June 30, 2005


Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have secretly married, The National Enquirer can exclusively reveal.

Read the article HERE.

Affleck, Garner Wed, Expecting Baby
Read the AP report HERE.


Here's the scoop for Wed. from FOX PR

Thank you Lotsapaparrazza

Liberty Island
Wednesday, July 6th

Photographers without an assignment can line up on a first
come basis.

There will be a ferry that takes the celebs to Liberty Island, and I assume A-listers also.
Call the PR if you want more info.


TERI HATCHER is concerned by the effect the paparazzi has on her daughter EMERSON.

Read the article HERE.

Splash Welcomes LA Police Probe Into Rogue Paparazzi

A British celebrity pictures agency has welcomed a police clampdown on rogue paparazzi working in Los Angeles.

Read the article HERE.

June 28, 2005


Should we extend the two hour break to four hours?

I have posted the current 'Rules of the List' as best as I know them, followed by how I would amend them. Please let me know what you think, how you would change them or if i'm on the right path.
The more specific your ideas, the better we can focus our agenda.

If we can as a group come up with a vote by the Fantasic Four premiere next week, we can maybe resolve at least this part of the issue.

Discuss Two -vs- Four Hour Break

==> What is a "PAPARAZZI"?

This post comes to us from SHOOT FIRST.

Thanks for the contribution!

Click HERE to read

June 27, 2005

Don't Drink The DARK WATER

Dark Water Premiere
Chelsea West Theater
7:30pm screening

Due to the rain, a tent was built over the arrivals area. Unfortunately, it was 75 degrees and 96% humidity. The temperature as well as tempers were rising rapidly under the canopy. More about that later...

Enough room was provided for the 30+ photogs to go two rows deep. Connelly posed, Reilly posed and Sylvia Miles flashes gang symbols. Strange stuff...

After the photo arrival, video followed for about a half hour. A list shooters were located right at the door of the theater. By this time B Listers had crowded the perimeter of their photo pen. Once Jennifer finished with video, she posed very quickly for A listers, no good solos or heads...then ran inside! A listers freaked out as they pleaded with her PR for a photo. Meanwhile, inside the theater, Jennifer is posing for the house guys. They all make a mad dash for the entrance, and are immediately stopped by security. By the time PR and security sorted everything out and let them in the photo-op was finished. Who knows if they actually got the shot...

Ranks of Paparazzi Swell With Demand For Photos

You can find the article from Reuters UK HERE.

June 24, 2005

MTV Cares About Your Photo Needs

Here's a letter e-mailed to photogs regarding the 2005 MTV VMA's.
Hat's off to them for making the effort.

Thank you again for attending the 2005 MTV Movie Awards! As we gear up for the 2005 VMAs (August 28 in Miami), we are very interested in your input and feedback about your Movie Awards experience. What worked for you? What didn't? Are you a fan of the lottery system, or would you rather be pre-numbered? What would you change about the room and red carpet set-up; banner (backdrop) colors; lighting; or the carpet
positions? And how were the sandwiches?!?

As I said on the night of the show, we really do welcome all feedback, positive and not-so-positive. Obviously we will never be able to make everyone's Photo Room dreams come true, but now is the time to speak up so we can try to address any concerns before we start planning the VMAs set-up.

We really do want to make this as positive an experience as possible for all of you - so chime in, wouldja?

Hope your summer is off to a great start!

Janine Iamunno
MTV Communications

Blair Issues Advice on Avoiding Paparazzi

Selma Blair has the obvious solution to being hounded by the paparazzi — don't go where the photographers are.

Read the article HERE.

(We should let here know where we aren't going to be on a daily basis!)

Who Knowles What Time It Is?

BEYONCE: Beyond The Red Carpet
Museum of TV and Radio
7-10pm arrivals

A lot of photogs ran to this event after War which caused the small photo pen to burst at the seams. Three to four rows deep. Tensions were high from dealing with War all day, you could feel it. And it didn't help that Beyonce didn't arrive until after 9 o'clock; extending our already long day of waiting and delaying our night of edits....

June 23, 2005

Desention In The Ranks at WAR

TomKat give it up for the NY crew.
Photo by Kingfreak

War of the Worlds Premiere
Ziegfeld Theater
3:30pm Press Check-in/5:30pm arrivals/7:30pm Premiere

The first photographer on the list arrived at the theater 5:30 AM.
(I don't really know what to say after that... I'm at a lost for words....)

Things we can all learn from today's premiere:
~When calling the list we go in Numerical order... example: 24 is followed by 25 and so on...
~There is NO CRYING in the photo pit.
~Someone in yo space? Jam yo rump in their face!
~Waiting 14 hours for a photo of a guy that LOVES to pose for us, is just plain wrong.

Webster Dictionary defines 'chaos' as " A condition or place of great disorder or confusion". That about nails it wouldn't ya say?

Please share your war stories (pun intended) as I'm sure they are as intense as the press pit was. The stories of the day will come from the pit...

And in all honesty, the premiere ran pretty well. TomKat posed forever, but we couldn't Katie alone for a fashion (damn you Scientologists....damn you). Speilberg posed, Dakota posed, Tom and Dakota, Spielberg and Tom....on and on and on.

It's Thursday...THIS MEAN WAR!!!

If you're not already at the theater by now....all hope is lost.

June 22, 2005

Everyone 'Cells' Sylvia Miles

Here's an article to pass time while you upload....

Camera-toting paparazzi have no trouble spotting Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt – even behind dark sunglasses or a new hairstyle. Now scientists have found that part of this instant recognition may involve individual brain cells.

Read the article HERE.


Celebrity iPod Designs
Marc Ecko
PR: Susan Blond Inc.

