August 31, 2005


I wasn't going to post about the VMA's, but by popular demand.....

Miami, Florida
1:30p check-in/5:45p arrivals
August 28, 2005

First off, there were a ton on NY shooters down in Miami. It was almost like a premiere in Manhattan. And I must give a shout out to all the Cali shooters out there. Good to see ya'll!

Why Miami? Why!

It's like working in a bowl of hot soup. Not fun. Not healthy.

Here are some tips for any shooters who may visit Miami for the first time:

* Any party in Miami doesn't start until at least 10pm...or 2 hours after the time on the tip sheet.

*Going from an air-conditioned hotel/store into a paparazzi street situation will result in a foggy lens, camera, mirror, and glasses. This in turn produces less that desirable photographic results.

*Whatever party you are covering, the better one is down the road.

*Pack lite, dress lite.

*100 iso 250/f11

Now for the actual awards:

The MTV PR REALLY needs to relax when it comes to dealing with the press. No water/refreshments were provided while we waited. And they were pretty rude about the matter, "It's not my job to provide water". they realize this is Miami, in August, 90+ degrees and high humidity? All the photogs were staged in the pressroom for 3+ hours. When everyone lines up to go out to the arrivals area, we waited for another 40 minutes standing around.
When we were finally released to the arrivals, we were told to basically run to our positions, "Arrivals start in 4 minutes..LET'S Go!” Are they so inept as to believe that 80+ photographers would be able to file into their spots, in and orderly fashion, in less than four minutes? Seriously now.
Hey, at least they provided coolers with water by the arrivals area. But security was so lax, that the back riser was flooded with fans, workers and other non-essential personnel.
Arrivals were a lot better than last year. Tons of room to shoot and cooperative talent.

The press room could have been run a bit better also.
High speed internet lines were provided on tables behind the photo riser. There were no clear announcements made as talent was brought into the room. This in turn resulted in a rather comical 'Mad Dash' from the tables to the riser. This happened every time someone was brought into the room.

I would like to get some feedback about your experiences. I want to send MTV a letter about what could make this event better. Feel free to post or e-mail me your thought.


High Speed Wi-Fi or hard lines to seats on photo riser.
Bare minimum- provide water for press PRIOR to the event

August 29, 2005

VMA Hangover!

Sorry I haven't updated recently. Just got back from Miami and the MTV VMA's. It was like shooting in NY with all the shooter that were down there!
I'll post my views about that whole debacle later.........after some sleep!


According to American Idol's Bo Bice's friend and pastor, the Rev. Donny Acton, said photographers from gossip magazines are offering "tens of thousands of dollars" to anyone who can provide a picture of the singer in his hospital room. Shots of Bice's wife, Caroline, who's expecting their first child, also are in demand, Acton said............ (READ MORE HERE)

August 26, 2005

Scarlett's 911 Transcript!


Oh The Horror!!

Johansson: I’m Scarlett Johansson, an actor. They’ve been following me all the way here. But we’ve gotten into an accident - not with the paparazzi but with a woman behind us.

Dispatcher: Ok. Are you actually…so everyone’s on the right shoulder?

Johansson: Yeah, we’re on the shoulder.

Dispatcher: And no one’s hurt?

Johansson: I’m sorry? No one’s hurt - no.

Dispatcher: And, Miss Johansson, what kind of vehicle are you in?

Johansson: I’m in a Mercedes CLK 500.

Dispatcher: What color is it?

Johansson: Black.

Dispatcher: And the other vehicle - do you know what it is?

Johansson: I’m sorry?

Dispatcher: The other vehicle - do you know what it is?

Johansson: The other vehicle is a [calls to other driver] what kind of a vehicle do you have? A green [to other driver] what is it? [to dispatcher] A Daewoo.

Dispatcher: Daewoo - ok. And about the media - are they starting to, are they starting to cause problems?

Johansson: They're pulled all around is, waiting for us to...

Dispatcher: Gotcha. Ok, I'm going to go ahead and start a unit - and I'm going to roll a couple of them out there, ok Miss Johansson?

Johansson: Thank you very much.

Dispatcher: You're welcome, ma'am. Bye.

Johansson: Bye bye.

**** Read More About It HERE

August 25, 2005

Photographers On Prowl To Get Shots Of Stars

MTV Video Music Awards brings celebrities and a swarm of celebrity photographers

For the celebrity-driven photographers -- or paparazzi (as they are loathe to be called) -- the VMAs are the Holy Grail of Miami's celebrity season. Photo ops are endless, stretching across cities, nightclubs, restaurants, mansions and yachts.

While MTV has issued credentials to 70 photographers for the awards, an untold number of photographers without credentials will come on their own. ''Let's put it this way: New York and L.A. will be ghost towns this weekend'.

Read the rest HERE.

August 24, 2005



Informants, License Plate Numbers and Other Paparazzi Techniques

Celebrity Photographers Work Like Spies in Search of a Profitable Photograph

By NANCY CHANDROSS Paparazzi photographers are anxiously hoping to be the first to tell these kinds of details to readers of celebrity magazines like Us Weekly, In Touch Weekly, People and the new American version of OK! magazine.

Working on freeways, in airports and other celebrity-rich locales, these aggressive photographers are tireless entrepreneurs who hound celebrities in the hopes of snapping an image that will translate into a financial windfall.

"They're always on. I don't think I've ever been out to dinner with one of those photographers that the phone didn't go off, the pager didn't go off … and they will often leave you in the middle of dinner just because they've got a tip," said veteran photographer Peter Howe, whose new book "Paparazzi" traces the history of the practice.

