February 28, 2006

Usher and Photog. didn't click

Source: NY Daily News - Lloyd Grove

Photog and Usher didn't click

Next time Atlanta entertainment lawyer Charles Mathis throws a party at his home, he'll probably want to keep Usher and Sandra Rose on opposite sides of the room.Yesterday, celebrity photographer Rose — who's been snapping the 27-year-old Usher since he was a 15-year-old unknown — claimed the R&B crooner repeatedly dropped the F-bomb and stuck his finger out at her nose when she raised her camera to take his picture at Mathis' party.

The bash was in honor of producer Jermaine Dupri's first Grammy (for Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together").

The star was apparently angry at Rose, who has a Web site, sandrarose.com, for posting photos of him and his married stylist, Tameka Foster, cavorting in St. Bart's.

"Usher pushed my camera away as he walked by," Rose wrote on her site. "There were no words exchanged between us and I thought that was the end of it. But he took me by surprise when he doubled back and thrust his finger in my face — his long manicured nail lightly grazing the tip of my nose. 'Don't you dare!' he cried as 20 or so guests looked on in stunned silence. Don't I dare what? I thought, as he glared at me with nostrils flaring. I totally ignored him as he proceeded to scream obscenities in my face ... It was clear that Ush was attempting to draw me into a confrontation with him."

Yesterday, Usher's rep responded: "This story is exaggerated. Usher simply asked the photographer not to take his photo. However, she made several attempts to bypass his security to snap his photo against his will. He never put his fingers in her face and was not in close contact with the photographer."

Rose retorted: "He definitely has issues with women."

February 27, 2006

Buying A-list celebrity treatment

PARIS, Feb. 26 (UPI) -- In France, ordinary people can hire a service that provides all the trappings of celebrity -- including bodyguards and screaming fans.

Soiree de Star, or Evening of a Star, offers a range of services based on being an A-list celebrity to being an E-list celebrity, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

For example, for about $350 a person can get E-list treatment that includes chauffeur-driven car, a bodyguard, a security van and a VIP reservation at one of Paris's top nightspots.

However, for a little more than $4,000 a night, a person can get A-list treatment -- including a six-person limousine, a bodyguard, four hysterical fans, three VIP reservations, optional helicopter ride, a television cameraman and paparazzi on motorbikes who will chase you through the streets of either Paris, Nice, Barcelona or Madrid.

"The motorbike paparazzi are less popular because of Princess Diana," explains David Benguigui, the co-founder of Soiree de Star.

February 26, 2006

So You Wanna Be A Celebrity?

Source: Telegraph UK

I'm a celebrity (for a night), get me out there
By Elizabeth Day
(Filed: 26/02/2006)

It is Friday night on the Champs Elysées and I am signing autographs. Three hysterical fans are screaming my name and my bodyguard is trying his hardest to keep them at arm's length. A gaggle of Japanese tourists has gathered round. They are taking photographs of me on their camera phones even though they have no idea who I am.

Within seconds, about 40 passers-by have slowed down to gawp at what is going on. One obstreperous Frenchwoman has come to a complete halt to stare at me. "Who is she," she asks persistently of the growing crowd. "Excuse me madame, who are you?"

Elizabeth Day and paparazzi
Star for a night: Elizabeth Day gets a taste of the celebrity lifestyle

It should be self-explanatory. For one night only, I have become ... READ MORE HERE!


Source: NewKerala.com

A ‘Kitten’ claws into Sienna Miller’s paparazzi groans!

London: Former ‘Atomic Kitten’ band member Kerry Katona has hit out at British beauty Sienna Miller for groaning that she no longer has a private life thanks to the paparazzi, and has said that the actress should not talk about her life if she wants some privacy.

Kerry said that if Miller doesn’t want the media attention she is getting, then the simplest solution for her would be to stop speaking about her life in public.

“You can’t have it both ways love! Sienna has always talked about her private life in public and if she doesn’t want the attention, then don’t blab,” Femalefirst quoted her, as telling OK! magazine.

February 24, 2006


Source: FWD

Kate Moss Has Moment at Burberry
Godfrey Deeny Fri Feb 24, 6:24 PM ET

Fashion Wire Daily - Milan - Burberry began celebrating its 150th anniversary on Thursday night with a fall-winter collection that was a modern classic take on the label's iconography. But the biggest news at the runway show in Milan was the return of a brightly blonde Kate Moss, who sparked off a paparazzi stampede when she took her seat minutes before the show began.

