April 16, 2010

Zombie killer Woody Harrelson prevails in paparazzi lawsuit

Woody 'I thought you were a zombie' Harrelson will not have to face off in court against a TMZ photographer who sued him over an alleged assault in 2006. All charges were dropped in addition to a counter suit Harrelson filed citing invasion of privacy.
According to paperwork filed with the Los Angeles County Supreme Court, the two reached a settlement agreement earlier this month, although the specifics were not released.
Harrelson allegedly broke Josh Levine's camera, choked him, and released the hounds on him, aka his bodyguards.
Last year, Harrelson freaked out on a couple of paparazzi trying to snap pictures of him with his daughter as they deplaned from Mexico. He later claimed he was disoriented from filming Zombieland and believed them to be zombies. L.A hates paparazzi and loves Harrelson this was accepted at face value.