April 27, 2006

Denise Richards = The Clicker!

Source: NY Daily News - Lloyd Grove
April 26, 2006

Photogs Know Denise Makes Things Click

Denise Richards isn't just winning the war of words with Charlie Sheen, her estranged husband of four years. She also seems to have the upper hand with the paparazzi.

It hardly seems an accident that the 35-year-old former Bond Girl, who was just granted a restraining order against her 40-year-old husband after filing a scathing request in court, has been featured on a near-weekly basis in the celebrity glossies as the doting mother of 2-year-old Sam and 10-month-old Lola Sheen

Richards and her kids live in a gated L.A. community, but they regularly venture into public, where photographers can capture the happy-looking threesome as they picnic, play on park swings and shop.

"She's paparazzi-friendly," a shutterbug told Lowdown, asking for anonymity so he could continue snapping her picture. "What she does is, she comes out all the time and she's so nice. But she does not tip us off."

The paparazzo added: "When she was out with Charlie before they split and he got mad and was yelling at us, she was so sorry. She came up to us and said, 'Don't pay attention to him.' She came to us asking us to forgive him."

Last week's court filing features Richards' allegations of online gambling, sex solicitation, porn obsession and shocking verbal abuse, and also chronicles Sheen's alleged hatred of paparazzi.

When Richards became concerned that Sheen was visiting hookers, "I later had an AIDS test, which he was upset about, because the paparazzi found out about my taking this test and took pictures," she writes in the court papers. Sheen "blamed me, rather than taking any responsibility for his actions."

Even after the AIDS test photos were splashed in The National Enquirer, among other publications, Richards remained friendly with the photogs. PR reps for the warring parties had no comment.

April 25, 2006

TODAY We Get The JOHNson

Did anyone else notice that the only obstructed view of the stage was in FRONT OF THE PHOTO PIT?!

All the fans and everyone else on the plaza had a good view... except us. A big speaker in the foreground, a PA monitor pointed directly towards the press pit, a banner on the stage caused a partial obstruction, a light stand, and some dopey nut in a white hat with a big sign in the way.

Oh yea... and that really big piano he was playing didn't help either.


I heard that Elton responds well to bird calls. Just make the sound of a cockatoo... or three even. Who said that?

April 24, 2006


Source: NY Daily News - Rush & Molloy - April 24, 2006


THAT wasn't Sarah Jessica Parker who threatened to have two foreign-looking paparazzi deported - it was one of her neighbors. Santiago Baez, a U.S. citizen of Dominican descent, said he was driving uptown through the West Village with another shutterbug when they happened to see the "Sex and the City" star. As they started shooting, Baez claims she told them, "I've got your license plate. You know what I can do to you. I'm going to report you to the INS." When Baez screamed "Sarah" to get her to face his camera, she said, "Don't call me 'Sarah,' call me 'Miss Parker!' " When Baez said a group of other photographers was waiting for her down the block, she supposedly said, "Don't be a sheep - be a shep herd." But Parker's spokes woman, Ina Traciokas, said it was a protective neighbor who con fronted the lensmen: "The photogra phers are camped out on the street, and the neighbors have just about had it."


Source: NY Daily News

Brangelina's privacy plea

JOHANNESBURG - Namibian authorities are clamping down on journalists trying to follow Brad Pitt, pregnant Angelina Jolie and her two children after the couple asked for more privacy, according to a newspaper report yesterday.

South Africa's Sunday Times said its own photographer and three French photogs were ordered to leave Namibia or face arrest.

A Namibian official said last week that Jolie might have Pitt's baby in the southern African nation.

The Associated Press

April 22, 2006

Rumors Spark About A "Brangelina" Wedding...

... forget the "Brangelina" baby photo. The real question is who is going to get the wedding photos?

Source: Charlotte Observer

Jolie and Pitt keep a low profile at resort
Family enjoys country and awaits baby's birth; wedding rumors thrive

Knight Ridder

LANGSTRAND, Namibia - The retirees and German tourists who populate this quiet, seashell-strewn beach in southern Africa have lately seen -- or at least heard about -- an attractive new couple in the neighborhood.

Actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have rented a 14-room lodge in this enclave of gaudy vacation homes on Namibia's cool Atlantic coast, where Jolie is expected to give birth to their first child in the coming weeks.