Moss sat front-row, on her left Burberry's head honcho and ad photographer, respectively Rosemarie Bravo and Mario Testino; on her right, the father of her child, editor Jefferson Hack, Isabella Blow and Suzy Menkes.

All anyone wanted to know was did this mean that Moss would star in Burberry's next ad campaign? The UK ... READ MORE HERE!

February 23, 2006


Source: CantonRep.com

Celebrities may lose phony war on paparazzi

Thursday, February 23, 2006


“I was terrified that this time the physically aggressive paparazzi would put both me and my baby in danger,” Britney Spears announced last week after getting caught driving with her unsecured infant son on her lap. Back in the halcyon days of 2005, this excuse might have gotten a sympathetic response from the public, the media and even law enforcement officials. But age and wisdom have made us all more skeptical of blaming the paparazzi — the last acceptable prejudice.

It was just last month, as a troubled nation began to cope with the crisis of Lindsay Lohan’s rapid weight loss, that an important piece of Lohania vanished right before our eyes. Criminal charges were dropped against Galo Cesar Ramirez, the celebrity photographer who in May was arrested after an automobile accident with the star of “Herbie: Fully Loaded.”


This is no surprise, considering Lohan’s abysmal driving record, which includes a previous accident that resulted in the starlet’s being sued by an injured driver, and a fender-bender that she also tried without success to blame on a paparazzo. But the young photographer’s hair-breadth escape from the law also signaled a turning point in the trumped-up war against “stalkerazzi.”

For a brief, shining moment in 2005, Lohan’s accident was the centerpiece in an anti-paparazzi campaign waged by celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, who last year settled a suit by a shutterbug she’d assaulted and robbed of his camera; Reese Witherspoon, who filed a false-imprisonment charge against photographers that turned out to be bogus; and Halle Berry, who in 2000 pleaded guilty to a lesser charge related to a nonpaparazzi hit-and-run accident in which another driver suffered a broken arm.

In any disinterested reading of the accident reports, these actors come off as a gang of dangerous, lead-footed rageaholics, while the hardworking photographers appear guilty only of giving celebs too much of the attention they crave.

So how did pampered multimillionaires manage to attract fawning media attention to their cause and eventually push through an anti-stalkerazzi law in California?

Simple: They waved the bloody shirt of Princess Diana and advanced the preposterous notion that Los Angeles’ streets are being menaced not by their own hot tempers and reckless driving but by aggressive photographers. Scarlett Johansson attempted to blame paparazzi for an August crash in the Disneyland parking lot, but there were no shooters involved. The notoriously high-strung Jennifer Lopez blamed an April panic attack not on her own sagging career but on chimerical photographers who supposedly surrounded her chauffeured vehicle.


Diana’s 1997 death in a drunken-driving accident remains the standard cautionary tale about photographers gone wild. Yet prosecutors abandoned the attempt to build a case against the paparazzi, and even the dogged Mohammed Fayed lost his civil suit against three of the alleged pursuers.

One point was well established in every court but the court of public opinion: The paparazzi were blameless in this, the foundational deadly paparazzi incident.

What did photographers do to deserve this abuse? Look to the celebrities themselves. They’re being marginalized by changes in entertainment habits, by businesses no longer interested in celebrity endorsements, by a public increasingly bored with stars whose most entertaining high jinks are covered up by publicists.

In this fix, the prima donnas are lashing out, in classic nouveau-riche fashion, against their underlings.

So far their campaign has been successful enough to produce a bad law. Late last year, actor-turned-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the measure that triples damages awarded for photography-induced accidents and prohibits paparazzi from profiting from the photos that ensue.

The free-speech implications are ominous, but there’s at least one sign that instant karma may be coming around: Shortly after the bill became law, Schwarzenegger crashed his motorcycle in a nonpaparazzi-related accident, requiring 15 stitches to his face.

Mischa Barton Sick Of Paparazzi!