"If these guys were doing mainstream journalism with the enthusiasm, fervor and resources that they apply to celebrity journalism they would have solved Watergate in a weekend. Nixon would have been out of there before you knew what was happening," said Howe.

(Read More HERE)






ACTRESS Scarlett Johanson plans to leave Los Angeles until something is done to deter the paparazzi, according to her representative.

Johansson reported a paparazzi pursuit three months ago."It is out of control," she told Access Hollywood. "Especially when people are following you to the doctor's office and waiting for you to drop your groceries."Johansson, who has starred in such movies as "Lost in Translation" and "The Island," has left Los Angeles and hopes that state legislators will enact a law "to avoid these situations," Pariseau said."She's frustrated," he said. "She can't deal with it anymore."

--- by

Ledger eggs the paparazzi


August 24, 2005
Ledger eggs the paparazzi
By Kate Lanahan

With a baby (and likely a wedding) on the way for Heath Ledger, it's no wonder he's feeling anxious about the paparazzi. In the early days of girlfriend, Michelle Williams's pregnancy, photographers were dying to get the first shot of her baby bump. And no doubt they'll all want to be the first to get a picture of the little one after his or her birth. So what is Heath's reaction to the public demand for his privacy these days? He told the New York Daily News that he likes to throw eggs at the paparazzi. "That's what we're reduced to. You can't actually stand up and slap them. ... So you just get an egg," he said. Perhaps Heath got his idea from Britney Spears. Last year she was caught playfully throwing drinks at photographers on a few occasions. (By Kate Lanahan)

Guidelines for dealing with paparazzi


Guidelines for dealing with paparazzi
By LOUIS B. HOBSON - Calgary Sun

Cole Hauser has some advice for stars such as Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Jude Law who regularly find themselves hounded by paparazzi.

"Mellow out. If you don't make yourself interesting to those guys they'll leave you alone," says Hauser, the star of the creature feature The Cave, which opens Friday.

Hauser is not speaking from personal experience.

He hasn't been hunted down by paparazzi in every corner of the world he visits, but, in 2004's Paparazzi, the thriller produced by Mel Gibson, he played the target of celebrity stalkers.

"I didn't have to do any research to play the actor in Paparazzi. I've seen some pretty wild things working with some of the people I have, and I had Mel Gibson to talk to on set and he's been stalked by the worst."

Hauser just finished filming the romantic comedy The Break Up with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston in Chicago, in which he plays Vaughn's wild younger brother.

"I don't know how difficult it was for Jennifer in Chicago because we guys didn't hang out with her," he says.

"All I know is that Vince, Jason Bateman, Vincent D'Onofrio and I could walk around town any time of day and not have anyone come up to us.

"We weren't seeing our pictures in newspapers and on magazine covers every other day of the week."

Though he knows how annoying celebrity can be for superstars, he's pretty certain "they learn quickly to let it all roll off their chests. That kind of attention is not something you can let get to you."

Hauser insists he's in one of the most mellow times of his life.

"I just became a dad last September. The birth of my son Ryland has really centred me."

Hauser and his fiancee, actress Cynthia Daniel, haven't decided when they're getting married but it's definitely something they've been contemplating since the birth of their child.

Hauser made his film debut alongside Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Brendan Fraser and Chris O'Donnell in 1992's School Ties.

"We don't hang out on a regular basis or anything like that, but we all still consider ourselves friends," he says of those co-stars.

Hauser does consider himself a close friend of Casey Affleck, who has been cast opposite Pitt in The Assassination of Jesse James, which begins filming in the Calgary area Monday.

"Casey was really excited to get the role. He plays Robert Ford, who killed Jesse.

"Casey knows that people don't usually see him as a villain, so he's determined to really get his head around the role.

"This could be a showcase role for Casey. All of his friends are probably as excited for him as he is for himself."



I may be wrong, but it seems that the press won't follow and harass hip-hop stars like they do actors and other musicians.

You never hear about photographers waiting outside the 40/40 club, hoping to catch a picture of Jay-Z. And I can't remember 50 Cent ever complaining that paparazzi keep following his bullet-proof SUV.

Even though Eminem is a huge pop star, I doubt there are many people outside of his hospital, trying to snap a picture of him through the window.

Are hip-hop celebrities looked at as being so dangerous that People magazine won't risk a reporter's life to get some gossip on them? Or, are rappers just underrated by the tabloids?

I'm not hoping things change, I just wonder why it's like that.

Our Secret Need for Paparazzi Revealed!

In trying to determine whose version of the truth is correct — the Hollywood publicist or the paparazzi person — I'm stumped. Why would either of them fudge? Probably just a case of two honest brokers seeing things differently.

Read the rest of the article HERE.

August 23, 2005

Photographer claims paparazzi did not cause Scarlett Johansson's car accident

Latest: Scarlett Johansson's claims of getting caught up in a traffic accident while trying to escape the paparazzi have been challenged by a photographer who witnessed the crash.

Just hours after her Friday (19 August 05) accident, reports emerged that the Lost In Translation beauty was driving into the entrance of California's Disneyland, when she swerved to get away from pursuing photographers and hit another vehicle.

But Jfx Images photographer Mario Toruno, who was pursuing the actress at the time, questions whether she was even aware of photographers tailing her before the accident, because they kept a low profile, using cars in front of them as cover.

Toruno, who saw the accident unfold as he sat at stoplights nearby, says, "When she was driving in to the parking lot, she was going very, very slow - maybe about 15 miles per hour - and she started veering to the left.

