew he'd be there, and as he entered the lobby, they followed him in and attempted to take photos.

Seeing the commotion, the plainclothes security guard went after Pitt in lieu of shooing away the photographers. Oddly, the guard appeared to be clutching a brochure for a karate studio in his teeth as he manhandled the actor.

Pitt looked bewildered and shaken, but he was able to pull free and go up a stairway to escape.

The stairway only led up to bathrooms.

Pitt had to wait a bit while the lobby was cleared before he was able to walk back down without any problems.

UPDATE: In a statement, an Executive Protection Specialist tells Entertainment Tonight that he was attempting to get Pitt away from the aggressive photographers:

"We were told by Mr. Pitt's people that he was being followed by numerous paparazzi that ran a minimum of two red lights to keep up with Mr. Pitt. When Mr. Pitt arrived at the theater approximately seven paparazzi bum-rushed the front door of the theater and began to rush inside. It's security's sole priority to protect the talent and I removed Mr. Pitt immediately from what could have been a potentially dangerous situation.""We were told by Mr. Pitt's people that he was being followed by numerous paparazzi that ran a minimum of two red lights to keep up with Mr. Pitt. When Mr. Pitt arrived at the theater approximately seven paparazzi bum-rushed the front door of the theater and began to rush inside. It's security's sole priority to protect the talent and I removed Mr. Pitt immediately from what could have been a potentially dangerous situation."

November 10, 2008


Actress SIENNA MILLER has been awarded USD22,300 (GBP35,000) in damages from two British tabloid newspapers over claims they breached her privacy.

The Alfie star filed lawsuits against The Sun and the News Of The World over pictures and articles which appeared in the publications over the summer (08).

She became a target for the paparazzi in June and July (08) after it was revealed she had embarked on a relationship with married oil heir and actor Balthazar Getty - just weeks after splitting from Welsh actor Rhys Ifans.

And a lawyer for News Group Newspapers, which own the publications, has acknowledged that the tabloids "shouldn't have published such information or such photographs".

In a letter to Miller, News Group's lawyer Tom Crone wrote, "On the specific facts and circumstances of this case you had a reasonable expectation of privacy in respect of the information and the photographs that we published. We also accept that we should not have published such information or photographs."

Miller's lawyer Mark Thompson stated that the terms of the out-of-court settlement had been approved by London's High Court.

Thompson added the actress is still seeking various damages against paparazzi photograph agency Big Pictures (UK) Limited - which Miller accuses of waging a "campaign of harassment" against her.

The hearing is expected to start early next year (09).

November 4, 2008



Keanu Reeves not liable for paparazzo injuries

Actor Keanu Reeves was cleared on Monday of any liability for injuries a paparazzo claimed he suffered when he was struck by the actor's car.

A Los Angeles jury deliberated for about an hour in the civil lawsuit brought by photographer Alison Silva against the "Matrix" star before clearing Reeves.

Silva claimed he was knocked to the ground and injured his wrist in March 2007 when he was trying to take pictures of Reeves leaving a house in his Porsche in the affluent Ranchos Palos Verdes area of Los Angeles.

Silva was seeking damages of about $640,800 for medical bills and past and future lost earnings.

Reeves, 44, testified last week that he did not knock the photographer down to avoid having his picture taken, saying the man stumbled and fell while walking backward from the car.

The civil trial followed a series of clashes in Los Angeles this past year between paparazzi and celebrities including rap star Kanye West, "300" star Gerard Butler and actors Matthew McConaughey and Pierce Brosnan.

Tensions have run so high that some Los Angeles city officials have considered new laws including a "personal safety zone" between celebrities and paparazzi.

Silva said he was taking pictures of Reeves after the actor visited his sister, who had an eating disorder.

Silva's lawyer had told the jury that his client was a timid rather than an aggressive photographer that night.

But Reeves' lawyer said Silva risked his own safety needlessly to try to get a picture.

"He was looking forward to making a lot of money that night from an image he thought he could sell," lawyer Alfred Gerisch told the jury last week. "He threw caution to the wind, he threw out common sense."

Spears Mocks Paps With Bumbling Videos

Britney Spears is returning fire on the paparazzi by mocking them on her website, the BBC reports.

The singer plans to post a "paparazzie award" every week along with a video of a bumbling photog.

The first clip shows a pap falling over, camera in hand, over the caption: "This photographer eats some dirt while trying to get a shot of Britney."

CLICK HERE to see the latest video.

November 3, 2008

Ken Paves, Jessica Simpson’s Hairstylist, Injured by Paparazzi

Saturday night wasn’t so cool for singer Jessica Simpson, 28, and her best friend, hairstylist Ken Paves. Paves was injured by a paparazzo outside Madeo, a hotspot in Los Angeles, and had to be rushed to the hospital. As they got out of the club, Simpson was quickly accosted by the photographers and Paves tried to protect her. By accident, as witnesses say, one of the paparazzi hit Paves with the camera in his face.

As a source told people, "everyone was pushing each other to get a picture of Jessica." After the incident, they got into their car and rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center because Paves had his face full of blood. Apparently, no charges were filed against the careless paparazzo.

November 1, 2008

Obama gets miffed at paparazzi

Democrat Barack Obama got annoyed with the media Friday as he tried to walk down a Chicago street with his 7-year-old daughter, Sasha, who was dressed up in a shiny costume for Halloween.

A pool of national photographers, reporters and a video crew traveling with Obama quickly covered the spontaneous moment.

"All right guys, that's enough," said Obama, wearing a casual outfit and sunglasses in the early evening.

He and his daughter were walking right toward the media on a public street.

"You got a shot," he told the photographers. "Leave us alone. Come on, guys."

He told the media to get back on the bus, referring to the vehicle where the traveling press pool often waits for him.

Obama then crossed the street with Sasha. At least one video cameraman who was not part of Obama's traveling press corps followed him for a while. Obama grew visibly irritated.

He and his daughter then began jogging, and even running, to get away from the media.

They ended up out of sight at a friend's house, where they were headed all along.