Source: EntertainmentWise.com

Mischa Barton Sick Of Paparazzi!
By: Jasmine Roberts

Mischa Barton just hates all the attention she gets from the paparazzi, and is sick of them following her around everywhere: “The paparazzi follow me everywhere I go..."

She talks about herself and her co stars on The OC: “…there is a fascination about are personal lives.”

Mischa told OK! Magazine about the toughest element of being famous: “Probably the most stress was right after The OC first came out and I had to deal with the paparazzi”

“It’s stressful when you do something from an artistic point of view and people make it about your personal life. I find it very irritating…” Poor Mischa it sounds like she’s had enough…err BOVERED???

February 22, 2006

Paul Walker slams whiners...

Source: The Detriot News

Paul Walker slams celebrities who whine about paparazzi

Suddenly ubiquitous actor dude Paul Walker -- his "Eight Below" opened at No. 1 last weekend and his mob thriller "Running Scared" opens this weekend -- blasts stars who complain about the paparazzi in the new issue of Complex magazine. "You don't like the press, why the hell are you shopping on Rodeo Drive?" asks Walker, whose sun-baked roles in "The Fast and the Furious" and "Into the Blue" have earned him a rep as a post-modern Keanu Reeves. "Come on, it's easy to disappear if you want to." We totally agree, brah.

Convictions for Diana paparazzi


Diana crash paparazzi to pay one euro in damages

PARIS (Reuters) - A French court has ordered three photographers to pay one euro in damages for breaching privacy laws when taking pictures of Princess Diana on the night of her fatal crash, according to a ruling made available on Wednesday.

The single euro divided between the trio will be paid to Mohamed al Fayed, the Egyptian-born millionaire and father of Dodi al Fayed, Diana's companion who also died in the crash.

Diana, Dodi and chauffeur Henri Paul were killed on August 31, 1997 when their Mercedes car crashed in a tunnel as it sped away from the Ritz hotel in the French capital with paparazzi photographers in hot pursuit on motorbikes.

The photographers were sentenced on Friday after the Paris appeals court overturned earlier rulings and decided that the three had invaded the couple's privacy twice during the evening.

The first time was while taking pictures near the Ritz hotel and the second was by taking photos of the Princess after the accident in the Alma tunnel.

The decision comes after a long legal battle for the photographers Jacques Langevin, Christian Martinez and Eric Chassery.

France's highest appeals court said last April they must be retried after an earlier ruling had acquitted them.

Mohamed al Fayed had appealed against that earlier ruling, which followed an original court acquittal of the three photographers in November 2003.

An inquiry by French authorities in 1999 ruled that the crash was caused by Paul being drunk and driving too fast.

But the circumstances of the crash still cause controversy.

Al Fayed, owner of London store Harrods, wants the paparazzi punished and has said he believes his son and Diana were murdered by British secret services because their relationship was embarrassing the royal household.

Diana's marriage to Britain's heir to the throne Britain's
Prince Charles broke down in 1992 and ended in divorce. Charles married his longtime lover Camilla Parker Bowles last year.

February 20, 2006


Source: TMZ.com

Alex talks partycrashing

Document link
Click here for more party-crashing tips from Alex


Source: TMZ.com

The Ultimate Celeb Party-Crasher Tells All
See the amazing photo gallery

(Dec. 10) - Alex Deighton rubs elbows with Julia Roberts, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Rock, Jennifer Lopez, Diddy, Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Now here's the real rub. None of these stars know Alex from Adam. Alex is a master at crashing celebrity parties.

To make it clear, we're not talking rinky-dink birthday parties. These are multi-million dollar fetes, big time stuff. Alex makes his way to all the A-list events: the Oscars, the Emmys and the Golden Globes, and he gets inside without an invite.

It started harmlessly enough several years ago, when Deighton was ... READ MORE HERE!

Review: Nikon D200

Source: PCWorld

Nikon's Fast, Powerful, and Pricey SLR
Tracey Capen, special to PC World

Powerful and beautifully designed, Nikon's new D200 fills a gaping hole in the company's digital SLR lineup. Ideal for pros and serious amateurs, the $1700 (body only), 10.2-megapixel camera fits nicely between the $900, 6.1-megapixel D70s and the company's top-of-the-line and very costly ($4500) 12.4-megapixel D2X. I predict that many D70s owners will want to upgrade to the D200's higher megapixel count and more-sophisticated controls.