"It was almost like when you drop something on the car floor and you try to pick it up. Or she could've been busy talking with the two friends she had in her car. I couldn't see what was going on inside of the car, but from the outside I could see that she wasn't at all being chased when she hit the other lady's car.

"The parking lot is confusing because it's very busy, so maybe she was unsure of whether she wanted to turn left or right.

"I'm guessing that because she veered to the left, she was unable to see the other car - the only other vehicle at the parking lot entrance at that time - from her blindside. That's when she slowly slammed into the other car.

"The nearest cars to them at the time of the accident were at least 40 yards away, and none of them contained paparazzi. It was just regular oncoming traffic. I know, because there was another set of photographers that with the traffic at the stoplights.

"I'm sure Disneyland has video cameras at its entrance to prove that this is what happened.

"To be honest, we'd have been happier snapping pictures of Scarlett on the rides with her friends. We never in a million years thought we'd end up taking shots of a road accident, and obviously that's not what we set out to do. We were as surprised as everyone else, because everything was in such a slow motion when the cars hit each other."

© World Entertainment News Network. All Rights Reserved

August 22, 2005

It's Real: Canon's EOS 5D Full Frame DSLR

Canon USA has today unveiled its new EOS 5D digital SLR, confirming rumors that have been swirling for a couple of weeks now.

Here's a link to the specs:

Imaging Resource.

It’s the Mexicans. Untrained Mexicans.

It's the new kids in the frame who are giving snappers a bad name

“YOU KNOW what the problem is, don’t you?” said my friend, as he sat in his blacked-out SUV on Rodeo Drive. “It’s the Mexicans. Untrained Mexicans. They have no idea what they’re doing. And they’re giving the Brits a bad name.”

The story, of course, is all too familiar — immigrant workers sneaking into California and working twice as hard for half the cash. The difference, however, is that my friend works in a highly specialised field. It is a sensitive, high-profile business with a strict code of ethics.

Yes, that’s right: he is a paparazzo.

Read the rest HERE.

Alicia Silverstone Chased By Paparazzi

Actress Alicia Silverstone was chased by a group of paparazzi in an airport and forced to hide in a cardboard box to escape.

Alicia, 29, confessed she was terrified by the paparazzi, who, after they saw her, started to shout “fat girl”. Angry and hurt, Alicia started to run and hide in a container, where she laid low until the crowd had disappeared.

The beautiful actress said: "I was walking through LA airport and saw a group of photographers. They suddenly gave chase, screaming, 'Hey, Fat Girl!

'I just had to escape. I ended up hiding in a box."

Alicia Silverstone earned the heartless nickname after she dressed in a tight PVC cat suit which showed off her curves as Bat Girl in movie 'Batman'.

Fed Up With Paparazzi- Koi (LA) Strikes Back!!


Fed Up With Paparazzi
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
By Tonya Alanez Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES -- Koi, a trendy Pan-Asian restaurant on La Cienega Boulevard, has emerged as the place Hollywood stars go to be seen. In a testament to Koi’s star power, the paparazzi -- sometimes as many as 12 -- line up at the entrance and rarely go home empty-handed.

But last Friday -- with Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Venus Williams and other big names inside -- the restaurant management finally had enough and called Los Angeles police to control the photographers.

Police arrived, took the names of the photographers and warned them that they would be arrested if they trespassed on Koi property.

Officer Jaime Chacon said the management called the police “because they’re tired of the paparazzi out here harassing their customers.”

Chacon also had a warning for the photographers: “There’s boundaries, and if you respect that, there won’t be any problems. Just don’t block the entrance, just don’t block the alley with cars, and there won’t be any problems.”

The move is the latest evidence of rising tensions between celebrities and the paparazzi since an April car accident between Lohan and a photographer a few blocks from Koi. At the urging of some stars, Los Angeles County prosecutors are examining whether teams of paparazzi could be prosecuted on felony conspiracy charges for orchestrating risky photo ambushes.

On Friday night, the restaurant’s general manager, Jorge Pultera, said he called police because he felt some of the photographers were bothering customers. Managers at the restaurant did not return calls seeking further comment Monday.

Friday was a night like most others at Koi, a 3-year-old restaurant that draws such names as Madonna, Bruce Willis and Heather Locklear. On Friday night, paparazzi favorites Lohan and Hilton were there along with “The O.C.” star Mischa Barton, tennis star Williams, as well as lesser-known names such as the reality show stars “the Gotti boys.”

About a dozen photographers clustered on the sidewalk near the restaurant’s bamboo-shrouded entrance and called out greetings and niceties to their subjects as the stars exited their Hummers and Range Rovers.

“Hey Paris, welcome back, Paris,” one called out to Hilton, who had recently returned from a month abroad. “Over the shoulder, Paris. Hey, that’s nice.”

Most nights the dance runs smoothly among paparazzi, celebrities and restaurant management.

But Friday, restaurant managers decided things were getting out of hand, though it is unclear exactly what incident led to their decision to call police.

Just before police arrived, a handful of photographers had sprinted to the alley when someone tipped them off that Lohan was exiting through the back exit. As two friends tried to shield Lohan and a bodyguard shined a flashlight into camera lenses, the paparazzi clustered around Lohan, snapping frantically.

The police arrived moments later.

