July 24, 2013

Kirstie Alley thinks it’s fine to attack photographers

Kirstie Alley
Over the weekend, Kanye West allegedly put a photographer in a headlock while a bunch of other photographers allegedly caught the entire thing on camera. Smart move all around, really. Anyway, Kirstie Alley decided to take it upon herself to log onto Twitter and tell everyone that they should totally take a swing at the paparazzi, because it’s not like that’s super illegal or anything, right? Right.

Yes, I get it: The paparazzi can be pretty annoying. But you never see Meryl Streep kick a photographer in the teeth, and you never see Tom Hanks drive one over in his car, because they’re mature adults and they know how to deal with these kinds of things. Seriously, have you ever noticed that the only people who rail on and on about the paparazzi are the least mature people out there? If they’re such a huge problem, just try and remain inconspicuous when you’re out, or otherwise just stay in.

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