Since they arrived by chartered plane this month, Pitt, Jolie and her two children have tried to keep a low profile. With a passel of security guards to keep curious locals and a handful of determined paparazzi at bay, the family has hopped around Namibia aboard three Cessna jets, sampling the country's best safari parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Pitt and Jolie were seen this week entering an upmarket jewelry store in Swakopmund, a breezy resort town to the north, prompting speculation that they'll be married in Namibia, perhaps even this week ... READ MORE HERE!

Waiting for the moneyshot!

Source: WNDU

Paparazzi wait for perfect picture of TomKat baby

If Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes step outside their home with their baby and pose for a photo op, the picture won't be worth much.

Celebrity Photographer Ge San Jose says, "You'll be lucky to get a thousand dollars."

But, if he or one of the many paparazzi hanging outside Cruise's Beverly Hills home is able to grab an exclusive candid shot, it could be a big payday.

At least one paparazzo speculates that picture would bring millions and millions.

However, San Jose disputes that. He says, "That's easily six figures, maybe $250,000 to 500,000 dollars."

Copyright 2006 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed

Duff's Love & Hate Relationship!

Source: Soundbuzz via Y! Music Aus/NZ

Duff Hates Paparazzi But Loves Celebrity Magazines

Teen star Hilary Duff loathes the paparazzi who trail after her - despite reading the publications which buy their photographs. The 'So Yesterday' singer is fed up with her life being constantly ... READ MORE HERE!

April 21, 2006

African Police Smackdown Continues!

Source: The Namibian via AllAfrica

Namibia: Namibian Police Hunt Paparazzi At Langstrand

The Namibian (Windhoek)
April 21, 2006

Elma Robberts

PAPARAZZI lurking at Langstrand in the hope of snatching lucrative photographs of Hollywood golden couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are beginning to feel the wrath of ... READ MORE HERE!

Glover In Paparazzi Punch-up

Lethal Weapon star Danny Glover has lashed out a paparazzi photographer, allegedly calling him a "motherfu*ker" and throwing punches.

The Hollywood star, who is in London to promote and star in death penalty play The Exonerated, was leaving West End restaurant Cipriani with a female companion when he launched the attack on a waiting snapper.

Punching wildly, Glover ranted, "No, no, not tonight.

"If you take another shot, you motherfu*ker..."

The paparazzo escaped uninjured after Glover fled to nearby hotel Claridges.

The actor, one of a list of celebrities including Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Alanis Morissette to star in The Exonerated, is due on stage tonight.


April 20, 2006

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Bodyguard Beats Photographer

The guards surrounding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Africa have threatened to become physical if needed to keep the Jolie-Pitt's privacy. It appears they have followed through on that threat with at least one member of the paparazzi.

Did the bodyguards beat down a snapper?
Did the bodyguards beat down a snapper?

The story - according to TMZ - details that a security guard at the Namibian compound may have shown that the paparazzi have more to fear than just the animals in the African outback Sunday.

A source tells TMZ that a daring snapper - who had snuck onto the property and was taking photos of Brad and Maddox, was seriously manhandled by a guard.


Here are the details:

The source tells TMZ that although the paparazzi have been lurking all around the compound, peeking out from bushes and perching in trees, the snappers had, for the most part, respected the compound's boundaries.

Sunday, however, a photographer literally tunneled his way in by digging a ditch to get on to the grounds and was taking pictures of Brad and Maddox, who were at play in the yard.


"The bodyguard literally beat the crap out of this guy," a source tells TMZ, adding, "Brad and Maddox were right there watching."

Front row seats for an alleged paparazzi beat down for little Maddox?

It will be interesting to see if any of the other paparazzi were in a position to get photos and if those will actually be released.

TMZ has more

April 19, 2006

Dr. Phil jumps for joy!

Source: NY Daily News

Paparazzi expecting, too


LOS ANGELES - TomKat's pregnancy was a wild ride - literally.

For at least three weeks leading up to the birth yesterday of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter, a pack of up to a dozen paparazzo-driven SUVs tracked the couple's every move - and obeying speed limits and traffic laws weren't high on their list of priorities.

Each time Cruise's big black Ford Excursion or Holmes' dark blue Mercedes sedan exited the electric gate of their Beverly Hills mansion, the chase was on.