August 21, 2005




Photogs wage war of wheels

High-speed star chases by packs of paparazzi

LOS ANGELES - Brad Pitt guns his Mercedes CLS 500 to 60 mph on a busy city street, hogging the right lane as he tries to shake three tailing vehicles.
Leonardo DiCaprio speeds through a residential Hollywood neighborhood, careening around corners with a pack of SUVs hot on his tail.
Ben Affleck snubs the speed limit and the carpool law as he zooms 80 mph down a restricted freeway lane, trying to lose his four-wheeled foes.
These aren't scenes from the hunky stars' latest action flicks. Insiders say they're real-life skirmishes in the escalating war of wheels between A-list stars and the roving photographers who dog them.
"It's just a question of when someone will get hurt. It may not be a celebrity, or a photographer, but an innocent bystander," said photo agency head Alec Byrne. "One of these days there is going to be a Princess Di moment."
Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed in 1997 when her car slammed into a Paris tunnel wall while being pursued by paparazzi. Her driver was legally drunk and speeding, but some still blame the photogs for the crash.
Now, eight years later, L.A. is ripe for a similar tragedy, insiders say.
"The driving is dangerous. Some stars use speed, maneuvers, illegal U-turns and reckless driving to evade photographers," said Randy Bauer, who co-owns Bauer-Griffin photo agency, a top producer of celeb pics.
"We're not trying to mug them or kill them in their beds. We're just trying to take their pictures in everyday situations - shopping, having lunch with a friend."
Reps for Pitt, DiCaprio and Affleck denied the actors are traffic scofflaws when being chased.
"I doubt he breaks any laws, but we have to question the people who are chasing him - what laws are they breaking?" said Cindy Guagenti, Pitt's spokeswoman.
"These paparazzi are probably lying because they lie about everything. These accusations are the height of absurdity," said Ken Sunshine, who represents Affleck and DiCaprio. "These are people who jump out of trees and hide in bathroom stalls."
And stars are becoming increasingly angry over the intrusions.
Last month, Hugh Grant's car grazed a curbside lensman as the "Notting Hill" star sped away from a Beverly Hills eatery. The photog wasn't seriously hurt and didn't press charges, but the incident stunned L.A.'s paparazzi corps.
On Aug. 6, a lensman staking out Britney Spears' baby shower in Malibu was shot in the leg with a BB gun. Cops are investigating.
"There's no public sympathy if a photographer is punched, kicked, shot or run down," said the head of one well-known photo agency, who asked not to be identified.
Insiders say that to meet the ever-growing demand for celebrity photos, some agencies have hired unsavory characters to tail the stars.
"Some of these guys are not photographers. They're former [parking valets] and gang-bangers. . . . With digital cameras, anyone can take a picture," said the photo agency boss.
Ten years ago, there were a handful of celeb photo agencies with about 20 to 30 paparazzi trolling L.A. Today, the roving lensmen number well over 100, insiders say.
"In the old days, paparazzi would never be seen. The first time the target would know he was shot [photographed] was when he saw the picture in a magazine," Byrne said.
"But the day of the telephoto lens is over. Now it's wide-angle and they're following you into the grocery store and shooting you in the food section," he said.
Caravan-style packs of 12 to 16 paparazzi, most driving SUVs, chase hot stars like Spears, DiCaprio, Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz. And sometimes it gets hairy.
"Celebrities believe they can drive 90 miles per hour. With this driving, you are going to get crashes," said the agency boss. "I've got my crews on strict orders not to go on high-speed chases."
Insiders say rules of the road are broken by both sides.
Thuglike lensman working in teams use their cars to block the road to keep competing photogs from getting close to the celeb target, while their partners up ahead stick close to the star's car and nail the money shot.
"The low-end guys work in packs. Some are unqualified and unscrupulous," said Byrne.
Some paparazzi drive without license plates to evade speed-trap cameras and to avoid being identified if they break laws.
Some stars are known for dangerously fast and reckless driving in their efforts to ditch snappers.
"Affleck has a total disregard for any type of lights or stop signs when he wants to lose you," said one lensman.
"Brad Pitt goes full speed from the minute he leaves his house. Now that he's got a motorcycle, he's much more successful at evading," said a honcho at another agency. "Once, last fall, Brad's limo driver was doing just under 100 mph when I told my guy to back off and let him go."
If there is an accident involving a star and a snapper, Bauer says, he knows who'll be blamed - no matter what the circumstances.
"It won't be, 'The star ran a red light.' It'll be, 'He was being chased by paparazzi,' " said Bauer.
Celebrities complain the snappers invade their privacy, terrorize them and pose a danger to their kids.
But lensmen say many celebs are not really scared - just ticked off because someone else is profiting from their image.
"They say it's safety, but the real reason is they want to have control. It's all about the money," said Bauer. "They figure if they are going to have their face out there, they want a piece of the action."
Angry celebs take on picture takers
Since the mid-1990s, clashes between stars and paparazzi have been on the rise. Here are a few of the headline makers:
Reese Witherspoon called cops in April after a pack of paparazzi followed her home from the gym, but an investigation revealed there was no proof the photogs broke any laws.
Lindsay Lohan suffered minor cuts and bruises in June when a paparazzo crashed into her car after she made a sudden U-turn. Police recently referred the case to the DA for review; no charges have been filed to date.
Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake tangled with two lensmen outside Hollywood's Chateau Marmont hotel last year; the photogs told cops they were attacked by Diaz, but Diaz and Timberlake said they were "ambushed"; no charges were filed.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver pressed charges against two snappers in 1997 after the lensmen followed them to their son's preschool and "boxed in" their car; both photogs were convicted of false imprisonment charges.
Alec Baldwin allegedly punched a lensman who tried to photograph his then-wife Kim Basinger and their new baby, Ireland, in 1995; a jury acquitted him of a battery charge.
Rocker Tommy Lee decked a lensman, who suffered a broken pelvis and fractured rib, in 1996; the Motley Crue drummer pleaded no contest and was sentenced to anger management and community service and ordered to pay $22,500 in restitution and fines.
-- Michelle Caruso

August 20, 2005


SCARLETT JOHANSSON's trip to California theme park Disneyland ended in disaster yesterday afternoon (19AUG05), when her Mercedes hit another car as the paparazzi chased her.

