April 1, 2006

FLAMING LIPS, Curvy Hips and a Blond Ditz

Flaming Lips Concert Benefit for A.F.D.
Bowery Ballroom

PR set up one barricade outside for us, but their was no backdrop... not to mention that security was letting everyone and their mother walk on the carpet. It wasn't pretty, it was late, and everyone was restless. Not to mention the fact that the PR had no tip sheets for us, and weren't very cooperative when it came to info on who was (or wasn't) coming.

Eventually, with some serious pleading, PR let us stand inside... probably because their were only about 7 of us total.

Somewhere around 10:45pm the first talent arrive. Dita Von Teese, Bai Ling, Samantha Cole, Margot Kidder, Tim McGraw, Tori Spelling, Molly Shannon, Joan Allen, Jay-Z, Ray Romano. Ok... so this was an odd array of people.

After being told about "suprise guests" that were coming, we waited a little longer. After midnight... O.J. Simpson, Bjork, Antonio Banderas, Lucy Lui, Lindsay Lohan and Catherine Zeta-Jones show up. Although OJ tried to rush past us, we got him to pose with Tori Spelling.

I guess in the end it worked out... afterwards PR let us stand in the back of the room and watch some of the show.

By the way, Happy A.F.D. (April Fool's Day, ya silly's)


Shoot First said...

nice very nice!

T_Bickle said...

It was such a weird night. I stayed until 3am. Just as I was about to walk out, Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder walked in. She stopped and stared at me, she probably recognized me as one of the photographers waiting in front of her house everyday this month. She then asked me if I wanted to take her photo, I said, YEAH! I thought it was some April Fool's joke on me, but she waited 10 minutes for me to put me equipment together and gave me a great two shot. After taking about 15 shot, we both shook hands. Julia then tells me, "dont go to my house anymore!" I won't.

Kingfreak said...

That must have happend right after I chased the Olsen Twins to the Bowery Mission where Mary Kate was buying some 'Diet Pills' from none other than Russell Crowe. Crazy night...

Shoot First said...