November 30, 2005

Found this pic on VII

Looks like our fellow snappers, I def see b.zac in there...

cick here to see the pic..

November 29, 2005

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Adobe: Aperture is a Photoshop alternative, not a rival

Adobe: Aperture is a Photoshop alternative, not a rival

Jim Dalrymple - MacCentral
Mon Nov 28, 2:12 PM ET

The forthcoming arrival of Aperture has provided something of a wake-up call to Adobe—but not because the software giant sees Apple’s new pro-level application for managing and editing digital photos as a Photoshop rival. Rather, Adobe believes that Aperture underscores the desire of professional photographers to have better workflow tools. And that’s a desire Adobe hopes to meet with its own offerings.

“Whenever there are other solutions popping up, it is a sign that there is a lot of change going on and that everyone needs to keep innovating to solve those problems,” Kevin Connor, Adobe’s director of digital imaging product management,told MacCentral. “Apple is recognizing some of the same things that we are—there are some problems for photographers that are not fully solved yet..... READ MORE HERE!

November 25, 2005

Operation: Xtina....

Quote from MuchMusic Blog :

While trolling the usual blog hotspots today, I uncovered this gem on the JJB board - pictures of paparazzi scoping out the best spot from which to capture a shot of Christina Aguilera's wedding last weekend. This is absolutely nuts - I mean, a little overboard, dontcha think?

What's funny is that there are pictures of the paparazzi taking pictures. Thankfully they were rewarded for a job well done with some decent photographs, which unless you're a shut-in, you've surely seen by now.

Celebrity Pimping 101

..not sure which famous couple gets the celebrity pimping prize for this week's money making photo exclusives ....



Source: The Daily Telegraph (Australia)

Cover girls Britney, Christina

November 24, 2005

LOS ANGELES: The first shots of Britney Spears's new son have been splashed across the front of US People magazine, while rival Christina Aguilera's wedding features in OK!.

Spears gave birth to Sean Preston on September 14, and speculation has since been rife that her marriage to dancer Kevin Federline is on the rocks.

To scotch the rumours, the couple sold the pictures of themselves looking like doting parents to People.

Aguilera tied the knot last weekend with music executive Jordan Bratman.

The couple's lavish ceremony raised funds for victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

November 23, 2005


Product Review-
By Burt Helm
DotPhoto's Fuzzy Focus

The print quality is decent, but for a site that lets users customize slide shows, the tools on offer could be a whole lot sharper.

The Good: Easy-made slideshows, with music, captions and headlines

The Bad: Mediocre editing tools, too few slide-show options for music, photo size and caption placement

The Bottom Line: Needs more features to make slide shows sing. ... READ MORE HERE!

November 22, 2005

Give Us Your Best Caption

Photo By LotsaPaparrazza

NeoPhoto 2.0.1

NeoPhoto 2.0.1
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November 21, 2005

33rd International 'Who The Hell Is That' Awards

33rd International Emmy Awards Gala
Hilton Hotel

In theory...everything was done right for this event.

A huge tent covered the arrivals area to keep us dry from the rain...
A high double level riser was built to accommodate all the media...
All the talent was announced by a moderator via a P.A. system as they arrived...
There were no ugly barricades to stand behind, and an honor system of not 'rushing' the talent was kept...
An unprecedented amount of press crammed every corner of the arrivals area to shoot pictures.
Which lead to the question...

Who the hell are all these people?

Here's another unwritten law of press events... The better the PR treats us, the less talent will arrive at the event.

Oprah and Hillary Clinton decided not to do arrivals, which leaves...umm.... Bebe Neuwirth and uhh... Danny Glover? Oh god...

It's wasn't all bad: Vivica A. Fox looked great in blue fashion and Jamie-Lynn Sigler in a fur jacket and nice beige one piece dress. But you had to wait till the press room to get the Oprah/Hillary shot.

And of course, they both wear black.

But at least they gave us food! (The event staff...not silly.)

Funny Moments:
There was a Danish video crew and photographer on the riser towards the beginning (not part of the normal crew). They were going crazy for a lot of the people arriving... as the rest of us looked away and 'developed camera troubles'. But to help them out, when ever they wanted someone to look at them, we all pointed to the Danish crew and said "Give it to them". And it worked! But none of us shot a frame. DANISH EXCLUSIVE!

Who was yelling "HELP! HELP!". There was some crying "Help" towards the end of the carpet.
And what was that all about? I was at the beginning and couldn't see...



Tyson Questioned By Police

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson spent three hours in a police station in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo after allegedly shoving a cameraman in a nightclub, according to daily newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.

Tyson reportedly became involved in an argument with a photographer who was taking pictures of him inside the nightclub.

It is alleged Tyson tried to grab the film from the camera, and subsequently knocked the cameraman to the ground.

