December 30, 2005

New law hits aggressive paparazzi in the pocketbook

LOS ANGELES (AP) — They lurk in bushes, camp out in cars and hover in helicopters. Some are brazen enough to openly brandish their cameras, like old Western gunslingers.

They may be hated, but their work — candid pictures of celebs in unguarded moments — is coveted. They are the paparazzi, purveyors of pix that are the lifeblood of the weekly star-tracking mags and tabs. Their photos demand huge sums of money and are circulated worldwide. And as the public hunger for such glossy grist has grown they've become ever more relentless and ruthless. But starting Jan. 1, there'll be some new reins on the paparazzi parade.

That's when a new California law goes into effect that increases penalties against overly aggressive photographers — dubbed "stalkerazzi" — who forcefully thrust their cameras into famous faces or crash their car into a celebrity's vehicle. They'll now be liable for three times the damages they inflict, plus lose any payments their published photos might earn. Publishers can also be held liable.

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Brad busted being bare
By Inside Track
Thursday, December 29, 2005

BRAD PITT might be the latest celebrity caught with his pants down by the paparazzi, reported the New York Post. The Hollywood hunk’s lawyers have sent around a letter threatening legal action against anyone who publishes certain snapshots of the star that were taken while he was on the balcony of his Los Angeles home. The year of 2005 also saw nude shots of Pitt’s ex, Jennifer Aniston, Jude Law, and Kate Moss on the open market.

December 29, 2005

Lohan snapper off the hook

No charges filed in Lohan-paparazzi crash
30 December 2005

LOS ANGELES: Prosecutors investigating a car crash involving teen actress Lindsay Lohan said today they will not charge a celebrity photographer accused of ramming his vehicle into hers.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office said it lacked sufficient evidence to prosecute Galo Cesar Ramirez on assault or stalking charges in a case that spurred calls for a crackdown on aggressive paparazzi.

The May 31 crash was one of several such incidents that led California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign into law stiffer civil penalties for paparazzi and their agencies when they commit assault in their pursuit of stars.... READ MORE HERE!

December 28, 2005

J.Lo Wedding Video Sting


Men Busted in J.Lo Wedding Video Sting
Pair tried to extort $1 million for wedding tape

(Dec. 28) -- The New York Post is reporting that two men were arrested yesterday after trying to extort Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez for $1 million. The men were hoping to profit off of the couple's stolen wedding video.

The men, Tito Moses, a convicted murder, and Steven Wortman, allegedly had been in negotiations with Anthony's legal advisors for several weeks. They thought they were meeting to make the exchange -- but instead they were busted by undercover cops from the Major Case Squad. ... READ MORE HERE!'s - Adobe Photoshop Basics

Adobe Photoshop Basics
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Photog: Jerry Aveniam

Jerry Aveniam realizes most celebrities are not truly comfortable in front of the still camera, but they are all performers and overachievers. If they fell sympatico with their photographer, the results can be incredibly rewarding and lasting...

Jerry Aveniam

Photographers who concentrate on shooting celebrities can usually be lumped into one of two categories. There are the irascible paparazzi, despised by celebrities for their tenacious, sometimes obsessive pursuit of catching the stars during their most private moments. Then there are the stereotypical studio photographers who are usually commissioned to capture the perfectly composed and lit portrait of flawlessly made-up celebrities that does much to perpetuate the myth that they are somehow above mere mortals.

Then there's Jerry Avenaim, one of Hollywood's hottest photographers to the stars, who is quickly and quietly earning the reputation for his ability to capture celebrities as they really are. And he even makes the photo sessions an enjoyable experience, which has resulted in Avenaim becoming one of the more sought-after photographers in the industry

With more than a decade of experience shooting some of Hollywood's most famous, as well as infamous, faces and more than two decades as a professional photographer, Avenaim has put together a formula that has set him apart from his competition. "You not only have to be good at what you do, you have to be consistent and work well under pressure," explains Avenaim....



