December 18, 2007

Is Lindsay Lohan in Cahoots With the Paparazzi?

Always interested in getting as much exposure as humanly possible, Lindsay Lohan took a jaunt out to grab some groceries in Beverly Hills yesterday.

The “Mean Girls” actress was looking cute and casual, in a grey shirt with some distressed jeans and a beaded silvery scarf, topped off with a pair of oversized black sunglasses.

And there’s suspicion that the troubled singer/actress is getting desperate for cash, given that she’s lacking in the movie role department due to her drug and alcohol use.

Late last week, a package of photos of LiLo on her way to the recording studio were put up for sale for $30,000 through a photo agency. And there’s speculation that she staged the photo ops herself, to cash in on the demand for her pics.

An insider revealed, “They were offered through a photo agency, but they’re clearly staged — she’s in full hair and makeup.”

However, a Lohan pal defended her, saying, Everyone does this in Hollywood; it’s totally normal. Lindsay’s excited about the new album and wants to get the word out.”

And if you’re hoping to see the crimson-haired actress at all the top holiday parties this season, think again. Apparently nobody wants to invite her, as she may be exposed to alcohol and fall off the wagon.

“Nobody is comfortable bringing her into an environment with alcohol,” says an insider. “Whether she’s rehabbed or relapsed, it’s bad either way.”

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