May 13, 2009

Jennifer Garner Tells Paparazzi “Shame, Shame, Shame!”

Jennifer Garner is sick and tired of the paparazzi that incessantly hound her and her family. "Because my husband and I are public figures, it is assumed that our daughters are public figures, and there’s nothing to protect them," Jennifer says.

"There are almost as many video cameras as there are film cameras and the situation has shifted so that a huge amount of their focus is put on the children of celebrities," she goes on to say.

There's a mob of paps pretty much living outside Jennifer's and Ben Affleck's home, hoping to get a glimpse of beautiful 3-year-old Violet and her little 4-mos-old sibling, Seraphina Rose. Jennifer says that the daily preschool run is torture.

"When we go to preschool, there are so many paparazzi there that they are knocking kids on the heads with cameras and knocking them down," Jen says. And they aren't happy with just one photo, either. The photographers are constantly calling out to Violet, trying to catch her eye.

"There are huge numbers of them - and they’re aggressive. They talk to her. They yell at her. They try to get her attention. They try to get her to react. It is a shame, shame, shame."

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