SOURCE: TakeGreatPictures.Com

View the work of Tyra Banks, Carmen Electra, Mathew Modine, Henry Winkler, and more HERE!

December 27, 2005

Be Spyware Free in 2006!


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December 25, 2005









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December 24, 2005





Ron Galella

Can America's most famous paparazzo really be tired of the chase? "I don't enjoy it as much as I used to because of the restrictions nowadays," grouses Ron Galella from his home in Montville, New Jersey. "You can't step a foot into the Plaza now — you have to be invited to the event." Nor do contemporary luminaries hold the kind of fascination for Galella that his favorite subjects — Jackie, Liz and Dick, Robert Redford — once did. "They don't dress, they don't shave, they're not as glamorous," says the Bronx-born photographer, who nevertheless still works three nights a week. It's a far cry from the halcyon days when Galella would conceal himself in a poolside cave or a rat-infested warehouse to shoot the Burtons unawares, get his teeth knocked out by Marlon Brando, or hide behind bushes as Mrs. Onassis bicycled by. "Jackie was my ideal subject. She was always mobile. It presented a challenge to go after her. I also enjoyed going after Robert Redford. He's aloof, he's shy, he doesn't stop. And I admired him — he's more than an actor." READ MORE HERE!




Ron Galella is an American photographer and notable paparazzo. Galella is most widely known for his photographs of celebrities and his technique, which was innovative at the time he began using it, of catching the subjects of his photos in everyday settings or surprising them to capture their reactions. This technique, however, resulted in a lawsuit by Jackie Onassis and an injunction against Galella in 1972 after a very public trial. His website can be found HERE!




Hatcher wins in court

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher has won substantial libel damages from British tabloid the Daily Sport after it alleged that she had regular sex romps with a series of men in a Volkswagen van parked outside of her home.

The article appeared in the newspaper in July under the headline "Teri's Passion Wagon", alleging that Hatcher used the van to avoid being caught in the act by her seven-year-old daughter.

Hatcher does own a camper van but is adamant that she used it only to take her daughter on holidays.

The Golden Globe winner released a statement after the case was settled in the London High Court, saying, "I have tolerated many ridiculous and fabricated lies and gossip in the tabloids, but when a story appeared about me insinuating that I am an irresponsible and neglectful parent, I had to draw the line."

The paper, known for its sensationalist stories, has agreed to publish a prominent front-page apology, to reimburse Hatcher's full legal costs and to pay very substantial damages.

David Hirst, the lawyer representing the Daily Sport, said the paper was sorry for the article, "which they fully accept was entirely false".

December 23, 2005


Source: BBC News
* 1999 File Story *

Radio watchdog fines Evans

Virgin Radio has been fined £10,000 after Chris Evans broadcast a photographer's mobile phone number and urged listeners to harass him. It is the second highest penalty that the industry watchdog, the Radio Authority, has ever imposed.

Mr Evans, who owns Virgin Radio as well as presenting the breakfast show, gave out Mel Bouzad's number after he allegedly harassed Oasis singer Liam Gallagher.

Evans told his listeners to ring Bouzad and "hound him until he goes toes up".

The Radio Authority said: "The result was that the photographer claimed to have received over 700 calls, including death threats."..READ MORE HERE!


Source: Time Magazine Online
Time Style and Design, Fall 2005

Shooting Stars
Paparazzi like Mel Bouzad have become arbiters of Hollywood taste--and tastelessness

By Terry McCarthy


* Most stars accuse the paparazzi of being bottom-feeders who profit from stalking and harassment. The photographers, however, maintain that these same celebrities secretly know they can't do without paparazzi. "Celebrities need a higher level of exposure than the rest of us," says Peter Howe, author of Paparazzi, which chronicles the history of the trade. "So it is a two-way street. The celebrities manipulate the paparazzi too." And the money is huge. "If I get Britney and her baby, I'll be able to buy a house in those hills," says Bouzad, pointing to the mansion-studded slopes above Sunset Boulevard. "That would go for $2 million worldwide."