The tip sheet seems a little too good to be true. Confirmed according to PR: P.Diddy, Lil Kim, Hulk Hogan, and Zack Posen

Titled Style & Sound: A Case for a Cause, the auction will feature 14 truly unique iPod cases, each of which will contain a 40GB iPod (courtesy of Apple Computers) and a playlist created by each designer's celebrity partner. Participating designers and their partners are: Marc Ecko with Mary J. Blige; Carolina Herrera with Renee Zellweger; Betsey Johnson with Cyndi Lauper; Cynthia Rowley with Maggie Gyllenhaal; Luca Orlandi of Luca Luca with Mischa Barton; Robert Lee Morris with Brooke Shields; Vivienne Tam with Jessica Alba; Liz Lange with Billy Baldwin and Chynna Phillips; Max Azria of BCBG Max Azria with Brittany Murphy; Nanette Lepore with Hype Williams; Judith Leiber with Katie Holmes; and Carmen Marc Valvo with Vanessa Williams. Donna Karan's playlist will feature music from 20 years of her fashion shows, and Sean Combs will create his own playlist under his P. Diddy moniker

Does DeBeers Bring DeCelebrity?

Grand Opening Of The First DeBeers Store in New York

They may be a girls best friend, but i'm curious how these diamonds treat the press...

War of the Worlds Press Conference

War of the Worlds Press Conference
Essex House

Let's see if this is an indication of how tomorrow goes....

June 21, 2005

Paramount Pain In The....

It looks like War Of The Worlds on Thursday is shaping up to be really interesting:

Security will be at a frenzy since the "Watergun Incident". Buzz is there may be a lockdown for the press area at a certain time. But don't hold me to this....

Paramount is pulling no punches here. Seems that photogs that have called to RSVP or find out info have been given the cold shoulder. It's reported that Paramount has put pressure on agencies and photogs who have spoken their mind.

No special consideration for A or B listers.

More to follow......

Lohan Lights Up Letterman

Lunacy for Lohan at Letterman.
Photo by Kingfreak.

Lindsay Lohan on Letterman
Ed Sullivan Theater

Today's photo pit was exploding with shooters, 3-4 rows deep, shooters across and in the street. Normal set up: 2 barricades across, from building to curb and as deep as you can go. She sun baked the pit in constant heat as photogs waited for hours. 20+ shooters by 1:30pm. This being said...

Lohan's arrival was slightly delayed as security reported that her SUV was being chased by photographers on motorcycle and in cars. Police closed the street prior to her arrival to keep the pursuers at bay. She arrived posed nicely for the press (with those darn dark sunglasses)as shooters and fans mobbed the street. She stopped for fans and signed autographs for a lucky few. Photogs in the street had a shot at her with fans.

A little over an hour later, she exits with nice fashion, no glasses, and once again poses up a storm. One photog presented Lohan with Happy Birthday balloons and a card (we got some nice smiles from her after that). A+ in my book...

Funny moment:
Slick Rick: "Those balloons were my idea!"
Lohan's mother: "That was so kind of you, how sweet", with a big smile and a wave.
(Rick had absolutely NOTHING to do with the gift)

June 20, 2005

Which WAYUU Gonna Go?

Wayuu Taya Foundation 3rd Annual Fundraising Gala
Monday, June 20, 2005
Tribeca Grand Hotel

Courtesy of LotsaPaparrazza:

Actually, it was a good/ok event. We got Rachel Weisz, Iman,
Patricia Velasquez, Soledad O'Brien, Wilmer
Valderrama, Edward James Olmos (the Honoree), Russell
and Kimora Lee Simmons plus Jade Barrymore and Katie
Ford. They all showed up late...no shock there. We
got great stuff. Great fashion...lots of color. Cute
swag bag!!

We were set up inside. Plenty-o-elbow room. Those of
us behind the railing were friendly and cooperative.
However, those house photogs... (Why are there more
than 2 house photogs for an event that small?) One
was particurly snotty and continually got in our way
on the end. He even went so far as to snarl "I hope
you made your rent", as he walked away. I heard that
he's on salary.

Still, basically, everything went ok until the very
end when it was time for the big group shot. That's
when a few of what it seemed like 10 house
photographers, that came outta nowhere, starting
blocking the photogs on the left side. We tried to
push them out of the way. In my futile attemps to get
the 2 pr people to move them (what a doof I was!), I
slipped on the lil stool but 2 photogs broke my fall.
Again, my apologies and thank you to those 2 photogs.

Oh yeah! There was one house photog who was shooting
"old school" style! He was using 800 speed film and
had a flash the size of the Hubble!

Ahh, it was pretty good.

This AmFAR From Being A Good Event

Who got out to Central Park for the 14th Annual AmFAR ROCKS Benefit?
Let us know.....

Duchess Serves The Press

Pardon me Mum, do you have any Grey Poupon?
Photo by Carmen.

Sarah Ferguson- Duchess Of York
Stage Deli- Sandwich Dedication

Sarah Ferguson unveiled the "Duchess of York," a new sandwich named after her by the New York Stage deli. She arrived on time, posed in the street, in front of the restaurant, at the door, then inside. Photogs were brought in 5-7 at a time (3 groups in total) for a posed shot of her with the sandwich. Fergie has always been a class act by giving us a photo at everything she does here in NY.
And afterwards, she personally served the photographers pieces of the sandwich (grilled chicken breast topped with melted Muenster cheese and wasabi horseradish mayonnaise). The sample sandwiches didn't have the wasabi mayo, so I asked her to try it with the topping. And once again, she personally put the mayo on the sandwich in my hand. It's about time royalty served me! (Ok...Ok...let me have my delusions of grandeur). The press even got a bottle of the mayo with the press kit. Class act!