Nikon built the D200 with a beefy magnesium body and loaded it with dedicated buttons and dials. The camera is clearly a descendant of ... READ MORE HERE!

February 19, 2006

New Mobile Multimedia Reporting Tool...

Source: Journalism.co.uk

Dutch agency trials multimedia reporting tool

By: Jemima Kiss
Email: jemima@journalism.co.uk

Dutch news agency ANP has issued 15 journalists with a new mobile tool that will allow them to produce multimedia content on location and send it back to their newsdesk.

Reporters are using an application called Farcast Reporter to compile audio, video, images and text reports. Content arrives at the news desk with a geographical tag, ready for editing and publishing.

The tool is an important step towards enabling reporters to become multimedia journalists, said Bert Kok, manager of ANP's product development.

"The ability to publish multimedia items from anywhere, anytime allows us to get the news to our customers even faster giving us an additional competitive edge in the fast-paced news creation and delivery business," he said.

"The opportunity to send text, photo, audio and video through one device adds a whole new dimension to the reporter's job."

Adobe Lightroom goes Intel

Source: MacWorld

Adobe Lightroom goes Intel
Jim Dalrymple - MacCentral

Graphics software giant, Adobe, on Tuesday released an update to its photographic workflow application, Lightroom. Among the changes in Lightroom beta 2.0 is that the application is now available as a Universal Binary, which means it can run natively on PowerPC and Intel Macs.

The beta also includes new Crop and Straighten tools in the Develop module, the ability to add music to slideshows, and the ability to create hierarchical keyword lists to give photographers the ability to group and manage image keywords more efficiently.

Adobe also improved Edit functionality to provide photographers with more options for choosing how an image is delivered to Adobe Photoshop CS2 based on its native file format.

Adobe recently outlined its Intel plans for Creative Suite and other products saying they do not plan to re-release current applications just to add Intel support.

Lightroom Public Beta 2.0 for Macintosh OSX Tiger (10.4.3) is available for free download from the Adobe Labs Web site. Recommended system requirements for the beta are Macintosh OSX 10.4.3, 1 GHz PowerPC G4 processor, 768MB RAM and 1024x768 resolution screen.

Adobe said the final product is expected to be introduced in late 2006. Further details around pricing, system requirements and availability have yet to be determined.


Source: ContactMusic.com


SEX AND THE CITY star SARAH JESSICA PARKER longs to live in peace in London, because the paparazzi in New York City drive her crazy.

Parker and her actor husband MATTHEW BRODERICK have discussed moving across the Atlantic, but they would miss their friends and family too much.

She says, "Matthew and I don't want to run around with our heads down. We can't move to London - everyone we know and love is here."

The couple have had trouble leaving their house and are hunted down by paparazzi wherever they go.

She says, "Sometimes I have to ask them (the paparazzi) to step out of the way just so I can get out of the house. Other times they'll say provocative things to try to get me to say a bad word on film."

Knight Ridder Up For Sale!

Source: AJR

Sherman’s March

How Naples, Florida, money manager Bruce S. Sherman muscled Knight Ridder—the nation’s second-largest newspaper company—into putting itself up for sale

By Charles Layton
Charles Layton is an AJR senior writer.

On July 19, the board of directors of Knight Ridder, the country's second-largest newspaper chain, held a most unusual meeting. It was at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel near the top of San Francisco's Nob Hill, and it was unusual because, as the 10 board members convened, representatives of Knight Ridder's three biggest shareholders were camped outside the door, waiting to air their gripes about the company's stock performance.

This meeting would mark the start of an insurrection that ultimately would force the board to put Knight Ridder up for sale, threatening the future quality of its journalism and causing tremors ... READ MORE HERE!

February 18, 2006

Tyra & BF deal with Paps.

Source: EurWeb.com

Actor nearly channels Madea to deal with intrusive shutterbugs.

*In a letter to fans, playwright-turned-filmmaker Tyler Perry mentioned his first major paparazzi incident while dining out with Tyra Banks.

“After a nice Italian dinner we were getting into the car and paparazzi jumps out from behind the building and starts taking pictures,” writes the director and star of the upcoming “Madea Goes to Jail.”

