July 31, 2005

Ronald McDonald and Destiny's Child

This post comes to us from Janet.
Thank you for the contribution!

Destiny's Child visits sick children
Ronald McDonald House/ 3pm photo-op
July 30, 2005

I will try to be professional in this post, because I
believe that the PR needs to know how they can prevent
these types of things from happening in the future. I
truly believe that PR meant to give us a good shoot,
however for the second group, this turned out to be an
absolute fiasco. Several points:

1)Random groups: The photogs were split up into two
groups, presumably to shoot in shifts. Sounds good,
only the groups were NOT assigned in order of arrival.
I was approximately No. 10 and ended up in the second
group. For PR, we always line up in order of arrival,
this is the only fair way. It is not fair to flip a
coin and have those arriving last in the first group.

2)First Photo Op: We were promised:
a)that there would be plenty of space
b)both groups would get a photo op.

For the second group of shooters, this was not true at
all. People like Andrea and others refused to leave
when their time was up, preventing the second group
from starting their shoot. By the time we got up
there, Destiny's Child were all over the back of the
room and when Beyonce actually got to an area where we
could shoot, we were practically physically acosted by
security and told DO NOT SHOOT-it's for the kids.
I can certainly appreciate this fact and it's great
that Destiny's Child visited the center, BUT the press
was invited for a photo op.

Why not pose them for 1 minute and then let them
continue to chat with the kids? I don't like to be
made to feel like a criminal when I was invited to

3)Second Photo Op-this changed 3 x-first from two
shifts shooting, second to DC posing briefly, then no
posing, 1 minute of shooting to around 20 seconds of

Again, I can appreciate the fact that these shoots are
variable and subject to the moods and schedules of the
celebs. But in those 20 seconds, DC could have looked
LEFT, RIGHT and CENTER and everyone would have gotten
the shot and walked away happy.

We were promised that we would line up in order of the
list, but again, the second group got totally shafted.
When we arrived upstairs after getting NO SHOTS, all
the spots were taken and 2nd, 3rd row only available
in the corner. We were told "sorry you didn't get your
shots" and then "you have enough shots". Beyonce
didn't look in the corner at all and then PR blocked
the rest of the shots.

The list should have been recalled or at the very
least those 20 seconds could have been used to
everyone's advantage.

I walked away stressed and very agitated with only a
few useless frames.

Something for PR to keep in mind: Photogs get panicky
when they are not getting any shots. If we get a
simple photo op, even for a minute, we generally
behave in a professional fashion. But when chaos
ensues, we become part of that process too, even if we
choose not to.

Extremely disappointing, especially since we were told
in advance this would be a great shoot!

July 30, 2005

DESTINY Packs The Pit

Destiny's Child
Today Show Concert Series
July 29, 2005/ 7am press call

You would think that everyone would be co-operative after all that hugging (if you were there, you'll understand)...

The photo pit was extended and a second set of risers was added this week to accommodate all the extra shooters (34 were on the list).

When the pit was opened, everyone followed the list, and picked their spots in an orderly manner. Unfortunately, after everyone was settled in, security needed to adjust the riser because someone moved it and there were more late photographers that needed to fit in the pit. (I thought cut off was 7:30am?). Everyone got off the riser, moved it, and reclaimed their spots. But, by moving the riser backwards, it became tough to clear the heads of those shooters standing on the ground. There was a lot of people complaining, but you can't please everyone. There were plenty of unobstructed photos opportunities to be had.

And right after their set was over, we managed to get their attention to pose for a group shot. And wouldn't you know it...the SECOND they all got together and looked our way...they were called off the stage. Impeccable timing and a missed op. SO close.....




* See the Stars, Take Their Pictures, Delight the Masses! If you want to make it in the paparazzi game, you gotta have a sharp eye, fast fingers and good luck.



* LISTEN TO: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4697388

- 'Paparazzi': Stalking Celebs with Cameras by Madeleine Brand

Madeleine Brand looks at the history and contemporary controversy over the paparazzi -- photographers who pursue shots of celebrities trying to go about their everyday lives.

Brand talks with photographer Peter Howe, author of the new book Paparazzi, and rides along with paparazzo Ben Evenstad as he stalks his prey for the day: actress Mira Sorvino.

July 29, 2005


JULY 29, 2005

At fete, photog shoots & Murray snaps

Bill Murray should be careful what he wishes for.

Heading into the premiere of his movie "Broken Flowers" Wednesday night, a German TV reporter asked him for his worst paparazzi moment.

