April 20, 2011

Restrepo Director Tim Hetherington Killed in Libya

Rough news out of Libya today: Acclaimed war photographer and Oscar-nominated director Tim Hetherington was killed today during shelling in Misrata, reports the New York Times.

Hetherington is probably best known as co-director of the Afghan war documentary Restrepo. Two other photojournalists were seriously wounded: Getty's Chris Hondros and British citizen Guy Martin. Hetherington also produced pieces for ABC's Nightline about his Restrepo subject, the Korengal Valley.

An executive producer for the show recounts a story: "During shooting for the Nightline specials, he very seriously broke his leg on a night march out of a very isolated forward operating base that was under attack. He had the strength and character to walk for four hours through the night on his shattered ankle without complaint and under fire, enabling that whole team to reach safety."

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