According to eyewitnesses, the Lost In Translation beauty was driving near the tourist attraction's entrance with two pals, when she swerved to get away from pursuing photographers and hit another vehicle containing a woman and her two young daughters.

An onlooker says, "The front of Scarlett's Mercedes damaged the side of the other car pretty badly.

"Scarlett looked really shaken up and when both cars pulled over in a safe spot, she apologised profusely to the other woman. After that, they spent around 40 minutes on their phones, sorting out all of their insurance and legal paperwork."

A Mercedes representative arrived soon afterwards with a new car for the actress to drive home.

Johansson's publicist MARCEL PARISEAU states, "The fender bender was induced by the paparazzi, who chased her for 45 minutes."

In June (05), fellow Hollywood actress LINDSEY LOHAN was left with minor injuries after photographer GALO RAMIREZ allegedly drove into her car deliberately. Ramirez was subsequently arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. The case is pending.

And just last week (ends12AUG05), REESE WITHERSPOON got the disappointing news that a group of paparazzi who "besieged" her in April (05) will not face criminal charges of false imprisonment.

Here's the link to the photos on WENN.

August 18, 2005

DUFF Gives It Up

Hilary Duff
Today Show Concert
August 18, 2005
7am press call

Photo pit was extended to accommodate the photogs (25+), and there was enough room for everyone to work. Well...almost everyone.

There's a new shooter that constantly moves around in the pit before and during the performance. The press pen isn't conducive to roaming. Photogs have bags and gear on the ground... because there's now where else to put it. Walking around the pen with 300/2.8 lenses and extra cameras strewn throughtout the area is begging for trouble. She exchanged words with Dennis, but she was in the wrong. No matter how much you may want to shoot everything, respect for your peers and their gear is just as important. There's just not enough room. Period.

That being said, Hilary was great to us. She came right over to the front of the pit while she performed, posed, waved, smiled...a real PRO!

On A Serious Note....

For your info.... Paul S. (Mr. #1 on the list) is in the hospital with a toe infection. It could be in a possible amputation. I spoke to him today, he's in good spirits but he's still waiting to find out what's going to happen.

And he gave me a great quote, "I knew something was going wrong, but I had to wait until the premiere's were over and it slowed down." Crazy S.O.B.! Give Em' Hell!

August 17, 2005

Paparazzi Battle Ends In A Draw

PAPARAZZI punch-up between two photographers clamouring for a shot of Hollywood star Owen Wilson has ended with both agreeing to drop apprehended violence order applications against the other.
Celebrity snapper Jamie Fawcett and his camera-toting counterpart Pierre Smithdorf were involved in a scuffle outside the Bondi Icebergs club earlier this month while trying to capture Wedding Crashers star Wilson taking a dip, writes court reporter Brad Clifton.

While the accounts of the two men differ as to who was to blame, witnesses said push came to shove with at least one of the snappers ending up on the ground.

Yesterday, the pair arrived at North Sydney Local Court with the intention of seeking AVOs against each other. But, after half an hour, they left the courthouse having agreed not to proceed with their applications.

Fawcett – without making any admissions of wrongdoing – gave a written undertaking that he would not threaten, harass or intimidate his rival and would "conduct myself appropriately at all times when in the company of Mr Pierre Smithdorf".

In return, Smithdorf agreed to drop his AVO action. Both men, however, were keen to blame the other for the fracas.

"While I was taking photographs of Owen Wilson he has come up and pushed his lens and camera into my face," Fawcett said yesterday. "I have had words with him and a scuffle has broken out and I have defended myself."

Smithdorf alleged he was the victim of an "unprovoked, violent attack".

August 14, 2005

Hilary Duff is on the Today Show THURSDAY, AUGUST 18.
Get your requests into Suzanne ASAP. She's expecting a large, packed pit.
You have been warned!

Hard Rock Opening's A Smash

Hard Rock Cafe Times Sq opening
August 12, 2005

This is one of those events that definitely looked better on paper that the actual photo-op.

Let's get Steven Van Zandt, Brian Wilson and 100 people to smash guitars simultaneously to celebrate the opening of the new Hard Rock. Could be an interesting shoot, right?

Well, they put all the press across the street for the op. Then bring Zandt in the back of an armored car (45 minutes late), and when he get out it causes everyone to break rank and run across the street to get the photo. Now everyone has to run back across for the 'smash' op, which is now half in shade and half in bright sunlight.

After the smash, we were promised a photo-op with the main talent staging another 'smash' shot, but havoc ensues and Wilson runs into the restaurant and doesn't pose. Zandt poses a break shot for us , but the two would have been better.

And as a side note, we were told there would be refreshments inside for the press (and we could use some in this 90+ degrees heat). We went in but they said the soda fountains didn't work. (and this is a new restaurant, right?) Talk about a blow off!