* By midafternoon, when Bouzad decides to head home, he has no pictures—but he doesn't feel down. The public needs him. The magazines need him. Even the celebrities need him. And he knows that every day he has the chance to make more money with one picture than most people—except maybe movie stars—earn in a year. READ MORE HERE!


December 22, 2005

MTA Strike is Kaput!


Union Votes to End Strike

Dec 22, 2005 2:13 pm US/Eastern
(1010 WINS) (NEW YORK)

BREAKING: Union leaders representing striking transit workers held a meeting this afternoon and voted to end the three-day walkout that has crippled New York City. It could take at least 12 hours to get subways and buses running again. READ MORE HERE!



Pamela Anderson has total faith in Malibu police

Pamela Anderson is convinced Malibu, California, is fast becoming the best place for stars to live because police there are committed to driving the paparazzi out.The actress/model has noticed a real effort to keep prying photographers out of the celebrity beachside community and she's sure the town will become one of the safest star-studded places in California as a result.She says: "I have a great relationship with the local police. They have helped remove and even deport people who are causing problems. ... READ MORE HERE!



Miller opens up about tab torture
Published December 22, 2005

Sienna Miller has had a busy year as a boho fashion plate, star of stage and screen--and giant tabloid target.Over the summer it was reported that her fiance, Jude Law, had a fling with his children's nanny. She was hounded by paparazzi, and the tabs tore into the couple. ... READ MORE HERE!




December 21, 2005


* We bet the traffic on your evening’s commute will be just a bit less excruciating in light of the New York transit strike, but when any huge news story touches the lives of millions, we must first ask the obvious question: how does this event affect the entertainment industry?

N.Y. transit strike sends TV, film biz scrambling

By Paul J. Gough and Gregg Goldstein

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - As New York transit workers walked off the job for the first time in 25 years on Tuesday, the city's media and entertainment industry braced for disruptions as millions of commuters faced limited choices getting in and around Manhattan and its other boroughs.

The strike came after the Transport Workers Union rejected a contract offer from the state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority late on Monday, shortly before a midnight deadline when the union had said its 34,000 members would walk out if there was no deal.

The first New York productions to be affected will be the network morning shows, all of which originate from Manhattan. They scrambled to make sure that the production staff and talent would be there on time as well as making arrangements for guests.

CBS' "The Early Show," for one, went on an emergency footing by asking staff to come in earlier than normal. .. READ MORE HERE!

* The strike is not without its hidden benefits, however. For example, for Christensen, it will make it that much harder for Star Wars fans to travel to the set to personally berate him for ruining their treasured mythology. And for Alba, who lives in a befuddlingly parodoxical state of constant fear that the career she built through whoring out her hot body might lead to actually requiring her to whore out her hot body, a few nights of perk-free living at a Comfort Inn while shooting a shoestring feature for the new “lean” Harvey Weinstein might be just the indie-cred biographical bullet points her resume needed for directors to finally see past her perpetually wet and/or leather clad body to the serious artist inside.

December 20, 2005

Digital Tips and Techniques


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Nicole Richie Attempts To Hide From Paparazzi

Nicole Richie wearing black and white stripes attempts to hide from paparazzi as she exits The Ivy restaurant in West Hollywood on December 17th. VIEW HERE!

Scarlett Update #2



WE HEAR . . . . . . THAT Scarlett Johansson has moved in with Josh Hartnett at his TriBeCa apartment and is seen walking her dog mornings on Hudson Street.




Page Six reports that Nick may be getting ready to talk to OK Magazine. It would serve them right after getting dissed by Simpson who had a deal with OK but gave US Weekly the exclusive on their split.

WATCH out, Jessica Simpson — we hear your estranged soon to be ex-hubby, Nick Lachey, may be trying to sell his side of the story to your former friends at OK! magazine for a whopping $300,000. Spies say Lachey’s pal A.J. DiScala — who got dumped by his client/wife, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, after she reportedly caught him cheating — has approached the mag on behalf of the pop singer.

