May 30, 2010

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart no more a couple, Stewart fed up with paparazzi

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are no more a couple, as Pattinson has clarified. Meanwhile Stewart is fed up with paparazzi

Internationally-acclaimed star Kristen Stewart is furious at the paparazzi. Earlier she had lashed out the tabloid for infringing on her privacy. Reports have surfaced that this time she has expressed her anger against the paparazzi who photographed her. Using harsh word, she said that she feels like she has been raped.

Besides, she told a British magazine that what she hates the most is being stalked by men with cameras. "All you see is an actor or a celebrity lit up but a flash.

"It’s so… The photos are so… I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped. A lot of the time I can’t handle it.

"It’s f**ked. I never expected that this would be my life."

This is not her first time outburst against the media. Earlier too she had ripped them apart after they had tailed her to find out about her relationship with Robert Pattinson. She had claimed that she wanted to avoid the media because they always pry on her privacy.

Besides, she also talked about her rumored relationship with Robert.

“People want me to say that I really like it when guys are funny and dorky but I’ve never really gone out with someone I’ve found attractive initially," she said, adding that she had career plans also.

“Oddly enough I have a really clean horizon, I’m excited about the last few films I did coming out but other than that – I always have my next three things planned out so to have a clean horizon is pretty nice."

Meanwhile Robert Pattinson has said that he is not dating Kristen Stewart and is single.