August 12, 2005

Jessica Simpson's Snappers Kept At Bay


Simpson's clothes call
Some of Jessica Simpson's fans weren't content with an autograph when they saw the "Dukes of Hazzard" star walking down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

Her more rabid admirers actually began ripping pieces of her clothing, our spy reports.

As paparazzi snapped, Simpson began pounding on the door of Valentino's boutique, seeking sanctuary.

"Let me in, let me in!" she pleaded.

Store security kept the lensmen at bay. Simpson showed her gratitude by spending nearly $15,000 on a gray cable-knit sweater with a faux-fur collar and two bags.

CTV News- TV Clip: Peter Murphy on a Prince and paparazzi


CTV News: Peter Murphy on a Prince and paparazzi

**** an oldie but goody!!.............

CTV News- TV Clip: Graham Richardson on the paparazzi


CTV News: Graham Richardson on the paparazzi

CTV News- TV Clip: Paparazzi Super Sleuths



Celebs snap back at new breed of paparazzi


Celebs snap back at new breed of paparazzi News Staff
The growing number of celebrity magazines has pushed demand for pictures to a new high. But many celebrities say they're being stalked and the photographers' tricks of the trade are increasingly dangerous.
It's one thing for a photographer to rent a boat and stake a claim in coastal waters, hoping for a bit of telephoto lens luck in catching Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie emerging from their Malibu love nest. That's a placid stakeout.
But what's happening on the roads and highways of Los Angeles is another thing altogether: An all-out assault on celebrities by newcomers to the high-stakes game.
Lindsay Lohan, the young Hollywood star, says in May she was chased for miles and her Mercedes-Benz eventually boxed in by a photographer trying to snap a picture of her in distress -- distress he had allegedly caused.
Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz says they've all been frightened by similar incidents. Ben Affleck took a photographer on a high-speed chase.
Los Angeles Police Department launched an investigation of the Lohan incident, which is reported to have resulted in a vehicle collision. The photographer was arrested, and according the L.A.Times, he was later charged with felony assault.
"It's just not acceptable," Lohan told CNN News. "I'm just glad I was there for another actress who might have been there with her kids."
A California Assemblywoman, Cindy Montanez, is working a new bill that would allow celebrities who are assaulted or intimidated by paparazzi to sue for the value of the photo that results from such an incident.
Her bill is a follow-up to the last celebrity uprising against the paparazzi, led by actor George Clooney after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Her fatal 1997 car crash came after being chased through the streets of Paris by hungry photogs.
But there's a limit to how far the law can go. Public figures have no special rights to privacy. They just have to work a bit harder than most to get some downtime.
Photographer George Pimentel tells Canada AM that not all shutterbugs who shoot and sell shots of celebrities are the notorious paparazzi we associate with the Princess Diana crash scene.
"There are three types of paparazzies: guys like me who work the red carpets. I don't do any stalking. I get a press pass. I cover the Cannes film festival, the Oscars. There's the kind of the B-list guys who hang out at the restaurants. They get like $150 a shot and there's thousands of those guys.
"Then there's the A-list hunters who you don't even see. They have long lenses, rent helicopters. Those guys can make up to $600,000 an image. The pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie walking on a beach in Africa? I believe they sold for about $600,000."
For Brad Pitt, a fence won't do -- he's had to place vast stretches of tarp over his $8 million home in Malibu to keep some privacy while he plays tennis or goes swimming.
But that didn't stop Frank Griffen, head of the Bauer Griffen Agency, from getting the first shots of Jolie bringing her newly adopted baby from New York to L.A. for the first time.
Griffen uses high-tech tracking to ferret out information on celebs, and pays cash rewards for information. He believes the ideal celeb photo is one the subject doesn't know is being taken. The Jolie-and-child snap was such a case.
"We tracked all the private jets from the East Coast to the West Coast within that time," Griffen explains, "and by the process of elimination we were able to find out which one she was on."
That's just good journalism, from a photo agency that describes itself as "the Hollywood Hunt Club."
--- With a report from CTV's Graham Richardson

August 10, 2005

A Paparazzi Payday On VF’s Dime

From RADAR Online.

Magazine insiders say Vanity Fair is cracking down on staff security after its latest issue fell into the hands of notorious paparazzo Phil Ramey, allowing the sleazy lensman to shop around unreleased copies of its Jennifer Aniston cover to the highest bidder.

“Someone at Vanity Fair must have slipped an advance copy to Ramey, because he had the whole magazine and sent scans of all the Aniston pages to anyone who would pay,” says our source.

While most tabs passed on the Leslie Bennetts exclusive, we hear other rags, like Life & Style and the British tabloid the Sun, couldn’t wait to get their hands on Aniston’s first words about her awkward, very public split from Brad Pitt—and paid thousands of dollars for the story just days before the mag’s official Monday, Aug. 1 press release date.

“It’s a nightmare in the office,” says one VF staffer. “No one knows how this man got a copy of the magazine or how this all leaked so fast. We had a harder time keeping this under wraps than Deep Throat!”

When reached for comment, VF spokeswoman Beth Kseniak denied any prior knowledge of the leak, saying, “This is the first time anyone, including the managing editor, has heard of this Phil Ramey incident.” Ironically, Ramey was profiled in the March 2003 issue of VF in a story about the paparazzi that credited him with going to daredevil lengths to get his money shots.

August 9, 2005

Work Together Like Brothers

Four Brothers Premiere
Clearview Chelsea West theater
6pm arrivals/ August 9, 2005

Long arrival area in the shape of an 'L'. The photographers ran only 2 rows deep, probably because there was another premiere going on uptown at the same time. The entire arrivals area was tented.

