April 30, 2007

Getty Images to acquire ABACA Press?

Acquiring additional revenues as strategy to grow in economically more promising areas: sources indicate that Getty Images has acquired french photo agency ABACA Press and its US subsidiary Abaca Press Americas.

It is said that the contracts were signed on Friday last week.

ABACA Press, with offices in New York and Paris, is best known for its entertainment, celebrity, news, portrait and sports photos, just like MediaVast and its brands.

Abaca US says it has about 400,000 images in its database. Some of these images are also available through the Digital Railroad platform which in all likelihood will lose this customer after Getty´s (rumored) acquisition.


My information needs to be corrected. I picked this story up off the StockPhotoTalk website.

But, I have just been in contact with Nick (ZeFrenchiePhotog), and he says things are 'talk only' and nothing has been signed.

I apologize for the misinformation.

April 27, 2007

Diaz runs screaming from paparazzi

Cameron Diaz ran screaming from paparazzi after they caught her off guard while shopping.

The Holiday star was enjoying some retail therapy in New York fashion and lifestyle emporium Lounge when a group of photographers snuck in the rear entrance and surrounded her.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: "She was enjoying a peaceful day of shopping for some new summer dresses, jewellery and shoes when they surrounded her.

"Cameron totally freaked out, screamed and dropped the items she was going to buy and was chased through the store. She was running full speed."

The 34-year-old actress has always had a troubled relationship with the paparazzi.

She and ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake reached an out of court settlement with photographer Saul Lazo after he claimed they had harassed him. Cameron allegedly beat and threatened him and took his camera when he tried to take photographs of them.

The Shrek 3 star was also blackmailed by a professional photographer who took topless pictures of her when she was just 19 and threatened to make them public if she did not pay him over $US3 million.

John Rutter was convicted by a Los Angeles court of attempting to blackmail Cameron and sentenced to over three years in jail.



Happy to be in New York.

Let's hear it for New York. Kate Winslet and the husband, director Sam Mendes, and their little daughter are happy to be amongst us. Says the little mother: "London is sick. The photographers are freaky. They hide in trees. Here they're not just paparazzi. They're also human beings. In New York, people leave you alone."

April 26, 2007

Hugh Grant arrested over doorstep clash with photographer

Hugh Grant has been arrested after allegedly hurling a tub of baked beans at a photographer.

He also reportedly kicked Ian Whittaker, and, according to the photographer, said he wished his children would die of cancer. Grant's lawyers, however, have refuted that any such comments were made by the actor.

Grant — who has been arrested before, when caught with prostitute Divine Brown in America — was taken to a police station last night for questioning over the alleged assault.

The arrest followed a clash with the freelance paparazzi photographer outside Grant's Chelsea home on Tuesday morning.

Mr Whittaker said he had turned up to take pictures of the actor's former girlfriend Liz Hurley, who lives in the same street. When Grant, 46, arrived in his car he asked him to smile as he took his picture.

The film star allegedly snapped, swearing at Mr Whittaker, 43, and reportedly kicking him three or four times. Then, as Grant entered his house, he allegedly turned and threw a plastic container of baked beans at him.

The actor, who split from his girlfriend Jemima Khan in February, allegedly then said: “Do you know who I am? I'm a millionaire,” and screamed “Leave me alone.”

Mr Whittaker told a tabloid newspaper: “I said Give us a smile please' and he looked really angry.

“I walked backwards and he walked after me. He was effing and blinding at me. He kicked me hard three or four times then kneed me in the groin.

“He asked if I had a girlfriend or kids and I said I had two. He said I hope they die of f**king cancer'. I'm determined to see this through to the end because of what he said.”

Police were called to the incident and last night Kensington detectives returned to the actor's home to arrest him and take him for questioning.

Grant had his fingerprints taken and provided a DNA sample. His other arrest was in Los Angeles 1995, when Grant was fined £1,000 for the Divine Brown incident.

Scotland Yard could not confirm the names of those involved on Tuesday, but said they were investigating an allegation of assault in Chelsea.