"It's probably still to come," the "Lost in Translation" star said. "I've got that to look forward to."

He didn't have to wait long.

Later, at the Maritime Hotel party attended by director Jim Jarmusch, Jessica Lange, Ethan Hawke, Zoe Saldana and Ingrid Sischy, Murray was startled when a photographer took his picture.

The lensman, who regularly shoots for party host Interview magazine, apparently hadn't heard that Murray didn't want to be bothered at the bash.

Showing none of the Zen-like patience of his character in "Flowers," Murray jumped over a table to chase down and chew out the hapless snapper. No doubt fearing that Murray would administer the sort of noogies he used to inflict on "Saturday Night Live" co-star Gilda Radner, the photog quickly apologized. But it wasn't long before Murray left the party. .......... (continued at http://www.nydailynews.com/news/gossip/story/332565p-284148c.html )

Destiny's Child at Ronald McDonald House-7/30

From NikonDeb

Just got off the phone with the PR people regarding tomorrow's event. They are running this event the way events should be. They are asking for the photographers to arrive no more than an hour before hand. They want our day to be pleasant and for everyone to get the photos we need/want.

There will be 2 shifts, with 2 different photo ops. When one group is setting up for one shot, the other group will be shooting. Then we will shift. Then for photo op #2 we do the same thing.The room is large, like an "L-shaped living room" and there will be ropes set up and the photographers can roam around the ropes shooting. We will have approx. 10 minutes at each area. I was told there is "plenty of room" unlike other events there. This is one Media Company (MWW Group) that sounds like they know what they are doing!

July 28, 2005

Scarlett Sees Red

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson says overzealous paparazzi should be arrested and prosecuted as stalkers.

Johansson spends plenty of time running from the bad guys in her new science-fiction film The Island, but the 20-year-old actress is tired of running away from the paparazzi in real life.

The paparazzi are stalkers, she says. It's that simple.

Catch the rest of the article HERE.

July 27, 2005


Broken Flowers Premiere
Chelsea West Theaters
July 27, 2005/ 7pm screening

Nor rain, nor heat, nor lack of talent shall kept these shooters from producing lackluster photographs of B-list celebrities...

Go ahead KCD and tease us... let me rephrase that...torture us.
Are you aware that the temperature is 95+, heat index 110+?
Can you hear the thunder from the storm clouds over head?
Do you see the 30+ photographers, huddled under a tree, in the rain?
Do you remember putting the names 'Kirsten Dunst, Sofia Coppola, Anne Hathaway' on the ENC tip sheet?
Do you receive some secret twisted pleasure by NOT having this talent on the "Revised" press list handed out at the event? (That's a dumb question, of course you do!)
Oh sorry...Sofia Coppola showed up, but quietly refused to walk the carpet. How nice.
At least Bill Murray was his usual self, he waved and moved on. Classic Bill.
And what's a premiere without Sylvia Miles....
I would cry...but I'm too dehydrated.

July 26, 2005

Dealing With The Paparazzi...Hilton Style

On tonight's "I Want To Be A Hilton"...

Team Park and Madison have been dissolved and it's everyone for themselves. The contestants are bombarded by paparazzi on their way to lunch with Kathy Hilton at the world famous Palm restaurant. Mrs. Hilton explains that living in the spotlight means dealing with the press, which is something her family knows all too well. The contestants receive tips from real paparazzi and publicists on how to handle the press and later that night, they think they're headed to a party when actually they face a press conference and their newly acquired skills are put to the test.

July 25, 2005

Photographer convicted in Cameron Diaz Topless Snaps Case

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - A photographer accused of trying to blackmail Hollywood star Cameron Diaz over topless pictures he took of her before she was famous was convicted of forgery, attempted grand theft and perjury.

Read it here on Yahoo News AFP
Proposed Law Chases After Paparazzi

Assemblywoman Cindy Montanez, D-San Fernando, who is working on AB 381, would hit paparazzi in the pocketbooks -- allowing celebrities who are assaulted or intimidated by paparazzi to sue for the amount the photographer is paid for the photo, plus damages.

Read the article on the Los Angeles Daily News website.

July 23, 2005

ELVIS Sighting...

Elvis Costello & Emmylou Harris
TODAY SHOW/Rockefeller Center Studios
July 22, 2005

It looks like the Today Show is trying new things in the photo area. The riser has been moved forward, allowing for only one row of photogs to shoot on the front barricade, and no walking room behind. It makes for closer shooting conditions, and you can physically feel the body heat from everyone. And with the way the humidity has been lately, it gets hot really quick.