We hope this divorce does not get messy but I do want to hear from Nick already. I feel like we continuously hear from the Simpson’s - what is Nick’s deal?

Spears sues US Weekly over 'sex tape' claim


20 December 2005
Spears sues over 'sex tape' claim

Pop singer Britney Spears is suing Us Weekly magazine, claiming that the publication fabricated a story that suggested that she and her husband had made a sexually explicit video tape together and were worried it might be made public.

In a law suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Spears and her husband Kevin Federline are seeking $10m in damages over the story which was published in October.

A spokesperson for the magazine said: "Us Weekly has a credible source, and we stand by our reporting."

The magazine article, which was headlined 'Brit & Kev: Secret Sex Tape?', claimed that "a member of their entourage had threatened to release raunchy footage of the two" and that Spears was afraid that "an X-rated tape starring the two may go public".

The article also said that the couple gave a copy of the tape to their lawyers and then watched it with them.

According to Spears' complaint the story is completely false. The singer says that there is no such X-rated tape, no member of her entourage had threatened to release any such video and no such video was shown to the couple's lawyers.

Strike Shuts Down NYC Transit System

It's official. Everyone goes nowhere!

Check the MTA website for contingency plans. Here's the link... MTA.

Due to a labor action by the Transport Workers Union, there is no MTA bus or subway service in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. In response, the City has implemented its strike contingency plan. Residents who rely on MTA bus and subway service to get around the City are urged to make alternate travel arrangements and familiarize themselves with driving restrictions. Traffic and roadway limitations, including HOV and commercial vehicle restrictions, are in effect from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m., weekdays. Alternate side of the street parking is suspended. NYC public schools will open two hours late and buses will be running on a two-hour delay.

December 19, 2005

How Paparazzi Work!


How Paparazzi Work
by Robert Valdes

The worldwide obsession with celebrities spawns one of the most fascinating and feared by-products of pop culture -- paparazzi. Paparazzi are photographers who tirelessly hunt celebrities, public figures and their families for the opportunity to photograph them in candid, unflattering and at times compromising moments. What began as simple "street photography" is now a high-stakes game of cat and mouse that plays out in the everyday lives of the paparazzi's celebrity prey. As our cultures' voracious hunger for celebrity snapshots grows, so do the prices of these photos and the risks paparazzi take to get them. Many ethical, legal and privacy issues arise out of this questionable business.

How do paparazzi get those shots? How do they sell their pictures? To whom do they sell them? How do they get away with what they do? In this article, HowStuffWorks looks at those questions as well as the laws surrounding this issue and how celebrities are fighting back... READ THE REST HERE!

Blog: Digital Photography

Australian Digital Photography Blog: Digital Cameras, Reviews, News, Tips and Tutorials READ IT HERE!

December 18, 2005

Update: Scarlett moves to NYC!




LOST IN TRANSLATION star SCARLETT JOHANSSON decided it was time to quit Los Angeles and return to her native New York City when she was photographed buying tampons and toilet paper.

The sexy actress moved away from the Californian city earlier this year (05) because she got sick of the paparazzi following her every move.

She says, "I love LA, it's very beautiful, the weather is beautiful. But I just got sick of being photographed buying tampons so I had to move. It was awful. It's very hard to be glamorous when you're buying toilet paper.

"It's unbelievable. You're looking over your shoulder all the time. You think you're paranoid, but just because you're paranoid doesn't mean somebody's not following you with a giant camera."

Johansson was also attracted back to the Big Apple because she finds it easier to lose photographers on the street.

She explains, "It's so crowded and there's so much going on that it's much easier to be anonymous there. I know that sounds crazy. Also, I know the streets really well so I can kind of go hide in a speakeasy, or something like that."

Johansson slams paparazzi stalkers


Johansson slams paparazzi stalkers

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson is amazed the paparazzi are allowed to get away with stalking celebrities, and believes their unchecked behaviour is endangering lives.

