September 5, 2008


Hollywood actress EVA MENDES is terrified of paparazzi car chases - insisting some photographers go too far by driving dangerously in a bid to get a picture.

Mendes is often the focus of snappers when she is out and about in Los Angeles, and while she accepts that dealing with the media scrum is a part of life as a celebrity, she is adamant that some should take more care, especially on the road.

She says, "I've been followed and it's scary. You're a young woman alone in your car and you have a few guys in SUVs (sports utility vehicles) following you that won't let up. And the scary part is that they actually run red lights.

"I hate it when people say 'You're in this business, that's what you have to deal with'. No. You don't have to deal with harassment. You have to deal with your life being somewhat public.
"I heard George Clooney talking a few months ago about how he was being followed on a motorcycle and they were running lights and almost getting into accidents with other people and I've totally experienced that."

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