March 9, 2011

Bradley Cooper Not Bothered About Paparazzi

Bradley Cooper doesn’t let the paparazzi get to him.

The actor — who’s currently dating actress Renee Zellweger — says he’s happy to be stalked by photographers because being famous means he makes lots of money!

“Being a part of a movie that’s so financially lucrative provides opportunities,” Cooper told Parade magazine.

“And with that coes a higher profile, so you have paparazzi. That was a new thing. You just have to learn to navigate through it all. I still feel I can live a very normal life. For some reason, this past month in LA, there was no problem with paparazzi. You definitely get someone who will recognize you, but that’s nice.”

Cooper then revealed how dealt with sudden fame after The Hangover.

“By then I was 34, and I had already figured out enough to know that if I was going to invest anything in that, then I’m looking for some serious trouble,” he said.

“Now, if that happened to me when I was 23, I probably would have gotten into some trouble. There’s no power in fame at all. If anything, you give up your power. It’s a creation of something that’s completely frivolous and it goes away like that. You never own any of it. All you can do is your work. It’s always been clear to me. I just want to get better and work with great actors and directors. The rest you just have to deal with.”

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