The Lost In Translation star regularly finds herself under surveillance and has felt so threatened she's telephoned police a few times.

She says, "It's become insane. I went to LA a couple of months ago, and there were four SUVs parked outside my house every day.

"They would just follow me everywhere I went - if I went to buy paper towels, or I went to a meeting, or anything.

"I've called the police several times and said, 'Listen, there are people following me in very big cars. They're surrounding me in these huge vehicles - vehicles nobody should be driving - and I fell unsafe.'

"But the police can do nothing. It's not even the fact of being photographed - that's just an annoyance. It's actually scary. They're endangering people. Not just me, but everybody around me. It's horrible."'s - Photography Guide

Basic Photography

Short, straightforward features to tell you what you need to know if you are new to photography. All you need to know to start using your camera - whether digital or film - and making great pictures. CLICK HERE!

Warrant issued for paparazzi

Man allegedly struck a 5-year-old while trying to photograph Reese Witherspoon
Associated Press

FULLERTON, Calif. -- An arrest warrant has been issued for a photographer who allegedly struck a 5-year-old child with his camera while trying to take pictures of Reese Witherspoon and her children at an amusement park.

An Orange County judge issued the warrant Friday after Todd Kevin Wallace, 44, failed to show up for a bail hearing.
Wallace had been free on his own recognizance while awaiting trial on six misdemeanor charges stemming from the Sept. 2 incident at Disney's California Adventure.
He allegedly became angry when Witherspoon and friends declined to be photographed and cursed them. Witherspoon's group was at the amusement park for a birthday party for her 6-year-old daughter.
Police said Wallace took photos from afar, but once he got close to the group, he became aggressive and scared some of the people, including some children, who were in tears.
The city attorney's office requested the bail hearing after learning Wallace had been arrested Dec. 5 on an initial charge of stealing from an electronics store in the San Fernando Valley.
Wallace had posted $20,000 bail and was freed after the arrest pending arraignment on a felony charge of petty theft with a prior conviction, said Nancy Lidamore of the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.
The photographer served more than four years in prison after a 1993 conviction for second-degree burglary and receiving goods by fraud, according to state corrections records.

Sharpen those vital photo skills!

Sharpen those vital photo skills!

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JPEGS Explained...

Digital Photography's Dirty Little Secret
By Jim Barthman, NYI Student Advisor and Digital Photography Specialist

The JPEG. This ubiquitous file format has become synonymous with digital photography for more than a few good reasons.

• Default Format: Many digital cameras save files as JPEG's by default. For the digital newbie, the default settings are strangely comforting… making it the "security blanket" format of choice for many.

• Photo-Quality: The JPEG can accommodate the color demands of the modern day digital photo (16.7 million colors). As well as the modern day eyeball.

• Speed: JPEG files write very quickly to Flash memory cards. For the digital photographer, that means less time waiting between shots. Speed has always been a problem for... READ MORE HERE!

December 17, 2005

How Digital Cameras Work!


How Digital Cameras Work
by Tracy V. Wilson and K. Nice and G. Gurevich

A Nikon digital camera In the past twenty years, most of the major technological breakthroughs in consumer electronics have really been part of one larger breakthrough. When you get down to it, CDs, DVDs, HDTV, MP3s and DVRs are all built around the same basic process: converting conventional analog information (represented by a fluctuating wave) into digital information (represented by ones and zeros, or bits). This fundamental shift in technology totally changed how we handle visual and audio information -- it completely redefined what is possible. The digital camera is one of the most remarkable instances of this shift because it is so truly different from its predecessor. Conventional cameras depend entirely on chemical and mechanical processes -- you don't even need electricity to operate them. On the other hand, all digital cameras have a built-in computer, and all of them record images electronically.

The new approach has been enormously successful.... READ MORE HERE!