“Tyra Banks, being the professional that she is, drops her head and her hair falls in front of her face so that he can't see her. She jumps into the car with her head down. I got in the car looking at the guy like WHAT?! (New Orleans was about to come out 3rd Ward style.) She was like, ‘Get in the car.’ So I got in the car and drove off and almost ran over the man. I can see the headlines now. ‘MADEA GOES TO JAIL, FOR REAL. Tyler Perry Runs Over Paparazzi.’ Please pray for me, this is all so new and crazy to me.”

Perry adds that he will be a guest on Tyra’s daytime talk show on Feb. 23.

“This is an interview that I want you to see because this was the most relaxed that I have been on TV,” he writes. “It's probably because we are such close friends. We even talk about the rumors going around about us being married. You should check it out. It comes on the day before the movie comes out.”

February 17, 2006


Source: Philly.com


• Elton John accepted an undisclosed financial settlement yesterday of a libel lawsuit against the Sunday Times of London.

His lawyer, Hanna Basha, said in court that the newspaper had repeated a false rumor that John acted in a self-important, arrogant and rude manner by telling guests at a fund-raising ball not to address him unless spoken to.

It's considered libel in London to falsely mock a celebrity for being rude? And here Tattle thought it was a civilized country.

February 16, 2006

Osbourne Vs. Sienna

Source: IrishExaminer.com

Osbourne blasts Miller's paparazzi moan

Pop rocker Kelly Osbourne has blasted actress Sienna Miller for moaning about the paparazzi.

The reality TV star was stunned to hear the Casanova actress is planning to petition British Prime Minister Tony Blair to seek protection laws for celebrities from photographers.

However, Osbourne believes Miller deserves the press attention, because she has regularly discussed her private life with the media.

February 15, 2006

Sienna Needs Help!

Source: sofeminine.co.uk

Sienna wants Blair to save her from the paparazzi!

Sienna Miller has announced that she intends to speak to Tony Blair about the paparazzi laws, as she fears that press photographers go too far to get a snap.

The British beauty, who also confirmed at the premier of her latest film, Casanova, that she had finally split from Jude Law for good, told The Mirror that the relationship was definately over and that Law wasn't ready for marriage. The pair finally called time on their union after a blazing row on the set of her upcoming film Factory Girl, following infidelities on both sides. Miller added that she was happy about the decision and seemed to be having a great night with her sister, Savannah and girlfriends.

The 24 year-old also hit out at the paparazzi, saying that the constant attention from press photographers was at times, frightening. She accepted that the public would have a certain interest in her private life, especially following her high-profile romance with Law, but that she was "seriously thinking of trying to get hold of Tony Blair. I appreciate that you are putting yourself up to it to a certain degree, but it's stalking and there should be stricter laws."

Her concern has been echoed in Hollywood recently, after a spate of paparazzi-related incidents, involving Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon, who are all now working with the police to stop the illegal behaviour that has caused several accidents.


Source: The National Ledger

Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn Hire Paparazzi Decoys
By Jill Atkins
Feb 15, 2006

Malibu couple Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn just wanted a non paparazzi night out last weekend. It was after all Jen's birthday and the pair were determined to celebrate without cameras.

So the plan that appears to have been put in motion to protect that night was to use paparazzi decoys to throw the photogs off the scent.

The way that works is for the stars to send several cars ... READ MORE HERE!

February 13, 2006

I'll be out of town for two weeks, so ShootFirst will try and fill in for a bit.

Catch ya'll later.

Da Freak

February 10, 2006

Paparazzi Speak Out on Britney Spears Baby Driving Scandal

Britney Spears at first blamed photographers for her disastrous decision on Monday when she was snapped cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway with baby Sean Preston on her lap. The pictures soon caused a 'driving with baby' scandal and Brit finally apologized.

But what about the paparazzi - what's their story?

The American tabloid, 'The Star' gives the account from one paparazzo:

Frank Rohmer, the owner of the X17 photo agency that snapped the singer and her son leaving a Starbuck's near her Malibu home, is amused by the explanation.

"George Spaly, who took the pictures, was not aggressive, nor did he pose any sort of threat to Britney or her baby. In fact, Britney and George have known each other for several years. She smiled and talked to George after arriving at the Starbuck's. Britney asked George not to take pictures of her and the baby at the Starbuck's and he agreed. In fact, on this particular afternoon at 1 p.m., it was so quiet that another bodyguard following in a car behind Britney's left shortly after arriving at the Starbuck's."