Everything at this premiere ran VERY smoothly. PR stopped all the talent (although the rug got a little crowded at times), and the celebs were also co-operative. Wahlberg was actually dressed nice (no jeans, baseball cap), and we had a surprise guest... Linsey Lohan! We haven't had a top notch surprise like that in a long time... AND SHE POSED! They even gave us the cast shot, and various two shots all along the rug.

If a had to say something negative about the event , it would be Mitch's behavior. He was yelling 'FRONT PAGE' for the entire event. The problem with this is that it caused the talent to constantly look away from the rest of the arrival line. Even Brian let Mitch know exactly how he felt about his actions (It went something like, "You #@%#$@*^^%).

This is becoming a problem with Mitch and I think it reflects badly on the entire press line. Now pardon me if I'm not very PC with my following statements, but I think they should set up a "SPECIAL' area just for him, bring him in on the short bus, and allow him to work. I don't want to deny the guy working privileges, but I do think he needs professional supervision...(aside from the baseball bat to the cranium everyone would love to provide to him).

Reese Witherspoon Says Photogs Have Rights

From UPI

Actress Reese Witherspoon says paparazzi have to do their jobs, but not when it creates danger for their subjects.
"There are moments when illegal things happen and action has to be taken," the actress told the TV celebrity news program "Extra." "Sometimes people are put in dangerous situations. I mean I can imagine, I've been in a few myself, so it's frightening sometimes.
"I do think the paparazzi have rights," she said. "The first amendment is a very important part of our country -- our freedom -- but illegal behavior is not acceptable."
Witherspoon said she and her husband, Ryan Phillipe, and their two children have made life changes to avoid intrusive photographers.
"It has certainly changed some aspects of my life," she said. "There are places I don't go. I had to move out of my house and move into a different place.

Constant Gardner A Sweet Bouquet

The Constant Gardner premiere
Lowes Lincoln Sq.
August 8, 2005

The press pit was set up in a new way for this theater. Photo area ran from a few feet in the street by the curb to the theater. Also, barricades were set up behind the pit creating a dead zone where no one was allowed to stand (It was nice not worrying about fans behind us). Those extra few feet at the beginning of the carpet made all the difference, allowing for only two rows of shooters, as opposed to 3+ rows that normally happens at this theater.

That being said, all the talent posed, security did their job and everyone (somewhat) peacefully co-existed. And was still sweltering.


NY POST - AUGUST 9, 2005

August 9, 2005 -- THE paparazzo shot by a pellet gun while staking out Britney Spears' baby shower in Malibu on Saturday is striking back. Photographer Brad Diaz is reportedly suing the preggers popsicle, claiming the plastic pellet that pierced his thigh came from the direction of Spears' rented home. Diaz was standing with a group of paparazzi about 200 yards from Spears' place when he was hit, while inside the singer was entertaining guests including mother Lynne and sister Jamie Lynn. The lensman reportedly suffered a very minor wound. Kelly Davis, the office manager at Diaz's X17 agency, tells The Post's Bill Hoffmann: "This was an uncalled for act of aggression. Brad has a bullet lodged deep into his skin. He could have been hit in the eye and blinded. He could have been hit in the head and killed. It's not funny. I was told by people at the scene that police officers talking to Britney's bodyguards were sort of standing around laughing at it. People don't like paparazzi, but it's not a good reason to shoot at them." A rep for Spears did not return calls.

August 8, 2005






Britney photog gets a shot
One thing everyone agrees on: A paparazzo was shot in the leg with a pellet gun while staking out Britney Spears' Malibu home. But who did it is another matter.

Spears was preparing for a baby shower when emergency medical workers arrived to treat the photographer, Brad Diaz, who told police he was about 200 yards from the house when he was hit.

Kelly Davis, whose X17 photo agency peddles Diaz' shots, said, "We believe it came from the direction of Britney Spears' property. I know [Diaz] is speaking with attorneys, but I don't know which direction he is going to go."

Spears' rep told us neither she nor husband Kevin Federline had anything to do with the errant BB, adding, "Britney hopes the gentleman is okay."

August 7, 2005

Paparazzi's Ruthless New Recruits

This much the stars and the photographers can agree on: the streets of Los Angeles have become a battleground on a scale that may even horrify Britain's paparazzi.

Emboldened by the sudden willingness of law-enforcement officials to take complaints seriously, celebrities and their lawyers paint a picture of paparazzi as criminals, stalkers and provocateurs at the wheel, using their vehicles as weapons, if necessary, to catch a celebrity looking ugly, angry or upset. To the paparazzi, however, this portrayal is utter nonsense, at best the result of stars seeing something happening in their rear-view mirrors and falling to understand it.

Read the entire article HERE.

Photographer Shot at Britney Spears' Home

MALIBU, Calif. - A photographer was shot in the leg with a pellet gun outside Britney Spears' home Saturday evening, authorities said.

It was unclear who fired the plastic pellet as the photographer was staking out an event at the pop singer's Malibu home, Sheriff's Department Lt. Steve Smith said. He said firefighters bandaged the man's leg and he went to a hospital.

"It could've been somebody driving by, walking by, we have no idea where it came from," Smith said.

The photographer, identified as Brad Diaz, was about 200 yards from the home and outside Spears' long driveway when he was hit, Smith said.

A message left with Spears' publicist was not immediately returned Saturday night.

Sheriff to Probe Pellet Attack

Spears 'had nothing to do with' paparazzi shooting- Reuters

August 6, 2005

JESSICA SIMPSON Sighting On 42nd Street!!!