A spokeswoman added: “A 46- year-old man was arrested and has been bailed to a date next month.

Britney's been tipping off the paparazzi!

It seems that pop star Britney Spears is anxious to exhibit her post rehab transformed body.

The 'Toxic' singer is apparently informing the paparazzi in advance, before going for her daily tasks.

"Britney has been tipping off the paparazzi agencies before she heads out for her daily errands. She has been doing it for the past couple of weeks," the Mirror quoted a source, as saying.

Lately, Britney has been looking good, and has regained her previously slender shape.

According to the source, Spears has even managed to employ a political message into the coverage.

"She's also been posing for video paparazzi, hence her recent video rant [on X17online.com] against her management," the source said.

However, Britney's rep has denied any direct contact between the singer and the paparazzi.

Hugh Bastard! Grant Flips Out on Photog

Hugh Grant was caught taking out his aggression by doing his best Woody Harrelson impression on Tuesday.
Hugh Grant
Apparently fed up with photographers documenting his every move, the 46-year-old British actor threw an unidentified object and unleashed his stellar kicking skills on one of the paps outside his London home. Not exactly the best way to stop your photo from being taken!

We all know that being a celeb can be tough, but next time, Hugh should try demonstrating some better sense and sensibility.

April 25, 2007




I hope that the Vanity Fair party isn't a precursor of things to came.

It was lame. Really lame. I think it was the worst yet. When the biggest names to show up are the local B-Lister's that we get every year for this party, thing are going to be bad.

So... that's why Vanity Fair didn't release a tip sheet. There was no one to announce!

I remember a time when Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie and the Olsen's would show up.

It's all a distant memory now.... fading...fading....

Scarlett Johansson Fall Down Go Boom

Scarlett Johansson might think she's clever, what with the way she's been ruining the pictures taken of her by the paparazzi, but she didn't look so clever after landing on her ass.

TMZ reports that Scarlett Johansson took a tumble outside the Saturday Night Live after party while trying to hide from the paparazzi. Scarlett tried to run to her car with a coat over her head, but while that meant the paparazzi couldn't see her face, it also meant she couldn't see where the hell she was going.

Catch the video HERE.

April 20, 2007

Could a Paparazzi Site Play a Role in Alec Baldwin's Custody Battle?

Celeb gossip site, TMZ.com, has uploaded an alleged voicemail Alec Baldwin left with his 11-year-old daughter Ireland.

After Ireland didn't answer her father's scheduled morning phone call from New York on April 11, Alec left her a nasty message.

Highlights from the tirade include:
"Once again, I have made an ass of myself trying to get to a phone."
"You have insulted me for the last time."
"I don't give a damn that you're 12-years-old or 11-years-old, or a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn't care about what you do."
"This crap you pull on me with this goddamn phone situation that you would never dream of doing to your mother and you do it to me constantly over and over again."

Before hanging up Baldwin screamed, "I am gonna get on a plane, and come out there for the day, and I'm gonna straighten your ass out when I see you... I'm gonnna really make sure you get it. So, you better be ready Friday the 20th to meet with me so I can let you know how I feel about what a rude little pig you really are."

TMZ's learned that on Wednesday, Los Angeles County Superior Court commissioner Maren Nelson heard the tape and temporarily suspended Baldwin's visitation rights. A hearing is set for May 4, where the judge could permanently deny Baldwin visitation or contact with Ireland.

If you listen to the audio, it seems to be cut and pasted (if it's Alec at all). The tone in his voice changes quite radically from screaming to calm throughout, especially at the end when he's talking about the April 20th meeting. It makes me wonder if this isn't doctored. If it is, this is a seriously low blow by either TMZ or Basinger's legal camp.

Baldwin's lawyer, Vicki Greene, did tell TMZ that, "Whatever happened yesterday was sealed and confidential. What you're telling me you've got you shouldn't have."

Hmm...That doesn't sound like denial.

April 19, 2007

Halle Berry Protects Paparazzi At LAX

Halle Berry was the paparazzi’s best friend on Tuesday at Los Angeles International Airport.