Once Britney and her bodyguards had their drinks, she reportedly switched seats with one bodyguard and drove off with Sean Preston plopped in her lap.

"She had her right hand on the wheel and her other hand apparently holding her kid. That's when George started shooting. He kept a respectable distance."

But in defense of his agency's lucrative subjects, Rohmer suspects Britney, "just wasn't thinking."

"It's quite possible that Britney and Kevin hadn't gotten to installing the child car seat in the back. Not that that's any sort of excuse," he told the Star.

Indeed it's not.

And this side of the story is a far cry from Brit's initial claim that she feared for the baby from the imposing paparazzi.

From NationalLedger.com

February 9, 2006


This is from her arriving at Letterman today....

Hhhmmm.... at least she was all smiles.

Let the rumors begin!

February 8, 2006


February 7, 2006

It seemed like no one knew what to expect for this store opening. The buzz was Halle Berry was going to make an appearance. It was 35 degrees, outdoor arrival area, and 35 photographers and video crews trying to fit is space for maybe 20 people. It didn't look good....

Just prior to arrivals, security set up another press area across from the first press pen. Three photographers were quietly escorted to the new area, followed by a mad dash by another 10+ all looking for a spot. In the end, we wound up 20 on one side, 15 on the other.

The Versace PR then hands us tip sheet, that which rivals a Peggy Segal list. A lot of big names and big promises, but will they deliver?

Well.... I guess it's all in how you look at it. Halle Berry was there but did not pose outside. But in turn we got Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Naomi Campbell, Rachel Weisz, Nicholas Cage, Cindy Crawford, Hilary Duff, Heather Graham, Claire Danes and Karolina Kurkova to name few. AND... everyone was in good fashion AND posed outside without their coats off AND the PR MADE SURE WE GOT THE SHOT! At one point Heather Graham only posed for one side... and the PR went into the store AND BROUGHT HER OUT FOR MORE PHOTOS!

It was like a dream... a beautiful happy dream.

February 7, 2006

Did Britney Spears Endanger Sean Preston Fleeing Paparazzi?

Pop-Tart and new mother Britney Spears is absorbing the darts of criticsm this morning after some observers say she may have put her son in danger by driving down the Pacific Coast Highway [PCH] with baby Sean Preston on her lap.

Pictures of the event were quickly posted on the internet. Is Kevin Federline ever around for anything other than to make babies with Brit?

According to People magazine, a source close to our favorite Pop-Tart explained that the 'Toxic' singer drove to Starbucks with her bodyguard in the passenger seat, and son Sean Preston in his car seat in the back. When the bodyguard went into the store to get the beverages, Britney took Sean out of his car seat and held him in her lap while she waited. Photographers reportedly approached the car in an agressive fashion, says the source. Once her bodyguard climbed back into the car, Britney Spears drove away while still holding her son.

The Britney Spears spin machine went into action imediately: "Today I had a horrifying, frightful encounter with the paparazzi while I was with my baby .... I was terrified that this time the physically aggressive paparazzi would put both me and my baby in danger. I instinctively took measures to get my baby and me out of harm's way, but the paparazzi continued to stalk us, and took photos of us which were sold to the media. I love my child and would do anything to protect him."

Living in Malibu myself for over a year, I have witnessed first hand the aggressive paparazzi tactics. However, what exactly could they have done to make Britney so worried?

Something isn't right about this story though. The Paparazzi say they followed her for 2 miles on PCH and she was not just "fleeing" as she claims. However, she's in the vehicle in these pictures with no seatbelt with her bodyguard seated next to her. I don't buy that Britters was actually that dumb. No one is that stupid. Well, then again, she did get married to the Federjerk.

-- Compiled from wire reports

Reese Witherspoon's Paparazzi Attacker Found Dead

The photographer who was charged with child endangerment and battery after attempting to photograph Reese Witherspoon has been found dead at his Californian home.

The Oscar nominated actress was with her children and their friends for a birthday celebration at a Disney theme park when the attack occurred.