Blog: Photog. E.L. Woody

E.L. Woody Blog

Commentary on state of the world, celebrity influence on politics, political influence on celebrity, and the whole rotten interlocking cesspool of incestuous money exchange between the rich, the famous, and the powerful. We also chronicle the rise and fall of the Hollywood entertainment community. The good part? Great pictures of the fore mentioned rich, famous, and powerful, as well as the celebrities. The bad part? You have to put up with my nonstop BS.... READ IT HERE!

Shooting big game Hollywood-style!


Shooting big game Hollywood-style
By Catherine Elsworth

In Beverly Hills, the paparazzi will go to extraordinary lengths to get a picture. Catherine Elsworth goes hunting for stars in the ‘human zoo’

Our prey is a teeny slip of a thing in sleeveless green T-shirt, cut-off jeans and saucer-sized shades. We spot her wedging a giant Mercedes into a parking spot on one of the ritziest streets in Beverly Hills.

The photographer cruising down Canon Drive slams on the brakes and, with tyres screeching, executes a well-practised U-turn.

“Yes, yes, that’s her,” he says, drawing level with the diminutive figure. “I recognise the yellow hair extensions. I was there when she had them put in. Her dog’s got them, too.”

It is 1.30 on a warm October afternoon and Jeff Rayner, a Hollywood paparazzo, is out trawling for stars. He just got lucky: Nicole Richie, daughter of soul singer Lionel and subject of television reality show The Simple Life, is meeting the hotel heiress Nikki Hilton at La Scala, a swish eaterie a few blocks east of Rodeo Drive.

Rayner, a British-born “celebrity photographer” based in Los Angeles for six years, hauls his BMW SUV.... READ MORE HERE!

December 16, 2005

Britney's Honeymoon Snaps on eBay

Source: Female First

Britney Spears' honeymoon snaps on eBay

Britney Spears' "private" honeymoon photos are for sale on internet auction site eBay.

Fans of the sexy star can buy the album of 80 snaps of Britney and Kevin on their Fiji getaway - described as 'Exclusive Britney Spears honeymoon pictures - never seen!' for upwards of $3,000.

The seller added: "Very private photos of Britney and Kevin Federline on their honeymoon in Fiji. "A true must have for Britney and Kevin fans. No photo copies, 80 real pics on CD."The singer has been dogged by private pictures being sold over the internet this year. BID HERE!


Source: Hollywood Rag

Lindsay Lohan Snaps Pics of Paparazzi

Lindsay Lohan gives the paparazzi a few tricks of her own outside of Club Mood in Hollywood Thursday night. VIEW HERE!

Aniston Terrified & Shirley Investigates!

Source: WENN via

Aniston Says She Is Terrified Of Paparazzi


Shirley Maclaine Launches Restaurant Investigation

* Aniston reveals, "They're just so reckless. If I drive really slowly and watch what's happening behind me, these men are driving on sidewalks, they're cutting through intersections. It's very weird...

* MacLaine admits she's horrified by the media's interest in modern movie stars, and she feels it's time to expose the people who make their lives a misery... READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE!

December 15, 2005

Lohan's Perfect Christmas Present


Today's New York Daily News suggests the perfect Christmas gift for actress...

Lindsay Lohan

She crashed her Mercedes twice this year trying to evade paparazzi in Los Angeles.
We suggest: the Ford Crown Victoria sedan ($25,135). It's rated by Forbes magazine as one of the five safest cars of 2005. Also on the list: Lincoln Town Car sedan, Mercury Grand Marquis sedan, Volvo S80 sedan.

Photography Related Usenet Groups

Source: PhotographyTalk.Net

Web Access To Our Favorite Photography Related Usenet Groups. CLICK HERE!

Niarchos gives up a C-note!



December 15, 2005

Niarchos never paid a homeless man $100 to pour a cup of soda over his head just for laughs. That's what Us Weekly reported a few weeks ago. The Greek shipping heir, boyfriend of Paris Hilton, actually offered $100 to a passer-by if he'd drench a nearby paparazzo who was videotaping him. After screening the footage, PAGE SIX can report that Niarchos, in an SUV with his head largely hidden under a hood, started off offering just $10. "Do it now. You have nothing to lose. I swear to you on my life," he pleads. When the man hesitates, Niarchos say, "I'll give you $100. Don't be a p - - - y . . . You have 5 seconds." As Niarchos counts down, the man hurls the drink at the cameraman. We assume he collected a C-note.