Police arrested Tyson inside the nightclub and he was held in custody for three hours before being released.

He must appear in court on Friday. Tyson faces a punishment ranging from community service to a fine if he is found guilty.

Access Investigates

Check out Access Hollywood tonight!.........

Access Investigates: The Big Picture

Access Hollywood

Justin and Reese are just two of the stars who have had run-ins with the paparazzi. Too many times Access Hollywood's Billy Bush has heard from celebrities that "somebody is going to die."

He's heard their harrowing tales of chases and endangerment, but now in a multi-part series called "The Big Picture," Billy tracks down the new breed of renegade photographers on the hunt, the new anti-paparazzi hired by the stars to stop them and we'll follow the money trail and raise issues of accountability with the magazine editors who are shelling out the big bucks.

Every angle is covered. But in part one of our Access Investigates series, we start with the lingering question…

Is somebody going to die?

We talked to some of Hollywood's biggest stars to get their take on the issue.

"The paparazzi in Los Angeles are out of control. Out of control," Bruce Willis told Access.

"They drive on sidewalks. They'll push anybody down. They'll run lights," Jennifer Aniston agreed. "I mean, they are dangerous."

"I've been hit in the head before with a camera!" Justin Timberlake said.

"I don't like it when they jump out in front of my kids and frighten them," Madonna explained.

And for some stars, it's not just an inconvenience, it causes total changes in their lives.

"I have moved now into a doorman building just because it was too scary for me to have people know where I live and sit outside my house," Nicole Richie revealed.

Some chase celebrities in cars. Some lurk outside their houses. Some hide. But all paparazzi wait patiently, like hunters in search of their prey, competing to get that multi-thousand dollar shot… at any cost.

Nancy O'Dell recently sat down with Jennifer Aniston to talk about the paparazzi. ... READ MORE HERE!

November 20, 2005


Syriana Premiere
Lowes Lincoln Theater
November 20, 2005

One thing for keep throwing premieres on Sunday and us photogs are going to get a wee bit testy. Try not to think about the fact that there are another three Sunday premieres coming up...YEA!

After the list was called, four spots opened up on the inside. People who came late were getting better spots, the list was a bit chaotic, Larry and Andrea got into it...After much confusion, everything was sorted out.

As for the talent, everyone posed up a storm, (with the exception of Heath Ledger who blew by while Frank Langella was posing).

What was the whole Philippe/Andrea thing about? Testy, testy, testy.


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November 19, 2005

Web Photo Publisher 0.4

Web Photo Publisher 0.4
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November 18, 2005

Shooting Stars!


Shooting Starsby Keith McDuffee
Filed under: TV Royalty, Talent, Industry, Site Announcements

We here at TV Squad wanted to give you would-be Paparazzi folks a place to showcase your mighty phonecam (or other sort-of cam) handiwork. Mr. T in line at Starbucks? Ashlee Simpson drunk at McDonald's? Well whip out your cellphone camera, snap a shot an email it to us at You'll remain anonymous if you'd like to remain so, so be sure to tack on what credit you'd like to receive, if any. We'll post what we get in a new category. Hey, we won't forget your efforts once we get TV Squad gear made up (soon, I promise!), but please, for the love of all that's sacred, don't do anything illegal.

The allure of the '10-grand set'

November 18, 2005 - : Opinion : Commentary

The allure of the '10-grand set'
For the adrenaline-craving paparazzi, Hollywood is the next best thing to war.

By Chris Ayres, CHRIS AYRES is a Los Angeles correspondent for the Times of London and the author of "War Reporting for Cowards" (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2005).

THE FEAR was instantly familiar: a triple-shot of adrenaline, downed in one. We were deep in hostile territory and our target had just moved into the open. I was sitting in the back of the off-roader, muscles tight, watching the action unfold through the windshield as though it were a movie screen. In the driver's seat was the shooter: finger resting lightly on the trigger, right eye straining through the lens.

"Hold on," he muttered, without breathing, as the target moved farther from cover. "Keep walking … keep walking. That's my boy. Here we go." And then disaster. The target froze as he glimpsed us. Of what followed, I can recall only one detail: the look of weary recognition on the target's face just before we captured him.

So where did this heart-thumping showdown unfold? Baghdad? Kabul? Islamabad? Not quite. It took place in the gentle, spa-scented city of West Hollywood, outside the lobby of the Sunset Marquis Hotel. The off-road vehicle, a blacked-out BMW, was owned by Jeff Rayner, a 30-year-old British paparazzo.

And the target was..... READ MORE HERE!

November 17, 2005

Uma Thurman Blows Off Press, Zeta Jones Looks Her Best

Christopher Reeve Foundations Spirit Of Courage Awards
November 17, 2005

What's up with Uma?
PR promised us a shot of Uma, prefacing that it would be a "quick shot" because she was late.
Suprise! No photo. "Uma doesn't want to do the press room" WTF!