Aside from that, Elvis and Emmylou were VERY gracious for the press. The stood just a few feet from the photo pit and posed up a storm, posed on the stage together, then greeted almost every fan their. Good show!

July 21, 2005

Stars Beg 'Don't Shoot' To Armies Of Paparazzi

By Donna Freydkin and William Keck, USA TODAY

On one side, superstars say they can't leave their homes without being chased by paparazzi clamoring for that money shot. On the other, photographers say the well-compensated celebrities are fair game. The two couldn't be further apart, yet they have to coexist.

You can find the article on USA TODAY.

July 19, 2005

The City Heats Up...

With a heat index of 100+ degrees, what better a day to jam full with events. And all over the city, none the less.

Billy Bob Thorton and the Bad New Bears play baseball in Harlem....
Jermaine Dupri's "Young, Fly & Flashy" Record Release Party at Scores West…
Gus Van Zant's "Last Days"
New York City Premiere…
Thalia's "El Sexto Sentido" CD Release Party at Kmart…
Magician Chris Angel finishes his ‘Oasis’ illusion in Bryant Park…
Elvis Costello at Summerstage…
Nicole Kidman is filming 'Fur' in the city...
Plus tons of private ‘rooftop’ parties all over…

Lindsay Lohan Loves Paparazzi

This article was found on FemaleFirst.

Lindsay Lohan loves being stalked by the paparazzi - because she finds it flattering. .

The sexy teen actress claims she doesn't mind being constantly pursued by shutterbugs wherever she goes because it means people are interested in her life.

She said : "In a way, it's cool that people want to know aboutBut in another, it's weird because they don't get the full story about me me" .

Last month, Lohan narrowly escaped serious injury after her car was hit by a photographer in a high-speed chase.

The 'Mean Girls' actress was driving away from a Beverly Hills restaurant when snapper Galo Ramirez smashed into the driver's side of her Mercedes car - ripping the door open.

The Heat Is Bad News Un-Bearable

Bad News Bears premiere
Ziegfeld Theater, 7pm premiere
July, 18, 2005

Ok...A high of 99 degrees and 85% humidity...now add 40+ photographers, and then more video, all stuck under a tent with no breeze....Welcome to summer in NYC.

Tempers were under control, although outbursts did occur. Photogs were stacked two rows deep around the entire perimeter of the arrival pen. By the finish of the premiere (pardon the following) everyone was a glistening, sweating mess.

A school bus full of the kids from the movie arrives. All 15+ pose on the rug at the same time...ugly shot. Harding was in nice fashion. And Billy Bob Thorton (with guest)....dark sunglasses the whole carpet (so much for headshots). Lots of B-list celebs.

July 17, 2005

Eye vs. Eye: Inside the Photo Wars

This much the stars and the paparazzi can agree on: The streets of Los Angeles have become a battleground. But just who is at war is an unsettled question.

Read the article on the NY TIMES website.

You will need to login to view the article, but it's free to register.

You can also use these to sign in:
password: pidmeoff1234

Bill Focuses On Paparazzi

A California politician wants to punish pushy photographers and protect celebrities.

Read the article HERE.

July 15, 2005



Ali G attacks!
Brit comic dishes it out - but can't take it
Ali G reaches out to choke photographer as fiancée Isla Fisher - who has no idea what's about to happen - smiles for camera.
-->British comic Ali G has made a career out of mercilessly razzing anyone and everyone.
But here's the proof that the "can't you take a joke?" funnyman - whose real name is Sacha Baron Cohen - is too thin-skinned for his own good.
Ali G tried to throttle Daily News photographer Richard Corkery when the veteran lensman tried to snap a photo of him and his fiancée, Isla Fisher, at the premiere party for her new film, "Wedding Crashers."
The Australian-bred Fisher smiled as Corkery lined up his shot inside the immaculately planned wedding-themed party at Cipriani 42 near Grand Central Terminal on Wednesday night.
But Ali G, 34, who regularly rips Jews, Christians, rappers and others on his HBO show, was captured on film reaching out to choke Corkery with a one-handed martial arts-style hold.
"All of a sudden, Ali G came racing up and his hand went up on Dick's throat, neck, his windpipe," said stunned New York Times reporter Paula Schwartz. "It was scary to me."
The 6-foot-3 Ali G held onto Corkery's neck and warned him not to take his photo without asking. He eventually let go of the photographer, who has not decided whether to press criminal charges.
"It was shocking," said Corkery, who has been shooting celebrities for more than 25 years. "You just don't expect that someone would grab your throat."
Through his spokesman, Ali G insisted that he merely tried to object to Corkery's taking his photo in what he thought was a private area of the party.
"He did not put a hand on Dick," said the spokesman, Matt LaBove. "He put his hand in front of the camera but did not touch him." * Originally published on July 15, 2005

