August 10, 2006

Will Ferrell wants more Paparazzi

Talladega Nights star Will Ferrell feels insulted that the paparazzi aren't interested in him.

"They don't care about me. Not in America, at least. But a weird thing happened in London, last year. I was strolling around with my wife and child. We were curious to see if anyone would notice or even care that I was there. Suddenly, this photographer just kind of materialized and went 'click'. Then he ran away," Ferrell told Total Film magazine. The star claims he called after him saying: "Hey! It's okay! Make me more famous!"

"It was just one guy. I was appalled and insulted. I wanted to know where the others were hiding."

Penn and Teller once made this really great bad movie called Penn and Teller Get Killed.

The plot of the film involved Penn commenting on a national morning television that he wish his life was more exciting, and someone was out to kill him. The rest of the film, as you may have guessed, involved just that. A classic example of the saying "Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it."

I'm wondering if that saying even crossed Ferrell's mind when he decided to make the joke.