July 13, 2006

Aniston Security Lets Paparazzi Know Who's Boss

As Jennifer Aniston spends some time at Moxie Studios in Los Angeles, her security does its best to inform the paparazzi they are at high risk of being arrested. One of her security personnel makes it very clear that he is not happy about their presence, all while turning the tables and pointing a video camera on them.

The bodyguard does his best to scare the paparazzi by throwing out advice like: "The sheriff is coming right now, I hope no one has any infractions on their vehicles," "...I don't have to warn you anymore. I'll just hook you up and take you to jail" and our personal favorite "Hope everyone is from America."

The guard's warnings seem to have worked, because Jennifer's exit was extremely quick, not leaving much opportunity for the cameras to get that money shot.

CLICK HERE for the video.

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Shoot First said...

...and our personal favorite "Hope everyone is from America."
that comment does sound a little racist though...