April 6, 2006

TAKE THE LEAD and you'll get screwed

Take The Lead Premiere
Lincoln Center Theater, 7pm
April 4, 2006

Arrivals were set up in a tented area in the shape of an "L". The first shooters had the white of the tent or other photographers as a background; the second set has an actual backdrop.

The only problem with the very first spots is that the talent was VERY close to us, a little too close actually. Plus, PR, security and riff-raff cluttered the carpet throughout the event.

There was also a problem with the list. It seems that a few people were allowed to shoot inside, but at the last moment were told to shoot outside, leaving them stuck without a spot. Philippe tried to recall the list, but that didn't bode to well, and in turn, never happened. So Walter, Brian and a few others got screwed. (Isn't this business great?)

By the way Lotsa, sorry for poking you from behind when Antonio and Melanie arrived. It got a little hectic.


G said...

personally, i like when pr told us if we didnt like it we could "get the f@$% out"...

Lotsa Paparrazza said...

Regarding the recalling of the list. Dennis, Rick and I got front row spots at the entrance. However, Dennis did propose recalling the list quite vocally and only got some hostile lip service from those who did NOT want to move.


Regarding the poke Sir Freak: I know you love me.