Hugh Grant Mows Down Paparazzi Snapper

POSTED AT: http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/celebrity/50532004.htm

Hugh Grant Mows Down Paparazzi Snapper - July 15, 2005, 6:50:52

Movie star HUGH GRANT has escaped a new legal spat after running over an over- eager photographer after dining out with girlfriend JEMIMA KHAN.
The British actor hit the snapper as he left trendy restaurant MR CHOW in Hollywood on Wednesday night (13JUL05). The paparazzi, who wasn't injured, has decided not to press charges.

The Vote Is In....

With a total of 57 photographers participating, and collecting ballots from July 6-14, 2005 the results are:

Two Hour Break--------- 8 votes/ 14%
Four Hour Break-------- 30 votes/ 53%
No Breaks--------------- 19 votes/ 33%

I belive the next step is to have a run off between the [No Breaks] and [Four Hour Break] choices.

To pass an ammendmet to the US Constitution, a three quarter (3/4) vote is necessary (Article V). WE THE PEOPLE have used the US Constitution since 1791, I think that it's a good place to start. And if we can't get the 3/4 vote? The current two hour system will remain.

We should make sure we hammer out all the specifics for both plans so their is no confusion.

I started another discussion group to finalize ideas.

You can find it here: FINALIZE THE VOTE.

July 14, 2005

Cameron Diaz vs Paparazzi

A photographer who took topless pictures with beautiful actress Cameron Diaz in her early days of career, is being sued for what prosecutors said was an attempt to blackmail her for more than $3 million.

Read the article here.


Wedding Crashers Premiere
Ziegfeld Theater
7pm screening

There will be at least two distinct views on how things were run at this event. If you were at the first position on the carpet, things went moderately well. If you were at the end of the carpet...that's another story.

It's going to be bad if the HEAD OF PR announces,"If you don't like the set up, then LEAVE!". This set the tone for the entire event. Here's how it progressed.....

The PR placed A-List photographers, then video, followed by print journalists. All this was done at a leisurely pace, spread out over more space than they needed. Now it's time to place the B-List/Agency Shooters.

The initial plan was to place all the shooters (40+) behind 3 barricades. Because of the tent wall, anything more than two rows was impossible. This space barely held the first 20 photogs. And to add insult to injury, PR is yelling at the shooters to get off the carpet and get in the pen, which now degrades the integrity of the list. Very chaotic...

A second pen was then opened up for the rest of the shooters, which everyone bumrushes. No order, every man/woman for themselves. All the "B-List" photographers were treated in an unacceptable manner by both security and PR, which in turn, caused this situation.

July 13, 2005

When is enough, ENOUGH ? Let's draw the line !!

As all of you probably noticed, pretty much ever since this past spring, our work conditions at premieres have been getting worst and worst, day in and day out at every single one of them...

Something's happening and if we're not addressing it very soon and very strongly, we may end up being out of jobs sooner than we all planned for...
It seems that the whole "paparrazzo bubble" just spilled over to us and we are now being treated as the scum of the universe when we have nothing to do with paparrazzi.
Apparently photographers trashing and disrepecting seems to be the new trend, we're being disrespected as human beings, we're being disrespected as workers, we're being disrespected and trashed, period.

And I don't know for you guys, but I've just about had it. I'm not some kind of freak monster lurking for celebrity blood, I'm just a human being that happens to take pictures of WILLING celebrities for a living.

NYC's Event Photographer's proposed pledge :

I do not like being lied to my face and then called a liar when I try to set the record straight,
I do not like to be considered like some sort of disease that has to be eradicated,
I do not like the stress level any given premiere generates when it should all run smoothly,
I do not like to have to fight and misbehave to get a picture because of someone else's incompetence,
I do not enjoy screaming and pushing and shoving, if I did I'd play football,
I'd like to be listened to when I have something important and constructive / helpful to say to a PR,
I'd like to be able to cooperate and work together with PR's,
I'd like to be considered as a human being and treated accordingly,
I'd like to take nice pictures in an easy and agreable environment,
I'd like to make a living doing so,
I'd like...

