July 20, 2010

Paris Hilton complains about paparazzi...again

Paris Hilton photographed topless.....is that really a surprise? Aren't the majority of Paris Hilton photos on the web of her partially naked?

Paris Hilton is upset with the photographer who snapped shots of her jet skiing topless this past weekend off the coast of Sardenia. She Tweeted: "Note to Self - Beware. You never know when some perv paparazzi may be lurking and hiding on a fishing boat in the middle of the ocean."

Note to self Paris Hilton...stop taking off your clothes in public! Maybe if you did that you wouldn't have to worry about perv paparazzi taking pictures of you naked now would you? Besides, who are you kidding Paris Hilton? You love this kind of attention. If it weren't for this type of coverage no one would even be talking about you anymore. You are a reality show has-been. Your fifteen minutes of fame are over and done with. You used to be one of the highest searched names in Google and now you are nowhere to bee seen.

If you want to stop being photographed naked then stop taking off your clothes where people can see. If you want to continue to be treated like a piece of meat then continue doing what your doing. You put yourself in this situation Paris Hilton by acting like you did when you first came into the public eye. You can't expect the paparazzi to change their actions unless you change yours.