"It was insane. There'd be SUVs weaving all over Sunset Blvd. trying to keep up and not get stuck behind a red light," said one reporter, who tried to follow the lens pack a day before the baby's birth.

"Sometimes the paparazzi would pull cut-off maneuvers to keep regular cars from slipping into the pack. Unless you were one of the first four chase vehicles, there was no way you could keep up," said the reporter.

Most days, Cruise headed to Paramount studios, where he was putting finishing touches on his new film, "Mission: Impossible III," which opens May 5, said a source who watched the Cruise house for weeks.

Holmes, however, usually headed to the Scientology center in Hollywood, where she has been studying and converting to Cruise's religion.

When the birth actually happened, no one got pictures.

Now that TomKitten has arrived, the Cruises' neighbors, especially Dr. Phil, are probably jumping for joy knowing that the stakeout is over.

Originally published on April 19, 2006


Source: Google Groups

French court orders retrial of Diana paparazzi trio
Wed Apr 13, 2005 07:19 PM BST

PARIS (Reuters) - Three photographers who took pictures of Princess
Diana and Dodi al Fayed on the night of their fatal crash must be
retried for breaching privacy laws, a French court ruled on Wednesday.

The court annulled a ruling made last September, which acquitted
Jacques Langevin, Christian Martinez and Eric Chassery of breaking the
laws, an offence punishable by up to a year in jail.

Dodi's father, Mohamed al Fayed, had appealed against the September
ruling, which followed an original court acquittal of the three
photographers in November 2003.

Diana, Dodi and chauffeur Henri Paul were killed on August 31, 1997
when their Mercedes car crashed in a tunnel as it sped away from the
Ritz hotel in the French capital with paparazzi photographers in hot
pursuit on motorbikes.

The photographers took pictures of the couple as they lay in their
crumpled Mercedes, as well as taking shots of them before the crash as
they left the Ritz.

The earlier rulings said the photos did not breach privacy because no
"intimate gestures" were caught on camera and because the pictures had
not made a secret liaison public.

France's Cour de Cassation, which decides whether an appeals court
decision conforms to the law, said on Wednesday these points had to be
reviewed, with the new trial only focusing on the photos taken at the
scene of the accident, not the hotel.

An inquiry by French authorities in 1999 ruled that the crash was
caused by Paul being drunk and driving too fast.

But the circumstances of the crash still cause controversy.

Al Fayed, owner of London store Harrods, wants the paparazzi punished
and has said he believes his son and Diana were murdered by British
secret services because their relationship was embarrassing the royal

John Stevens, a retired senior British police officer is investigating
allegations Diana's death was not an accident at the request of
Britain's Royal Coroner Michael Burgess.

Diana's marriage to Britain's heir to the throne Prince Charles broke
down in 1992 and ended in divorce. Charles married his longtime lover
Camilla Parker Bowles last Saturday.

Celebrity Eavesdropping!

Source: Zap2it.com via Google Groups

Paparazzi eavesdrops on Douglases with baby monitors

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Oscar winner Michael Douglas says that the
paparazzi have gone too far, exploiting equipment meant for his
children to eavesdrop on him and his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

"They could turn to the frequency and listen to conversations in the
house with baby monitors," Douglas reveals in a Thursday, June 23
interview with "Access Hollywood." "There is such a selfish bounty
hunter quality about it."

The Hollywood couple has two children together: Dylan, 4, and Carys, 2.

"Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria -- who is co-starring with
Douglas in the upcoming White House thriller "The Sentinel" -- also has
had frightening moments with unscrupulous paparazzi.

"I'm a single woman who lives alone," she says. "So when I come home &
there's people hiding in my bushes, I don't know if it's a rapist, I
don't know if it's murderer, and then it's a paparazzi [sic]."

The paparazzi have been criticized for going to extreme lengths to dig
up dirt or snap photos of celebrities. Recently, "Herbie: Fully Loaded"
star Lindsay Lohan had her car rammed by photographer Galo Ramirez's
minivan, some say deliberately. The young starlet has hired attorneys
to investigate the crash and is considering taking legal action against

Perhaps the most tragic incident occurred in 1997 when Britain's Lady
Diana and her lover Dodi al-Fayed died in a car crash fleeing from
aggressive paparazzi.

