December 31, 2007

Hollywood Bloopers in 2007

Among the many ‘top tens’ at the end of each year, here is one not so flattering for the greatest Hollywood bloopers in 2007. The list includes known ‘offenders’ who drew attention of the public with their behaviour in public, the court, jail, rehab clinics and the like.

You can see more about them HERE.

1. BRITNEY SPEARS – She beat all her competition and took top spot on the list of greatest Hollywood bloopers of 2007.

Her collapse in front of the public eye began a long time ago, with her marriage to dancer andBritney Spears in New York stepped awkwardly, and in the last moment managed to keep her son Sean Preston in her arms, 2006. wannabe singer, Kevin Federline. But it all culminated this year.

This year Britney made the covers of hundreds of newspapers wearing no knickers, drunk and high. She shaved her head in front of cameras of paparazzi and divorced Kevin.

After that her great come-back to the music scene had been announced, but her great come-back ended in a fiasco. Her poor performance at the MTV awards and the criticism that ensued did not help her return to shape. Britney also had to face a custody battle for her two sons, which she lost.

2. OWEN WILSON – The actor attempted suicide in August, allegedly because of break-up with his girlfriend Kate Hudson. The rumour was that Wilson slit his wrists and then took an overdose of narcotics. The controversial Courtney Love defended him, saying she understood him, which did not go in his favour, considering her reputation.

Paris Hilton is not afraid to dance on the table. With legs like these, everything is allowed.3. PARIS HILTON – The party animal took up third spot for her time spent in prison. She earned her sentence driving under the influence on several occasions and violating her probation. Before she ended up behind bars, she had a boob job and was seen walking around, Bible in hand, which did not save her from jail, even though she did get a mild sentence. A new home video also surfaced on the Internet in which she is taking a bath. You can see it HERE. She is just a magnet for scandals.

4. LINDSAY LOHAN took up the high fourth place. Apart from the nickname ‘party animal’, she earned others: alcoholic, junkie, sex addict and wild driver. This year she will be remembered for having sex in the rest room of a rehab clinic with a stranger.

5. AMY WINEHOUSE – As much as her musician colleagues praise her talent, she could not avoid getting on this list. Her alcohol and drug addiction could not go unnoticed. She appeared drunk and drugged in front of the cameras of many paparazzi, but also at concerts and various awards. Her husband ended up in prison and it looks like she might be joining him. She is currently being investigated for trying to bribe a barman in London.

6. ALEC BALDWIN – I call you and you don’t pick up. This is the last time you have insulted me! I don’t care if you’re 11 or 12. You have no brain, you rude pig, Alec Baldwin, 49, screamed at his daughter Ireland, 11. Baldwin and ex-wife Kim Basinger are fighting for custody over Ireland ever since they divorced five years ago. The threatening message Alec left on his daughter’s answering machine made it to the Internet, which spurred much discussion on the actor’s behaviour across the United States.

7. ROSIE O’DONNEL – The television talks show host, former comedian and lesbian icon recently shocked the American public when the ABC company, despite her huge ratings, refused to extend her contract on hosting “The View” show. O’Donnel claimed she could not agree with ABC about the length of the contract, but the fact that she criticised the American Idol in her show as being full of racism and discrimination certainly did not help her.

8. DAVID HASSELHOFF – The Baywatch star, father to Taylor Anne, 17 and Hayley, 15, loves his liquor. In an attempt to mend his ways, he allowed his daughter film him if he ever turned up drunk again. And that is what happened. Hass got drunk, his daughter turned on the camera and put the video up on YouTube for all eyes to see.

9. TARA REID – Another party animal/failed actress recently collapsed in Bali. She was not seriously injured, but spurred rumours about malnutrition and excessive drug abuse. She was also frequently caught tripping on the red carpet. The organisers of various events wrote – unacceptable – next to her name because of her stench of cigarettes and excessive alcohol use.

10. ELLEN DEGENERES – The famous actress, television show host and lesbian this year became involved in a scandal with pets. With her partner Portia De Rossi, she adopted an abandoned Boston Griffin dog via the “Mutts and Mothers” agency. But they could not keep the dog because the pup got into fights with their cats. Although, according to the contract she signed, she was obliged to return to dog to the agency if she decided not to keep it, Ellen simply gave the dog to her hairdresser and caused rage among animal lovers.

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