The Bice Is Right

Bo Bice- American Idol Runner-up
TODAY SHOW Toyota Concert Series
7am press call

A lot less shooters than usual made it easier to shoot this morning. Bice was very co-operative, signing for fans, posing for the photogs, he would have given the shirt off his back. If Thursday's premiere could be this easy......

The War of the Worlds begins...

Courtesy of LotsaPaparrazza:

All I did was what Paramount's publicity office told
me to do, which was contact MARTHA CARROZZA if I have
any further questions or concerns regarding the "War
of the Worlds" premiere this Thursday. I did. All I
wanted to do was add one more photographer to the
press list, as Paramount had already placed me on the
press list. That's it. I was polite and
professional. I even started my email with "How are
you? I trust all is well."

Below is the actual e-response I received from MARTHA
CARROZZA, who is being PAID a lot of $$$ by Paramount
to handle the PRESS (apparently, she sent the same
email to other photographers as well...check YOUR

-----Original Message-----
From: MeCarrozza@aol.com
Sent: Jun 20, 2005 11:32 AM
To: [edited]
Subject: Re: URGENT: Press Credential Request: WAR OF
THE WORLDS premiere (06.23.05)

Due to overwhelming response to the "War of the
Worlds" premiere on Thursday, June 23rd at the
Ziegfeld...your placement will be on a first come
first serve basis. Security will be overseeing this
process. If you are uncomfortable
with this procedure than it would be advisable to not

Thanks in advance,

It was the LAST line of the paragraph that really
irked me the most:

"If you are uncomfortable with this procedure than it
would be advisable to not cover."

Ohhhh! the things I wanted to e-write back.

Basically, her email is a FOREWARNING to all us
photogs who are NOT Wireimage, Getty, etc..:

1) it's going to be hell!
2) go to hell!

June 17, 2005

No Shades of Gray Here...

We will be losing a dear friend to photographers worldwide....

It's all here in BLACK AND WHITE

That Duff Is Tough Enough

Hilary Duff
Today Show-Toyota Concert Series
Rockefeller Center Studios
7am press call

Every week it's something new at the Today Show.

In this weeks drama...The gates that separate the fans from the stage seem to be creeping forward every week (which is in our lane to shoot) and more shooters are packing the photo pen.

Riddle me this Batman....why are photogs standing 3 deep, on ladders IN FRONT OF the already packed 3 level riser and being uncooperative with your fellow man? One photog was leaning over the barricade so far he could have played the drums on stage! This action in turn lead to obstructed views throughout the pen. If we work together and DON'T PANIC at the sight of tension, we can work things out.

EW Must Miss Party

How many photogs can you fit on a sheet of 6"X8" piece of paper?

Entertainment Weekly Must List Party
PR- Dan Klores Communication
June 16, 2005

This report comes to us from ZePhotog:

Where do I begin ?

Well let's re-write the EW Must List :

1) Fire Dan Klores Communication, they're incompetent and do not
deserve to work

2) When you book celebrities, make sure they are coming

3) Stop promoting nobodies like they are of any importance, if no other magazines are running them, there must be a good reason !!!

Now, this being said, let's see...

Here's how the spots were marked, that's the same for both TV &
photogs, 2 full rows deep :

June 16, 2005

Things around town...

Bubba on Letterman

"Four Inches
" book party at Cartier- Dressed in nothing but Jimmy Choo spikes and a single piece of Cartier jewelry, a constellation of beautiful, successful and empowering women bare all in aid of the Elton John Aids Foundation (in the book, not at the arrivals...WE WISH!)

EW Party

John McCain't BUT Fran Can!

The Partnership for Public Service Gala
Rubenstein Communications, Inc

A low-key event with about 12 shooters. PR was helpful by keeping us informed as to the arrival of the VIP's. It's never a good sign when the PR comes over to the press and says "The Senators flights are still in DC." Being told this at 6:30p for a 7:30p photo-op....that math don't add up. The flights of the Senators were all delayed, so the men of the hour Sen. John McCain (with Sen. Lieberman, and Sen. Schumer) weren't available to photograph.

This didn't mean it was all bad...Fran Dresher in a great curvaceous green dress, Victoria Silvstedt, Ally Sheedy and Richard Belzer WITH the dark glasses on....SCORE!

And what did YOU shoot today?

TiVo & Molly Sims?
Carlos By Carlos Santana Shoe Collection At Macy's?
"Inspiration Awards" perhaps?

Do tell....

June 15, 2005

PETRA-fied To Pose Solo?

For the love of God, can we get a fashion?!!!
Photo by Kingfreak

Viva Glam Casino
Gotham Hall
PR- Nadine Johnson
June 15, 2005
Press call: 6:45pm

Photographers set up on the side-walk outside Gotham, under three tents that covered about half the sidewalk, with a backdrop and reddish carpet (it was pretty dirty and unkept).

PR seemed to have a nonsensical way of placing photogs. If you called to RSVP, you were placed in a spot, or not. Huh? If you didn't RSVP, some were placed in spots, some had to wait for 2nd row. And then there were just some they didn't let in at all (and they shot from 2 inches behind us "outside" the velvet ropes). Huh?!? Very strange....and there were only about 20 of us.

Maggie Rizer, Ines Rivero in good fashion. Very co-opeative. But the buzz was Petra Nemcova was going to show....she wasn't listed to arrive. And she did show.... in amazing fashion! She arrives on the carpet and...BAM! Rob from Dan Klores jumps in the way "NO SOLOS!". He then glues the president of MAC on her arm the entire carpet?!? Not once did a clear posed solo happen. Is that good PR? That MAC logo was all over the backround, the event was going to get coverage, so what's the deal? He even went out of his way to even "block" shooters from getting a clean solo.