While Witherspoon and the children were enjoying her daughter Ava’s sixth birthday, photographer Todd Wallace tried to take pictures of them.

When they desisted, Wallace became angry and went so far as to knock down and hit two children in his bid to get a picture.

Wallace even turned on theme park employees after they tried to restrain him leaving the children attending the birthday party in tears.

He was charged with six misdemeanour offences but pleaded innocent in October, reports Ananova.

When Wallace failed to turn up for a bail hearing in December a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Friends of the unstable photographer found his body but his identity was not confirmed due the state of his body…tests should prove that the dead man is Wallace.


Actress TERI HATCHER organised an impromptu bet on the set of a new TV commercial after paparazzi caught her stumbling while filming.

The DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star was shooting an ad for Clairol hair colour and had to walk a dog through a park and tripped on the exposed roots of a tree.

But when she realised paparazzi were focusing on her, she knew the trip would make headlines and decided to have fun with her film crew.

She says, "We're out in a park in Beverly Hills on a Saturday and there are 300 fans and twice as many paparazzi. I'm doing this thing and tripping and in one of the takes I tripped a little farther and went down to the ground.

"I just looked up at the director and said, 'That's the shot.'

"I literally said, on the set, 'Everybody write down what the headline's going to be and we'll have a pool, and whoever gets closest will win.'

"Sure enough, they came up with 'Teri Takes A Walk On The Wild Side' and wrote that I had a new job as a dog walker. Yeah, thing's are not going too well on Desperate Housewives!"

February 6, 2006

Pretty in PINK

Pink Panther Premiere
Ziefeld Theater

Where are all these people coming from? Both in front of the barricades and behind.

There were over 50 shooters at this premiere, stacked 3 to 4 rows deep. Lot of new faces in the pen ...and we were packed tight today. At least we were tented.

And man... those publicists are getting worse. Standing between the photographers and talent, not having their talent pose correctly (not bouncing around like a terets patient).

And god forbid we yell for his Royal Highness Steve Martin. He wouldn't pose because we were yelling. Awwww...did we hurt his feeling.

Meanwhile, Beyonce poses up a storm and gives us everything you could want. Yelling and all.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Flee the UK Paparazzi for California?

The UN power couple of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have reportedly purchased a home in Washington, DC and now reports are that Angie has sold her Buckinghamshire mansion in the UK.

The reason, according to Page Six is to flee the British paparazzi as Angie was freaked out by their aggressive behavior. So - where will the globe-trotting couple raise their kids? Berlin, in the South of France?

Apparently not a report says they are headed back to the Golden State. That's right - back to California.

Good choice - there are no photographers there.

Page Six gives this dish:

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt won't be raising their kids in the English countryside. Jolie has sold her huge Buckinghamshire mansion because she was creeped out after photographers snuck onto the grounds last year and snapped her playing with Pitt and son Maddox.

The London Mirror reports the two are now in talks with German architects Lars Kruckeberg, Wolf ram Putz and Thomas Willemeit to design their perfect California dream house.


Us Weekly has hinted the pair still could settle out of the US. The American tabloid claims that France and Rome are on the house-hunting list.

And earlier reports have placed the couple in the South of France for the reason hinted in the Page Six story, to flee the press.

Best bet. Southern California - and Washington DC.

Sean Penn Scuffles with Paparazzi at Brother's Funeral

(AXcess News) Reno, NV - Actor Sean Penn, 45, became irate with a paparrazi at the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, Calif. yesterday during the funeral of his actor brother, Chris Penn.

Apparently the photographer got too close for comfort for Sean when the actor became irate, attacking the paparazzi along with actor Mark Ruffalo, who snatched the memory card from the photographer's camera.

Many friends who turned out for Chris Penn's funeral shared their displeasure over the photographer's intrusion into a private family funeral.

"It was private property, it's a gated cemetery. That guy didn't belong there," said a friend. "It's disgusting that Sean couldn't bury his brother in peace."

Chris Penn was discovered lying in his bed January 24 by a housekeeper who called police. No cause of death has been determined. Foul play and suicide have been ruled out.

In 1987, Sean Penn was jailed for 32 days for assaulting a photographer while married to Madonna. Sean is now married to actress Robin Wright Penn.