April 18, 2006

Katie Holmes Gives Birth; The Hunt Begins

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Tomkitten has arrived. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the public lovebirds dubbed TomKat by the media, had a baby girl Tuesday, said Cruise spokesman Arnold Robinson. The baby, named Suri, weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces and measured 20 inches long, he said.

Suri means "princess" in Hebrew and "my parents are freaks" in English.
Godspeed to those space cadets...

Jolie's security boss gets tough with paparazzi

Angelina Jolie’s long-time bodyguard Mickey Brett has sent a chilling message to the paparazzi that are stalking the actress at her Namibian hideaway.

Hardman Brett is overseeing a huge tarpaulin structure, which will give the pregnant move star the ultimate privacy as she holidays with boyfriend Brad Pitt and their kids, and he has issued a statement explaining he'll personally discipline any snapper who gets too close.

He says: "If I find anyone getting a picture of Jolie I will f**king smash someone to pieces.

"I'm not joking. I'll f**king put someone in the hospital. Tell your friends."

Meanwhile, one photographer who captured shots of Pitt playing with his adopted son Maddox was reportedly doused with pepper spray.
Irish Examiner

April 17, 2006

Variety Is The Spice Of Life at LETTERMAN

Eva Longoria... wears a winter jacket for arrivals, heads into the street to sign for fans during exits.

Jerry Lee Lewis... classic Rock -n- Roll man yells, "We're gonna get 'em tonight!" as the photographers yell "Killer!".

Keri Russell... looking very Felicity-like

Barry Sonnenfeld... cowboy in a suit.

...and a man shot out of a cannon.

Just another day in New York, I guess.

Brangelina and TomKat Face Off with Paparazzi

It's Brangelina vs. the paparazzi -- and both sides mean business.

Even in the idyllic setting of Namibia, Africa, where Brad and Angelina have rented a luxury lodge as they prepare for the birth of their baby, photographers are busy hunting down the perfect shot of the pregnant Jolie, the newly Mohawked Pitt and their adopted kids.

But Brangelina is fighting back by erecting a green barrier to block their property from a public beach. They've also stepped up their security force led by Mickey Brett, Jolie's longtime bodyguard, who has issued this threat peppered with expletives: "If I find anyone getting a picture of Jolie, I will (expletive) smash someone to pieces. I'm not joking, I'll (expletive) put someone in the hospital. Tell your friends."

Despite the threats, resourceful photographers have seemingly managed to sneak onto the heavily guarded property, and trouble has ensued.

Members of Jolie and Pitt's security team pepper-sprayed one photographer who was getting too close to Brad and Maddox. But even after being sprayed, the aggressive shutterbug took a photograph. Sources close to "Extra" say that Pitt reprimanded the security guard for the incident, considering it was right in front of young Maddox.

Sources also tell "Extra" that in order to get a shot of a glowing Angelina holding her daughter Zahara, the paparazzo rented a farmer's field adjacent to the airstrip where the shot was taken, dug a six foot hole and camped out all night. And with a price tag of $1 million for a photo of Brad and Angelina's newborn, things could only get worse.

Brad and Angelina certainly aren't the only super couple dealing with the paparazzi. Katie Holmes faced a flock of photographers at Maxfield, an ultra-exclusive Hollywood store.

So what will the first baby picture worth? And will a photo of Baby TomKat be worth more than a photo of Baby Brangelina?

Us Weekly's Katrina Szish is delivering all the pre-partum particulars. While Brangelina is set to give birth in Africa, Szish told us, "TomKat is much more of a nesting couple. They're most likely giving birth at home, and they really keep to themselves."

Tom's Beverly Hills mansion is now officially Camp Cruise. On the ground and in the air, paparazzi are coming complete with their own lunch truck, forcing Tom's security detail to guard the trash from snoops. So how much could the first baby snapshots fetch?

"I expect it could reach about a million dollars," Szish said. "Brangelina definitely outsells TomKat."

Gary Morgan runs celebrity photo agency Splash News, and he thinks the first pictures of both babies will command that figure. "Two million easy," he said. "There's going to be a lot of photographers doing everything they can to get this one picture."

April 16, 2006

Video: "Stoparazzi"!


