February 8, 2012

Justin Bieber Inspired Game App Takes Stab at Aggressive Paparazzi

RC3, Inc. today is pleased to announce the release of Joustin' Beaver 1.0, their new mobile gaming title for iOS and Android devices. Joustin' Beaver allows Justin Bieber fans to help their favorite pop star poke fun at the overbearing and aggressive paparazzi by defeating "Phot-hogs" and picking up "Otter-graph seekers".

The single-player arcade-style adventure game is an homage to teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. Fans of the pop star can help guide his cartoon counterpart down a river while picking up "Otter-graph seekers" and knocking evil "Phot-hogs" into the water with his jousting lance. The "Phot-hogs" are camera wielding pigs from a fictional gossip website called "TeaM Z," which bears a resemblance to Harvey Levin's popular gossip blog TMZ.

Mark Kaye, a radio host who partnered with Robb Chamberlain from RC3, Inc., explains, "We wanted to create a game that appeals to Justin Bieber's fans. He's a hero and adored by millions. It's important that 'Joustin' Beaver' reflects that. Paparazzi are relentless creatures who are difficult to dodge. Just the other day the real Justin Bieber was harassed by an overly aggressive photog. They stop at nothing to get their shots and, therefore, make an easy and appropriate villain for our hero, Joustin' Beaver."

The app has been on the market for just a few days and has already enjoyed some excellent reviews:
* "I can't stop playing this. It's very cool and super fun," starts one review. "Graphics are great. I love the homages to 'Pop Culture!' Really funny concept. My new favorite!"

* Another early player writes, "Simple to learn and hard to stop playing."

"Mark's initial idea was ingenious in itself," says Robb Chamberlain CO-creator of "Joustin Beaver" and developer of several other successful apps. "The fact the gameplay became addictive was a bonus. It became more than just 'punny.'"

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