February 5, 2006

Detroit 'OP' City

Here's a local Detroit paper's take of the paparazzi invasion because of the Super Bowl...

The first bribe offer reached Nicholas Graczyk within an hour of news reports that Paris and Nicky Hilton enjoyed some late-night cocktails at The Hill, the Grosse Pointe Farms restaurant he manages.

Graczyk declined that proposition and all others -- "There's been quite a few calls since then," he said -- to make some extra cash by alerting certain photographers if the Hiltons return to the eatery.

The offers come from a unique breed of photographers more than willing to shell out big money for tips about celebrities. They're the paparazzi, known for relentlessly pursuing stars to catch them in unguarded moments for candid photos to fill top-selling magazines including Us Weekly, Star and InTouch, not to mention the tabloids.

"Wherever there are celebrities, there's 'paps' working it," said Frank Griffin, founder of Bauer-Griffin photo agency in Los Angeles, which proudly declares itself a paparazzi agency. "You have to know there's lots of them (in Detroit) right now."

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February 4, 2006


Looks like we have to get to work on these folks....

Sydney - Oscar-nominated actor Heath Ledger has put his Sydney harbourside house up for sale and intends to live in New York to get away from the paparazzi photographers he says have driven him out of Australia, news reports said Saturday.

Ledger brought the house in the beachside suburb of Bronte for 4.4 million Australian dollars (3.3 million US dollars) in 2004.

'Bronte is scaring me at the moment, ' Ledger was quoted as saying in The Sydney Morning Herald last year. 'I feel like the paparazzi are going to kick me out of that city. '

Ledger, the star of the acclaimed 'Brokeback Mountain ' feature film about a couple of gay cowboys, has had a troubled relationship with the media.

At the premiere of 'Brokeback Mountain ' in Sydney last month press photographers sprayed him with water pistols in retaliation for what they claimed was his spitting.

Ledger 's partner and 'Brokeback Mountain ' co-star Michelle Williams, the mother of his five-month-old daughter, also got a little wet on that occasion.

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SEX AND THE CITY star SARAH JESSICA PARKER longs to live in peace in London, because the paparazzi in New York City drive her crazy.

Parker and her actor husband MATTHEW BRODERICK have discussed moving across the Atlantic, but they would miss their friends and family too much.

She says, "Matthew and I don't want to run around with our heads down. We can't move to London - everyone we know and love is here."

The couple have had trouble leaving their house and are hunted down by paparazzi wherever they go.

She says, "Sometimes I have to ask them (the paparazzi) to step out of the way just so I can get out of the house. Other times they'll say provocative things to try to get me to say a bad word on film."

Seeing RED in Bryant Park

Red Dress Fashion Show
Bryant Park


Well...if this is going to be the barometer for the rest of the week... heavy drinking will numb it all away.

The show started 50 minutes late, Lohan was surrounded by goons, struggles abound.

As Nicolas puts it: "I have that Fashion Week Gaze"... (staring blankly off into the distance in disbelief).

Zak was told he couldn't stand where the public was standing, was sent into the street where the police told him he couldn't stand there...and was sent back to where he was. (Do you see a circular pattern forming here?)
And as Zak puts it: "$75 for a credential that doesn't get me anything. But I can have all the free coffee and water I want in the tent!"

Jesse (who was hired to shoot backstage), left the tent and wasn't let back in. They won't even let you into the general tent without a pass.

Please share your war stories...it may be the only therapy we have!

Ms Watts, unaffected by fame and fortune

Hollywood beauty Naomi Watts has revealed that she is never recognised in public, because she looks so different from her movie roles.

After roles in Mulholland Drive, 21 Grams and King Kong, and an Oscar nomination last year (05), Watts insists she can still walk the streets in New York City unnoticed.

"(Fame) hasn't altered my life yet. The great, fortunate thing is that I never get recognised. I think I look very different on film that I do in real-life. In everyday life I am always surprised if anyone recognises me," she was quoted by Contactmusic,as saying.

"I have had the paparazzi finding out where I live and that's a bummer," she added.

February 2, 2006

Digital that looks like FILM??

kool little plugin that has numerous 'looks', both color and b&w, highly recommended...

the link is here to test run the demo...



Here's a link to download the schedule- OLYMPUS FASHION WEEK.