January 30, 2007

Pitt Snaps Paps

Mr. Jolie loves the paparazzi so much he's taking pictures of them.

Pitt caused a lightning storm of flashes as he came out of his Plan B offices in Beverly Hills late last night. Between his shouts of "You guys are unbelievable," Papa Pitt whipped out his camera and took a few shots of his own.

How much could Brad get for those pics?

Diddy Parties With Sienna, Tells Paparazzi To Delete Pictures

If there's nothing going on between these two, then why would Diddy ask the snapping paparazzi to delete pictures of him and "The Factory Girl"?
Sienna Miller has recently been seen out partying with Diddy, who has made every effort to have pictures of the pair sent into oblivion.

Sienna and rapper Diddy were spotted at various New York nightspots, including Bungalow 8, before finally heading home at 9 a.m. the next morning.
Before the pair entered her hotel together, the hip-hop mogul - real name Sean Combs - told paparazzi he was just seeing his new friend got home safely.
He said, "I was just being a gentleman and dropping her off. We all hang out together but there's no more to it than that."

After explaining the situation, the rap star, whose long-term girlfriend Kim Porter has just given birth to twins, asked photographers to delete the pictures of him and Sienna.

25-year-old Sienna was recently romantically linked to Scarlett Johansson's ex, Josh Hartnett and Leonardo DiCaprio.

January 23, 2007


Room To Grow Benefit
Christie's Auction House, 5:30pm
January 23, 2007

Things started out bad, and never got better.

The PR placed marked spots for those that RSVP'd.
Now...just take a look at the photo to see how much room they provided for each photographer. The short side of an 81/2 X 11 sheet of paper? OVERLAPPING? FOR OVER 40 PHOTOGRAPHERS? About 15 photogs decided to shoot outside in front to the building.

Uma Thurman arrives by walking across the street from the NBC with her boyfriend Andre Balazs. All hell breaks loose. The outside shooters bum rushes them and mayhem ensues. Everyone was running around, bouncing off each other... two photogs even slammed into the glass doors! Someone dropped their cell phone and Uma picked it up asking whose it was.

Uma enters the press area and poses up a storm. Solo with her coat on, with Andre, solo coat off... If you know how to work, you got good shots; which translates to "only a few did well" :)

January 19, 2007

Gere to Photogs: Stay Away From My Kid!

Richard Gere's afternoon in the park with his son turned into a paparazzi confrontation, which culminated in Gere shoving one of the cameramen.

The "Chicago" star can been seen running around a Soho playground playing tag with a group of kids, one of whom is his son, Homer James Jigme. Gere's rep tells TMZ that Richard was upset about the paps photographing his son and asked them stop. According to the photogs, Gere then angrily grabbed the younger of the two shutterbugs.

Then, in an ironic turn, the older photographer confronted Gere -- because the photog he shoved was his son.

Gere can be seen arguing with the elder lensman, pointing a finger in his face. The video cuts, then Gere can be seen shoving the man as a truck passes in front of them. Hey Richard, he was just doing the same thing you were -- protecting his son!

January 17, 2007

Gyllenhaal Hounded By Paparazzi

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL insist her life has changed dramatically since the paparazzi became obsessed with her when she was pregnant last year (06).

The SECRETARY star says the intense media attention has forced her and fiance PETER SAARSGARD to alter their low-key lifestyle.

She explains, "I used to be left alone, but with my pregnancy it changed, with something about the climate of the world and all the tabloid magazines it's changed, and also with (daughter) RAMONA being born it changed. And I have to say, I was horrified by the way the paparazzi dealt with us when she was born.

"When I was in transition labour going to the hospital, there were 30 photographers outside of our house.

"We had a reporter buzz our buzzer over and over again for an hour when she was five days old.

"They called the fire department, twice, to try to get us out of our building. It's just outrageous."

January 13, 2007

Cruise showing Becks how to deal with American paparazzi

Even as he's getting set to leave Spanish shores and head for the US, David Beckham admitted that he has turned to pal Tom Cruise for advice on how to deal with the paparazzi.

At a press conference, the former England captain revealed that though he and wife Victoria aka Posh Spice were well used to being surrounded by photogs in the UK and Europe, he had still called the Hollywood actor to find out just what kind of a reception the couple were likely to get.

Becks called pal Cruise a "very wise man", and insisted that the actor's advice was going to be a "big help" for when he and his family land on American soil.

"He's a very wise man and a very good friend of mine, and to have his experience, and have him explain some things to me to be prepared for, that's going to be a big help," TMZ.com quoted him, as saying.

And, it seems that all the advice that the Beckhams can get will be helpful, for several prominent paparazzi agencies have revealed that they were getting set to follow the Beckhams' every step when the couple move to the US.

A source revealed that some of the bigger agencies were even planning to send two photogs after the couple on the day they land.

"All the big agencies will probably send a couple of photogs over just for [them]," the source said.

January 10, 2007

Paris needs a paparazzi push when she runs out of gas

If you want to see 6 1/2 minutes of priceless video, take a look at this VIDEO.

Listen for these classic lines...

'Dude, I've never put gas in this car, I forgot.'

'How much is gas?'

Doesn't know where the gas tank is.

All this under the watchful eyes of our LA buddies. Priceless!