Catherine Zeta Jones looked a little tipsy tonite...didn't she?
She also look's about 10 years younger. Hmmm....






Singer DARREN HAYES was stunned to discover celebrities set up paparazzi photographs, and always assumed he wasn't famous enough to be targetted.

The former SAVAGE GARDEN star enjoys his relative anonymity, but has always felt a little left out by the lack of press attention - until he discovered the truth.

He says, "I saw shots of (British pop star) LISA SCOTT-LEE in the paper and it implied she'd set those shots up. I was amazed. I've spent years wondering why, when I've come out of a yoga school with my yoga mat and coffee, no one's snapped a picture of me. You either have to be incredibly famous or set it up.

"I never want to play that game."

Celebrity news grabbing more headlines



Celebrity news grabbing more headlines


In an attempt to win new readers, mainstream newspapers are using more news about celebrities.

MUNCIE -- At one time, Nicole Wilson had multiple subscriptions to People, US Weekly, Star and the National Enquirer.

"I blame it on my grandma. She was the one who got me hooked," said Wilson, who no longer subscribes to such tabloid-style publications but admits she still reads them regularly.

'Candy' for readers

Warren Watson is the director of J-Ideas, a program dedicated to scholastic journalism and based at Ball State. He recently wrote an article for the American Society of Newspaper Editors exploring the proliferation of celebrity journalism in the United States.

The focus of his research -- he talked to media professionals nationwide -- was the amount of coverage major media outlets gave to the Michael Jackson trial this year.

"Celebrity news has kind of crept into this nation's newspapers," said Watson, who describes updates about starlets such as Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson as "candy" for readers.

"A newspaper is meant to create discourse on important matters. But if you've got a child and you ask them, 'Do you want steak or candy?,' what do you expect them to pick?" he asked. "The candy, of course."

Watson is conducting research for a pilot study on celebrity news coverage in newspapers. So far, he's found the number of stories and column inches devoted to celebrities in The Star Press has more than doubled over the past 15 years.

The educator now wants to further his analysis, studying the use of celebrity news in more newspapers nationwide. Doing so should indicate whether increasing celebrity coverage in papers is a national trend, he said. .. READ MORE HERE!

Pitt, Jolie top list of pose-worthy


Pitt, Jolie top list of pose-worthy

Associated Press

NEW YORK – Paparazzi go to extremes to snap photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – and according to a new survey, you’d like to be in the frame.

A poll conducted by says that more people would like to have their picture taken with Pitt than any other male movie star, and more would love to pose with Jolie than any female star.

Pitt’s 36.1 percent of the online vote beat out Johnny Depp by just 60 votes. Jolie’s closest competition was Halle Berry, only 42 votes shy of Jolie’s 25.6 percent. Pitt’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, also came close with 23.2 percent.

Though Pitt and Jolie have not confirmed a relationship, the two have been sporadically spotted and photographed together in recent months. Pitt and Aniston divorced earlier this year after 4 1/2 years of marriage.

Also receiving a high number of votes were George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lopez.

The Web site said it received votes from more than 4,000 readers. Other categories included taking a photo with historical figures.

More people said they’d like to say “cheese” with Albert Einstein than John F. Kennedy, and Cleopatra likewise bested Mother Theresa.

November 16, 2005

Paparazzi Henry's Star encounters

Not sure how many of you remember the infamous video of Rocker Tommy Lee attacking an LA Pap but his name was Henry and he has NO intention of slowing down covering the LA nightlife and you can read all about it on his blog.......... (Paparazzi Henry's Star encounters) HERE!

November 15, 2005


Lesson of the day: Do not mess with a post-partum stricken superstar!
Britney tells the paparazzi to get out of her way! WATCH NOW!



Miller loves a good fight! Watch her attack some UK paps! VIEW HERE!




SIENNA MILLER is thrilled with her new shorter haircut, because it has rendered her more anonymous to the paparazzi photographers that hound her.

The former fiancee of JUDE LAW hates the attention the relationship brought her, and is still pursued by snappers, even after their split earlier this year (05).

So any help evading their lenses is a relief: "I like the fact that now photographers don't know who I am and I can get around without too much hassle."

November 14, 2005

New Laws Are On The Way


New laws effective Jan. 1, 2006 - WATCH THE VIDEO NOW!

Dishing the dirt on celebrities



Dishing the dirt on celebrities
Us Weekly editor Janice Min knows how to get gossip

NEW YORK - The 20-somethings gathered around the long table in the glass-walled room for the daily celebrity séance, a brisk morning meeting charged with talk of Hollywood romance and scandal.

"Did Kate Moss check into rehab?" asks Janice Min, the editor of Us Weekly magazine, a bottle of green dragon tea at her side.