Most publiscists we deal with are INCOMPETENT star f#@%$& fresh out of school with lukewarm water between the ears and no clue whatsoever of what decent working conditions for photographers mean...
So it seems we ought to put down in writing for their education what we need and what this business is about, how a premiere is supposed to be handled and what their job description implies.

Premieres are running smooth and easy in LA on a way more busy agenda than New York and still everything seems to be figured out and nicely oiled out there, so why can't we just have the same ease in our work as our LA fellows ?

Some of us have been talking about it, but talking is not going to do us any good, as a French comedian once said :
"One intellectual sitting will always but outrun by 2 walking assholes", or something like that...

We have to put together a letter to be sent to all studios and PR firms clearly explaining our business and our needs so we know for sure that they finally have a clue as to what to do with us.
Alongside that letter we have to get organized in such way that will allow us, after an outrageous display of incompetence (like tonight), to actually take action by sending a formal complaint letters to the head of publicity of the studio (with copy to the CEO if need be).
And last but not least, we ought to start using our power toward making sure we're being treated properly and are given decent work conditions, for example by going to the press (newspapers & mags) and TV to let it be known on a much wider scale than our little red carpets and blogs...

They don't care about us ?
Well let's MAKE them care !!


A movie premiere has two purposes :
- Screening the movie to the press and industry patrons
- Promoting the movie towards the press (and in the making getting millions of dollars worth of free advertising)

Fact : Studios and publicists are not doing us any favor by having us at a movie premiere, they NEED us both for the whole show of the red carpet AND most importantly for all the pictures we're going to send out to the magazines.

This reality got twisted around somehow along the way and it's to a point now where we should be grateful and kissing PR's feet for the mere fact that they allow us to do our jobs !!!!
How did that happen ?

We have to let the PR's know that if pictures are in huge numbers in the magazines every week, it is because we are out there every day shooting them, not by some divine intervention !!
And alongside this obvious statement, we have to make another point : the better the shooting conditons, the nicer the pictures...

We make a living taking pictures of celebrities and while doing so, we offer to the studios and publicists millions of dollars worth of free advertising and do we get any thanks for that ?
Nope, we get grim faces, abusive treatment and continuous trashing.


It appears that we will need in order to achieve something to get some sort of organization going to give us legitimacy as a group and weight in our point-making attempts.

Apparently the union structure is not possible for legal matters touching to our free lancing status...
So be it, we can incorporate ourselves, associate ourselves, whatever ourselves as long as it is legally acknowledged and give us power to take actions as a group.

Once we have that structure to work with, we have the power to pressure and negotiate, to be heard and respected by any means necessary...

We can from that point on, let it be known that we are now a group and that if you f@#% with one of us, you f@#$ with all of us and this will have CONSEQUENCES for you...


Our first step as an organization of NY's Event Photographers is to introduce our "association" to :
- all PR firms and publicists we work with on a regular basis
- all press outlets we syndicate our pictures to in the US
- all TV networks, both local and national

Then we send out a "Guidelines to Nice and Easy Photo Ops" letter with detailled pointers, tips and advices :
- a photographer fully equipped and ready to work is about 3 to 4 feet wide, plan your space accordingly
- no photographer can take decent pictures from a third row position, plan your space accordingly
- 50+ photographers need a certain amount of time to fill in a photo pen, plan your check-in time accordingly
- black, white and reflective backdrops are reducing your chances of placement, grey and pale primary colors are always better
- photographers carry a lot of high voltage equipment, if the weather is uncertain, plan ahead for a big enough tent
- lights usually help and are most of the time welcomed by photographers
- barricades are always better than ropes
- closed press pits are better as they allow us to safely let our equipment out of our sight while shooting
- celebrities should be posing with as few "background noise" as possible
- nobody needs to idle on the carpet once arrivals have started
- celebrities are used to the red carpet step and repeat routine, they do not need a publicist to walk them through a photo line
- publicists and managers should stay out of the way when celebrities are posing
- if flashes are still going off please do not grab the celebrity, it's ruining the picture
- 30 full and real seconds of posing with rotating eye contact to as many photographers as possible, repeated x times down the carpet is all we need to get our shots
- in most cases, it comes down to a 3 minutes per celebrity photo op IF the posing is done and timed properly
- and so on and so forth...