This comes to us from a heat exausted LotsaPaparrazza.
Keep on keepin' on...

"JESSICA SIMPSON sighting on 42nd Street near Times Square and Mickey D's!!!"

I missed Jessica Simpson pretty much everytime she was around NYC over the last 2 weeks or so.

But today (8/5), I made up for it ten-fold!!

While strolling across West 42nd Street between 7th &
8th Avenues, I ran into Jessica Simpson posing up a
storm in front of Madame Tussaud's. And what a
delight she was!! WHAT..A..PRO!!

Wearing her Daisy Duke shorts and standing right in
front of that General Lee car, she seemed unphased by
the swelting heat. She never broke a sweat. In fact,
she never moved. She held THAT pose F.O.R.E.V.E.R.!

Though she remained silent and would not sign any
autographs, Jessica graciously posed with any and
everyone who waited in line to meet her. She even
embraced the American flag the whole time.

Fans waited patiently to hug Jessica, kiss her, pose
and take photos with her...and I even saw a creepy guy
grope her. And yet, she seemed ok with it all...even
the groping! Didn't flinch an inch!

I got great shots from all angles, as I'm sure all the
other photogs did. The PR was great too, making sure
that no fans (or anybody else for that matter) got in
the way of photographers. No obstructions whatsoever! WOW--OH--WOWWEE--WOW!! I wish it could be like that all the time.

Finally, I was amazed at how Jessica was able to hold
that smile so perfectly. Such composure!! She never
ever changed her expression--NOT EVEN ONCE!...she
remained exceptionally focused throughout. Kudos to

Though, if you want my honest opinion -- my only
complaint -- I thought her smile was just a little too wax-y'ish. You know what I mean?

much luv, LP

{DISCLAIMER: The preceding missive was written during
a fit of heat exhaustion induced humor, and in no way represents the opinions or views of this blogsite or its blogmaster. Didn't harm any animals either! nyeh!!}

August 5, 2005

Country Gals Heat Up Morning Shows

Jessica Simpson/ Good Morning America/ 7am check-in
Faith Hill/ Today Show/7am check-in
August 5, 2005

Jessica performed in Byrant Park as part of GMA's concert series. Wearing 'daisy duke' shorts and cowboy boots, she sang 2 songs to the largest GMA crowd ever (about 3/4 of the lawn was covered with fans).
GMA provides a long riser with tons of room and high above the hands and signs of the crowd. Unfortunately, the photo riser is placed too far back for a good shot. You need at least a 400mm with and extender to be in the game. It's a shame too, because last year we were up front, just to the side of the stage. 40+ photogs on the riser.

Faith performed 3 songs on the Today Show on Rockefeller Center Plaza. As usual, photo pit placed stage right, about a 30ft throw, with about 20 shooters and one video crew.

Simpson In The City Sauna

Letterman Arrivals:
Ed Sullivan Theater
August 4, 2005

Working in this NYC summer heat is like working in a hot bowl of soup.
That being said, 35+ photographers waited diligently in this heat for arrivals/departures of Jessica Simpson. Show tapes at 4:30pm, she arrived at 3pm.

Mrs. Simpson comes out of her Pathfinder in a GREAT white dress, hair done up, dressed to the nines.... and proceeds to enter the stage door, holding her bodyguards hand, and never look towards the press area. WTF? All she needed to do was turn for a split second and we could have got the shot. Waiting in this heat, packed tight in the pit and to get that as a photo op.... This was not a good sign.
Nick Lachey arrives and runs into the theater. Strike 2.
Vince Vaughn arrives and runs into the theater. Strike 3.

But... when Jessica exits around 5:45pm, she's in an all white pants and blazer outfit and she comes right over to the photo pit! Actually, she was almost too close. A lot of people were over glassed expecting a run n' gun. She posed up a storm, smiled, waved and blew kisses. Good stuff.
Although Nick and Jessica wouldn't pose together, we had plenty of good shots.

As Jessica's band exited the theater, they stood right in front of the photo pit. We were waiting for Jessica to exit, and they blocked our line of sight.
Paul from Getty asked them nicely to move "because we're trying to work"
The band members proceeded to laugh at this request and one guy went as far as to say "I'll give you a round house to the head"
Without missing a beat, Paul responds "Let me see your knuckles, they look as smooth as a baby's bottom. When you knuckles look banged up like these (Paul shows him is hand), then I know your a fighter".
The only response the band member could give was flipping the bird to Paul thru the tinted window of their Paul stood their blowing kisses towards him.
Absolutely Priceless!!!

August 3, 2005

Junebug Premiere

Snug as a bug at Junebug premiere. All went well at the New York premiere of Junebug at Loew's 19th Street Theater on August 1, 2005. The cast, Benjamin McKenzie, Alessandro Nivola, Celia Weston, pregnant Embeth Davidtz and Amy Adams gave ALL the photographers the shots they waited for. Everybody posed for the photographers outside and inside the theater and nobody was in a rush. Beautiful breakout star, Amy Adams posed like a pro!

Janis Roland of Falco Inc. handled this premiere the way it should be, SMOOTHLY. Everybody was satisfied with the results.

August 2, 2005

Stars Learn To Manage The Annoying Paparazzi

From the Gannett News Service

On one side, superstars say they can't leave their homes without being chased by paparazzi clamoring for that money shot. On the other, photographers say the well-compensated celebrities are fair game. The two couldn't be further apart, yet they have to coexist.

Read the article HERE.