Scattered murmurs of affirmation. A few minutes later: "Star Jones got fired?"

Then an eruption of laughter at the mention of a hoax played on Tom Cruise. "That's so funny," says Min, using a favored phrase.

"Anything else in the papers?" asks John Kline, the managing editor.

Nothing. They are off, back to their drab workstations in a maze of fluorescent lighting and scuffed beige walls and industrial carpet, tucked into the heart of the American publishing industry — midtown Manhattan.

In the humid, petri-dish world of celebritydom, the morning news meeting at Us Weekly serves as a heat source. Stars are invoked. Some get smacked down, others embraced. Eyes roll. Ideas rise. Covers hatch.... READ MORE HERE!


Los Angeles Times launches entertainment awards show website

The Los Angeles Times is extending its celebrity coverage with a new website focused on award shows called The Envelope. LAT's press release describes the site as, " An insider's resource, The Envelope is an original content, multimedia Website featuring exclusive in-depth reporting, photo galleries, videos, podcasts, lists, forums, polls, expert roundtables, archives and analysis of awards shows by some of the biggest names in entertainment journalism, including writers from the Los Angeles Times."

The site demonstrates two trends in the newspaper industry.

Firstly, it has been argued that newspapers are straying from 'real' news, beginning to focus on sensationalism and celebrities in order to sell papers. By covering these types of stories while their profits dwindle and their staffs shrink, newspapers could be jeopardizing the role they play in their communities as well as siphoning valuable resources from newsgathering and investigation.

Secondly, The Envelope is purely a free online venture that uses Internet innovations and interactive functions. LAT does not appear to be pairing a print version with the site although other papers have been adding similar niche supplements in an attempt to attract paid readers.

In May the LAT razed the paid wall it had placed on its Calendarlive section, an entertainment and restaurant review site. But it seems that The Envelope will depend on the popularity of celebrity news and especially the surge in Internet advertising for revenue. READ MORE HERE!

Coppermine Photo Gallery

Coppermine Photo Gallery

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Adobe Photoshop Basics

Graphics Software
Adobe Photoshop Basics
Course Outline

This is the main page for the Adobe Photoshop Basics Online Course. Scroll down to find an outline of every lesson and every page in the course. The lessons are intended to be worked through in the order presented, and at your own pace. ... LEARN HERE!

November 12, 2005

iBrowser 1.4

iBrowser 1.4
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November 11, 2005



Lots of goodies for you Mac users out there!!



Microsoft® Codename Max is not like any other product.

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November 10, 2005



Hudson warns celeb mags: I’ll sue over ‘skinny’ stories
Published: Thursday, November 10, 2005

By Alyson Fixter

Hollywood star Kate Hudson is threatening to sue a string of celeb magazines, including Heat, Closer and Star, for photo stories that claimed she was "wasting away" and taking her "post-baby dieting" too far.

The 26-year-old actress, daughter of Goldie Hawn, has hired law firm Schillings, which has also represented Naomi Campbell and Roman Polanski in high-profile libel cases, to make a legal complaint against five titles over spreads that ran in September and October.

The stories, according to Schillings, suggested that Hudson had an eating disorder that was "so grave and serious that she was wasting away to the extreme concern of her mother and family", and also implied that her commercial and movie deals might be affected.

Hudson, who is married to rock musician Chris Robinson, had a baby boy in January last year.

Last month, Emap's Heat ran a story headlined "Skinny Kate Wasting Away", which was followed by similar pieces in sister title Closer ("Kate Hudson Has Taken Her Post-Baby Dieting Too Far"); the Daily Mail (Has Goldie's Girl Gone Too Far On The Treadmill?"); the National Enquirer ("Goldie Tells Kate: ‘Eat Something'

And She Listens!"); and Star ("How Skinny Kate Got Her Curves Back").

A spokesman for Schillings said: "Ms Hudson will argue in the courts that the images in question gave a seriously false and misleading impression as to her true physical condition, in that she was portrayed as being dangerously thin with an eating disorder, which is contrary to the true position of her weight and diet being of a healthy nature, both at the time of the images being taken and at present.

"An analysis of how these photographs came to be taken, sold and published will form a key aspect to the proceedings."

The case is expected to go to jury trial in London's High Court in 2006, unless the titles settle out of court.

The actress has reportedly told Schillings to sue unless the publishers agree to print apologies in their titles, and to read out court statements saying the stories were untrue.

Emap said it had received a legal letter from Schillings and would respond "in due course".

Schillings has a reputation for taking on difficult high-profile libel cases and winning.

It triumphed for supermodel Naomi Campbell against the Daily Mirror over stories about her visits to drug rehab groups, and for director Roman Polanski against Vanity Fair — even though the director was unable to enter Britain for fear of being extradited to the US to face sex charges.