This list is just an incentive, you're of course all welcome to chip in and add to it, I most definitely forgot a whole lot of pointers in there...


Once these first 3 steps are behind us, then we can begin to actively lobby and fight for our rights to decent work conditions...

If, at any given event / premiere we witness serious disregard of any of our guidelines, we fire a letter / fax the very next day to the CEO and/or head of publicity of the studio/PR firm clearly stating what was wrong and what issues were not solved properly and ask for actions to be taken in order to assure this does not happen again.

If the letters are not enough and we still encounter the same troubles at following events, we take action either :
- on location by boycotting the event, demonstrating, whatever's appropriate and apt to make our point heard and taken...
- afterwards by going to the local and / or national press and issuing a statement to be printed / broadcasted

We'll have to lobby also towards our other press colleagues of print and TV to make sure that if we need to be heard on a point, we can count on them to back us up and give us a hand in the process.

If we really want to affirm our power and define a new set of rules for ourselves, we have to keep in mind that we'll most likely have to go to some extreme measures every once in a while, like :
- not shooting an event and making sure us not shooting makes the news instead of the event itself
- buying advertising space in key newspapers / magazine to issue statements towards studios / PR's
- law suits towards PR / Security with as much media coverage as possible

hopefully we won't have to go to these extreme situations, but if worst comes to worst, we have to be prepared to go all the way, to take a stand and force the change.

I know all of this sounds really good on a blog yet seems almost unachievable in real life, but my guess is, if we really start to get into it and do it one step at a time with cleverness and good timing, we can really achieve something here and finally be treated as human beings and with the respect any woman or man gets in any other line of work / business.

This is a first step, everyone's very welcome to contribute, add, moderate, advise, etc, etc, etc...
Let's get this ball rolling and see how far we can go and how much better our lives can be ;-)



Happy Endings premiere
Chelsea West Theaters
7:30pm premiere

Did evryone notice how well things ran at this premiere? That was due to the PR woman Janice Roland. She really knew how to do things. When security was going to shorten the pit by one barricade, she was right there to tell them to extend it. Hands on. Well done. Kudos to Janice.

And once things were settled with Janice, the pit and the list...things ran quite smoothly. No major problems.....everyone had time to shoot and talent was cooperative.

I tell you folks...if we can get PR to be as responsive and calm as Janice, I honestly think every premiere would be a smooth ride.

New Bill Aimed At Punishing Paparazzi

A new bill aimed at punishing paparazzi who threaten or assault celebrities gets its first hearing today in Sacramento. The bill follows an incident in May, in which a photographer allegedly crashed into actress Lindsay Lohan's car, in Los Angeles.

The proposed law would make a member of the paparazzi subject to civil damages, when an assault is committed during the pursuit of a photograph.

July 12, 2005

Paparazzi: Photo Journalists or Unwanted Lensmen?

This article was found on Journalist.net

Paparazzi's are cursed at, knocked down and have objects thrown at them. Yet the demand for the photos they shoot is stronger than ever. Is there a creative side to the life of paparazzi, or are they just a bunch of credentialed photographers who shoot at premiers? Do they have a social responsibility or are they going too far in their effort to capture that exclusive moment?

More and more Paparazzi's are being blamed for pushing the limit to get that ‘money shot’. Recently a photographer crashed his car into Lindsay Lohan’s Mercedes. There have been allegations that paparazzi engage in criminal conspiracy to land photos of stars in distress. Many fear another tragedy like the Paris car accident that killed Princess Diana in 1997.

Veteran paparazzi are quick to note that while many actors outwardly scorn them, they also know they cannot achieve or sustain fame without paparazzi photos in the press. They also claim that elite paparazzi do not engage in the chases and it’s the stupid paps, the grunts of the profession who try to run a star off the road.

Tempers Flare At THE ISLAND

7:30pm screening
Ziegfeld Theater

Photographers were split into two different pits: One at the beginning of the carpet and another after video towards the entrance of the theater. This lead to confusion among our colleagues, as this distinction was not clearly announced by the list caller. Then, once everyone was in their spot, more space (about 4 more spots) was made available. Photographers high on the list demanded a recall, confusion set in, the list was not recalled and photogs took things into their own hands.

The second area towards the theater got screwed, to put it politely. Scarlett Johansson finished with video then posed with Michael bay for the second group. She did some brief fashions then head into the theater. PR promised "she will be right back". Um....Wrong. She never returned to pose fully for the second crew.