Image Enhancements

Here's a topic for discussion from Shoot First:

Discuss Image Enhancements

June 14, 2005

Give A Sweat for Bette

93 degrees, feels like 100+... This can't be good for the body.

We had a few events today, and if you we unfortunate enough to have to run around in this heat, give us the dirt:

Bette Midler/ Robert DeNiro opened a community garden uptown...(give us the dirt...get it? Oh, nevermind..)

Carrie Underwood on Today Show- isn't her 15 minutes up yet?

The Backstreet Boys at Virgin Megastore promoting new album "NEVER GONE" (just forgotten).

Finola Hughes, star of "“All My Children"” and "General Hospital"”, having a 'Pun' time signing copies of Soapsuds on Madison Ave.


Read the story here

Here's one in the Daily Telegraph

And another from MSN

FREE PASS To Photo Expo Plus

October 20-22, 2005
Jacob Javits Center

Folow this link to register for a free 3-day expo pass: http://tinyurl.com/exfhm


Comments On The Blog Are Now Limited To Members.

If you gave me your email address at the premiere, please check your email for an invitation to join.
If you would like to join, access is limited to press members in the field. Please email me your info to be considered.
Thank you.

One bad apple...that's all I can say.

June 13, 2005

"It's Over For You!"-Nicole Kidman

BEWITCHED World Premiere
Ziegfeld Theater
June 13, 2005
7pm screening

Photographers full names and vile language comments will be deleted.
Keep it clean folks!

One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch... More about that after the details.

They built a tent that covered the entire red carpet arrival area. Unfortunately, THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE HAD ISSUED A HEAT ADVISORY FOR NEW YORK CITY. Mid 90's and high humidity. In NYC, that's deadly. All that heat was trapped inside the tent...then add 50+ photographers...ouch.

Initially, there was not enough space allocated for B-List shooters. PR placed A-Listers in front row spots, followed by B-listers. Space was low by the time half the list was called. More space was finally opened up, but photogs ran 3 rows deep throughout the line. Arrival area was in the shape of a reversed "L", followed by video.
......at 11:25am there were 23 people on the list. Over 60 by the event start.....

Local NY riff-raff show up, then Will Ferrell...he had fun posing way too close to the photogs....
Ta-Da! Ms. Kidman arrives.

Most of the shooters that shot her on Letterman had just arrives and were flooding the press pit towards the beginning. This is where opinions about the arrival will vary.....

If you were in the front crew....you got screwed. After posing for the first crew, she headed towards the larger mass of photographers. It was at this time the one photographer decided to "Boo" her, accusing her of not posing. Kidman then came over to that photographer and pointed at him saying " You are the rudest person...", followed by "It's Over For You!" and she walked away. This caused all the photographers to go crazy, yelling and screaming for attention. Nicole was visibly shook up by the situation, as it was hard to get a smile out of her afterwards....One bad apple....

Anyone else want to take it from here....?

Are You Serious? Dont Kid,man...

Are we all ready for Bewitched?
Will we all play nice?
Will she play nice with us?
Can we resolve "The List"?

Only time will tell.............

June 11, 2005


JUNE 1, 2005

To: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, EOS-1D Mark II, EOS 20D, and EOS Digital Rebel XT / EOS 350D Digital / EOS Kiss Digital N camera customers using Lexar memory cards.

Update: On June 3, Lexar will release a firmware update for its Professional 80x CompactFlash customers who experience a problem with the Canon cameras listed.

Here's the link: http://tinyurl.com/bve4c

Working To Make This A Better BLOG For All

Hello to all my fellow photographers...

Well... what seemed like a crazy little idea, a blog posting little anecdotes about our line of work, has caught on pretty well. There are a lot of great ideas being tossed around for improvement, and I will try to implement them to the best of my ability...as time allows.

I see people have a genuine interest in being involved, by posting, reporting on events and leaving comments. I would like to expose this blog to a larger market, but there are a few details that we need to take care of first.

I am going to make this a closed group "Team Blog". Now what does mean?

This means...anyone can view this blog, but only those that are members can post comments to stories that are posted. If you are a NYC Working Press Photographer, we want you as a member.

This is easily done. I need your email address so I can invite you to join the Team Blog. You can send it to KINGFREAK@GMAIL.COM or give it to me in person. Once you receive an invite from me to join, you need to set up an account. This can be done anonymously, in less than a minute and for free. Please select a name you want your posts to be under, fill out the rest of the info...and your done!

By making this a closed group, it prevents unwanted comments, spam, and allows us to discuss our business with only our co-workers. Anyone can look in, not everyone can join in.

Let's see where we can take this.....

Upcoming in the Blog: ~A section for just our funny outtakes and wacky photos.

June 10, 2005

If All You Morning Shooters Get A Chance...

If everyone from this morning could take a picture off all your gear drying out from the morning shows, it could be a funny little photo feature I can post.

Can't Get Enough Of That Wonderful Duff

Gillette Event
Times Sq. Studios

"Should my battery pack be getting hot event though it's not on?"

It seems that everyone who was out shooting the morning concerts spent an hour drying off their gear before this event. There was no way of getting around being soaked (heading into the air-conditioned Times Sq. Studio....hhhhmmmmm...Pneumonia.)

Once inside, photographers were places in front of the stage, and ran 2 deep. Hilary and Haylie Duff arrived, posed together, spoke together, walked together, sat together....get the point? We all thought hope was lost on solo fashions....but....then there was Troy.

I'm not sure if this guy Troy was there security (he was big enough) or publicist, but that guy knew how to run the show. "We'll pose them in three places, 20 seconds each spot, together then solo." And that's exactly what happened! He then took them around the studio, had them wave to fans outside, pose with fans (he grabbed a fans camera to take a 'photo-with' shot), sign autographs, stop for a quick shot one more time...then they were gone.