The 40-year-old actress had to restrain her model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, 31, from getting into a scrum with the shutterbugs.

The flowering couple were at the airport returning home from a Mexican getaway after spending five days in Cabo San Lucas.

One would think that Aubry would be a little less testy after spending five days in paradise with Berry… then again, he could’ve been bummed out that the trip had come to end!

April 16, 2007

Britney Spears Lashes out at Paparazzi

Everything seemed to be going well for Britney Spears since she completed her rehab treatment a few weeks ago. She was seen having dinner with friends and hanging out at basketball games with her cousin. But all isn't well with Brit as a small group of paparazzi found out this weekend. Britney is apparently fed up with rumors circulating about the pop princess being pregnant again and she had no problem telling the photographers and paparazzi how she was feeling.

According to Post Chronicle, Brit told her fans to "believe everything you read" while sarcastically stating that "The world is so nice".

When Britney lashed out at the paparazzi it was very clear that she had been hurt by rumors claiming she was pregnant again. The 25 year old mother of two said ""I just want to talk and say, like, how nice our world is. It really is. Like the other day, I saw this magazine and it said I was pregnant. And I went up to my mom and my mom knew, like, she was right, as I am really pregnant. Always believe everything you read everybody! Because I am!" It was clear that Britney was using sarcasm as a defense mechanism but she didn't stop there.

Apparently the pregnancy reports aren't the only rumors that Spears is dealing with. According to the pop princess, there have also been reports that she has been drinking since she left rehab. Britney addresses these issues as well: "I went to see, like, this person, like, on USA Today and they said I was drinking a lot and it was just so true. Because, like, my management so knew what they were doing sending me to rehab. Like, totally. Isn't it nice how nice our world is? Nobody is going to talk about this. The world's so nice, that's all I want to say."

April 10, 2007


Tensions flare at the Perfect Stranger premiere

Perfect Stranger Premiere
April 10, 2007, 7pm
Ziegfeld theater

Well... it all came down to where you were standing. The immediate right upon entry was good for most of the event until...

Halle Berry arrives. As she enters the tent, her ring flies off her finger onto the ground. As she goes to pick it up, two of the A list shooters on the carpet jump in front of the press pit to get a photo. A ruckus ensues, which draws security to the area. This in turn block off half of the press pen, which means we had to shoot over security, PR, bystanders and the A list shooters in front of us. Very ugly.
One shooter was very verbal with the A list shooters and was subsequently ejected from the press pen (which wasn't called for in my opinion)

April 9, 2007

LeAnn Rimes Press Conference INFO

Hey guys....here's a heads up about tomorrow mornings press conference.
Looks like you need paper work on file to get in. Here's the email...

'I'm sorry for the last minute notice, but we were just notified by the
venue for tomorrow's event that only press who have insurance on file
with 1515 Broadway will be allowed inside the event. If you do have
that information on file please fax it to 212-846-1311.

Again, I am sorry for the confusion and I hope to work with you again
soon. '

April 4, 2007

BEYONCE Monday- I Should Have Left, Should Have Left

Beyonce- April 2, 2007

Beyonce was all over on Monday morning, starting with the TODAY SHOW at Rockefeller Center Plaza.
Is it me or do the always seem to stick as many obstructions in front of the press pen as possible. Speakers, lights, camera men, security...and today, three back up singers for Beyonce. Jeesshhh!

All in all it wasn't too bad. Beyonce was very cordial, looking at the press pen and smiling.

Now we cut to the uptown scene...

She also performed outside on the CBS Early Show. The press riser was set up behind the crowd, parallel to the stage. Which means? You guessed it... tons of fans in the foreground making a full length shot damn near impossible. But you could shoot the hell out her in 3/4.
There was also another smaller press pen set stage left, but was heavily obstructed by lights and the stage rigging.

There has always been a trade off between the TODAY SHOW and EARLY SHOW.
TODAY- Closer to the stage but shorter shooting time and on an angle.
EARLY SHOW- Longer photo-op, dead center of stage but further back. Plus you have to deal with fan obstructions (arms, hands, signs, cell phone cameras)