April 25, 2013

Edward Norton Probed for Alleged Harassment After Run-In With Paparazzo

The erstwhile Fight Club star was investigated for harassment by New York's Finest this week after allegedly getting into an altercation with a paparazzo who tried to videotape him.

Per the NYPD, the purported incident occurred around noon on Tuesday when a photographer, whom authorities did not immediately identify, told police he was trying to film the 43-year-old actor on a midtown Manhattan street with his cellphone camera when Norton took offense and pushed his hand away.

The shutterbug subsequently sought medical treatment complaining of "hand pain" after Norton smacked the camera away from him.

"He went to the hospital claiming hand pain…It was classified as harassment," a police spokesman tells E! News, adding that the complaint was filed with cops around 9:30 that night.

Investigators subsequently probed the run-in, but since an officer didn't witness it, the case was closed and the matter referred to civil court. No word whether the photographer will file a civil suit.

Norton's camp wasn't available for comment.

April 1, 2013

Canon 16-600mm f/2.8L IS

Canon Norway posted a photograph showing a box for a Canon 16-600mm f/2.8L IS (the lens will reportedly be launched in July)