June 28, 2011

Cheryl Cole Granted Injunction Against Paparazzi For More Privacy

After getting sacked from the 'X Factor USA', Cheryl Cole has been keen to avoid public events and has now been granted an injunction against paparazzi, according to reports.

The 'Promise This' singer has decided to "take a break" from the fame game after getting the boot from Simon Cowell's US show, and has since revealed through her official blog that she has been spending time relaxing with her family and concentrating on her charity endeavours.

Now, Heat magazine claims that it has seen a legal document which bans press from photographing Cole in any private settings, her home, friends' homes or venues that have been deemed private buildings and are not open to the public.

An insider told the magazine: "She believes it has cost her her health, her marriage and her peace of mind. It's time for a change.

"Cheryl has vowed to put her life back together, and for now that does not include any part of the fame game. She has said she's always making massive changes to her life."

Cheryl Cole is reportedly back with her ex-husband Ashley Cole after it was revealed that the pair had spent the night together in their formal marital home in Surrey before he left for a L.A. vacation.

Having drawn lots of criticism from the alleged reunion, after the couple's marriage broke down following reports that the Chelsea footballer had cheated on her, perhaps Cole is keen to avoid even more?

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