May 8, 2008

Paparazzi Make SJP Feel Dirty

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker says getting followed by the paps makes her feel dirty. That's one way to put it! She says she feels like NYC's town trollop because they're always at every corner trying to get a shot of her.

She says the "thug" photographers have definitely made an impact on her family's lives. That's probably why we never see little James!

SJP says, "I feel very ashamed. I feel like I'm, like, the town trollop. It makes me feel ashamed of my work. And I'm not. But I'm attached to this culture now in a way that it's kind of vulgar.

"And I feel cheapened. And I feel like I'm cheapening the school, like I'm bringing dirt; like I'm bad for the neighborhood."

That's so sad! It makes you realize just how normal celebs can be, and that all they want sometimes is to have a normal life.

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