December 14, 2005


File Video: E! Online

Ashley Olsen lawsuit: (File Video) VIEW HERE!

December 13, 2005



NY Shocker

Direct quotes from the video....

* "Mass hysteria breaks out and a man goes down!"...

* "This venom man paparaazzi has been known to be vicious!"... WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

December 12, 2005

Blog: WireImage

WireImage Hollywood Podcast

Your inside access to the world of entertainment. These podcasts are m4v videos, optimized for playback on video iPods and iTunes. VIEW THE BLOG HERE!

December 11, 2005


Casanova Premiere
Lowes Lincoln Center

Well...this premiere great... huh? Anyone with me? I didn't think so...

The set-up was less than desirable. The first group of shooters were to the immediate left of the limo arrivals. It was a very small pen and everyone was stacked 2-3 deep. They had one movie poster set up on an easel, and it was too close. Most of the talent posed in front of the poster and then ran into the tented area where the second set of shooters waited. The problem with this was the second half of the first press area missed out on shots.

The second pit 'seemed' a little better, but I’m sure someone will let me know how things went in that pen.

Not to mention uncooperative security, PR and talent. Heath and Michele looking all around EXCEPT forward, Sienna in black head to toe, no Jude.

Great way to screw up YET ANOTHER Sunday.

Rick making faces in the backround of everyone's shots: Priceless.


The anti-paparazzi flash: 1. The celebrity prey. 2. The lurking photographer. 3. The offending camera is detected and then bombed with a beam of light. 4. Voila! A blurry image of nothing much.

The New York Times

If you have ever felt sorry for celebrities hounded by cameras as they go about their daily business - be that pumping gas or entering a flashy nightclub - you can rest easy. A group of researchers at Georgia Tech has designed what could become an effective celebrity protection device: an instrument that detects the presence of a digital camera's lens and then shoots light directly at the camera when a photographer tries to take a picture. The result? A blurry picture of a beam of light. Try selling that to Us Weekly.

The Georgia Tech team was initially inspired by the campus visit of a Hewlett Packard representative, who spoke about the company's efforts to design cameras that can be turned off by remote control. Gregory Abowd, an associate professor, recalls that after the talk, the team members thought, There's got to be a better way to do that, a way that doesn't require the cooperation of the camera. The key was recognizing that most digital cameras contain a "retroreflective" surface behind the lens; when a light shines on this surface, it sends the light back to its source. The Georgia Tech lab prototype uses a modified video camera to detect the presence of the retroreflector and a projector to shoot out a targeted three-inch beam of light at the offending camera.

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December 10, 2005

Thank The Paparazzi!


Thank the Paparazzi

The young American actress Sienna Miller, who has appeared in movies such as “Alphie” and “Casanova,” was photographed by paparazzi in October holding a shopping bag carrying an Amore Pacific logo.

Sienna Miller was caught on camera when she was leaving “Amore Pacific Beauty Gallery and Spa” in Manhattan, New York. She quickly hid her face behind the shopping bag, naturally exposing the Amore brand.

The American weekly magazine People later mentioned Amore Pacific as a luxury cosmetics line from Korea when covering Miller’s cosmetic secrets.

Y&Kei, the Korean fashion brand that went to the United States, was also blessed by the paparazzi.

When news spread that actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson, and singer Lionel Richie were wearing Y&Kei outfits when they were caught on paparazzi cameras, the U.S. branch received numerous demands for outfits exactly like the ones the stars were wearing.

Y&Kei is the New York local luxury brand by Obzee, a Korean fashion brand for women.

LG Electronics’ mobile phone brand Cyon also enhanced its brand value thanks to the paparazzi.