This man got more done in less than 3 minutes than I've seen done at almost EVERY event this year. Every celeb in Hollywood should hire this individual to do their PR training. But until then.......Light Em' Up!!!

Things get a little moist at the Backstreet Boys. Photo by Kingfreak.

"Tell Me Why" I'm Shooting These Washed Up Boys?

Backstreet Boys
Today Show- Rockefeller Plaza

Now which one is Justin....ooops...wrong group.

With rain threatening, this intrepid crew of 20 photographers filed into the photo pen to await their impending doom. It seems that the photo pit has once again shrunk down. And after barely fitting everyone into a spot, the rain came. And came.....and came.

As the Boys began their set, it had lightened up to a small sprinkle. By the time they ended, it looked like a tropical rain forrest. Drenching rain, with no escape, no tent or shelter. Most photographers scattered for shelter, but a few fearless shooters stood their ground and kept shooting. We were all soaked to the bone (as Dennis illustrated.)

I never knew that Canon's were so absorbent! My camera swelled up to about twice it's size from all the moisture.

Singing In The Rain, What A Pain

Nor rain, nor sleet...Keep shootin', we feel for you man!
Photo by D-Fens

This post comes to us from D-Fens...Keep em' Commin'!

Gavin DeGraw
Good Morning America Summer Concert Series
Bryant Park

Think more ‘A Clockwork Orange’ than Gene Kelly.

Is it worth getting up at 6 in the morning to shoot Gavin DeGraw (who is not as one would expect a Country singer)? Probably not.

Is it worth standing in the pouring rain with ten grand worth of camera equipment? Definitely not!

Still, about ten of us, dressed in plastic trash bags to stay dry, were stupid enough to do just that. To make matters worse there wasn’t even a photo. Gavin sat at his piano for the entire set with the microphone directly in front of his face.

On the bright side, there was a group of wet braless dancing girls that formed their own mini Woodstock. Plus, Listerine handed out free mouthwash.

No Scrapes and Bruises, Just Black Eyed

Black Eyed Peas
Apollo Theater

From Nikon Deb

Tonight was proof positive that
IF photographers stick together, THINGS may change. There were 5 shooters at the Apollo Theater shooting the Black Eyed Peas in concert. We were all told on the phone that we would be "in the pit." I have been shooting concerts at this venue for years and never once was I in the pit (they technically don't even have a pit).
We arrive, and are placed in the back of the theater, behind all the people. As soon as the Peas take the stage, the entire audience stood up. I was on my Turtle stool which makes me a whole 5'4". We tried to move to the row of seats in front of us which was empty and out of everyone's way, only to be told we couldn't stay there. So back we went. Even Phillippe couldn't see over everyone's head and we all know that when that happens, things are bad. I tried to explain the situation to the PR woman for the Apollo but it didn't seem to matter. After 2 of the 3 songs we were allowed to shoot, I left. As soon as I got to the lobby where my husband was waiting for me, the other shooters came out. Myself, Phillipe, Jon, Eddie and Tim were (as calmly as possible) explaining the situation and telling them how poorly this venue handles things. At one point, a comment was overheard that from now on press would not be allowed and we were all in agreement-do not invite us to NOT give us a photo op. Because none of us lost of heads and STUCK TOGETHER and explained the situation, they then brought us down to the front of the theater and let us shoot 3 songs. We all walked away happy, and said "if EVEYONE sticks together, the job can get done." Tonight was a show that teamwork pays off.

June 9, 2005

Watts Wrong With Free Ice Cream?

IFC Center Opening
Waverly Theater
7pm arrivals

Well, how about this...a calm, lowkey event (because Songwriters HOF was at the same time.) PR was friendly and helpful. Naomi Watts was cooperative, but as of 8:15pm no Daniel Day Lewis.
Hey, free ice cream sandwiches and water in this heat was fine by me!
GO UNION WORKERS! (Waverly Theater uses non-union projectionists, and the Union was there protesting.)

Katie Holmes- Sweetheart To The Press

Katie Holmes
Late Show With David Letterman

Mrs. Cruise (not!) arrived on time for her appearance on Letterman. She came out in a nice white dress (ahem....must have been cold in that SUV), and posed up a storm for all that were there. Took off her sunglasses and everything.
One hour later, she exits and poses up a storm again, in a different outfit, jeans and a purple top.
She even stopped and signed autographs for fans and posed for pictures with them. A class act all the way.

Alicia's Fashion Is On Key

Songwriters Hall of Fame
The Marriott Marquis

Let us know how the press were handled.

As Paparazzi Push Harder, Stars Try to Push Back

Here's the scoop from today's New York Times...


June 8, 2005

Shakira Stops Traffic In Times Square!

Shakira is in there somewhere....

Shakira Album Promotion
Virgin Megastore, Times Sq.
6pm arrival

If you have never seen the movie 'FALLING DOWN' with Michael Douglas, I suggest you rent it. It's a great movie about 'An unemployed defense worker frustrated with the various flaws he sees in society, begins to psychotically and violently lash out against them.' You'll notice the similarities between the movie and what has building up in the photo pit lately.

92 degrees, 40+ photographers, 3+ hours of waiting, hundreds of screaming fans. Do the math.

Virgin was nice enough to build a 3 tier photo riser to accommodate the masses. And even then it was a struggle to pull off a shot. After calling 'The List', there were 2 print reporters and one unknown photographer standing right in front of everyone, and refused to move. Well...Charlie didn't take to this opinion lightly and let this poor sap know. I swear I saw veins bulging from his neck as his informed him of his impending doom if he failed to comply.