July 10, 2005

Proposed Revision Of The List

These are the choices up for the vote. Please use the previous post as a guideline.

2 HOUR BREAK: Present system remains unchanged.

4 HOUR BREAK: Amendments to the current rules:

3. Photographers are allowed a four hour break while they wait for the premiere/event to start. These four hours may be taken in whole, or in accumulative parts, and must check in and out with whom ever is currently holding the list as they use their time.

4. All annexes will be eliminated. (Any time away from the theater is subtracted from the allotted four hour break)

5. Once a photographers four hour break has expired, that photographer will be placed at the bottom of the list, forfeiting any prior position.

NO BREAKS: Amendments to the current rules:

3. All photographers must remain at the theater and must be accounted for. Time will be allowed for bathroom breaks and lunch. (proposed time: 30-60 minutes)

4. All annexes will be eliminated.

5. Any photographer that is unaccounted for will be placed at the bottom of the list upon their return.

These are the choices up for the vote. Please use the previous post as a guideline.

Current Rules Of The List


1. All photographers that wish to cover red carpet arrivals MUST have valid New York City Press Pass issued by the NYPD or be on the PR’s approved list. This will be enforced by security, police and DCPI. Credentials should be checked at the time of check-in.

2. Placement on the red carpet is on a first come- first serve basis.
The first photographer to arrive at the theater/event starts a list of photographer arrivals. The best method for this is to assign a number to the photographer for reference.

3. Photographers are allowed a two hour break while they wait for the premiere/event to start. These two hours may be taken in whole, or in accumulative parts, and must check in and out with whom ever is currently holding the list as they use their time.

4. Time will not be subtracted from a photographers 2 hour break if it is spent in a group approved annex.

5. Once a photographers two hour break has expired, he/she will be downgraded 2 spots every 15 minutes thereafter. After 1 hour (3 hour total) the photographer will be placed at the end of the list and will forfeit his/her prior position on the list.

6. No one is allowed to reserve a spot for another photographer.

7. No one is allowed to place a photographers name on the list if he/she isn’t present.

8. Photographers are expected back at the theater ½ hour prior to press check in time.
If there is space and time, photographers should line up according to their assigned number.
The keeper of the list should announce the list (name and number) loudly and clearly at the entry to the press area.

9. Once a photographers name is called, the photographer then ‘claims’ his/her spot on the carpet. After a position is claimed, the next photographer enters the pit to claim their position. At this time the photographer should remain in their claimed spot so that the following photographers know what space is still available. This continues until the entire list has been called and all photographers have been placed.

10. Any photographers that arrive after the list has been called will be relegated to whatever positions are still available.

July 8, 2005

Holmes Prepared For Paparazzi

KATIE HOLMES is adamant the paparazzi will never photograph her in unflattering clothes, because she always dresses appropriately before leaving home.

Since she began dating Tom Cruise in April (05), Holmes has become one of the paparazzi's most sought-after stars - and she is ready for the attention.

Holmes says, "I've learnt that I have to put cute sweats on when I go to Starbucks, but the pressure can be positive."

08/07/2005 01:48

July 7, 2005

Mornings Shows Cancelled

Due to the bombings in London this morning, both Friday morning concert series (Good Morning America & The Today Show) are cancelled tomorrow, July 8.

About The Vote

To everyone that was at the Fantastic 4 premiere and voted....Thank you.

I think that it is only fair that we hold off on the full tally until next Friday, July 15. A total of 38 vote were collected yesterday, and I think there should be at least 50+ votes to before we arrive at a conclusion. Next week there are a few more premieres where votes can be collected from absent shooters.

There were 2 photographers that complained that there was no forum of discussion about this vote. If there were any points that were not covered that you wish to discuss, please do so HERE.
Was there anything that was not on the ballot that should have been? Were the choices unclear?
Everyone was handed an outline of the current and proposed "Rules of the List". Please review them and discuss if necessary.

Paparazzi Act As Barometer For Stars' Careers

They're cursed at, knocked down and have objects thrown at them. They're loathed by their subjects. Yet the demand for the photos they shoot is stronger than ever.

Welcome to the world of the paparazzi.

Read the article HERE.

Not So FANTASTIC For Hundreds of Tired, Poor

Liberty Island
5pm press call

The premiere was slated for a 5:30pm start. Then when we get to the check in, we're told 7pm arrival. (We should have known something was up when they let EVERY photographer get on the ferry to shoot.)
So....well over 200 photographers/video/reporters board onto a 6pm ferry to Liberty Island.
Oh yea....there's a torrential downpour that occurs as we depart the ferry on the island. We are now 'held' on the dock until the storm passes. 6:15pm...6:45pm....7:15pm ...(aren't arrivals supposed to have started?)

