September 12, 2013

Nicole Kidman knocked over by photographer on bike

Freelance paparazzo Carl Wu ran into the star while riding on a bicycle outside the Carlyle Hotel on the upper East Side.


Nicole Kidman is supposedly pressing charges after a freelance paparazzo hit her as he was riding a bicycle on the sidewalk.

Kidman, 46, was returning to the Carlyle Hotel after attending the Calvin Klein show at New York's Fashion Week when photographer Carl Wu slammed into the starlet.

According to a witness for TMZ, Wu appeared to hit the brakes but didn't stop in time. A photographer at the scene told the gossip site that Kidman told Wu she wanted to press charges.

"She looked hurt, but there wasn't any blood," the witness said. "She put her shoes back on and ran into the Carlyle."

An ambulance arrived on the scene to check on the star.

TMZ reports that cops will write Wu a ticket for illegally riding his bicycle on the sidewalk but will not arrest him for anything more serious.

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