It's now 6:50pm (6pm scheduled arrival) and she arrives in a black van. It is at this time that every tourist, fan, city worker, security guard, passer-by, Christian, Muslim, redneck, taxi cab driver-- decided to mob Times Square to catch a glimpse of Shakira. Photographers at the front of the arrival were thrust forward by the throngs of people. Bending barricades, screaming security, video guy on the carpet, PR standing right behind her. Complete and total chaos.

And to top it off, she poses for less than two minutes (that includes the time she spent waving to fans, an interview with Spanish TV and stopping for the whole line.)

Photographers Eat Crowe At Letterman

Hello?...Hello?....Damn phone reception....guess he couldn't hear us.

Russell Crowe on David Letterman
Ed Sullivan Theater
Arrivals- between 4-5:30pm

"...This guy is helping you -- helping you want to
kill him."
-- Craig Bierko referring to Russell Crowe "helping"
Craig with his acting while filming 'Cinderella Man'

Set-up was like usual. Photog pen immediately to the left as the talent exit their cars. An extended pen was set up perpendicular to the photogs to accommodate the extra video crews covering his arrival (his first public appearance since his arrest).

Russell's SUV arrives at 5:20pm (show tapes at 5:30). Fans and photogs rush the streets to get a glimpse. Alas....Russell steps out and makes a bee line for the stage door. He never looked towards the photo pit. The second video pit had the best arrival shots (if you can shoot around his security team), but he stopped for no interviews.

Did I mention that photogs were there since 1pm? Oh yea...it was also 92 degrees, sunny, and there was no shade in the pit.

Funny moment: Paul Anka (also scheduled on the show) arrives at 4:10pm in a big SUV and catches a lot of the press off guard. He gets out of his SUV, poses, waves to fans, smiles, does an interview. I wonder if he thought all that press was there for him...

Tears at Chelsea Piers

Anne Frank Tribute/ Pier Sixty@Chelsea Pier/ 4:15pm Media Check-in/ 6pm Event
Mother Hale Awards/ Lighthouse@Chelsea Pier/6:30pm arrivals

Neither of these events had a great list, but I understand the logic behing doing them if you wanted to avoid the Madonna fiasco.

1st- Do Anne Frank Tribute (Whoopie Goldberg, Richard Gere, laura Linney, Cindi Lauper) then run right next door to Hale house for Vanessa Williams; Angie Stone. Then a quick run up 23rd Street to P.Ditty's party 7:15pm at Cipriani on 23rd...then maybe the Black Eyed Peas 8pm at Virgin. Sounds like a plan..right? Well.......

The Anne Frank event was bad. Cindi Lauper arrived early, before arrivals and blew past us. Laura Linney show up after 5:30pm. Now a waiting game for Gere and Goldberg. Most shooters waited so long that the Hale House event started and Vanessa Williams went in. No shot.
All but 3 photogs now ran up to P.Ditty's party: Ditty and Jay-Z already arrived. No shot.
Finally at 8:50pm Gere shows up and doesn't stop for photos, as well as Goldberg. No shot.

Susan Blond, Inc. ran the PR for Anne Frank. Funny that Corkey, who showed up earlier..left...then re-appeared shortly before Gere and Goldberg arrived, 3 hours later....a case of inside info from the PR while the rest struggle.....you make the call......

June 7, 2005

MADONNA Loves Her Rodents

Celebration For Madonna's New Book "Lotsa De Casha"
Bergdorf Goodman
June 7, 2005
6:15pm arrivals

We haven't had this much fun since the days of Diana and JFK Jr.! This one got ugly...

The set-up: 3/4 of 5th Avenue from 58th to 57th Street was sectioned off for arrivals. Talent entered from 58th Street and walked the red carpet. Celebs were met by B-List photogs first, video then A-List. B-List were 2 rows deep, 3 deep in some places, but workable.

A string of B-List celebs show up- Matt Lauer, Molly Shannon, Rosie O'Donnell....then....mayhem!

Madonna arrives and is greeted by Rosie. Photogs towards the end of the line rush the beginning of the line. Photogs set up 2 spots for double-dippin' which lead to chaos. Madonna poses with a big rat (no not Rosie...a character from her book), no solo fashions. She walks the entire line with this rat. By the time she reaches the end of the b-list shooters, everyone from the beginning has now compressed towards the end. There was a gate separating video from b-list which prevented us from spilling over. So where there were initially 8 photogs, there were now about 20. Since we couldn't spill over to video, the only other place to go was on the carpet.

Security has to now contain the shooters as well a control the rug. This large security guy is sprawled out in front of three shooters, just as Madonna is posing. Some idiot then pushes from the back and almost topples over the swarm of photogs. The back row of photogs gain (some) control of the line, but, there were three people in front pushing forward on the rug. Security then involved the police in the matter because it started to get a little dangerous.

This is when people jumped over the gate into the video section and things just progressed from bad to worse...

Feel free to chime in with more...

Look at the Bashing (er...Blushing) Brides!

Ahh...the things people do for love. Photo by ZePhotog.

Every now and then we get a great fun shoot…

Women's Entertainment's "Bridezilla".
Times Sq.

June 7, 2005

Twenty brides in wedding dresses dive into giant cake to search for $50,000 at event celebrating 2nd season WE: Women's Entertainment's "Bridezilla".

This one comes from ZePhotog…

It was so pathetic that it turned hilarious when two of them actually started to fight over one of the ticket splashing in spongy cake and going at it like it was WWE in the mud...

This ticket's mine, piss off !!

Uh, uh b*tch, it's mine and I'm gonna slap your face with cake if you don't let go of it !!

I couldn't shoot anymore, I was crawling on the ground trying to catch my breath...

