February 19, 2013

Alec Baldwin Investigated For Paparazzi Tirade

The NYPD Hate Crimes Division has reportedly launched a probe in Alec Baldwin's alleged comments towards a New York Post photographer. The photog, G.N. Miller, has reportedly been interviewed by the NYPD and accuses Baldwin of hurling racist epithets towards him.

"He said some foul s--t about my mom. He kept calling me a name, coon," Miller, who is also a former NYPD investigator, told the Post.

The actor also allegedly verbally attacked reporter Tara Palmeri saying: "I want you to choke to death" as well as "suck my d--k."

Baldwin's comments were reportedly captured on Miller's camera audio recorder and are under review by police. The actor has also been questioned by police and though he has not issued an official statement, he did answer the charges somewhat with a recent Twitter post:

"I find it ironic that my foundation's last grant was $50,000 to the Arthur Ashe Learning Center," Baldwin tweeted.

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