April 13, 2006


Source: NewYorkology.com

May 18, 2005
Dean & Deluca: protecting celebs from paparazzi

Just how celebrity friendly is the Dean & Deluca shop on Rockefeller Center?

Well imagine you're Lindsay Lohan, hoping to pop in for a coffee and look-see at the salad bar. As you emerge from your giant black SUV on Monday evening around 5:30 with two friends, you are hounded by two paparazzi. One follows you into the shop, pushing customers out of his way and nearly knocking an ... READ MORE HERE!

April 12, 2006

Paparazzi Aggression At Eva Mendes Event

Jeep Launch- NY Auto Show
Javits Center, 1:30pm

The event was a Jeep launch featuring Eva Mendes christening the new Jeep Patriot with a bottle of champagne.

She came out, did her thing and left (a quick and easy check for her). The photo op was her talking with the Jeep VIP's followed by her throwing a water ballon at the jeep (part of the show).

But afterwards we didn't even get a solo of her in front of the Jeep. We then noticed she was heading towards a mini-van, leaving the Javits center. A few people made a break for the van to get a photo. By the time everyone got to the van, the door was closed.

I made it to the van, got a quick shot and then heard a loud THUD! I turned around to find Ronald on the floor, camera gear all over the ground. He banged up his hand and knee.

The report is that Ronald and Steve were both running to the mini-van, and as they tried to round one of the large concrete planters, the bumped, pushed and Ronald wound up on the floor.

He cracked a filter, broke a lens, dinged up two bodies, and broke his flash and cord.

I think the aggression is getting out of hand...
For a shot of Eva Mendes in a mini-van?

C'mon now....

Famous, Photogenic and Unborn


These are strange times. You're reading a news story about a magazine cover showing a photograph that hasn't been taken of a child who hasn't been born.

As Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie prepare for the birth of their first child, buzz is building in the celebrity media around who will publish the first picture of the baby.

The current cover of New York magazine comments on the hype with a fake paparazzi photo of the couple and their child leaving a hospital.

"EXCLUSIVE: BABY BRANGELINA! FIRST PHOTOS" screams the headline, set in big yellow type that evokes People and other star-obsessed publications.

Below, in little white letters that you must be close to the magazine to read, the cover adds, "COULD FETCH AS MUCH AS $5 MILLION."

A caption in itsy bitsy print explains that the picture is a fantasy: "Brad is an imposter; Angelina is a computer clone. The baby has not yet been born. If the blessed event occurs by the time of publication, let's just pretend this cover never happened."

The cover picture is one of a series shot for the magazine by photographer Alison Jackson. Based in the tabloid epicenter of London, Jackson specializes in working with look-alike models. Her work has appeared in gallery exhibitions and books, and she works with TV shows including NBC's Saturday Night Live.

"We only know celebrities through photography. They wouldn't exist if not for this medium," Jackson says. "I'm showing how that can be manipulated in such an easy fashion."

New York photography director Jody Quon says she first noticed Jackson when she won an International Center of Photography Infinity Award in 2004.

"I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use her," Quon says.

Inside the magazine, more phony photos by Jackson show the family at home, reminiscent of Life's documentary photos of the Kennedy family in the 1960s. The lead photo shows "Angelina" breast-feeding the child, while another picture shows the couple changing the baby's diaper on a bed. In every shot, the "stars" are wearing sunglasses, a visual clue that somehow reminds the viewer that these people are supposed to be famous.

"What I love is the reality check," says Jackson. "You think you're looking at something real and it's not."

The article, by Jason Zengerle, deconstructs celebrity coverage while also indulging in it. Zengerle writes that paparazzi photographers have begun to scope out Pitt and Jolie's apartment in Paris, the city where, according to speculation, the birth will take place in the next few weeks. The article's headline is "Not Since Jesus."

The story goes on to describe the cat-and-mouse game of celebrity vs. photographer. Pitt and Jolie may employ decoys, subterfuge and back-door escapes to shield their child from the flashbulbs. Or, the couple might arrange for a friendly photographer to get the first baby shot in exchange for a "donation" to a favorite charity. Worst case scenario for the paparazzi would be if Pitt and Jolie stage a red-carpet-style photo-op so all photographers get essentially the same baby picture, making all of the photographs of little value.