Tough shoot nevertheless because you had to dodge flying pieces of sticky stinky cake while shooting, a couple of shooters who got careless and jumped too close to the action are in for an early morning "let's go home and clean up" session, splattered in cake !!!!

Dizzying 'Heights' at Paris

This post comes to us from LotsaPaparrazza...
Thanks for the info.

"HEIGHTS" New York premiere at the Paris Theatre

Padded list...no Uma...no Keanu...no surprise.

All went smoothly. PR and publicists were very nice
and accommodating. Of course, there were only 3, then
4, then 5 photographers outside and about 4 or 5
photographers inside.

We got Glenn Close, James Marsden, Elizabeth Banks,
Susan Malick and Jesse Bradford, plus Famke Janssen.

Also had 2 celebs stop by the theatre with no
intentions of attending the premiere: MARCIA CROSS
(she wanted to see the movie that was showing at the
Paris regularly; and RODRIGO SANTORO (who is soooo
damn HOT!!) was just passing by.

I attempted to get snaps of Marcia but my flash wasn't
on. smart.

Yup. Um..yeah. That's it.




Madonna is in town doing a book signing and god knows what else to screw up our day. Let the torture begin!

June 6, 2005

CFDA All The Way

NY Public Library
June 6, 2005
5:30pm check in/6:30pm arrivals

Arrival area was set-up on the stairs of the Library. All the press were on one side with risers provided and pre-marked spots. A-list stills were at the base of the stairs, followed by video one level up. B-list shooters were located next and ended with print reporters (who kept inching their way on the rug, and sticking recorders in the talent's face while we were shooting.) A new addition this year; the entire press area was encased in a sturdy wooden pen. This prevented charging the rug and running the entire line.

PR was by KCD. Aside from the occasional 'non-essential personal' cluttering up the rug, things ran smoothly. One 'X' one the rug marked the talent stop spot, and all the photographers were situated to get a photo. All the talent stopped and posed.

Did anyone get a good shot of Dennis Basso, damn he was difficult.....(inside joke.)

And how about Seal and Heidi almost blowing past us! Well, if we would have missed them at least we would have had good fashion on Emmy Rossum!@#$$%!#!#@!

I had already posted some photos from the Cinderella Man, but I was just sent a photo that really gives you a sense of the claustrophobia, mayhem and insanity that event brought. We'll all have shell shock from that for a while. Thanks Grant for the photo!

Statement from Crowe's publicist:

"Frustrated by a clerk's unwillingness to help him put through a phone call to his family in Australia, Russell Crowe was involved in a minor altercation at the Mercer Hotel earlier this morning. After asking the front desk several times to replace a faulty phone in his room - and getting only attitude from the clerk on duty - Crowe brought the phone down to the front desk in an effort to address the situation in person. Words were exchanged and Crowe wound up throwing the phone against the wall. He regrets that he lost his temper, but at no time did he assault anyone or touch any hotel employee."

Robin Baum


Here's a link to see a copy of the police report:

Actor Russell Crowe is taken in handcuffs from a lower Manhattan police precint, Monday, June 6, 2005, in New York.

Actor Russell Crowe Arrested in Assault

NEW YORK (AP) - Russell Crowe was arrested Monday morning for allegedly throwing a telephone at an employee of the Manhattan hotel where he was staying, police said.

Crowe, 41, who plays a boxer in his latest film, "Cinderella Man," threw the phone at the Mercer Hotel employee, striking him in the face, during an argument at around 4:20 a.m., said police spokesman Sgt. Mike Wysokowski.

The Australian movie star was taken into custody, fingerprinted and charged with second-degree assault, said police Lieutenant Eugene Whyte.

Crowe was expected to appear in Manhattan Criminal Court later Monday.

An employee who answered the phone at the Mercer Hotel in SoHo said he was unaware of the incident.

Crowe won an Oscar for his role in 2000's "Gladiator."

"Cinderella Man," Ron Howard's story of Depression-era boxer Jim Braddock, had a lackluster opening this weekend, debuting at No. 4 with an estimated $18.6 million at the box office.

Universal had counted on a better debut for the film, which reunites Howard, Crowe and producer Brian Grazer, the team behind the 2001 Academy Awards champion "A Beautiful Mind."

June 5, 2005

Topic For Discussion

Should We Approach Premiere's Like They Do In L.A.?

Trying a different format here. Click link above to discuss.

Gettin' Hot n' Sweaty on Broadway

Tony Awards
Radio City Music Hall
June 5, 2005
5pm press call

from Girl With Camera...

...and the Tony Award for the Season's first hot as hell event goes to: Radio City! Considering how many people were there to cover the event, I thought the PR did a fairly decent job getting everybody set up in the pen..The marked spots were a great idea....however; can someone please explain why they think photographers are only 4 inches wide? The only thing better than being shoved into people like cattle, is being shoved into sweaty people for nearly 3 hours.....

It was also highly annoying, as usual, that they allowed riff raff to come down the red carpet while we were trying to shoot the real celebrities there....I don't think I got a single clear shot that didn't include some annoying person who can't get over the fact that they will never be famous, a PR person...oh, and I can't fail to mention the security guard who stood guard at a door right in front of a group of us...today was his shining moment because his crotch was included in about 20% of my photos....obviously it was vitally important for some unbeknownst reason to guard that stupid door at all costs....

The celebs weren't impressive, but considering it was a Broadway show event, I was pleased that someone a tad more famous than the Samantha Cole or Star Jones showed up....

What was up with Jeff Goldblum? He has some weird Frankenstein presence going on...but as he kept doing it, I wasn't so certain it wasn't for real....not to mention the interesting arrival of former lovers Mary Louise Parker and Billy Crudup....along with present (?) girlfriend Claire Danes...they all came separate but I'm sure that was a pleasant reunion....