January 9, 2007

NATIONAL BOAD OF REVIEW (well...at least it wasn't at TOG)

National Board of Review
Cipriani's, 42nd Street.

Like I said...at least it wasn't at the Tavern on the Green, where we battled uncooperative PR, complete darkness and the scent of horse manure.

Cipriani's was a nice change.

Two photo pens were set up on either side of the entrance. Each pen was filled two rows deep.
Although it was still dark, the street lights helped.

A+ to Helen Mirren, Penelope Cruz, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Hudson for giving us a nice set of photos.

F- to Bette Midler for blowing past us and Clint Eastwood for giving a sarcastic, halfhearted pose.

NI bans Middleton paparazzi pics

News International has imposed a ban on all its titles, including the Sun and the News of the World, publishing paparazzi photographs of Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton.

The ban comes amid reports that Ms Middleton's solicitors, Harbottle & Lewis, are preparing to go to the Press Complaints Commission about increased media intrusion into her life.

Following speculation that Prince William is preparing to propose to Ms Middleton, paparazzi follow Ms Middleton constantly, including when she drives to work. Her solicitors reportedly hold fears for her safety.

Her 25th birthday today has also ignited fresh interest from the media, with the BBC running a photo gallery on its website.

It is understood that the News International executive chairman, Les Hinton, has decided that the ban will apply to all News International publications, including the Times and Sunday Times and the freesheet the London Paper.

Mr Hinton is also chairman of the PCC code of practice committee, a body of newspaper editors that monitors the code of practice and responds to public comment about it.

His stance will put pressure on other newspapers to join the self-imposed ban on paparazzi snaps of Ms Middleton.

The last time UK newspapers adopted such a self-imposed ban on paparazzi shots was after the death of Princess Diana in 1997, although this proved to be relatively short-lived.

Since the death of Diana, celebrities have become increasingly successful in fighting for their privacy in the law courts.

January 5, 2007

Hey Guys,

I was sent an email by a freelance producer for Current TV looking for a shooter to follow around for a segment.

If you're interested, send me an email an i'll forward his info to you.

Here's the email:

Hello my name is Andrew Watson and i'm a Senior year FMA student at Temple University in Philadelphia. In addition, i'm also a freelance producer for Current TV (www.current.tv - the short form non fiction network that Al Gore owns part of). I produce short (5 to 7 minute) pieces for their national broadcast. I have covered a wide range of topics for Current TV from the punk rock scene in Philadelphia, to ultra conservative religious youth groups.

The reason i am emailing you is because i'm exploring the idea of producing a short piece about the paparazzi. I'm hoping to follow a NYC paparazzo for a day to get some insight into the profession. Since its a short piece, it would more so focus on the history of the paparazzi and how the job works, and not as much on the controversy surrounding the job. In addition to following a paparazzo around for the day, i have also scheduled an interview with Peter Howe, author of Paparazzi, in order to get some insight into the history of the job.

Here is my question for you. Would you know any NYC paparazzi that you could put me in contact with that might be willing to help out? Any information would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Andrew Watson

About Current TV

Current is an independent media company created by former Vice President Al Gore and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt. In August 2005 we launched a TV network with content created by, for and with an 18-34 year-old audience. Our unique programming shows young adults what’s going on in their world, in their voice and from their point of view.
Current is available in 28 million cable and satellite TV homes. For more information please visit www.current.tv

And Now...A Word From Paris

Nick would love to hear from you guys... he can be reached at nkhayat@gmail.com

Congrats to Nick on his best creation yet!

January 4, 2007

TV's 'Dirt' Dissected By Tabloid Pros

Real-life tabloid newspaper employees say the new FX series "Dirt" isn't entirely a mirror of the celebrity media business.

The New York Daily News quizzed Star magazine editor Bonnie Fuller as well as a Hollywood publicist and one of the infamous paparazzi and learned there is more give-and-take among the players when it comes to the show business gossip industry.

Fuller assured the Daily News that the Star's dish comes from first-hand accounts and multiple sources, and that her magazine doesn't "set up" celebrities in embarrassing situations.

The relationship between stars and the swarms of photographers who follow them around isn't nearly as adversarial as it might appear. There is, however, a lot of pressure on the publicists who must protect and project their clients' image.

January 1, 2007

Kidman Flees Australia And Paparazzi

Sydney, Australia (AHN) - Nicole Kidman has been under public scrutiny for months following her marriage to Keith Urban and the country music stars stint in rehab.

After spending the most part of 2006 silent, the actress has now lashed out at a freelance paparazzi photographer who followed her throughout Christmas and the New Year.

The Oscar winner has cut short her vacation in her native Australia with her husband and fled to Los Angeles on her private jet after snapper Jamie Fawcett interrupted her plans to celebrate New Years Eve at her holiday home at a private beach in southern New South Wales.

Kidman and Urban were followed by Fawcett and pulled over not long after leaving their Sydney home.

The photographer says a fuming Kidman said, ""f... off, Jamie," before being calmed by her husband.

Fawcett continues, "It was more her snapping than him. He appeared, in my view, to pull her back into the car. I was four or five meters from their car and entitled to be there. This situation was not my making. They pulled over."

Local police granted Kidman and her guests, including her parents, protection and a police escort when driving.

However, despite efforts to keep prying eyes away, the couple left the country and headed back to the U.S. early on New Year's Day.