If – and that's a big if – a photographer manages to snap an exclusive of the couple with their infant, the picture could command a price of $1 million or more. Odds are it would sell to a celebrity weekly magazine hoping for bragging rights and extra newsstand sales.

But until the child is actually born and a photo is actually taken, all the meta-coverage is just a prediction, much like Jackson's cover photo.

As for whether the cover will cause too much confusion, Quon says she thinks the magazine's readers will get it.

"For me, it's almost like performance art," she says. "That was the whole exercise: How far could we push it?"

April 11, 2006

Wild Lions Protecting Angelina Jolie From Paparazzi In Nambia..

Pregnant Hollywood siren Angelina Jolie and boyfriend Brad Pitt have taken refuge in a remote Namibian game lodge where wild lions will help protect them from the media, a Namibian newspaper said on Monday.

The celebrity couple and their two adopted children Maddox and Zahara arrived in the southern African country last week, fuelling media speculation the Oscar-winning actress plans to give birth in Namibia away from the spotlight.

April 6, 2006

TAKE THE LEAD and you'll get screwed

Take The Lead Premiere
Lincoln Center Theater, 7pm
April 4, 2006

Arrivals were set up in a tented area in the shape of an "L". The first shooters had the white of the tent or other photographers as a background; the second set has an actual backdrop.

The only problem with the very first spots is that the talent was VERY close to us, a little too close actually. Plus, PR, security and riff-raff cluttered the carpet throughout the event.

There was also a problem with the list. It seems that a few people were allowed to shoot inside, but at the last moment were told to shoot outside, leaving them stuck without a spot. Philippe tried to recall the list, but that didn't bode to well, and in turn, never happened. So Walter, Brian and a few others got screwed. (Isn't this business great?)

By the way Lotsa, sorry for poking you from behind when Antonio and Melanie arrived. It got a little hectic.

April 2, 2006

Big Brother Is Watching You!

Source: HitRecord.org

It doesn't normally happen that paparazzi photographers pay me any attention when I'm not working. In fact, it only ever happened once (thank god) that I can think of. Luckily I had my video camera on me when it did. A friend and I were just walking down the street in Manhattan when we passed these two photographers who were sitting outside the entrance of some hotel, presumably waiting to photograph somebody who was staying there. I didn't think much of them until, a block or so later, they came running up and started to take my picture. I tried to be nice and politely ask them not to. They were neither nice nor polite. And that's when I remembered I had my camera in my bag. So that's where the movie starts. The only other thing I'll say is (and I had trouble deciding whether or not to be so blunt with my opinion, but here goes) I do believe that the myth of "Celebrity" is not just innocently shallow entertainment, but a powerful and fundamental part of a larger movement revolving around greed, apathy and hierarchy that is currently dragging us down, down, down, lower and scarier, and perhaps weaker than we've ever, ever been. Smile! - Joseph Gordon-Levitt


FYI: Joseph Gordon-Levitt = Tommy Solomon from the TV Series "3rd Rock from the Sun" ....

April 1, 2006

FLAMING LIPS, Curvy Hips and a Blond Ditz

Flaming Lips Concert Benefit for A.F.D.
Bowery Ballroom

PR set up one barricade outside for us, but their was no backdrop... not to mention that security was letting everyone and their mother walk on the carpet. It wasn't pretty, it was late, and everyone was restless. Not to mention the fact that the PR had no tip sheets for us, and weren't very cooperative when it came to info on who was (or wasn't) coming.

Eventually, with some serious pleading, PR let us stand inside... probably because their were only about 7 of us total.

Somewhere around 10:45pm the first talent arrive. Dita Von Teese, Bai Ling, Samantha Cole, Margot Kidder, Tim McGraw, Tori Spelling, Molly Shannon, Joan Allen, Jay-Z, Ray Romano. Ok... so this was an odd array of people.

After being told about "suprise guests" that were coming, we waited a little longer. After midnight... O.J. Simpson, Bjork, Antonio Banderas, Lucy Lui, Lindsay Lohan and Catherine Zeta-Jones show up. Although OJ tried to rush past us, we got him to pose with Tori Spelling.

I guess in the end it worked out... afterwards PR let us stand in the back of the room and watch some of the show.

By the way, Happy A.F.D. (April Fool's Day, ya silly's)