March 27, 2014

Anne Hathaway spews hatred at paparazzi

Anne Hathaway may be an A-list actress, but she managed to get on one paparazzo's list of worst celebrities.

Miami-based photog Logan Fazio sat down for a chat with Fox 411 to talk about the ups and downs of her job and firsthand experiences with celebrities, and surprisingly, Anne's name came up when she was asked about her toughest celebrity encounter.

Fazio called the Les Mis actress a "tough cookie," and she didn't have anything good to say about her, adding: "She just spews hatred and negativity the minute she spies any paparazzi. She's one of those that will go out of her way to tell you what a loser you are, instead of just letting you take nice pictures."

Although the pap admitted that "a nice picture of her would be worth the work," she revealed she actually avoids Anne while on the clock in Miami.

"She just depresses me," said Fazio.

The photo here shows Anne walking her chocolate Lab last December 26. Inset is a photo of the poop-filled doggie bag she then left on pap Steve Ginsburg's car.