June 3, 2005

Black Eyes or Latin Thighs

Black Eyed Peas/Today Show/Rockefeller Center/7am press call
Shakira/ Good Morning America/Bryant Park/7am press call
June 3, 2005

The TODAY SHOW has become progressively worse to shoot. This week they created a 'pit' for select fans to dance in while the Peas preformed. This pit extended in front of the normal gates, thus compressing our shooting lane even more. And their staff photographer has become completely incorrigible. When he isn't shooting, he chimps while standing in front of us. When he does shoot, he's all over the place. Now mind you, there are two other photographers working in front of us that never seem to get in the way. House and AP. Hmmm...maybe he can learn something from them. But week after week, SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fouled Up).

And this week, he has the audacity to come over to us and say "All you guys just cry like babies...". Oh My God!.....What did he just say?!@#!

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
(Ok...I'm better now....)

One photographer didn't take this statement too lightly, and became quite vocal over the point, causing PR and security to swarm over us as we tried to plea our plight. PR assured us they will do their best to fix the situation by next week. Let's see what happens at the Backstreet Boys...

Someone give a head's up about Shakira. I heard 25+ photogs...

June 2, 2005

Lincoln Center
June 2, 2005
7:30pm photo call

Looks like this was the better shoot. Nicky Hilton, Mark Wahlberg, Ed Burns, Christy Turlington.
Anyone who shot it, give us a heads up!

**GASPING** For Fresh Air

Fresh Air Fund Spring Gala
Tavern on the Green
June 2, 2005
6:30pm press call

Let's set the scene: Glorious Spring day, sunshine (sniff...), green trees (sniff....sniff....), outside in Central Park (sniff...what the heck is that smell?). Ohhh...I know what that smell is...horse manure and urine. Ahhhh...I love such sanitary working conditions. Luckily, we had the horse and carriages that stroll thru the city parked right behind us in the press area. A choking cloud of fecal matter blowing thru the air the entire shoot. No joke...some photographers were gasping from the stench.

Now for the actual shoot. The tip sheet does not have Mariah Carey on the list (isn't this her baby?). 35+ photogs, stretched behind velvet rope stanchions. We had a lot of room to work, even double-dip if necessary. The press corp. was definitely on edge after the Cinderella Man premiere. By 6:00pm we were set and ready to shoot. 6:30..um...time to start....6:45....7:00...Carson Daly shows up....7:15....7:30... C'mon Now! People have been here since 1 o'clock!

Finally Jennifer Connelly shows up. She poses up a storm, walks the entire line then stops for video. Vin Diesel arrives, poses for everyone. The possibility of a two shot is in the air. They are close in proximity, a couple of feet away at most. JENNIFER! VIN! TOGETHER! (Repeat this phrase ad nausea). The photogs charge the video guys, people fall off ladders, entangled in the sound man cables...they're getting close...almost...VIN! JEN!...and POOF! Jennifer disappears into Tavern. No two shot. What a waste...could have made some kind of photo out of this event.

The last one on the list...James Gandolfini. He still wasn't there by 8:15....

"Jesus Christ...It's only Carson Daly."
Video Dave responding to the photo frenzy.

June 1, 2005

Can You Feel The Love?

Russell Crowe continues his streak of cooperation with the press. Photo by ZePhotog.

Cinderella Packs A Knockout Punch For The Press

Renee, whatever you do...don't look over your shoulder.

Cinderella Man NY Premiere
Sony Lincoln Theater
June 1, 2005
7pm screening

A large group of photographers arrived at the theater after the Beckham event. At 11:30 am there were 25 photographers waiting for a 7pm premiere. The A-list was placed front row before non-A listers, leading to an instant 2nd row.

By the time the list was called (which Paul did a terrible job of) there wasn’t enough space to accommodate the 50+ photographers who were present.

It is now 7 o’clock…and there’s no talent. No Crowe, no Zellweger.

Finally Crowe arrives, pinstripe suit and dark sunglasses, which he doesn’t remove. No photo.

Zellweger arrives. As we clamor for her attention, she comes over to the photo pit and announces to a few photographers, in a quite voice “you don’t need to yell and scream, I’ll pose for you all you want”. This was followed by Renee walking 20 ft. away from the photographers and posing for the next set of press. No photo…HA…HA… jokes on us. Security was now preventing the barricade from crashing to the ground from the massive lean of the press. This caused security, police, PR and non-essential personnel to be on the carpet blocking the press pit. Crowe and Zellweger pose on the rug, but only for one section, not the entire line. No photo. (Hmmmm…seems like there’s a theme going on here).

To say the least, it was a VERY tough shoot. Every photo was a struggle, the carpet was clogged with nobody’s…a lot of time for a little action (aside from the photogs in the pit…plenty action there).

Please share you stories….keep them clean (for the children’s sake).

As we collectively reflect upon the mayhem that we just endured, let us all keep our criticisms devoid of vulgarities as we describe our adventures. I will be posting shortly about the Cinderella Man premiere...please hold as I finish this bottle of vodka....

David Beckham Gets The Boot

Various techinques and styles of 'Chimping' at the Beckham shoe event.

David Beckham Boot Launch
Adidas Store, SOHO
June 1, 2005
10:15 am

Lot of shooters out this morning (I guess this Beckham guy is big or something...lol). Things ran pretty much on time. Reporters sat in chairs in the middle of the press area, Wire Services right behind them with video on a riser. The rest of the shooter were placed either right or left of these areas. A good 30-40 photogs in total.
The photo-op: Beckham behind boots, Beckham holding boots. Lackluster press conference. Followed by Beckham behind boots, Beckham holding boots. (If you were quick, you got him when he scratched his nose...EXCLUSIVE!)