June 6, 2013

Justin Bieber Bodyguards Accused Of Battery Against Photographer In Miami

The singer's bodyguards have been accused of assaulting a photographer Wednesday outside The Hit Factory studios in Miami.

Paparazzo Jeffery Binion was taking photos of Bieber outside the studios when four bodyguards charged over. One of them allegedly roughed Binion up while another removed the memory card from his camera.

"Suddenly the victim was grabbed by the throat and pushed backwards away from the property while being instructed he was tresspassing," according to the incident report from Miami-Dade Police. The report alleges that while bodyguard Hugo A. Hesny pushed Binion, one of the other three took his camera and kept it away until Bieber had gone back inside.

When his camera was handed back to him, Binion told police, the memory card was missing.

Miami-Dade Police spokesperson Detective Robin Pinkard told The Hufffington Post that officers wrote the incident up as a simple battery and theft. Police are still investigating to determine any charges, according to a release.

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