It's been a wild ride lately for Paris
Nov 10 ,2205

All you people who've been sticking pins in your Paris Hilton voodoo dolls must be very pleased with yourselves. It's been a hellish week for the hotel heiress you love to hate.

Let's start with her car accident in the wee hours of yesterday morning. Paris and her current shipping-heir boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, were coming out of an L.A. nightclub when a pack of paparazzi fell upon them.

Behind the wheel of a Bentley and desperate to avoid photogs, Niarchos pulled a jacket over his head and stepped on the gas, only to slam the gleaming sedan into a truck.

A video, obtained by, also shows the car narrowly missing a bystander.
Later, the video shows cops pulling over the damaged car, which also contained Kimberly Stewart and "Laguna Beach" star Talan Torriero.

On the tape, Talan is heard telling police "I'm the only sober one, let's just go." After the cops had sent them on their merry way, Paris blew the officers a kiss, saying: "We love the police."
An LAPD spokeswoman said no police report was filed and didn't know whether cops gave anyone in the car a Breathalyzer test.

Photography on the Net

Photography on the Net

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Nikon announces massive battery recall

By Daniel Terdiman Staff Writer, CNET
Published: November 9, 2005, 1:21 PM PST

Japanese camera maker Nikon has issued a recall for its lithium ion battery packs after discovering a potential fire hazard in as many as 710,000 of the devices. The company noted on its Web site that in at least four cases, EN-EL3 rechargeable lithium ion battery packs had short-circuited, which can lead to overheating and melting. Despite no reported injuries from the problem, the company has said it will voluntarily recall the batteries worldwide.

The EN-EL3 is an accessory to several of the company's digital SLR cameras, including the D100, D70 and D50 models. Nikon also sells the battery separately, as item number 26265.
The batteries were first available in May 2004, the company said. Nikon has distributed at least 710,000 of them, according to an online tech news site, The Inquirer.

Nikon posted a chart on it Web site explaining which specific batteries were subject to the recall and informing customers how to get a free replacement by contacting the company.
Nikon did not return several calls for comment.



Hewitt left stranded by garage cheat

Jennifer Love Hewitt was left pushing her Mini Cooper down Los Angeles' trendy Robertson Boulevard recently after a gas station attendant pocketed $40 and didn't fill her up.

The actress was forced to ask fellow motorists for help when her car came to a standstill after she was cheated at a garage.

She explains: "I was on a very important conference call and I was in a dress so I thought, 'I'll let someone else put the gas in the car today.' I never do that.

"I gave him $40 and I drove away. It never dawned on me to check he'd actually put the gas in the car. He pocketed my $40, never put gas in the car and I get to Robertson, the one street filled with paparazzi and I'm like: 'Oh, it's not going… This is not funny.'

"I had to get out and I started pushing my Mini Cooper down the street. Thank God I don't drive an SUV or something.

"People got out and they helped me, with the paparazzi shooting photos. It was incredibly embarrassing. A paparazzi actually helped me go get gas for my car, so they're not all bad."..READ MORE HERE!


Share pictures like you’re sitting side-by-side.

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PayPal co-founder Max Levchin launches Slide, a service that combines aspects of social networking, photo sharing, Web syndication and e-commerce in order to let members subscribe to one another's photo blogs.

At the heart of Slide is a downloadable desktop program that indexes all the photos on the user's hard drive and creates a slide show at the edge of the screen.

From there, members can invite family, friends and other Slide members to view and save the member's photos and join Slide as a "friend" in the member's network. Members can also add one another's images to their own slide shows and alert one another to new albums. A set of access tools lets users publish their photos to as few or as many people as they wish, and subscribe to other people's photos. .. JOIN HERE!

November 8, 2005

Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer Meeting Foiled by Paparazzi?

A report from the UK says that the British paparazzi is hounding American actress Angelina Jolie to such extremes that the 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' star is making changes to her plans just to avoid being photographed.

The story comes from Contact Music UK:

Paparazzi Breaks Up Lunch Date?
Paparazzi Breaks Up Lunch Date?

Val Kilmer and Angie were allegedly set to meet for lunch. But as the pair prepared to meet apparently photographers were hounding Kilmer and Jolie in an attempt to get a photo of the pair together.

So much so - the lunch reportedly never happened.

Kilmer explained it this way: "The last time I saw her she said: 'Come by the house', because I hadn't seen her home. But we got followed.

"I ended up pulling off and waiting at a pub while she went ahead and made sure no one was there (and) we ran out of time."

This is a bit hard to believe.

While Angie has been a bit camera shy with beau Brad Pitt, why would she care if she had photographs taken at a lunch date with Val Kilmer?

After all - those freaky 'Beowulf' pics are everywhere.

