September 12, 2007

We'll Be Back October 1!

Just finished covering the VMA's in Vegas... what crap that was. MTV ain't what it used to be.

We'll be on vacation till October 1st.

Keep those flashes firing!!!

September 5, 2007

Jude Law Arrested For Assaulting Paparazzi

British film star Jude Law was arrested following an altercation after he returned home to London from spending time at the Venice Film Festival. The paparazzi victim claims to have suffered minor injuries when Jude tried to grab the camera he was using to take photos right outside the star’s home.

“A 34-year-old man from Maida Vale was arrested yesterday on suspicion of actual bodily harm after voluntarily attending a London police station,” a police spokesman said. “The arrest followed an allegation of assault yesterday at a residential address in Maida Vale. The 34-year-old man was released on bail to a date in October pending further inquiries.”

Jude’s lawyer, Graham Shear, confirmed that his client had talked with the police. However, Jude denies the allegations against him and says that, rather, the paparazzo was to blame for the incident. Shear closed his statement by saying, “Jude has the utmost respect for the police and whilst this is an ongoing matter, no further comment will be made.”

As previously reported by the Gossip Girls, a similar instance recently happened when Hugh Grant was reportedly questioned after being accused of assaulting a paparazzo with a can of beans. It appears that somebody needs to warn Hollywood that London has become a hotbed for celebrity assault lawsuits.

Sienna Miller Calls Photographers “Rapists,” Drops The F-Bomb

Sienna Miller lit into photographers, calling them “rapists,” and dropping F-Bombs all over the place while she was being hounded by photographers during the launch of her new fashion store, “Twenty8Twelve,” in London’s Notting Hill area.

She shouted: “F*** off, you f***ing ****s.”

“See you in court, you f***ing rapists.”

One photographer who was at the launch said he was shocked at the outburst:

“I was quite flabbergasted. We were just doing our jobs, all we were trying to do was get some quotes on how the opening of the shop went and she called us all rapists. It’s an outrageous term to use for such a petty little thing as being at a party and being photographed. It was completely the wrong context to use that word.”

A commenter who posted on the Sun website, said they were one of the photographers who were in attentance as the spectacle went down and what respect the photographer had previous to the tirade is all but gone:

“I was one of the photographers who witnessed Sienna & Rhys’s outburst and any respect I had for either of them has gone now. Sienna in particular is absolutely vile, a nasty piece of work who doesn’t deserve to be placed on a pedestal by anyone. If it weren’t for the fact that she was blessed with good looks, she would have no career because she can’t act to save her life!”

September 3, 2007

'Vain' Brad booed by snappers

Brad Pitt may have millions of fans around the world but he is loathed by photographers.

The Hollywood star was booed at a movie promotion – after refusing to remove his sunglasses.

Pitt proved the biggest draw at the Venice Film Festival, arriving to huge cheers from crowds.

brad pitt
Brad Pitt got booed by photographers when he refused to remove his sunglasses

But, when snappers asked the Ocean's Thirteen star to remove his designer shades, he refused.

Pitt was met with a chorus of boos and accused of being 'vain' as several photographers stormed off in protest.

The movie star was at the festival promoting his new film, The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford.