July 15, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker won't leave NYC despite presence of pesky paparazzi

Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed that the prying eyes of the paparazzi cannot shoo her away from New York City.

Rather, the actress has chosen to deal with her celebrity status directly, and not shy away from it.

The actress and husband Matthew Broderick were believed to be moving out of the city to pursue a suburban life with their kids, but Parker says that she's not ready for that kind of life right now.

"They follow every move I make until I'm back inside the house," the New York Daily News quoted her as telling the Vogue.

"You do start to understand the behind-the-gate mentality, the getting in the car in your driveway, but I can't imagine living in seclusion," she said.

"We flirted with it. We went outside the city and troubled all these realtors and stood in these homes and fantasized," she explained.

"The beautiful thing about New York is, you have to expose yourself to other people the minute you step outside the door. There is no choice. And I love that," she added.

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