Aniston About Paparazzi: "I'd take 'em down"

Golden girl JENNIFER ANISTON wants to talk about her new thriller 'Derailed,' but all everyone else wants to know about is her personal life!

A graceful Jen is handling it well, telling DIANE SAWYER on "Good Morning America" Tuesday that she and ex husband BRAD PITT do talk: "Yes, we do. I do. That's very peaceful. It's a really peaceful thing."

She went onto clear the air about the state of her relationship with Pitt. "People want it to be this war and this mean, terrible, shallow thing that's just playing like some soap opera or storyline, and it's just not. So, yeah, pleasant ... done."

Jen also answered questions about her personal life from LARRY KING on "Larry King Live," airing Tuesday night on CNN.

King asked Jen how she handled dealing with the fact that her split from Pitt was front-page news: "I don't read them," she revealed. "It's toxic. I want no part of it, and the only way you can walk through anything like that with any kind of dignity -- it's just not to succumb to that crap."

King also inquired about Jen's rumored new beau, VINCE VAUGHN, but Jen wouldn't go there: "I'm not talking about it," she smiled. But the honey-haired beauty did say he was "funny" and a "great guy."

Jen had plenty to say about the paparazzi, telling King that she didn't think they had any business prying into people's private lives. "They chase you in cars, they run red lights, they drive on sidewalks ... they just want a photograph so they can make a buck."

Finally, Jen revealed that she did want children in the future, but paparazzi beware: If they try to take shots of mama Jen and her little one, "I'd take 'em down," she laughed.

A Throw Too Far At Letterman

It seems like the distance from the press area to the stage door at Letterman is remaining quite a throw. Today at Aniston, she made an attempt to come over to the pen when arriving, but only waved from the SUV window when leaving. Even with a 200mm, you couldn't get a tight head shot. When I asked the head of Letterman security, he still says we must”be punished for Madonna with the horse incident". This needs to change soon if we want to get some decent photos at Letterman. It's getting as bad as GMA in Bryant.

I heard there were 20 people there at 1pm. Good lord! By 5pm, at least 40+ shooters were in the press pen, 2 to 3 rows deep AND extended a car width into the street.

November 7, 2005

Clooney I'm no loony

LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - George Clooney has denied reports he brawled with a security guard at a swanky London bar.

It was alleged the Hollywood heartthrob was involved in a fight outside Meza Bar in the early hours of Friday (04.11.05) morning.

Reports claimed the actor was angered by the guard's failure to control waiting paparazzi - and said he only backed down when his ex-lover Lisa Snowdon pulled him away.

But the 44-year-old star - who was in the capital for a gala screening of his latest movie, 'Good Night, And Good Luck' - has insisted he "did not get into a fight" and says he was defending a woman he thought was being mistreated.

Clooney's Los Angeles based publicist has released a statement saying: "George did not get into a fight with a security guard.

"However, he did get into an argument with someone connected with the movie. And, while it had nothing to do with the paparazzi, it did have everything to do with someone being unkind to a woman.

"No punches were thrown, but George told the person to knock it off."



Nov 7, 2005

IDENTITY CRISIS: Vanessa Carlton really hates to be confused with her near-look-alike fellow singer, Michelle Branch. When paparazzi at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards shouted "Michelle! Michelle!" as Carlton was getting out of her Toyota Prius to walk the red carpet, "she got p-d and said, 'I am NOT Michelle Branch,' and turned around," says a Lowdown spy. "Her escort said something to calm her down, so she turned back around and flipped the paparazzi the bird with both hands!" Yesterday, Carlton's rep dismissed the story as a "fabrication," telling Lowdown: "That's insane. She went to Glamour because she wanted to talk about running in the New York City Marathon to benefit the charity Musicians on Call." So does Carlton have a Branch button? "She is friends with her, and she loves her music," the flack replied. A rep for Branch didn't return a detailed message.


Photo sharing
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Photo sharing is a term given to a crop of mid-2000s websites which provide means to publish a collection of digital photos online in a centralized and organized fashion. The term can be applied to online photo galleries, as well as "photoblogs", i.e. weblogs where the journal entries are prominently centered around original images.

Photoblogging gained momentum in the early 2000s with the advent of the moblog, which provided a highly automated method of entering online journal comments via mobile phone. The introduction of cameraphones in subsequent years added the potential to post a live photograph along with the journal entry.

Not all photo sharing sites are designed to function as photoblog engines, though they usually provide means to add descriptive text for the photo as well as receive comments from other users, effectively providing the same functionality. Some photo sharing sites focus on the images as the sole material to publish, providing such features as categorization "tags", personal image groups, images in multiple sizes, minimal web-based image manipulation, online organization tools, image search, and licensing indication.

Major photo sharing (and/or photoblogging) sites include: .............. READ MORE HERE!



Kodak EasyShare Gallery (, formerly known as "Ofoto", is the leading online digital photo developing service. The site provides consumers with a secure and easy way to view, store and share their photos with friends and family and get real Kodak prints of their pictures. The site also provides free editing and creative tools and specialty products such as photo books, calendars, cards, mugs, mouse pads, aprons, frames and more. ..



Pic Your Friends by Julian Dibbell

Flickr didn't invent online picture sharing, of course, but it was the first such site to recognize itself as much more than a hosting service for personal photo albums. Tricked out with features inspired by the latest fashions in online-software design & post-Friendster social-networking tools, folksonomy-friendly image-tagging code Flickr has also won a devoted following of users hungry to explore the possibilities its Web-centric toolset opens up. It's a place not just for self-display, but for an emergent visual conversation. .. JOIN HERE!

Pro Studio Manager™

Pro Studio Manager™ by

Pro Studio Manager™, available for both MAC and PC, enables professional photographers to easily manage and edit photos, create galleries and sell photos online. Pro Studio Manager is 20X faster than standard drag-n-drop or FTP uploaders. This powerful software allows high volume shooter to "get to market" as soon as possible. Data has shown that 50% of a photographer's revenue is generated within 48 hours of the shoot. This application is essential for creating online galleries accessible to clients for future review and purchase. Designed for high-volume shooters, Pro Studio Manager offers all this in a single, easy-to-use software application...READ MORE HERE!

November 6, 2005



Because life can be otherwise unruly, we bring you the Photo Clutch. A beautifully-bound, Photo Book vibrantly printed on elegant French-folded pages. Dressed in an imported leather exterior, ready for dinner party or birthday party, kept ruly by an invisible magnetic closure

Imported leather outer clutch with hardcover photo book inside. View photo tour $39.95 14 pages, room for 12 photos $1.99 for additional pages up to 20 pages maximum, room for 18 photos.

ACDSee Pro Photo Manager announced


ACDSee Pro Photo Manager announced

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
by Eamon Hickey

ACD Systems has announced ACDSee Pro Photo Manager, an upgraded version of the company's popular photo browser aimed at professional photographers. The announced version is compatible with Windows only.

The program's professionally oriented features include:

* the ability to display and convert RAW files from dozens of cameras or from Adobe's DNG format
* batch IPTC editing
* ICC color profile support and other color management functionality
* new web publishing features
* various workflow enhancements including batch processing capabilities
* a shadow/highlight exposure correction tool
* an advanced image comparison tool with histogram display

ACDSee Pro for Windows 2000 and XP will be available for download in January, 2006 for US$129.99.

Microsoft releases Color Control Panel applet


Microsoft releases Color Control Panel applet

Saturday, October 29, 2005
by Rob Galbraith

Microsoft has released the Color Control Panel applet, a freeware add-on for Windows XP that provides a one-stop shop for performing basic colour management tasks such as installing and uninstalling profiles, setting the default monitor profile and renaming profiles with the ability to synchronize both the internal name and file name. It also enables the changing of the monitor profile without having to subsequently run a separate utility (such as GretagMacbeth's Calibration Loader) to load the profile's look-up table (LUT) into the video card, as this task is performed by the applet. .... READ MORE HERE!


What is CEPIC ?

CEPIC, the Coordination of European Picture Agencies Press Stock Heritage, was established in Berlin in 1993 as a European economic interest group (E.E.I.G) in accordance with the European Communities Regulation and registered in Paris in 1999. CEPIC has Observer Status at WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organisation. CEPIC represents over 900 picture sources in Europe with members from seventeen different European countries.

The aim of CEPIC is to be a united voice for the picture library and agency associations of Europe in all matters pertaining to the photographic industry, including, but not limited to the following:

(1)To consolidate copyright protection for photography and ensure that it not be weakened by the process of the harmonisation of copyright laws in European countries. Also to advise on copyright protection as new technology develops.

(2)To fight for comparable trade regulations in all European countries. The now existing different copyright laws in single countries and the lack of a "droit moral" for photography are serious trade barriers which cannot be accepted.

(3)To support the exchange of information between European picture sources and diverse associations with similar interests worldwide.

(4)To develop and fight for ethical standards which will guarantee the protection of rights for all photographers, copyright holders and agencies.

(5)To develop guidelines for a fair business competition between photographers, picture agencies and users. .... READ MORE HERE!

Rachel Loves Being Papped


Rachel Loves Being Papped

While most pop band stars who go it alone have nerves about braving the spotlight on their own, Rachel Stevens claims she's loving the pressure. The girl reckons she even likes that bane of celebrity life - the paparazzi.We were chatting to her in the flesh, but we didn't get to actually check her temperature, so we can only presume she was feeling alright.

Although Rachel still bumps into old SClub bandmates Jo O'Meara and Jon Lee and has good memories of being in what she calls the "modern day Monkeys", she's glad it's now all about her.
"Life is a lot more chilled than when I was in SClub," confesses Rachel.

"I think it was because we all had to go through hair and make-up and it was just such a palaver.
"I really am out there on my own, but all nerves are good for me."

However, with a solo career comes an increased press interest in her personal life, but even that isn't bothering the diddy diva.

Talking of the snappers that are always on her tail she says: "They do follow you around but you end up making friends with them.

"You see the same faces jumping out of the bushes."

What a refreshing angle.

The singer also told us she would love a go at being the next Bond Girl - move over Ms Jolie.

November 5, 2005

Video: Paparazzi Win Kidman Case!

Paparazzi Win Kidman Case! ..... VIEW HERE!




JANET JACKSON is caught up in a fresh new scandal, after a video clip of her sunbathing hit the internet.

The 40-second paparazzi video, which was shot from bushes near the pop singer, circulated around the internet at a high rate yesterday (27OCT05), reportedly prompting her lawyers to attempt to have the video removed.

The exact source of the video and when it was shot have yet to be revealed. .... READ MORE HERE!



Aniston is frustrated with paparazzi
Star says that when she’s out with friends, she’s ‘off the clock’

Jennifer Aniston is tired of her private life being an open book.

When Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell recently spoke to her, Jen was more outspoken than ever, and seemed visibly upset over how public her life has become.

We asked her about the role of the paparazzi, and recent incidents with stars like Lindsay Lohan.

“[It's] absolutely, ridiculously way out of control, and I don't know what stops it,” Jen told us.

“It's becoming dangerous. These guys are out of control and it's like there's this whole new breed of them. They drive on sidewalks, they'll push anybody down.”

Jen said one of the biggest problems is the number of magazines vying for exclusive photos. The tabloids have astronomical budgets. Us Weekly magazine alone spends between $5 million and $8 million a year on photos.

“If there could be just some, some boundaries created, something,” Jen said. “I mean, look, we're all out there doing our job.”

Ledger blasts Sydney paparazzi


Ledger blasts Sydney paparazzi

Australian actor Heath Ledger has blasted the paparazzi in his adopted home of Sydney, for kicking him "out of the city".

After growing up in Perth, Western Australia, Ledger chose to settle on the Antipodean nation's east coast and bought a home in the Sydney suburb of Bronte.

However, after high-profile relationships with Heather Graham, Naomi Watts and fiancee Michelle Williams, who gave birth to their daughter Matilda last week, Ledger is besieged by photographers whenever he visits Sydney.

Ledger fumes, "I feel the pressure there. It's like the paparazzi are kicking me out of the city.

"I absolutely love my country, but I don't feel like living there anymore. It's breaking my heart not to be able to live in Australia, but it's just not possible."



By Gina Serpe
Fri Nov 4, 4:58 PM ET

Seemed more like bad night and bad luck for George Clooney following the London premiere of his latest film, Good Night, and Good Luck.

The actor is emphatically denying a widely circulated report from Britain's Evening Standard that he was involved in a drunken brawl with a security guard at a premiere party early Friday.

The newspaper claimed Clooney became embroiled in a pushing fight with a bouncer at Soho's Meza nightclub for allegedly failing to keep paparazzi at bay.

The Standard quoted an anonymous onlooker saying the bust-up occurred after a member of the bar's security staff left Clooney unattended at the club's back entrance. ...READ MORE HERE!

November 3, 2005



New York minute

Firebrand photographer Steve Sands says he's planning an assault suit against the security detail who threw him out of Bette Midler's "Hulaween" party Monday. He says there was no problem with Martha Stewart - who he was tailing to photograph - but that he plans to make a police report about the Waldorf-Astoria heavies. ...

November 2, 2005



Disguise and Dolls

Forget that maple smell, it seemed like crazy gas was loose in New York on Monday night.

All Halloween broke loose at Bette Midler's party (also celebrating her 60th birthday) when infamous paparazzo Steve Sands picked a red-carpet row with Martha Stewart. After the pesky parolee was met by a chorus of boos when she refused to pose in her Jungle Jane costume, the more intrepid shutterbugs decided to chase her into the ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria.

Security manhandled Sands out of the party, and he promptly flew into hysterics. "He was picked up struggling and fighting and bounced out of the hotel," snickered our spy. ...READ MORE HERE!



Think Tank Photo Releases Airline-Compatible Backpack

SANTA ROSA, CALIF. – Think Tank Photo announces the release of Airport Addicted, the first backpack designed to hold large lenses (e.g. a 400 2.8 with lens hood and a 300 2.8), as well as multiple SLR bodies and a laptop computer, and fit within airline dimension requirements for overhead storage compartments. Airport Addicted ships with a seam-sealed removable rain cover and shoulder straps that tuck away for storage. .... READ MORE HERE!