This February a photograph of Hilton Hotel heiress Paris Hilton holding a Cyon (L1150) phone inside a car circulated through the Internet.

Last summer, Britney Spears was caught on paparazzi camera in her Benz, making a phone call with her Cyon mobile phone (LG-G4050) that clearly showed the LG logo.

LG Electronics said, “Market share in the US market went up from fourth last October to December to second this July to September. The paparazzi photos could have been partially responsible for this.”....READ MORE HERE!

December 9, 2005



KTVU's Ross McGowan gets inside info. on the Aniston case from's Harvey Levin. VIEW THE VIDEO HERE!


You have read Aniston's side, now read the photographer's version of what went down...


Photographer alleges clean chit in Aniston's topless imbroglio

Peter Brandt, the photographer who shot topless pictures of Friends star Jennifer Aniston, claims that he didn't do it deliberately, adding that the latter should also shoulder the blame for the impasse since she did reveal herself in the first place. He says he never wanted to really sell the photos individually to the media and that their finding a way to several publishers' desks with other photos was just a mistake. READ MORE HERE!

Teri Hatcher Sues Tabloid Over Sex Story!

Back in Nov 2005 "Desperate Housewife" Teri Hatcher filed a libel lawsuit against The Daily Sport (UK) which claimed the actress engages in "sex romps" with men in a VW van outside her home. Now it seems she is back at it again with a new lawsuit and being represented by the same legal team Jennifer Aniston is using against photographer Peter Brandt!...


Actress Teri Hatcher has sued Patricia Nolan for libel, alleging the L.A.-based writer made up from whole cloth a “sexy” interview with Hatcher that appeared as the cover story in the Aug. 29 National Enquirer.

The front-page headline stated: “Teri Hatcher Amazing Bedroom Secrets! Her Sexiest Interview Ever!” The story headline stated: “World Exclusive Teri Hatcher: The Big Interview. Teri Uncensored. Sex Toys, Male Hookers And Why She Loves Her Boobs!”.

But “Hatcher did not do any interview with either Nolan or The National Enquirer,” she says. And she did not make any of the statements attributed to her in the article, including having “steamy romps” in a VW van parked outside her house while her 7-year-old daughter was at home. Represented by Lavely & Singer, she seeks punitive damages.

Hudson taking legal action!


Hudson takes a stand against media portrayal of skinny women

by Julia Pearlman - Brand Republic

LONDON - Hollywood actress Kate Hudson is taking legal action against five well-known publications for implying she was suffering from an eating disorder.

Hudson, the daughter of Goldie Hawn, is complaining about a set of photographs and accompanying text that featured in: Heat and Closer, published by Emap; The National Enquirer; Northern & Shell publication Star; and The Daily Mail; during September and October.

Hudson, who starred in 'Almost Famous' and 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days', denies reports that suggested she is suffering from anorexia.

The publications have been given a week to respond to the London law firm Schillings.

"The reports suggested that she had an eating disorder that was so grave and serious that she was wasting away, to the extreme concern of her mother and family," Hudson's lawyers said in a statement.

Heat magazine runs regular updates on thin stars and has even published a list of the "20 skinniest celebrities".

Hudson is complaining about an issue of Heat, where she is splashed across the front cover with the words "Skinny Kate's wasting away".

Star ran a front-cover story with Hudson pictured next to Teri Hatcher and the words "Battle of the Bones! Who's the skinniest woman in Hollywood?", while the Daily Mail led an article with the words "Has Goldie's girl gone too far on the treadmill?"

National Enquirer ran an article last month titled "Goldie tells Kate: Eat something! And she listens!"

The complaint could lead to a number of other high-profile stars issuing similar writs against publications that imply they have eating disorders.

Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Claudia Schiffer, Nicole Richie, Sophie Dahl, Victoria Beckham, Renee Zellweger, Nicky Hilton and Angelina Jolie have all recently become victims of the media's growing obsession with "shrinking stars".