When the rain subsides, we are moved to the tourist cafeteria and given a free meal (an evil ploy to make us full and tired so we can't complain...I swear by it!) By the way, the only food they served that was not fried was the water.

FINALLY...after about 40 minutes we are lead to the press area... where all hell breaks loose. There was enough space provided for at least 40 front row spots, and what happend? People complained! (Give them an inch...) The A-list is placed in the photo pen first, B-list 'tries' to call the list but some photogs start moving barricades around. After we place 45+ shooters, the park security move the barricades back to their original position. The list must now be recalled. photogs refuse to move for the recall, sneaks weasel into spots, it's 85% humidity and hot, we've been on this godforsaken island for 3 1/2 hours AND STILL HAVEN'T TAKEN A PICTURE!

The talent arrives and poses nicely for everyone. So...one would think you could leave on the next ferry back to Manhattan....WRONG. All the stills have to wait for video to finish, at which point ALL the media have to leave at once on the 9:15 ferry.

It's now 10:30pm and we finally board the ferry. And sit there. And wait. Now everyone notices hundreds of the guests heading for the boat. Why? The projector broke and only 5 minutes of the movie was shown. So now we have to wait for everyone to load onto the ferry. The media didn't arrive back on Manhattan until 11:15pm....for a "5:30pm" premiere.

July 5, 2005

I found Front Page !!!! I did !!!!

I swear I did, here it is :


It does exist !!!

Only problem is I never found any of Mitch's pictures in there... and it seems heavily "oriented" to say the least...

But it exists ;-)

Just felt like sharing a joke with you guys ;-)


The general consensus if for a vote for change about the way the "List" is handled.
Tomorrow (Wednesday, July 6) is the Fantastic Four premiere. Since most of the photographers will probably be at this premiere, I believe a vote is in order.

The issues on the ballot are:

2 hour break- current way

4 hour break- same as 2 hour, with 4 hour break instead. Annexes are eliminated.

No breaks- you remain the entire time at the theater. 15-30 minutes allowed for bathroom and snacks.

Two list system- Two lists are kept. All decisions as to which list you want are final.
All Day list (AD)- You remain at the theater all day. Small breaks for lunch and bathroom. Cut off time for list is 2pm.
Touch and Go list (TAG)- Check in anytime, can leave theater until 1/2 hour before PRESS CHECK-IN. Any arrivals after 2pm are automatically placed at the bottom of the TAG list. You cannot advance/decrease on this list.
TAG is added to the end of the AD to create line up order.

I think this is an accurate representation of what has been discussed in the TWO -vs- FOUR HOUR BREAK forum. If you wish to add to this post, please do so on the discussion forum.

A list with all options discussed will be handed out for review at the premiere. A vote should be taken immediately before the premiere. All votes will be on an anonymous ballot. Names will be taken for proof of vote only. Anyone not at the premiere will be emailed this info for a vote.
Results will be posted and emailed to all on Friday, July 8, 2005. This should allow for absentee voters to be informed and counted.




Nikon has today posted an update for its image management, edit and design software program PictureProject. Version 1.5.2 corrects a problem that prevented proper display of layouts as well as several problems that occurred with CD and DVD burning............





If you are currently using Nikon View, you will need to use the Windows "Add/Remove Programs" to uninstall Nikon View before installing PictureProject as both applications cannot be installed at the same time. Please read and understand the below notes before proceeding with the installation of Picture Project. If you are using an earlier version of PictureProject this installer will update to the latest 1.1 version.

July 3, 2005


Actress Jennifer Aniston has urged the paparazzi to stop following her in her private time - because she's never sure if she's being stalked by a photographer or a crazy, armed fan.

Read the article HERE.

July 2, 2005

Perhaps I'm the only one

interested in this, but im wondering what anyone thinks
about it, if anything...

go here

July 1, 2005

Paparazzi Profits Could Dip If Lawmakers Get Their Way

California bill proposes loss of compensation for shots that put celebrities in danger.

The bill, AB 381, would not only open photographers to civil damages if they assault a star while hunting for a money shot, it would also force them to give up any compensation for the shots, which can sometimes draw paydays of several hundred thousand dollars from the tabloid press, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Read the whole article HERE.